Chicago Cubs Sign Pitcher Andy Sonnanstine

Today is minor league deal day for the Chicago Cubs, it seems. They’re close to inking catcher Jason Jaramillo, and they’ve now announced two other signings: pitcher Manny Corpas (whose signing we’re already knew about, but now we know it was a minor league split deal, rather than a guaranteed Major League deal (I knew it seemed strange that he would get a guaranteed big-league deal (just sayin’))), and pitcher Andy Sonnanstine, who was recently non-tendered by the Tampa Bay Rays.

Sonnanstine, who turns 29 in March, has not been a particularly effective pitcher in his five big league seasons. He sports a career 5.26 ERA (82 ERA+), 1.394 WHIP, and a meager 5.7 K/9. At least he doesn’t walk anyone – just 2.3 walks per nine innings.

Sonnanstine’s theoretical value is in his ability to pitch both in the rotation and out of the pen, but, with the Cubs, he’s almost certain to be competing, initially, for a bullpen spot only (if he earns it, he could be the Cubs’ 7th or 8th starter, should it come to that). And the good news there is that he’s a much better pitcher out of the pen than out of the rotation: in relief, he’s got a 4.40 career ERA and 1.36 WHIP (which numbers would look even better in the NL Central) in 86 innings, most of which have come in the last two seasons. And, coming out of the AL East, Theo Epstein is probably very familiar with what Sonnanstine has left to offer. If there was absolutely nothing worth taking a chance on here, Epstein wouldn’t have taken the chance.

It’s unreasonable to get excited about a minor league deal for a guy with terrible career numbers, but it’s fair to let the corners of your mouth turn upwards ever so slightly. Mine are with the Sonnanstine signing.

Sonnanstine, like Corpas, receives a non-guaranteed, split minor league deal, which is to say, it’s not a guaranteed deal, and he’ll make one rate if he makes the big league club out of Spring Training, and one rate if he’s sent to the minors. It’s about as no-lose as a contract gets for a reclamation type like Sonnanstine (or Corpas). They provide depth and alternative options, depending on how the rest of the offseason rounds out. Nicely done, Theo and Jed.

These minor league, high upside, cheap type deals could save the Cubs a fair bit in 2012. The question, of course, remains: where exactly is that saved money going to be spent?

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  1. Ashley

    Don’t know what I think about this signing! He struggled in Tampa Bay but maybe a change of scenery and a change of division will help him. I mean the AL East to the NL Central is going to be a whole easier.

    1. ferrets_bueller

      And even if he doesn’t end up playing in the majors for us, he provides AAA Sp depth, something Jim Hendry never understood the value of.

      You need consistant starters in AAA/AA for several reasons.  One, it keeps your team from getting blown out, regardless of the strength of your farm system.  Playing in close games, when you’re actually in contention to win, is very valuable to the development of prospects.

      Two, it prevents you from having to move guys up from AA to AAA before they’re ready, for sake of depth.  It also helps you from leaning on guys too hard before they’re ready, out of necessity. Having guys of little future value, who can be consistent at AAA, allow you to have players to lean on without risking prized arms instead.

      When you’re trying to build a farm system, you need players like this in the system to aid in development.

      1. T Wags

        Completely agree. Well said.

        1. Wilbur

          Completely agree. Very well said.

    2. JasonB

      He’s an arm that can be tossed into the fire if needed and probably nothing more – stuff is pretty pedestrian and there isn’t a lot of upside here.  Looks like his GB rate has been increasing as he has increased the usage of his cutter but he isn’t going to be effective unless his control is pinpoint.  Low risk, probably low reward other than the fact that he can eat innings, but a move outside the AL East should help.  Classic long reliever/8th or 9th starter.

    3. Bren

      Does the whole AL to NL thing really matter when we’re talking about middle relievers, who see at most, what, 6 batters a game?

      I get that we’re saddled by some unfavorable contracts, but this paring of costs and hoping to cash in on bounce-back players is getting a bit absurd.

  2. Kyle

    I like the way we are thinking. Maybe it’s just the post-Marshall deal glow.

  3. DaveB23

    While his career ERA of 5.26 is definitely ugly, his mark at reliever (4.4) is much more promising, especially considering he did that in the AL East.
    I like this move, think he can turn into a decent/serviceable reliever in the NL Central.

    1. ferris

      he’s replacing lopez ,cheaper younger and we dont have to trade for him mid season.aka last yr.

  4. al

    Sonnanstine has a good chance to make the club to suck up garbage innings.

  5. CubSouth

    I’ve been wondering the same question Brett. Where is all that money we are saving going to go to? There are some very, very good SP’s on the market this coming off season, but you would have to think that their current teams will give them offers they can’t refuse before becoming FA’s. Also, I hope we don’t become one of those teams that trade away or let go of players every 2-3 yrs. I’d like to buy a jersey or two of players who AREN’T retired. Maybe next year I could get a Linececum(sp?),Cain or Handle Cubs jersey?

