Lukewarm Stove: What About Dealing Marlon Byrd?

In the spirit of the day, the Chicago Cubs may be on the path to selling off a number of valuable parts. If that proves to be the case (make sure you emphasize that “if” before flying off the handle), there’s a player whose name will start to pop up: center fielder Marlon Byrd.

You may recall that Byrd has been trade candidate of tepid legitimacy for the better part of a year. As a good defensive, decent offensive center fielder, signed to a reasonable $6.5 million in 2012, Byrd would have some value on the trade market. But, as a 34-year-old who will be a free agent after 2012, Byrd doesn’t necessarily have a lot of value to the Cubs if they don’t plan on making a run in 2012.

Jon Morosi recently wrote on the subject of a Byrd trade.

There hasn’t been much trade buzz surrounding Byrd, which is hard to figure. Byrd is entering the last year of his contract, and prospect Brett Jackson should be ready to start in center field for the Cubs in 2013. The Nationals, looking far and wide for an everyday center fielder, could be a fit; Washington has good organizational pitching depth, which is precisely what the Cubs need. The Marlins are an intriguing possibility, if they trade Hanley Ramirez and move Emilio Bonifacio to third base. The Reds, Giants, Cardinals and Mariners could upgrade in center field this offseason.

The Cubs entertained some unspecified interest in Byrd at the trade deadline this year, but, pursuant to Jim Hendry’s preference not to deal anyone whom the next GM might want to retain, the Cubs never engaged in serious discussions with any teams about Byrd. If the market is as broad as Morosi suggests, discussions on Byrd should become more serious this time around.

The main issue I see in moving Byrd before the season is Brett Jackson’s readiness to take over in center field from day one in 2012. Some see Jackson as ready – he put up good numbers in split time between AA and AAA last year – but others see a kid who’s just 23, and strikes out a whole lot against minor league pitching. And, though it’s not always the most popular point, it’s worth noting: by bringing up Jackson to start the year, rather than mid-year, the Cubs start Jackson’s arbitration clock a year early, which could cost the Cubs millions down the line.

Another consideration is Byrd’s value in the clubhouse. I’m not one to harp on the value of chemistry, but there is something to be said for a veteran presence – especially an excellent one like Byrd’s – in a clubhouse expected to be full of younger players.

If the Cubs decide to move Byrd, even if a number of teams are interested, the Cubs probably can’t expect much more than salary relief and a decent – but not great – prospect. If (see how that “if” keeps popping up?) the Cubs move a guy like Matt Garza or Sean Marshall, you can expect the chatter on a guy like Byrd to pick up.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

190 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: What About Dealing Marlon Byrd?”

  1. Jannenga

    I hope that anyone who signs a Deal with the cubs demands for a no trade clause from now on………..Epstien can not be trusted………….Right when I think this idiot can’t screw up any more he proves to me he can…….

    1. njriv

      Payers like Marshall are the only players that are going to give you decent starting pitching to a team that severely lacks it. The Cubs are loaded with relievers, even though I agree I don’t want Marshall to go. He is one of the most dominant relievers in the game, since they are not going for it next year you are going to have to make sacrifices. Players like Byrd are not going to give us the type of talent we want that Marshall and Garza can.

    2. MichiganGoat


      1. njriv

        Ignore Jannenga? Or ignore me?

        1. MichiganGoat

          Not you, we cool my friend

          1. njriv

            sounds good

    3. Eric

      Oh yeah that would be wonderful, let’s give everyone no trade clauses again! No trade clauses are the reason we weren’t able to trade away ramirez this fall and actually get something good from a deperate team. You have NO idea how to build a good baseball team with that nonsense you are spewing.

  2. ramin

    cubs reds discussing marshall swap for sp travis wood as reported on twitter by ken rosenthol

  3. ramin

    the cubs should only pul the trigger if the return was along the line of wat the padres got

  4. Jeff

    There’s no way that trading Marshall will give the type of haul that the Padres got. Honestly, if they really see something special in Travis Wood I would do this trade. We are desperate for starting pitching and this next year as most of us stated before is going to be a bust.

