Lukewarm Stove: What About Dealing Marlon Byrd?

In the spirit of the day, the Chicago Cubs may be on the path to selling off a number of valuable parts. If that proves to be the case (make sure you emphasize that “if” before flying off the handle), there’s a player whose name will start to pop up: center fielder Marlon Byrd.

You may recall that Byrd has been trade candidate of tepid legitimacy for the better part of a year. As a good defensive, decent offensive center fielder, signed to a reasonable $6.5 million in 2012, Byrd would have some value on the trade market. But, as a 34-year-old who will be a free agent after 2012, Byrd doesn’t necessarily have a lot of value to the Cubs if they don’t plan on making a run in 2012.

Jon Morosi recently wrote on the subject of a Byrd trade.

There hasn’t been much trade buzz surrounding Byrd, which is hard to figure. Byrd is entering the last year of his contract, and prospect Brett Jackson should be ready to start in center field for the Cubs in 2013. The Nationals, looking far and wide for an everyday center fielder, could be a fit; Washington has good organizational pitching depth, which is precisely what the Cubs need. The Marlins are an intriguing possibility, if they trade Hanley Ramirez and move Emilio Bonifacio to third base. The Reds, Giants, Cardinals and Mariners could upgrade in center field this offseason.

The Cubs entertained some unspecified interest in Byrd at the trade deadline this year, but, pursuant to Jim Hendry’s preference not to deal anyone whom the next GM might want to retain, the Cubs never engaged in serious discussions with any teams about Byrd. If the market is as broad as Morosi suggests, discussions on Byrd should become more serious this time around.

The main issue I see in moving Byrd before the season is Brett Jackson’s readiness to take over in center field from day one in 2012. Some see Jackson as ready – he put up good numbers in split time between AA and AAA last year – but others see a kid who’s just 23, and strikes out a whole lot against minor league pitching. And, though it’s not always the most popular point, it’s worth noting: by bringing up Jackson to start the year, rather than mid-year, the Cubs start Jackson’s arbitration clock a year early, which could cost the Cubs millions down the line.

Another consideration is Byrd’s value in the clubhouse. I’m not one to harp on the value of chemistry, but there is something to be said for a veteran presence – especially an excellent one like Byrd’s – in a clubhouse expected to be full of younger players.

If the Cubs decide to move Byrd, even if a number of teams are interested, the Cubs probably can’t expect much more than salary relief and a decent – but not great – prospect. If (see how that “if” keeps popping up?) the Cubs move a guy like Matt Garza or Sean Marshall, you can expect the chatter on a guy like Byrd to pick up.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

190 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: What About Dealing Marlon Byrd?”

  1. Curt

    Re-build or go for it either way is fine but freaking decide and do something already

  2. DowntownLBrown

    Might as well trade Byrd if we arent going to get Fielder. No chance to even be competitive if we get someone like Scott to play 1B. 50 win team at best.

  3. hansman1982

    Just gonna put this out there, you can take it or leave it:

    The Rangers have been to TWO World Seriesez since Byrd left.

    That is all.

  4. Spencer

    No reason to keep Byrd if they’re going to sell off everyone else.  Let’s just do it Florida Marlins style and have like a $40 million payroll.  Only difference is the Cubs will be doing it 103 years after their World Series win, not one year removed from one.

  5. Mick

    Would the Cubs’ be compensated (type A or B) with a draft choice if Byrd played out the year and signed somewhere else in the off-season?

    If we had the choice between being compensated a draft pick in the top 40 as oppossed to a bag of shag balls, I’d rather give Jackson another year in AAA and draft my own player.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I believe when I looked it up at the end of the season, Byrd was the cutoff between A and B, but on the A side. So basically is he was a free agent now, he’d be a type A by the skin of his teeth. Remember that the CBA has changed compensation significantly from this point on, though.

  6. MichaelD

    “… by bringing up Jackson to start the year, rather than mid-year, the Cubs start Jackson’s arbitration clock a year early, which could cost the Cubs millions down the line.”