    1. ferrets_bueller

      Thats kinda what I’ve been wondering for a while now, looking to next season, and the offseason beyond.  I’d love to see Cain reach FA, and end up with the Cubs.  As far as any of the SP available this offseason- Garza, Gio, Latos, Darvish…I’d much, much rather have Cain.  He’s by far the safest bet.

      1. Lou

        I can’t say I agree with that. I actually see the Giants locking up Cain. If not, any SP to hit the FA market with fetch outrageous prices because both the Red Sox and Yankees are looking for SP but neither want to trade much in the way of prospects. This is why, unless you get a haul for Garza, I’m on the fence with letting him go. Theo could get that….but then why would he want to sign any FA marquee starter to big $$ if the team isn’t ready to compete until 2015 IMO. What’s more if the bidding escalates high enough, which I believe it will for guys like Cain and Hammels (should they become FAs), you’re not only talking $$. You’re talking yrs of contract. Never been a big believer in signing a SP to more than a 4 year deal.

    2. HoustonTransplant

      I’m done with jerseys..whenever I buy one of a current player, they are either traded or hurt…or just start to suck…or get thrown in the mix of PED’s discussions.  For the good of the player, I’ll stay away from any names on the back of my shirt, thanks so much!

      1. JasonB

        OR you can invest in a Carlos Beltran or Lance Berkman jersey

      2. BetterNews

        Want to buy a BetterNews jersey? Clean as it gets.

        1. Kansas Cubs Fan

          I’d rather buy a Carlos Silva or Milton Bradley jersey.

          1. BetterNews

            That’s below the belt Kansas! You’ll have 10 points removed!

            1. Kansas Cubs Fan


          2. ferris

            ouch u went

  6. CubSouth

    Hamels jersey* …dang DROID

  7. Kansas Cubs Fan

    “@MLBInsideNews  Breaking: Sources tell me that Evan Longoria would welcome a trade. He is disgruntled by the #Rays situation, and unwillingness to spend.”

    It would be great to get this guy. But would cost a very pretty penny.


    1. JasonB

      Yes it would – say goodbye to Starlin Castro if we wanted him

      1. hansman1982

        unfortunately, that trade would take Garza (plus his salary this year and next), Castro, both Jackson’s, Szczur, Baez, McNutt, and pretty much everyone else in the top 10 of the Cubs system. That is a ridiculous contract.

    2. ferrets_bueller

      thats….thats…thats…what???? *collects wits* Well…I find that highly questionable.  I doubt he’s going to move, and I think the Rays are showing more willingness to spend, and have a great team that people would want to play for.  And even if he does want out, I don’t see the Rays moving him.  That being said….he’s a guy you have to go after if this is true.  Problem being, you have nothing to offer, at all.  Short of turning the main pieces around from a Garza trade and some other future selling, the Cubs have no shot.

      And that then brings up the question- is it worth it for one player?  Deal all your current value for prospects, then turn them into Longo?

      Thats pretty close to a hell no.

  8. Lou Cub

    Brett, anything new wthe the “hot and heavy” Garza rumors??? After the minor deals today, I’m waiting to sink my teeth into a blockbuster deal!!!

  9. Mayor1969

    We would have killed for a guy like Sonnanstine last year over slugs like Doug Davis, Rodrigo Lopez, Ramon Ortiz, Casey Coleman, etc.

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan

      He probably won’t be much different numbers wise than Coleman or Lopez.

      I want to see the numbers Coleman puts up at AAA after his dad fixed something in his delivery. I’m not expecting much but he could turn out to be a decent  #5.

      1. BetterNews

        I believe what was “supposedly” fixed was a move on the mound to the left. I have pitched and know this is just a trick. Unfortunately, batters will adjust and he will be back to ground zero.(Coleman)

        1. Rick Vaughn


    2. Rick Vaughn

      Totally forgot about Doug(h) Davis. Thanks you brain for forgetting that. Screw you mayor for bring it all back to me.

  10. die hard

    Its Official….reports are that Ricketts have petitioned the commish for permission to change name of team to Bad News Bears….slight resemblance too between Cubs new mgr and Walter Matthau

    1. Stinky Pete

      At least he’s not changing the name to the “Worms”.

  11. sam

    wow i do have to admit lil theo is great ! He traded Marshal a proven setup man /emergency closer and spot starter for a flyball pitcher that lost 6 to 8 miles off his fastball that has control issues but is under contract for many years . and he is now kicking the tires on on who again ? I dont even think its worth scrolling upward to catch the names . and he signed Ian I cant hit at coors staduin stewart but i will at Wirgley . Wow and Ricketts /Crickets that the only sound you will hear in the bleacher come august/july /june maybe even in MAy.) hired this nut that needs to escape Chicago quickly in a gorilla custume. WOW i am actually laughing – soon the media will have a field day on the gorilla / costume misfit President for a the Cubs. Time to rebuild ? heck the Yankees pay more in a luxury tax than what Cubs pay soriano yearly . The cubs can be A cash cow if it team is competive – not nessarily win BUT atleast try and win . I actually think this guy is monkey turd but hey Ricketts hired him away from the redsox so it must be worth it – or did the redsox let him walk because he was proven to be a dude. dont let the rings fool you other people help earn those rings befor baby leo was with the Redsox – like the padres ex gm that Became the redsox President ! what a laugh only ricketts could hire hype

    1. Mayor1969

      I love morons like this. Well done!!