  5. HoustonTransplant

    After giving it some thought and seeing us put up only “tepid” efforts to land big names (i.e. Darvish, Pujols, and most likely Fielder) I think we need to trade as many pieces that will net us good young talent. Marshall’s one of the best relievers? Let’s get something for him…Garza will bring a haul? DO IT. Byrd? Sure, whatcha got?

    By hanging on to our valuable pieces, we’re simply making the steady march towards mediocrity. By the time the Cubs are ready to compete, those few pieces that are worth anything will eat up most of our budget, thus keeping us from even more improvement. Wait until we’re on the cusp of greatness to spend. That’s not now. We’re on the cusp of bovine fecal matter, which would be an improvement from where we stand now as an organization.

    I love all these players that have come up in trade rumors, but see: so does everyone else on other MLB teams. It will suck to see them go, but at the same time, if it comes with great talent in their stead, then I’ll try to keep my emotional gut-response in check.

    Maybe it’s a good thing I’m in Houston and won’t have to watch this team as much as I’d otherwise be inclined if I were in the Chicago area. It could be rough for a few years.

    1. Jeff

      Honestly, all you guys are making this fan base sound like the Oakland Athletics fan base. It’s very sad to see how far we have fallen. The only exciting outcome to this offseason is to see what prospects we get for our good players? Are you guys really getting off on this outcome. Honestly, I am a die hard Cub fan. I will watch this time if they’re doing great or are struggling mightily, but I will never be ok with a couple of rebuilding horrific seasons. I won’t make a solid judgment on truly what kind of an owner Tom Ricketts really is until after this offseason, but he definitely worries me. I got to admit I was really excited when I found out he was a fan of the Cubs before he bought the team. But the truth is business is business and I guess it’s not good business for him to spend any money. He can get away with it because Epstein and Ricketts both know no matter how bad this team might be fans will still fill the seats at Wrigley Field.

      1. ferrets_bueller

        The Oakland A’s would be stacked if they had the money to retain their players.  Think about it- one round of Billy ball (this season) to build the core, then go for it after that.  Whats not to like?

        Its not good business to spend money- on crap.  Or to spend too much.  Why are the Red Sox good?  Farm system.  Why are the rays good?  Farm System.  You need to build the farm, then retain the players, not go out and overpay for the players someone else let go.

        1. Jeff

          Red Sox have the second highest payroll under the Yankees. That’s why the Red Sox are good. They do have a few homegrown talent I will definitely give you that. The truth of the matter is that the Red Sox and the Yankees mostly use their Farm System as a way of trading for Stars. Just like the Red Sox did for Adrian Gonzalez. Don’t kid yourself that the Red Sox are good because of their Farm system. The Rays you definitely have a point. But, you also have to remember how long it took them to get to where they are today. A long ass time. Hey do you really want to wait that long. I think we waited long enough. My grandfather is 99 years old and still hasn’t seen a Chicago Cubs World Series Championship and that’s just not right.

          1. King Jeff

            You just said that Red Sox use their farm system as a way of trading for stars, and then turned around and said that they aren’t good because of their farm system. Both teams are good because they draft, sign, and develop players that other teams want, that’s one of the main benefits of having a farm system, and something that the Cubs should strive for.

            1. MichiganGoat

              Nicely stated thy royal highness, I will follow this Jeff into the depth of hell.

              1. King Jeff

                You get to replace SirCub as my first knight. He seems kind of soft anyways. I already have someone in mind for the court jester too…. ……… …………….. …………………. …… ……ahem…….

          2. ferrets_bueller

            the redsox aren’t good because of their farm? What??!?









            That is, quite literally, the core of the team.  The only major players who aren’t from the system are Gonzales, Crawford, Ortiz and Beckett.

            The red sox money allows them to retain the players that they develop, instead of overpaying.  They can then go out and get the final pieces in FA.

        2. King Jeff

          That would be the ultimate dream, for the Cubs to develop their own prospects into superstars and then give them fat contracts that bloat the payroll.  It’s a much better model than spend now and hope for the best later.

