Buried amid the Yu Darvish circus – seriously, the news came out at the same time the winner of the Darvish post was being announced – the Cubs made another front office hire, snagging area scout Matt Dorey from the Red Sox. Dorey will serve as the Cubs’ national cross-checker, which, in short, is a higher up scouting position.

(The position is undoubtedly more nuanced than this, but the gist is that, if a regional scout thinks the organization should look at a kid, the national cross-checker will be among the next in the organization to look at the kid).

Dorey, who was originally hired in 2007 by current Cubs’ Scouting and Development Chief Jason McLeod, was a scout in the Northwest before moving to cover Louisiana and Texas in the last two years. In his time with the Red Sox, Dorey has been credited with scouting and signing a number of notable draft picks, including Anthony Ranaudo, Garin Cecchini, Kendrick Perkins and Lucas LeBlanc in the 2010 draft.

At the same time the hiring news was coming out, Gorden Edes was reporting that the Cubs and Red Sox had agreed that the Cubs would not hire anyone else away from the Red Sox for three years.

I know what you’re thinking.

Does this have anything to do with the ongoing compensation issue between the Cubs and Red Sox for the former hiring Theo Epstein away from the latter?

When that issue was the buzziest topic of the day, there were multiple reports that Epstein would be allowed to take only one Red Sox employee with him to the Cubs, and whom he took would be tied to the compensation the Cubs have to give to the Red Sox. So maybe this hiring is a sign that the compensation issue has been resolved, yes? Heck, maybe the agreement not to purloin any more staff-members is the compensation?

Eh. Maybe. But probably not.

While the timing and the previous suggestions that the compensation could be tied to Red Sox employees would suggest this news is related to the Theo compensation issue, it’s possible that Theo and the Cubs had a separate agreement with the Red Sox that, once Theo took one employee, he could no longer take another for three years. Such an agreement would be understandable, even if it were draconian.

We’ll probably soon learn whether this has anything to do with the compensation issue, or whether it is a totally separate issue. Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said just a few days ago that the issue would be resolved at some point before Spring Training, but I would be very surprised if the Red Sox settled for something like this after fighting the way they did. (It’s hard to go from asking for Matt Garza to getting no players at all, and a mere agreement not to raid the organization further. The Twins got a prospect when the Cubs hired Andy MacPhail.)

Instead, if this has any relation to the compensation dispute, my guess is that Epstein has been deciding whom he would like to hire (for a promotion, mind you) from the Red Sox, and that decision will subsequently be tied to the level of compensation the Red Sox ultimately receive from the Cubs.

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    Have you heard anything about the Red Sox being interested in Marmol? Or what they would be willing to give up?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yes to the former, no to the latter. There were rumors of interest way back at the outset of the offseason, but it kind of died on the vine. The Sawx are still looking for a closer, even after picking up Melancon.

      • Kansas Cubs Fan

        Do you think the Jays will try hard for Garza, since they lost on Darvish and were ready to trade for Latos?

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          I’ll have a post on that (and related issues) later today. But, yes, the two sides will, at a minimum, have conversations.

          • Kansas Cubs Fan

            Alright thanks man.

          • DRock

            Brett, did u just unfollow me on twitter? @drockproehl

            I’ll give you 24 hours to correct your mistake or I will unfollow you back…

            • Kansas Cubs Fan

              He unfollowed me a while back also…  What a Jerk and after all the things I did for him too.(Cheech and Chongs next movie)

              Follow me @Kansas_Cubs_Fan

              • DRock

                I am not surprised. We were getting along just fine and he even would reply to my tweets and then one day I happened to notice he wasn’t on my list of followers. I take that very personally.
                I think I am going to start a petition to get everyone else to unfollow him now- see how he likes it!

                • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

                  I can’t tell if you’re kidding, but in case you aren’t:

                  I change who I follow regularly to keep what I’m seeing in my timeline fresh (and to keep it trimmed down so nothing gets buried). I re-evaluate it almost once a week, and I have to make quick decisions (don’t have a ton of time for it). It is far from personal. Sometimes an unfollow is just a matter of me not immediately recognizing a name when I review my list.

                  • DRock

                    Totally kidding, but was curious as to why since you had just replied to me that same day. No worries, and I would never think of telling people to unfollow you! ha In fact, I am constantly promoting your site and twitter to as many Cubs faithful as possible. Keep up the good work, Brett!

                    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

                      Right on. And you’ll have to forgive me if it happens again.

  • Lou Cub

    Brett, who is interested in Sean Marshall per MLB TRadeRumors??

    • Dumpman

      probably 2 dozen teams teams are interested. Marshall has been one of the best LH relievers in baseball. He has a ton of value right now.

      • http://cubbiekingdom.wordpress.com hansman1982

        I was just going to comment that probably every team in baseball would be interested.

        I had an additional thought, what if the plan for 2012 is contention but through trying to catch lightning in a bottle.  Not a true rebuild or even re-tool but rather, keep payroll low but sign enough middle of the road guys to give us a solid, if uninspiring team, and then use that payroll room to eat significant salary for guys like Z, Soriano and Marmol to either move them quicker or net better prospects back.  We don’t have an Adrian Gonzalez that could take our 20ish farm system ranking to top 5 but if we move Garza, Z, Marmol, Marshall (although I do NOT like the idea of moving him) and Soto we can easily do it, even if we have to eat a lot of salary.

        We would probably still be in the 70-75 win category but at least we would have some exciting prospects.

        • Kansas Cubs Fan

          I’m starting to think trade deadline deals could be better on some of our players like Garza and Marshall(I’d rather keep them, but we need the prospects) and gives a chance for Marmol and Geo to have bounce back seasons and draw interest when teams are desperate.

          But with all of the impatient fans on here someone could get hurt if a deal isn’t made in the off season. Haha

          • Dumpman

            Geo and Marmol would be good deadline moves. However, Marshalls value could also drop tremendously if he doesn’t throw well. As is with all relievers.

          • Toosh

            I wouldn’t be surprised if no more moves are made until Darvish signs or doesn’t sign with Texas.

            • http://cubbiekingdom.wordpress.com hansman1982

              The Catholics are even waiting to elect a new pope until Darvish signs or doesn’t sign…other things waiting on Texas:

              Presidential Elections

              Santa Claus

              My winning numbers coming up in the Powerball drawing

              President Obama ending his vacation

              Joe Biden’s Gaffe-free streak

              The end of Sarah Palin’s political career

  • Alex

    WEEI is reporting that the Cubs have also hired former Red Sox pro scout Kyle Evans and may be interested in bringing in Craig Shipley.

    He’s already changed his LinkedIn profile. http://www.linkedin.com/in/kylekevans

  • chad

    how is that any different than what they are doing now? it’s always waiting for some other move to take place before we make a move and yet we don’t make any moves.

  • Spencer

    I’d be interested to see what exactly “from the Red Sox” means.  Could someone quit their job with the Red Sox, then join the Cubs?  I really don’t want anymore Red Sox employees but it’d be interesting to see what all the deal means.

  • Bluekoolaidaholic

    Waddaya mean no moves??
    We are a major market team.
    We have have a huge new front office staff with 49 ex Red Sox execs and rejects.
    AND we will have a GREAT new McDonalds.
    Plus, don’t forget, we have acquired several mediocre players that will fit right in with the ones we already have.
    We do have one good pitcher, and a nutcase that might work out.
    No power yet, but we are rumored to be in the bidding for The Greedy Prince, just like we were kinda/sorta in the bidding for the Mikado of Japanese pitching.
    AND it is early, only 3+ months of the off season is gone.
    See, we are right on track to become the Astros.

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