    It is not the arbitration clock specifically but the free agency clock. The arbitration clock would probably start if he comes up before June vs. after July depending on when the Super-2 date is. So it is not a question of saving millions but of keeping him under control for an additional year.

  7. Edward

    Maybe the Cubs will hold onto a couple of pieces and wait to move them near the trade deadline. Garza could be even more valuable then than he is now. Pretty much any playoff contender will want Garza at the deadline, and may be willing to give away pretty much any prospect at that point if it means potentially winning the World Series.

    Wasn’t Matt LaPorta the best prospect in baseball when the Brewers dealt him for CC? I doubt they would have made that trade in the offseason.

    Maybe a team like the Nationals will be in the hunt mid-season and we can pry away a prospect they would be unwilling to move at this point. Who are the absolute top prospects in baseball currently? Other than Bryce Harper…

  8. JulioZuleta

    2 and 3 are Mike Trout (Anaheim) and Matt Moore (Rays), neither of which is reasonable to expect in almost any trade.

  9. rbreeze

    Byrd is a nice complimentary player nothing more.   You only trade him to make some room for some one else.  Veteran leadership doesn’t have to come from a starting player.  Get a Varitek as a backup catcher and a Kerry Wood in the pen and you have a couple of vets for leadership and keeping the locker room in check. 

    I agree that Garza may be more valuable at the trade deadline and he would go to a team that is going for broke and we would break their farm system in return to set us up for 2013 and beyond. 

    I have to say that the lack of moves is making me antsy too.  But its still very refreshing as compared to the Hendry regime.  Everybody seemed to know what good old Jim had up his sleeve. Is Brian Roberts still available?????????

  10. nmints

    I look at it this way. If you get a great offer for Byrd now you trade him he is not going to play a big part of our team in the future. If no such deal comes, start Jackson in AAA unless he KILLS in spring training. If Jackson is tearing up AAA through the first two months call him up, start him and don’t look back. Then the option of trading Byrd or making him your 4th outfielder is a lot easier of a choice for Theo and company. I just dont want to see another promising prospect rushed or have his confidence shaken by calling him up and sending him down. Go one way or another and run with it.

  11. SirCub

    I think the Cubs should go all out for the best team chemistry ever. Trade for Todd Helton, get Pena back, bring Sean Casey, Mark Grace and Kevin Millar out of retirement. Might have a team full of old washed-up first basemen, but with that kind of chemistry, how could you lose?

  12. EQ76

    Because of the ARB situation with B Jackson, keep Byrd til the trade deadline unless we’re blown away by an offer, which I highly doubt. Of course there is a 3rd possibility, trade Byrd, keep Jackson in AAA til mid season and have a different starting CF. If we’re gonna rebuild and suck next year we may as well let someone like Campana have a 2 month crack at it. Or maybe Reed Johnson?

  13. Edward

    We need to have some patience for the next couple of seasons. Since we don’t have the ammo to trade away for the very best prospects, we will need to get a bit lucky with the ones we do get, and develop some on our own end.

    After two seasons of stockpiling as much talent as we can at the minor league level, we should be in a much better position to compete both short and long-term. It may not be pretty, but I’ll gladly watch a bunch of developing youngsters over a bunch of over the hill and overpriced vets.

    Once the Hendry era contracts are off the books, and the internal talent pool is improved, we will then be able to fill in the remaining pieces through free agency or trades.

    Money no longer buys championships. Look at the average age of all the free agents this off season. Very rare to find a player under 30. Lucky to get 2 prime years out of any of ‘em.

    The most valuable commodity in baseball is young, team-controlled talent. We need more of it.

  14. TScott

    We have a decent backup in Campana if Jackson turns out not to be ready. I could see Byrd getting packaged with Garza or Marshall though.