          Speaking of teams that would have been stacked if they had money; Imagine if the Expos of the mid 90′s could afford to re-sign their own guys.  I think Oakland has done a great job of developing players, and the Rays have an excellent system, but those Expo teams were the gold standard for small market excellence.

          1. MichiganGoat

            All hail King Jeff, the original BN Jeff. Bow before his jeffness peons of BleacherNation.

            1. King Jeff

              Yes, I had to change my name, too many Jeff’s here. I am now King Jeff. You may call me Sire, Your Majesty, King of the Jeff’s, or just Jeff. Now if I could just figure out this whole gravatar mess.

              1. MichiganGoat

                Your greatness needs no gravatar. Send your simple servant a tweet and I will help thee out.

                1. King Jeff

                  I got it. I just have to clear my cache and alternate e-mail addresses every couple of days apparently.

        3. HoustonTransplant

          I agree with this. Jeff, I love the Cubs and would LOVE for them to be competitive immediately and kick ass and spend money. But, looking at how things have shaken out thus far, and to be fair, the season doesn’t start for a while so things can change, it seems as if we’re in for a few years of rebuilding baseball.

          Sure we have a huge payroll, but if Hendry taught us anything, to be competitive long-term, you can’t buy your way to respectability. You have to develop from within. Save the money until you can realistically go for it without giving up your entire farm system, spend like hell at that point. But to spend as if our pockets are on fire now will simply make it more difficult to really go for it once we’ve got our ducks in a row, so to speak (lots of quality prospects, in-house major league players, etc.).

          That being said, if we were to sign Fielder tomorrow, you wouldn’t hear me complain about it. There are big name, big money guys you can spend on now and still build around. But that doesn’t mean you should sit on your hands and not trade what we have in order to make us more balanced and more likely to sustain competitiveness in the long run. That’s how I see it at least.

          1. Jeff L

            How did Epstein and Corp get all you guys on the bandwagon for a rebuilding process. This is why fans of so many other teams laugh at us. You guys make us the lovable losers. We are they hey wait for next year team. While the Yankees and now Red Sox are perennial winners. Do you really think it’s because of their farm system??? It helps but thats obviously not the reason. Do you think it’s because they are from a big market. The Cubs are in a larger market than the Red Sox. It is because are ticket prices are to low or that we don’t sell out games??? Are ticket prices are right up with theirs and we sell out every game. It’s because we have been stuck with owners that don’t want to spend what it takes to bring home a winner. From the Tribune Company to Ricketts. Soriano was a bad deal I agree with you. He was good the first two years of his contract. Zambrano is a bad deal also. He was also good the first two years of his contract. Do you think the Red Sox and Yankees don’t sign players to big money that don’t turn out to be great. Yankees have a bad bloated contract to AJ Burnett. Doesn’t stop them from spending. Red Sox have a bloated contract with John Lackey and that doesn’t stop them either. You can’t predict the future, but when you sell out every game you have a right to the fans to stay competitive. Oakland A’s and the Rays can be patient. They rarely sell out and their fan base isn’t as big as the Cubs. The fans deserve to see Ricketts spend money on free agents or severely lower ticket prices to Wrigley Field!

            1. MichiganGoat

              One question mark and one exclamation point is all that is necessary.

              1. Jeff L

                I disagree, this is the main point we should all be talking about. We have one of the highest ticket prices in all of baseball and we should be joining the rebuilding bandwagon process. Mr. Goat are you really going to pay top dollar to watch a rebuilding below 500 team?

                1. King Jeff

                  As opposed to paying top dollar to watch a high priced team that sucks like we did the last two years?

            2. ferrets_bueller

              The fans also have a right to not have to watch a team comprised entirely of Zambranos, Sorianos, and Milton Bradleys.

              We also have a right to watch a team full of Ellsburys, Pedroias, Lesters, Buchholtzs, etc…or a team full of Longorias, Prices, Moores, Jennings’s, Crawfords*, etc…


              *the old one.

