It’s Christmas Eve, but save your Holiday wishes for a little bit longer. The “official” Happy Holidays post is coming soon.

  • Now that the smoke has cleared on the Sean Marshall trade, and I’ve already openly expressed just how pleased I am both with the return the Cubs got, and with the mere fact of the trade (it had become an extreme rarity for the Cubs to trade a valuable, short-term asset for multiple, valuable, long-term pieces at the risk of the near term, especially in the offseason), I can speak about how much I’ll miss Sean Marshall. Primarily, the guy a brilliant reliever. Riddle me this: were you ever ONCE in the last two years nervous to see Marshall come into the game? Can you say that for any other reliever on the Cubs in the last two years? But I’ll also miss Marshall because he was the consummate team player. I’ll never forget his attitude upon losing out in the 2010 Spring Training battle for a rotation spot, after pitching better by far than anyone else in the competition. He recognized that it was best for the team for him to head to the bullpen, and, if it was a disappointment, he didn’t show it. He said he was happy to help the team in any way he could, and he went out and became one of the best relievers in baseball. I’ll be rooting for you, Sean.
  • Sean, himself, spoke about the trade yesterday, and was as classy as you’d expect. “It came as a surprise,” Marshall said of the trade. “But I understand the moves Theo [Epstein] and the crew are making. At first, it’ll be a bit of an adjustment. I had my whole career here as a Cub. But I understand I’ve been lucky in that aspect. It’s part of the game with trades and signing with different teams …. I’m just looking forward to embracing the opportunity to go to the Reds and have a chance to really compete and win a division, and hopefully come home after the season with a World Series ring.”
  • Bruce Levine says the Blue Jays are the best fit for a Matt Garza trade, should the Cubs elect to go that route. He adds that the Cubs are also considering extending Garza, because the various trade talks that have had haven’t gone well (which, to me, sounds like a designed leak, no?).
  • Big-time bonus baby, 16-year-old catcher Mark Malave (whom the Cubs signed this summer for a $1.6 million bonus, their largest international bonus of the year by far) had a good offensive showing in the Venezuelan Liga Paralela (a developmental type league, which features a number of A, and AA level players), batting .286/.402/.364 in 94 plate appearances. Given his youth, that’s a great line. My guess is Malave will play in the Dominican Summer League next year, before potentially making a jump to the States in 2013.
  • The AP settles up the final payroll figures for 2011, and the Cubs – at $141 million – come in at sixth, behind the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Angels and Mets.
  • An early look at the 2012 draft order (early because not all free agents have signed). Assuming Carlos Pena signs elsewhere, the Cubs will have four picks in the top 60 to 70 spots, including the sixth overall pick.
  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    Does any one remember when Lou brought Marshall into a game to get 1 batter out, then Lou put him in LF for one batter and then put him back on the mound to finish the inning?

    I don’t know why but thats what I think of when I think about Sean Marshall.

    Well and his Nasty curveball.

    • Katie

      Of course I remember that. Crazy move but it worked. I will miss Sean. He did an awful lot of charity work too. Just an all around great guy. I wish him the best.

    • Justin Jabs

      That was awesome!! I started doing that when playing baseball video games all the time after that. Neat move.

    • MrRobbins

      I was actually at that game… I only make 4-5 games a year as I live in Indy, but that’s one I’ll never forget. I remember I was pissed when Lou went to get him… Then he starts jogging out to left… I remember slapping my buddy and betting him a beer the ball somehow finds its way to left, which it didn’t… Then he comes back in and get the 3rd out (which at the time, I hadn’t even considered)… It was pretty cool.

  • Brian Peters

    I wish Marshall well. I only hope Dusty doesn’t mess up his arm like he has so many others’.

    • Cheryl

      I think that is what a lot of people fear. Marshall was one of the most consistent pitchers the Cubs ever had.

  • bwitty75

    Marshall was kind enough to give me a good autograph on a baseball at the game. He is a good pitcher and I wish he wouldn’t have been labeled a reliever.

  • Clark Addison

    What I’ll remember about Marshall is his calm demeanor on the mound. His expression never changed despite the game situation. He’d make a great closer.

    Oh, and also that unhittable curve ball.

  • cubincardinalland

    I watched Sean sign autographs along the left field foul line before a game in Cincy last year for 45 minutes. He was laughing and joking around with the kids, asking them why they were Cub fans and where were they from. One of the most impressive things I have seen from a player in a long time on the field.

  • Fishin Phil

    I wish him well in the future, except when he plays the Cubs.  Truly a classy individual.

  • jim

    SEAN MARSHALL is a “class” act! I will also miss him.
    Cincy is getting an excellent competitor. Good luck, SEAN!
    GO CUBS!

  • Sunny “Starlin” Ramirez
  • ncsujuri

    Sean will definitely be missed in the bullpen this year but you have to like the ability of Theo & Co. to turn him into some SP depth as well as 2 guys with upside.

  • Edgar

    That curveball was just nasty. Really good guy will be missed

  • JasonB

    I know that trading Marshall was the right thing and am glad that we made the move, but I’m going to miss him – he’s one of the good guys which makes it easy to cheer for him.

  • SirCub

    I support the move, but the man will be missed. Sean grew up and played high school ball in a town near me, and I have really enjoyed watching his development through the organization, and seeing his talent blossom with the Cubs.  Hope he goes on to have a great career!

  • Mike

    Moment I’ll always remember him for is when a man practically shoved over a kid to get his autograph, Marshall saw it and reached around signed the kids stuff and never even looked at the man!