  15. Curt

    as of tday how many games do the cubs win I’m guessing 67 hopefully some moves will bump tht up

    1. Kyle

      I did some back of the napikin WAR-ing and came up with 74 the other day, and incidentally that’s the same thing Replacement Level Yankees came up with when they did the whole league’s CAIRO projections based on where they are at this point in the offseason.

  16. Deez

    I thought he was gone already? Good Team Chemistry got us 71-91 last year. Take what we can get & the salary break we get from dumping him.
    Byrd was downright horrible w/ RISP. You can count the Nats out of the Byrd Sweepstakes.
    They just picked up Mike Cameron to a Minor League deal.

  17. JulioZuleta

    I was just reading an ESPN article on Darvish. Just made me more happy that we did not get him. Here we keep young guys on very strcit innings/pitch counts to preserve them. In 2010 Darvish averaged 129 pitches per start and 121 in 2011. During a game in 2008 when he was only 21, he threw 165 pitches. In a funny yet too close to home reference for us Cubs fans, the writer says “Apparently, Dusty Baker would fit right in managing in Japan — Darvish threw more than 140 pitches in a game nine times in 2010 and averaged 129 pitches per start.”

    It just seems like this guy could be on track to major disappointment. They have more off days in Japan, so he only pitched once every 7 days, in a dome. They writer asks how he will handle once every 5 days here, especially in 100 degrees in Texas. It’s worth a read:

    1. Cedlandrum

      They also only pitch once every 7 days or something like that if I remember correctly. So it would be interesting to extrapolate that out to see if he threw more pitches for the year then American pitchers.

      1. hansman1982

        He has thrown more than 200 IP nearly every season over there so I think it would be fairly comparable.  Usually got 23-24 starts.

        He has stats on – they just dont have his 2011 stats.

  18. Noah

    I just have a feeling Byrd is going to be the type of player who will be worth more after the season begins. Some team is going to end up with either an injury or an offensive black hole in center field and want an inexpensive upgrade as the season goes on to stay competitive. I think Byrd will fit that role quite well. He’s sort of an offseason tweener, though. He’s not significantly better than the other older free agent options, and he’s not young enough to be a centerfielder of the future for any team.

  19. 2much2say

    Crisp just said he wants to play for a winner and get a 2 year deal. Scratch the Cubs off his list.

  20. JR

    Cubs are going to be a trainwreck in 2012.. 2013 seems so far away.

    1. DRock

      No trainwreck. Theo & Jed will not let that happen. They are being smart so far. Too early to be jumping to these kind of pessimistic conclusions based on a lack of big moves so far. Hendry would have already wasted all of our $ on FA’s that would have been detrimental to the Cubs future. At least the new brass are not wasting $. Expect a few small splashes or 1 big splash sooner than later…

      1. Jeffrey

        DRock our team should have money to waste. Everyone is making us sound like were the freakin Royals. We are the 3rd largest market in the US. We have sell out every game. We deserve to have a decent payroll that is at least in the top 5 of baseball.

        1. DRock

          Agreed, but I want them to spend it wisely. Perhaps by signing Fielder and then making some trades rather than signing every FA and leaving us in a bad fiscal spot for the next few years.

          1. CubSouth

            I have to say DRock, u have made more sense then most on here. I understand we all are a little, if not more, frustrated with the transactions( or lack thereof), but the season hasn’t started and there haven’t been many players who have signed that we were going after anyways. I am a true Cubs fan and it would upset me if we “rebuild”, with having the 3rd largest market in baseball. I believe u can build towards the future and be competitive in 2012, let’s just all be patient, see what the FO does and when ST starts and we could still look worse then 2011′s team, then I will be the first to lead the charge against this new FO and ownership.

        2. Ian Afterbirth

          Hell, I could be gm and give the Cubs the highest payroll in baseball. We’d suck, but we’d have a bunch of expensive guys…

  21. Kevin

    This city won’t stand for an 80 million payroll. Keep Garza, sign Fielder, Oswalt, and Crisp. Trade Soriano for Chone Figgins, Byrd, Marmol and Barney for ANY decent prospects. Stay away from Maholm and Cespedes, but go hard after Soler. We need to attempt at competing while building; as Brett said……..find some middle ish ground here.