              1. MichiganGoat

                I’ll gladly pay for that today for a championship cheeseburger on Tuesday.

                1. Jeff L

                  And for that very reason Mr. Ricketts can keep lowering his payroll and sell Cubbie fans such as Mr. Goat on the future. This is the way it’s been done for 100 years and counting. Now Mr. Ricketts can use Mr. Epstein to help sell that idea. It’s pretty sad in my eyes but no the whole truth. The whole truth is I love Wrigley Field, but for many years fans only came out because Wrigley Field is a party. They were able to sell tickets with a horrible team. I somewhat respect a fan like you Mr. Goat even though I don’t agree with you. Mr. Ricketts will never be forced into spending money on free agents because he truly doesn’t have to. Fans will still come out no matter how good or bad we are. Truthfully I think this is the glaring reason we haven’t won in over 100 years.

                  1. ferrets_bueller

                    Are you…slightly delusional?  When have the Cubs tried to rebuild?  Thats ludicrous.  They haven’t, they’ve simply thrown money at free agents.  Hows that worked out for ya?

                    1. Jeff L

                      Are you seriously trying to say that the Cubs in 100 years never had a “rebuilding year” Are you really trying to say that ferrets???

                  2. MichiganGoat

                    Then why are you still a fan

                    1. Jeff L

                      Mr. Goat even though I want to scream into Mr. Ricketts ear either spend money or sell the team!!! Even though I know that unless we get an owner who truly cares about winning a championship and not just the old mighty dollar, we won’t win. I’ve loved the Cubs since I was a kid and will continue to root for them. I love going to the games too, but I WONT spend top dollar to see the pathetic product that Ricketts and Epstein are going to put on the field. I’ll watch the games and hear it from my friends from STL how pathetic we are. I’m ok with that because I consider myself a true fan. Doesn’t mean I’m afraid to speak the truth.

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      Ignore, it’s time to to simply ignore.

                    3. Ron

                      To Jeff L, Mr. Rickets has already done more for the Cubs continued success in just over two years than the Tribune Co. did in almost 30(?).  He has invested in the DR facility, the spring training facility and is really working at getting Wrigley updated.  You don’t build an empire in one off season. It takes years.

                    4. MichiganGoat

                      What Ron just said

      2. Jeff

        This is a team coming off of back to back horrible seasons, and is full of bad contracts for old players.  I don’t think anyone can realistically expect for the team to sign two or three expensive free agents, and then automatically compete, not only next year, but for the foreseeable future.  I think that the team not getting in on the ridiculous spending this year is obviously getting under some impatient fans’ skin.  The fact is that everyone was expecting either wholesale changes, or expensive additions to an already expensive roster.  Neither was really realistic, and the current approach is probably all that we should have expected.   Adding DeJesus and Stewart aren’t long term fixes, but they could help, and they could become trade bait as more salary comes off the books in the next couple of years.  I see this offseason as the first time that the organization has settled on a long term strategy.  I don’t mind if the short term result of that is a little bit of spinning wheels and twiddling thumbs while the team tries to get rid of the albatross contracts.

      3. Eric

        Well the reason why I am excited is because for the first time, we are actually selling assets when they are high. Marshall is great and I love him, but unlike Hendry, Theo doesn’t get attached to players. And if you can trade Marshall while his value is really high and get MORE value back, THAT is how you add assets and build a team the proper way. The reason why I am more excited about a rebuilding year, is because it is possible to get guys like Rizzo, and maybe a couple of other interesting peices and to watch them become the new face of the Cubs, along with Castro. See I still expect the Cubs to spend BIG money, when the time is right. But right now we honestly need start fresh and the only way to do that is to try to get the best value out of the assets you have now. I think you are confusing ONE good rebuild year, for a year and in year out small market team. The Cubs aren’t going to do this every single year. 5 years or so from now when they can make a new TV deal, will beable to add 50 mil more each year to the payroll. And at that time you’ve got guys like Castro, possibly Rizzo, Mcnutt, or whoever as the face of the Cubs. And you’ve got a great young core because of the things we did, THIS year. At that point you can add some really big pieces. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take 2 steps forward.

