Three years ago, I was spending my second of what would be four Christmases at the large law firm where I worked.

And, when I say I spent four Christmases at work, I mean that literally. In those four years, I didn’t have a single year where Christmas Eve or Christmas Day was not interrupted by the pressing needs of a partner or client.

I’m not complaining, mind you, nor am I an overly religious person. But the holidays, to me, have always been a time to spend enjoyable hours with family and friends, talking about the year behind you, the year ahead of you, and how you were the cutest kid ever (thanks, Mom).

So, you can imagine, as I sat there three years ago, the thought of spending a second straight year doing work on Christmas did not exactly appeal to me. I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for those who have to do it every year.

While my wife and family gathered at a grandparents’ house for food, drink, and cookies (mostly cookies), I was culling minutiae for an emergency document review. (Only later would I learn that the review was so urgent that the folks up the chain would almost immediately look over my work … in mid-January.) I’m not too proud to admit that was a bad day.

Five days later, I started Bleacher Nation. Looking back, I guess it probably wasn’t a coincidence.

Indeed, the holidays are a time to spend enjoyable hours with family and friends, and I’m thankful that my new job allows me spend time with friends (i.e., you) every day of the year. That sounds cheesy, I know. But it’s Christmas. I can be cheesy.

All that said, you can expect limited posting from now through Tuesday. There will *probably* be a scattered post here and there, and obviously, if news or a hot rumor breaks, I’ll set down my eggnog and cover it. (I’ve actually never had eggnog. It sounds gross.) I reckon I’ll still be around in the comments, on the Message Board, on Twitter and on Facebook, because, well, I can’t help myself. But the epic tome on Manny Corpas as the primary seventh-inning pitcher will have to wait.

To you and yours, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Toosh

    Happy holidays, Brett.

  • Justin Jabs

    Eggnog does sound gross, never had it either.
    Although, this past Thanksgiving we made Thankstinis, if anyone’s familiar with How I Met Your Mother. Cranberry juice, potato vodka, and a chicken bullion cube.

    Now THAT’S gross.

    Happy holidays guys.

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    Happy Holiday’s Brett, and the rest of BN.

  • South Dakota Cubs Fan

    Happy Holidays Brett I’m one of those “new” readers who just discovered your site amidst all the Rizzo/Garza rumors and it’s already become part of my daily reading. (as well as your twitter stream and Facebook posts) thanks for all the fun reading and I look forward to all the posts in the new year!

  • Zbo

    Happy Holidays, Brett and all!

    Oh- and eggnog is pretty awesome (although I like boiled custard even better).

  • kindergartencubs

    I have never posted before, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and look forward to your site each day. As a 57 year old kindergarten teacher, transplanted from Chicago to the south, I usually find myself alone in my fanatic interest in the Cubs. The eyes of my tolerant husband glaze when I consider the benefits of trading Garza. So every afternoon, after 10-12 hours at school, I can’t wait for my first private moment to check your latest thoughts. I enjoy your writing and the thoughts of most of the contributors. Thank you, and have a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas.

  • Ron

    Merry Christmas Brett. I don’t know if you were worth a crap as a lawyer, but you do a great job here. So for my sake thanks. No, really, Merry Christmas, enjoy your time with the little one a know going into the new year that we appreciate all that you do…is that a picture of TWC’s ornament?

  • Fishin Phil

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

  • Cheryl

    Merry Christmas, Brett. Merry Christmas all!!!

  • Internet Random

    Eggnog is awesome… especially, but not necessarily, with bourbon.

  • Tony

    Good for you Brett. You took a chance and left the daily grind, something most of us wouldn’t do…….However, you help us get through our day providing us glimmers of hope about OUR CUBBIES! Merry Christmas and thanks!

  • MoneyBoy

    Brett … Enjoy your family over the holiday weekend.  I’ve got 2 30-somethings and 2 20-somethings.   The years go by all too fast.  The site is great, the work you do is wonderful, and as a lawyer, you make a great blogger.

    To my fellow posters – all the best.  Good health and good fortune in the New Year.

  • chris margetis

    Merry Christmas to Brett and the rest of BN

  • 1CubFanInPA

    Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all my fellow-Cubs fans! And here’s to what looks like the promising start of a new direction and the hopes of one day soon celebrating a World Series title at the corner of Clark and Addison. GO CUBS, GO!!!

  • Katie

    Merry Christmas Brett! And Merry Christmas to everyone here on Bleacher Nation.

  • NL_Cubs

    “Indeed, the holidays are a time to spend enjoyable hours with family and friends, and I’m thankful that my new job allows me spend time with friends every day of the year”

    Indeed they are and glad you are now able to enjoy them!  Merry Christmas to you and yours Brett while also wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!

  • cubincardinalland

    Merry Christmas to all. It is a time of hope, and never give up that hope Cub fans. We are going to get there yet.

  • Internet Random

    Merry Christmas, Bert. (Reviving that one seems especially fitting given my undying love for _It’s_a_Wonderful_Life_.) (handheld device–please forgive awkward punctuation. These are the holidays, after all.)

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      How can you say Merry Christmas to Bert, but not Ernie?

      Just givin ya a hard time ha, Merry Christmas Internet Random!

  • frankymunster

    Happy Holidays to all my fellow cub fans!

  • Bren

    Your tales make me sort of glad I passed up on my law school acceptances..ha.

  • Swaz46

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours, Brett. I, for one, am thankful that you gave up the “lawing” thing.

  • FiveFifty

    Merry Christmas, Brett….. I enjoy your work.

  • Rancelot

    While I’m an occasional poster I am an obsessive reader of Bleacher Nation!!! In short order, BN has become the most viewed website on my phone and home computer over the likes of Facebook, Rotoworld and BeerAdvocate! Thanks so much for the great site, Brett, and for saving me from the voluminous sites of misinformation!

    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • MichiganGoat

    Merry Holidays everyone, it been a pleasure getting to know everyone here. Brett it been a pleasure watching your little site grow to greatness, work with you to test the Message Board, and participating on a daily basis. This is a great place to be a Cub fan.

  • LJ

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here at BN.

  • CubSouth

    Merry Christmas to all of my fellow posters! Thank you Brett for giving me the gift of a one stop shop on my Cubs news, and have have a happy New Years!!!!

  • Joy

    Happy holidays and thank you for keeping this Cubbie fan who lives in MN informed about the beloved Cubbies. Have a fabulous holiday everyone.

  • hcs

    To each and every one of you who contribute here on a daily basis, thanks, happy Holidays, and may 2012 be better than the last.

  • ShootTheGoat

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!


    Brett -never posted before,but always an avid reader-this is the first site always for my cub fix.
    Happy holidays/Merry Christmas to you Brett and all of bleachernation.