    1. Crisp
    2. DeJesus
    3. Castro
    4. Fielder
    5. LaHair
    6. Soto
    7. Stewart
    8. Figgins (2B)

    1. Jeffrey

      Kevin I really can’t agree with you more. I think in the next coming weeks we will find out really why Mr. Ricketts bought this time. Was it to just make a profit, knowing no matter what the product on the field is we are still going to the games, or actually spend money and build a winner knowing more money is coming if we can make the playoffs and maybe head to the World Series. We will find out very soon with Fielder. I sear if this is the team we have going in or we trade Garza for Rizzo this should be a large Neon Florissant light screaming will be done being built once Ricketts decides to sell the team!!!

    2. Kansas Cubs Fan

      No way Castro bats third, Did you now see how that worked out last year?

    3. Ian Afterbirth

      But really honestly – that’s a bad lineup. Why would we be striving for that and spending that money on Fielder?  With Lahair protecting Fielder’s spot? Do we want to pay all that for the league leader in walks? Not only is it a crap lineup but who would pitch???

      1. Jeffrey

        Ian, we want to pay that because it is projected that there won’t be a power hitter like Fielder on the market for a long time. Not to mention there may not be if players like Votto resign with there respected teams. Fielder is only 27 and we would be getting him with the idea of the future not next year. Why do you care about spending the money. Cub fans is this money coming out of your back pocket. Should the money we spend on those high priced tickets stay in Ricketts back pocket to pay for McDonalds. Or should the money be spent on players to put a competitive team on the field? I really want you guys to think about.

      2. TWC

        Figgins at 2B?  The worst hitter in all of major league baseball?

        ::shakes head, walks away::

        1. Jeffrey

          TWC if you want to get serious about grammar. Saying Figgins at 2B? is a fragment buddy. I really don’t care about grammar and punctuation when we are just making comments. If you are going to make a comment like you did you might as well stand by it by writing with proper grammar yourself.

          1. ferrets_bueller

            There is a significant difference between using fragments in a conversational manner and not knowing the difference between “our” and “are,” or between the “your”s.  One is perfectly acceptable in conversation, the other makes you look like you possess little intelligence.

            1. Ol'CharlieBrown

              Exactly! On the internet, it’s expected to see people shorten their sentences in order to get right to the point and not turn a few thoughts into a novel. It’s also expected, especially now with Twitter, to see people using abbreviations for words. What’s not expected is for people to not only misspell a word, but to flat out spell it as a different word which carries a totally different meaning. Weather your in class or not, its no excuse to be that sloppy. I mean, give me a brake, everyone nose they’re is know situation wear that can be justified. Catch that? Looks pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? Their is my too scents…

              Having said that, let’s not lose track of why we are all here at the end of the day. Our common love for the Cubs!!

        2. Kevin

          I understand Chone Figgins isn’t the answer to our prayers, but lets be realistic if we have any hopes of a team taking Soriano’s salary. Reality…..they will not, which in a perfect world, has Theo and Co demanding somebody like Carlos Triunfel or Alex Liddi. I will take Trayvon Robinson or Mike Carp, but then we have to throw in Marmol. Take him too please.

          In short, please offer other ideas for a Soriano salary dump after you bash Figgins. I know he didn’t bat his weight last year, but he did have a .395 OBP in 2009, so maybe he is worth a shot if we can get some of that money off the books, and/or take a few of their kids in the process.