  6. Jeff

    A note outside of the Cubs. The Bulls looked pretty damn good tonight. Rip Hamilton seemed to fit very nicely into the Bulls rotation. Honestly, I think he is the missing piece to the puzzle from last year. The only thing i didn’t like about tonights game was that Rose didn’t completely look like himself, but that is to be expected after a lock out. Can’t wait till Christmas day baby against the Lakers!!!!

    1. HoustonTransplant

      It shall be a better game to watch than the Bears, that’s for sure. Ugh.

    2. Cubs 10

      Totally excited for Christmas Day, I’m around too many damn Laker fans, ugh can’t wait to shut ‘em up! I totally agree with you on Rip. Watching him play got me all kinds of excited, providing speed and natural talent that we’ve been missing in that position. Not too worried about Rose. No doubt he’ll turn it up as the season gets underway. I’m sure it’s a mini adjustment having Rip in there but they seem to complement each other very well. As for the Bears, I’m still in. There’s a good chance the Lions lose to the Chargers and Packers, as well as Seattle losing to the Niners. If we don’t make it to the playoffs, and the last highlight of the season is beating the Packers, I’ll be happy and look forward to when we’re healthy again.

  7. Joepoe321

    This just in cubs and reds talking abt a trade involving travis wood going to the cubs and sean marshall to the reds….. it still isnt know if any other players are involved

    1. ferrets_bueller

      Beat me to it.

      I’m surprised that Walt Jocketty is interested in trading with the Cubs.  I’m quite happy that he is.  This could bode well for the Cubs eventually having an actual minuscule chance of one day in the future pulling a trade for Votto.

      But speaking of situations that are actually plausible, I like this deal.  Wood is a good young pitcher, who just has a little bit of development left to do. Last year was a bit of a sophomore slump, IMO. He also has favorable road splits in his small career sample size- meaning he could project better outside of cincy.  Although, we do play in Wrigley…

  8. die hard

    If Theo announced that all 25 roster spots are open no matter last years stats or this year’s salary, he may get more in way of production from current 40 man roster than if he traded any one of them for anyone else around the league. Using the Vince Lombardi approach pays dividends.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Obviously that makes complete sense. So what would Dick Tidrow do with this team?

      1. Jeff L

        Come on Mr. Goat, I’ve been reading your posts and you seem to be well on the rebuilding bandwagon. So are you willing to pay top dollar to watch a below 500 team? Probably for the next couple of years……

        1. MichiganGoat

          I’m willing to support a team that is building toward the future not trying to appease the fan base that needs an immediate fix.

          1. ferrets_bueller


      2. Katie

        Dick Tidrow IS the team. Last year he threw a no-no, hit for the cycle, donated 6000 pints of blood, turned an unassisted triple play and impregnated 40,000 visitors to Wrigley. He had an off year.

  9. ty

    spending some time in Phoenix this week–went by Fitch Field and it was good to see blue uniforms running around. Looked for Campy who has been in a strengthing program but did not see him, does anybody know who is rehabbing there. spotted some kid who looked 6 ft, 6.. warm today so they wrapped up by eleven. HoHoKam had model airplane races in the parking lot.

  10. Todd

    Bruce Levine reporting: Marshall for Travis Wood (CIN) and two minor leaguers; talks in progress.

    1. Ashley

      Do not like this trade at all!!

      1. JulioZuleta

        Let’s wait until we figure out who the two minor leaguers are…

        1. Todd

          Julio, I agree 100%. I’m guessing they will have some pretty high upside because Travis Wood doesn’t look good straight-up for Marshall. Plus, I don’t see the Cubs trading a quality chip like Marshall for Wood and prospects that project similarly to the mid to low-ceiling guys we already have in the system.

          1. Ron

            I am with you, reminds me of the DeRosa trade. The other pieces are the key.

    2. kubphan82

      I didn’t like the initial reporting, suggesting it was straight up… But with Beliveau inevitably getting his shot and being younger, I could see Marshall being traded away for someone with 4 years of control left AND prospects. Marshall is the type of player the Cubs HAVE to turn 1 player into 3.

      Although, I’m curious why there are zero talks with the Mets. The Mets NEED a lefty reliever. The Mets have a logjam in their rotation (hu-hum Gee) and 1B (hu-hum Davis), couldn’t we net a return closer to that?

  11. Jeff L

    Ron, What the heck does that have to do with the product on the field? I would rather Mr. Rickets put that money to a ball player on the field than buying up the McDonalds in the area. It seems like all he cares about is fattening his own pockets. Believe me the renovation of Wrigley Field is not going to come out of his pockets, most likely it will come out of ours.

    1. Ron

      Everything, really.  You have to have a foundation for sustained success.  Those are the building blocks of the foundation.  Tom Ricketts took his time to really get to know the lay of land so to speak about baseball because he is not a “baseball guy”.  I think this was a very smart approach.  Ricketts built a massive business not by quick fixes but by developing the infratsructure to sustain it.  Lets take a look at the Yankees and Red Sox because they were discussed earlier.  While not all of the drafted talent reaches the bigs they are used as trade pieces that is why the farm is so important. It is not just used for starters on your field but trade bait.  More to my point, people don’t like to work in a shit hole.  Guys like top notch stuff especially when they are a spoiled millionaires.  If you build the “stuff” and have the facilities you do not have to pay as much to get top of the line FA. It may not seam like much but 1-2 mil here and there adds up quickly.  It could easily be the difference in keeping Sean Marshal or trading him.  That all said, the state of the Cubs was a complete wreck saddled with bloated contracts, aging players and no farm system when TR bought them.  It is going to take time.  The key to my whole point is sustained success, not a quick fix, like 06 or 7 (I am very bad with dates).

      1. kubphan82

        If you build it…. They will come…

        I like what Ricketts is up to… If this Marshall deal goes the distance, I can continue to like Epstein’s direction… Conjunctly, I think the Cubs will put a winner on the field this year, though the moves fight conventional wisdom to this point in the offseason.

  12. joepoe321

    I bet donnie joseph is one of those 2 minor leaguers i looked him up on the reds top ten prospect list and he is #10 and there 2nd best pitching prospect

  13. Lou Cub

    The prospects have to be really good if Theo’s gonna move them within the division..I remember something that Brewers Gm Doug Melvin once said about trading a good player within the division will cost you more than it otherwise would…. I trust John McLeod has chosen 2 youngsters he really likes..Theo was after Travis Wood last season and being that lefties come into thier own a bit later he could be a nice #2 or #3 eventually..

  14. joepoe321

    here is it

    Donnie Joseph
    Rank: 10
    Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)
    ETA: 2012
    Position: LHP
    Age: 24, DOB: 11/01/1987
    Bats: L, Throws: L
    Drafted: 2009, 3rd (88)
    A 2009 third-rounder out of the University of Houston, Joseph moved very quickly in his first full season, pitching at three levels. Along the way, he topped the system with 24 saves and had a 2.08 ERA and .182 batting average against. He also had an eye-popping 14.27 K/9 ratio. He’s had some command issues leading to a 3.6 BB/9 ratio heading into 2011, but they’ve improved and aren’t a big concern when he’s pitching in short relief stints. He might not be a closer in the big leagues — and he got off to a rough start back in Double-A last year — but he’s got the chance to be a very good setup man in the near future. He pitched very well in the offense-heavy Arizona Fall League to close out his year.

  15. Mike F

    Everyone keeps looking at the snapshots without seeing the movie, a frame a movie does not make. Wood is one piece and obviously the minor leaguers so many long for are a part of this. Also, what does it set up and what is the broader context? In the abstract, I would not being thrilled with a bunch of soft tossers who lose the element of screwing up major leaguers timing if that’s your whole staff, but before I jump to that I need to see the whole picture. He’s not a flame flower, but he’s a LHP, changes speeds, throws a heavy ball, and is a SP.