  22. Tony S

    I for one would be happy to see a complete rebuild this offseason with an eye to spending big next offseason when the Free agent group is projected to be better.
    Trade Garza, Marshall, Soto, and Byrd for some elite talent, choke down a losing season in 2012 and then get aggressive next offseason when a heap more money comes off the books. Add two stud pitchers and a big bat to the talent we acquire after trading the above players and we should be in contention in 2013. Not to mention it gives an extra year to see what we have in Whitenack, McNutt, Carpenter, Lake, Vitters etc. I’d also go hard for Soler rather than youtube. Brett mentioned in this post or another that both Marshall and Garza will be 30+ the next time we are likely to field a good team and will both be much more expensive and likely declining in performance. It makes sense to trade them now while their value is high if it means getting back younger talent that will lead our next World Series push.
    The previous GM tried to spot fix the team on the fly and that led to the current situation. Use 2012 as a full rebuilding year on and off the field to set a good base talent-wise and to get a start on redeveloping Wrigley (+ McDonalds etc) to make sure that in 2013 the club is well on the way to making a run at the World Series.

  23. Bren

    So apparently the Blue Jays bid $51M, just missing. Anyone find it odd, given how virtually all the hype about his said he was superior to Daisuke, that only one team bid higher (barely) than Boston did for Daisuke?

    I wouldve thought the starting point would’ve been at least $52M

    1. Kevin

      I suppose teams have Dice K in the back of their head when bidding on rights to Yu……at least I would.

    2. JK

      Times are tight. Economy is shrinking. You would think these rules apply to free agents in baseball? The payroll tax is expiring thanks to 30 twits in the House. So teams need to cut back on the posting bid.

  24. ferrets_bueller

    edit: reply fail

  25. Ramy16

    I disagree to trade both Garza and Marshall… One or the other! We need to be at least competitive for 2012! I am not disappointed about Yu Darvish at all I would rather still see us go after both Cespedes and Soler… We can still get decent pitching without breaking the bank.. Edwin Jackson Saunders etc.. Wilson Betemit is still the there and instead of getting Dejesus Carlos Quintin is there for the taking.. I would even trade Soriano for Alex Rios!!! I am sure Kenny Williams would do that!

    1. Kevin

      Ramy, you make a good point with Wilson Betemit. Could he or Ian Stewart play 2nd base? I think Stewart has played there some with Colorado if I am not mistaken.

      Soriano to the White Sox would be a nice fit; I would personally prefer to snag Brent Lillibridge and/or Gordon Beckham. While that request is greedy, we can surely sweeten the pot for those two.

    2. Jeff

      I think Betemit is kind of awful defensively, and he has never played a full season. I think playing DeWitt/Barney at second, and Stewart at third, is better than having Betemit at third and Stewart at second. Any money spent now needs to be on starting pitching.

  26. JK

    What about Adam Dunn for Soriano? 3 years left on his agreement. Poor 1b but not any worse than Soriano in LF. I think Dunn could match Pena’s numbers. Has hit well in Wrigley. Just wondering if his ship has sailed.

  27. Rick Vaughn

    I like it. But probably more because of my childish hatred towards Soriano. I was on the sign Adam Dunn bandwagon. And I think he will turn his career back around. Plus, I’d rather see die hard playing left field than Soriano.

  28. Dukie11

    Why is everyone so down on Darwin Barney? Granted he ran out of steam at the end of his first full season, but many players do. He takes pitches, runs the bases aggressively and plays the game hard. As long as we are in rebuilding mode, why not give a young smart second baseman, who was a ROY candidate for the 1st half a second season. Signing a journeyman 3rd baseman and putting Stewart at second is almost comical for a rebuilding team.

    And yes, signing Fielder would inhibit our rebuilding. You only have so much money to put into a great team, I do not want the majority of it thrown into a guy who due to many issues may not still be in his prime when the youth is ready to perform. One final plea, please see which kids can play and get as many of them as possible to increase your chances of getting some good ones and then fill the holes with free agency when we are ready. The day you sign the big ticket free agents is the day the window opens. If you have a good farm system established that window never closes. If you just try to buy championships your window will be shut real quick and wont open again until contracts expire- that’s why everyone is upset with Hendry. Though I blame the fact that we were selling the team for forcing him to do it.