    It’s just one move of what will likely be more, more than most people anticipate in the next couple of weeks. And Shawn Marshall isn’t a flame thrower either. One more thing, a lot of people pee on the Cubs farm system, but they have a little bevy of LHP for short relief that may open eyes. Further Carpentar is not chopped liver. And while most of us are disappointed with Simpson, he’s had a year for all practical purposes and lot of adversity. From the man who brought the ML Chris Carpentar Stl and Roy H, maybe it’s just a tad too early to give up on the Cubs young pitcher with big arm, even if he’s small in stature.

    1. ty

      mike f well said. Our farm system is significant and with Oneri and Tim we have excellent leadership. It would be good if more fans could actually see our prospects during rookie league season in Mesa or daytona or peoria or boise or iowa but most fans do not have a clue. You can not just read about our prospects–go see them if you really care about the organization.

  16. Lou Cub

    Bottom line, I EXPECT the Cubs to acquire upper echelon prospects with this group in charge..instead of Hendry who always opted for quantity over quality hoping he’d hit it big with some under the radar guys (see the Ted Lilly and Derrick Lee returns)

  17. joepoe321

    or maybe Zack Cozart and moving him to 2b he is major league ready as well!
    Reds scouting report:
    Shortstop who can play the position, hit for some power and steal bases aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. He may never hit for a high average, but his other skills should make up for that. Paul Janish and Edgar Renteria were initially in the way, forcing Cozart to Triple-A at the start of last season. He made his way to Cincinnati in early June and left a good first impression before going down with an elbow injury that required Tommy John surgery in August.

  18. kubphan82

    The Reds already got boned by SD this offseason, and maybe they can justify that…

    If that’s what the Reds are going to trend then here:
    Wood LH SP
    Torreyes 2B or (not and) Rodriguez 2B
    Soto 1B

    I’m a fan of Wood/Torreyes/Soto

  19. Jeff L

    Ron do you know Ricketts or something. Seriously, where you coming from. Players like to go to the Cubs either for the money or the fan base. I’m sure the facilities were adequate anyway. You need to spend money to make money… I’ve talked about this a ton already on here and am tired of it… There’s no way to convince the “rebuilding bandwagoners” better known as the true lovable loser fans. I can make many many points, but all you have to do is read earlier posts. I will leave you with this Ron. In two years after being well under 500 and probably maybe 2 prospects work out and were left here where we are today. You tell me more about this great “rebuilding process” and the fantastic new facilities Mr. Ricketts is building with our hard earned money to go watch the Cubs lose.

    1. Lou Cub

      Jeff, when was the last time this team was rebuilt from the bottom up??? When??? Even Dallas Green went with vets while rebuilding the minors but at the major league level we haven’t gone completely young in a very long time and it is needed!! Hendry has left this organization in crappy shape with horrid contracts, no trade clauses and a minor league system bereft quality players above Class A Peoria!!!Theo and Co got their work cut out for them but bold changes are needed and as shitty as that may be for us in the next couple years it is necessary to change the culture here.

    2. Ron

      No, I do not know Ricketts, but I once lived in Omaha! Honestly, I am not a total revulsion guy, and I don’t actually invest a lot of dollars through attendance or merchandise. They would not notice if I boycotted but this is my point. Please don’t beat me up on the exact figures but I think I am in the ballpark. The Cubs are at or below average in the following areas, 1. ML facilities 2. Minor league facilities 3 Training Facilities 4 prior to this year, front office personell, 5 scouting 6 player development 7 spending on the draft …etc. But where were the cubs near the top? Payroll, and what has that gotten them? And my final point, how long has “Tom Ricketts’ guy” been GM? How many games played? On a side note, if you want to talk about spending money to make money, as the owner of a small business, I have some hard lessons learned if you want to hear those. It is about spending wisely no matter what business you are in.

  20. Cubs please win

    Hey guys, I’m a die hard Cub fan and a season ticket holder. It would be very disappointing to watch the Cubs throw in the towel another year with a possible 100 loss season. This idea of having to rid yourself of your best players to rebuild is crazy. It will take years to go this route if we are very lucky. I agree that we have to rebuild the farm system but this will take time. Do we even have the player development pieces in place at every level of the Cubs organization to develop our prospects properly?