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan

      I would also like to see Barney get another chance. If he has a full season of what he did the first half of last season he could be a pretty good 2B.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Barney is Colvin is Hoff another 1/3 of a season of promise and then MLB pitching figures them out and Cub fans drool over their “Scrappiness” for the next two years. I’m guessing Campy deserves an everyday position as well.

        1. Dukie11

          If you are compaing Barney to Colvin or Campana then I am guessing you haven’t actually seen a game and while I may agree Barney is scrappy neither Colvin or Campana would merit that description. Colvin was an all or nothing power to the gaps hitter and Campana is more flash than scrap with his best asset being his explosive speed, best utilized in my opinion as a late inning down a run pinch runner.

          1. MichiganGoat

            All I’m saying dear BleacherNation Virgin is that if you look at Barneys season month by month and minor leauge numbers you will see that he is not an everyday MLB 2B. He is a good utility infielder, but everyday he is not. his number digressed as the season progressed and Quade was foolish to keep him in the everyday role.

            1. Dukie11

              He was the most dependable hitter on the team with runners in scoring position. Just because someone does not hit homeruns does not mean that they are not solid baseball players.

              1. MichiganGoat

                Please look here he continually regressed month to month. That’s not a model for success.

                1. Dukie11

                  Please listen, many players follow the same model in their first full season. If your rebuilding and a player shows promise you do not replace them with a journeyman.

                  1. MichiganGoat

                    It’s insulting g to tell someone who has been regularly posting on this blog since its infancy and follows the Cubs and it’s players as close as the next person to “listen.”

                    Barney has never been a top prospect, he’s never been on anyones radar and to think that just because he showed signs of promise = give me a chance AGAIN is lunacy. He will get a look at spring training, as of now its his job to lose, but when he doesn’t amount to anything please don’t cry that Sveum, Jed, and Theo didn’t give him a chance. It’s says something that his name has not even been mentioned in trade rumors all off season.

                    1. Dukie11

                      Why would he be mentioned in rumors, he is a 2nd year non power hitting 2nd baseman who regressed during his first full season. All I am saying is he showed enough promise that he should get a second look on a bad team.

                      I apologize for saying “listen”, I did not know that it was an offensive term on this blog and I give you props for writing on here for as long as you have.

          2. Rick Vaughn

            I just got tired of Rick Sutcliffe and Joe Morgan talking about Barney like he was a budding superstar. I’m sure we all saw most every game this year. It seemed like teams would throw him a steady diet of meatballs. They didn’t even bother figuring him out. He’s just too soft of a hitter. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I think his OBP was .310 or something. With no power. At 26 years old and maybe above average speed.

            1. Dukie11

              True, but when he was hitting well, that number was higher and I have conceded he slowed down to end the season- through July he was 6th in the national league with runners in scoring position at .368. I agree they may have figured him out, but he showed enough promise that he merits a second look on a team that is just looking to rebuild. A Cubs player who can hit with runners in scoring position is rare.

              1. Rick Vaughn

                I’m not at all against giving him another shot. Not too many options out there anyway. I just hope the Cubs don’t continue running him out there everyday just because he’s hitting .280

                He needs to show a higher on base % or improve his slugging early on in the season. Otherwise we’ll have to call Mickey Morandini back to Chicago. And I HATE mullets.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  EXACTLY, and mullets scare me

                2. Kansas Cubs Fan

                  Agreed. But disagree with you on the mullets, those things crack me up.

                  1. Katie

                    Hey! I love a luxurious mullet! Business in the front, party in the back!

            2. MichiganGoat

              Rick I’m glad your regularly posting, please head over to the message board and join us.

          3. Ol'CharlieBrown

            You’re trying to make the same point essentially. While I do agree that Barney is the only one who qualifies for the “scrappy” moniker, I think MichiganGoat was just saying that these are all guys who may have had brief moments of success at the major league level, but weren’t/aren’t able to maintain sustained success. They just don’t cut the mustard, so to speak.

            With our current roster, I would definitely rather see Barney get another shot to prove himself rather than anyone else. Like Dukie said, maybe he just ran out of steam in his first season. I do remember him seeming to be one of the few guys who actually got hits with runners in scoring position. I’m not saying he is who I would choose to play second base for my team if I had a choice, but if we don’t have any other choice, then I’d rather him get another shot at it.

            From Chicago Tribune on July 9th: “Hitting with runners in scoring position has been one of the Cubs’ biggest problems this season. One regular who has been consistent in that category is rookie second baseman Darwin Barney, who entered Saturday’s game with a .368 average with runners in scoring position, sixth-best among National League hitters.”

            From Brett on August 24th: “The Cubs are 3-25 with runners in scoring position over the last two games. The stats say the only Cubs regulars who don’t crap their pants this year with runners in scoring position are Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, and Aramis Ramirez.”

            1. MichiganGoat

              Well said my friend, my teacher sabbatical/winter break combined with delicious Michigan brewed IPA and BleacherNation Virgins makes me crabby.

              1. Dukie11

                I did not realize that the blog did not welcome newcomers, just simply was stating Barney could merit a second look after a decent first season, I will leave you experienced posters be now.

                1. Ol'CharlieBrown

                  Dukie, you are very welcome here at Bleacher Nation! I had no intention of coming across like that. I was just pointing out that I thought you two were both trying to make the same point for the most part. I think it’s awesome that you’re here and giving your thoughts and opinions. It’s part of what makes this growing blog and community so great.

                  If no one else has, let me be the first to say, Welcome to Bleacher Nation, Dukie. Hope you stick around.

                  1. MichiganGoat

                    Well stated again, you are welcome, part of the community is getting your balls breaked Dukie

                    1. Katie

                      I got mine broken so badly I’m now a really cute girl. Go fig.

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      Damn it girl we told you this is not a dating site!

                  2. CubFan Paul

                    i wonder if dukie IS darwin barney..

                    1. Dukie11

                      I am not even that big a Darwin Barney fan, just think that if you are evaluating team assets, you should evaluate a solid clutch hitting second baseman before replacing him with…Wilson Betemit?

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      Dukie agree that Barney is worth evaluating, but should not be given the 2B key without earning it and he must be on a short leash next year.

                    3. Ol'CharlieBrown

                      Classic, haha!

                2. Jannenga

                  You are more then welcome to join in……….You will realise that most of the Idiots around here get mad unless you agree with everything the cubs front office does………They get mad when anyone tells them that Epsyien and company are idiots and ruining the cubs worse then hendry did……….They are still young and they have watched way to many Disney Movies and they see that Epstien is going to sign all these Young guys and they are going to upset the MLB and shock the world with a championship………The Fact is this in this day and age you have to have Big name FA’s to win a championship……….the pieces we’re there…but see what they don’t realise is this Epstien is not a Cubs fan he is here because he is Greedy and wanted more money and power and he wasn’t the top guy in Boston or the Brains Henry is……when the cubs lose he will just walk away at the end and try to claim he tried and the cubs fans will scream and cry about him……….But atleast I am telling ya all from jump street that this plan is not going to work………This aint Disney World….so blog all ya want and screw them idiots…….most are baby’s anyway……..

                  1. Rick Vaughn

                    Maybe it’s because i’m still in my mid 20′s. But all I saw was …………………………………………..

                    1. Katie

                      Rick, I’m with you except all I saw was Epstien.

                    2. Ol'CharlieBrown

                      That blew my mind. It must be a case of the mid-20′s because that’s exactly what I saw too.

                    3. MichiganGoat

                      My freshman understand how to use an ellipsis point, again I weep.

                    4. Kansas Cubs Fan

                      I’m 19 and that’s all I saw.