    I am not expecting the Cubs to go from losing 91 games to winning the division next year but would like to see them make solid trades and proper free agent signings to get to .500 next year. We have very few players on the roster that have value as well as very few prospects that will be contributing soon. That really leaves free agency as the best way for improving this club for the next 2-3 years. Keep Garza and Marshall. Continue to build around some of the solid pieces we currently have. The signing of Fielder and one of the other better free agent pitchers coupled with some decent moves could get us to .500 in a weakened division. The Cubs payroll should be much closer to 150 million. I’m not saying let’s spend money for the sake of spending money but do something to get us to .500 and let’s build on that next year as opposed to selling everything of value and starting from ground zero.

  21. Louis

    We can get back pieces that solve a lot of issues in our organization with trades of players like Marshall and Garza. IMO we HAVE to make big changes in order to take this team to the next level. If that means get rid of our best pitcher to get 4 prospects that could turn into a Garza caliber player in the future then do it.

  22. Cubs please win

    Hey Louis, I fully understand your point but we’ll be lucky if two of them actually make it to the big leagues much less become a star. The Cubs are not a small market team, they should stop acting like one. I believe they have another 40 million coming off the payroll next year between Zambrano, Dempster, and Byrd. That put’s their 2013 payroll at 80-90 million. Trade Garza and Marshall that is roughly another 10 million. I know this is back of the napkin math but having a payroll at 80 million for a big market club is an isult to Cub fans. I sincerely hope if these trades happen that it all works out. Because if it doesn’t we will be looking at baseball being over in July for the next few years at least. On the plus side my daughter will be happy because she can keep on building her card house with my unused Cubs tickets that I cannot give away the last 2 1/2 months of the season.

  23. Louis

    Man I fully expect the Cubs to make FA signings to supplement the trades they make, but maybe not til next year. Sometimes you have to take chances on younger players when you know you’re not going to contend. Also the money they do not spend this off season could mean an Angel type of off season next season when their will be players like Cole Hamels and Matt Cain.

  24. Mike F

    Just my opinion, nothing more, but I think Theo came to Chicago to liquidate and write off two seasons. It’s not so complicated, maybe unlike most of us who are interested, he and his group can do many things at once. We know they are building scouting, so that will be an emphasis and with 5 top 75-100 pics the farm system combined with what’s there is far better than we credit. So yeah, I think trading Marshall for more than he is worth to the Cubs, in my view Wood and two Reds top 25 prospects is actually worth more than he is worth to the Cubs unless he’s actually a closer.

    But I wouldn’t jump that you will get back more than Garza is worth to the Cubs. For example, sending Garza and Barney to the Padres for Rizzo and the Pads top pitching prospect and taking back Orlando Hudson would a bad trade for the Cubs and less value than we gave up. Others will disagree, but we probably would be wise to let this unfold.

    The other thing to look at, if you get more than Garza is worth fine trade him, but you can’t have an exceptional talent sale for prospects, and keep the pig poop like Soriano and Zambrano just to make a few. It then becomes incumbent for the organization if it’s serious about the culture to acknowledge the obvious and recognize the sunk costs. A season where you dump the pieces that have value and perform in the name of prospects and let Soriano, Bozo;s natural heir, and Zambrano turn it into a circus won’t sit well with anyone.

    But I don’t think writing off seasons is this Theo and the Theo we bought. Should be interesting. Yesterday the Tribune reported the Cubs agreed not to hire any Boston employees for 3 years. Today the Tribune Reported the Cubs hired two Boston Scouts. So just me, I’d ignore the rumors and buy the actual facts, not the close, not the near and not the seriously hopeful, with all due respect the Chicago reporting community.

  25. Irish cub

    What do u think of Travis wood this article I was reading said the cubs were about ready to trade Marshall to the reds!!!!!!!! For wood and a couple other prospects