                  2. Dukie11

                    Jannenga you could not be more wrong. I do agree with what Theo and Jed are doing and I do not want to go out and sign the superstars. Not yet atleast. First you have to establish the framework then you fill in with the superstars. Though clearly Theo is not doing it for love of the game, he is doing it to be the goat slayer.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      Dukie now we are cool, nicely stated

                    2. Jannenga

                      There is no Big name Free Agents coming up for the next 4yrs that would help any Young team……..He is no goat slayer as you put it……… But I see that the Younger generation of cubs fans don’t have a problem with losing and believing in Fairy tales……but thats cool………So tell me when do you kids think this championship happens?………I will be around when it doesn’t happen to tell ya ” I told ya so “…….Us Old Guys know more then you kids but thats how you kids learn not to go agianst us………..

                    3. Rick Vaughn


                      I actually agree with the idea of signing Prince because, if nothing else, he is the only big time bat likely available over the next few years.

                      But………..coming on here and just blindly grilling the new front office……….. and calling us idiots………. and about how old you are………. and that old people (don’t get me started on the old people) are some how smarter than everyone else……… because they’re older…………. That noise only shows ……. that you’re really old…….

                  3. MichiganGoat

                    As a teacher I weep when I see such poor spelling and a complete misunderstanding of punctuation and sentence structure. That is why I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore.

                    1. Katie

                      I was going to say something crude but since this isn’t a dating site and I’m a lady I’ll refrain.

                      Now could someone please pass me a Dirty Thirty of Old Style and a joint? Never mind, that ain’t gonna get it done. Make it a Filthy Fifty and some Angel Dust. Let’s get this party started!

                    2. Kyle

                      insert a comma after “teacher’ and ‘hell”.

                      also the first sentence is poorly constructed. the use of “when I see such X and Y” requires parallel construction for clarity.. using a singular X and a compound Y makes for an awkward sentence,

                    3. MichiganGoat

                      Nicely done Kyle, I’m impressed.

        2. Kansas Cubs Fan

          If hes a bust then bench him. And to Campy 4th OF or back to AAA. The only reason I like Camp as a player is because hes the fastest person on the team.

      2. Jeff

        I don’t think he’s a buiding block, but he’s not a black hole either.  He plays solid defense, he hits well at times, and he’s a hard worker with a good attitude.  I think having him and DeWitt platoon at second isn’t such a bad thing.  The problem is that the rest of the lineup might not have enough juice to carry a slightly below average bat at second base.  He seems like he could become a pretty good veteran utility guy who can start for long stretches at multiple positions.  I’d like to see the team add a better offensive player to start at second and use Barney in a super utility role.

  29. Kansas Cubs Fan

    According to Ken Rosenthal, the #Cubs and #Reds are discussing a Sean Marshall for Travis Wood swap

    1. Jeff

      The Cubs need to ask for Neftali Soto to go with Wood, and make the deal.

    2. njriv

      Yeah I saw that also, I don’t know how to react to that one.

  30. Zach

    According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi the Cubs and Reds are discussing a Sean Marshal for Travis Wood swap.

    Here’s the link:

    1. Ashley

      This would be a really stupid trade for the Cubs in my opinion! I mean we let our best guy out of the pen go to a division rival. Man I hope Theo doesn’t do this!

      1. Zach

        I agree, i would not trade Marshall for that little and especially wouldn’t trade him to a division rival.

        1. Rick Vaughn

          I definitely thought Marshmallow was worth more than that.

      2. njriv

        I mean I can see why he would explore this deal. Even though Marshall is the best reliever on the team, and arguably the best left-handed reliever in baseball, the Cubs lack starting pitching and are loaded with relievers.

      3. Kansas Cubs Fan

        But they would be getting a young starter in return. And also please read that article, its say they don’t know if any other players are involved. Wood for Marshall would be center pieces.

    2. Jeff

      Rosenthal is full of horse doo doo.