      1. ferrets_bueller

        Lmao, couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    2. MichiganGoat

      Where is my red pen? That essay has so many errors in it that I think I’ll need two. I give it a grade of “I”-incomplete I’ll expect a rewrite by tomorrow morning.

    3. Stinky Pete

      Theo was proven to be a dude… When he f’ed with DeJesus.

    4. cubincardinalland

      Must have been an English major.

  12. Brian Peters

    Those of you who cannot muster positive outlooks where the Cubs are concerned, I put these questions to you:

    1. What did Theo say he was going to do when he took over? I’ll answer that question for you. He said he was going to rebuild (well, let’s call it what it is, which is BUILD because our farm system SUCKS).

    2. Now, how does a MLB system improve? I’ll answer THAT one, too. The people who have the authority to do so REPLENISH said system.

    3. Where, exactly, do you think the Cubs would be if Ricketts decided to keep Hendry? Don’t worry…I’ll do the thing again. Maybe we would have signed Fielder to a 10 year deal and get into a deeper well. Maybe we would have bid 80 million on Darvish. And maybe both of them would be let-downs like I suspect them to be. I mean, darvish hasn’t proven a thing to the big boys we have in America, and Fielder, I fear, will develop knee/back problems in his 30s that will greatly diminish his skills.

    Now, based on what I have just presented–and I didn’t recreate the wheel here–you would think I’d be content with subpar talent being fielded next year and beyond. I would like it if the Cubs used their resources WISELY to land multiple key players. However, I don’t want that to happen at the expense of the farm system. The Cubs haven’t failed to win a world series because a black cat ran on the field or some guy with a goat cursed them or because Steve Bartmann interfered in the playoffs. The Cubs have lost because there hasn’t been adequate talent in the system so gms in the past have felt pressured to sign big-name talent that, in the end, hasn’t deserved to be labeled as such.

    Some believe that you who can’t find any positivity where the Cubs are concerned do so because you are not truly Cubs fans. I think that’s too easy. I think you are simply expecting the new management team to lead the Cubs to the promised land tomorrow. I understand the impatience. You all need to understand that the Cubs have been screwed up for a lot of years, and theo has only been on the job for TWO MONTHS. Give the man a shot.

    That’s all.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Brian- too much logic and patience in your response. I’ll raise your logic with a Dick Tidrow. ANSWERED! Now go and drink some more koolaid, cause your logic and clear vision can’t defeat reactionary insanity.

      ***seriously, great work can’t wait to see the responses***

      1. Brian Peters

        Believe me, I realize I just spent 20 minutes I’ll never get back!! LOL!!!! Thanks for the kind response Michigan!!

        1. BetterNews

          You’ll get it back, starting here! You’re trying to speak for people! It will not work. Theo said a “complete” rebuilding was never contemplated. And “pow” we are rebuilding! Now you want us to have patience in a person that just lied? Kiss my ass MichiganGoat and you too Brian Peters/Peters less!

          1. Brian Peters

            Oh, that’s right. I forgot. We’re dealing with juveniles here. Your wit astonishes me, Better….the last time I heard THAT insult was…um….30 years ago. See, this is what happens when people who live to criticize are confronted by folks who have a brighter outlook if for no other reason than it is a heck of a lot healthier. Now, neither Michigan nor I insulted anyone, yet you seem determined to stir sludge up. That’s cool. Maybe that’s the “in” thing.

            As for my reference to Epstein’s plans for the Cubs goes, I stand corrected, though we’re simply talking semantics here because “assets” can/should be able to found among all 30 teams.

            As for ass-kissing goes, I save my lips for my wife. If you are accustomed to such treatment and are experiencing withdrawals, maybe you can find a support group in your town.

            1. BetterNews

              Is MichanGoat your wife?(LOL)

              1. Brian Peters

                Is Tony LaRussa yours?

            2. Rick Vaughn

              I was hoping BetterNews would get his say in this. Where is die hard to really put the cherry on this?

              Great post Brian. Sadly though, in the few months I’ve been trolling this site, I’ve seen this too many times. Somebody making sense, followed by a bunch of brainless rhetoric from a couple of regular obsessive generics. Finished off with a long pointless argument where those same generics continue to repeat themselves and start hurling unnecessary insults that I haven’t heard outside of an elementary school.

              Maybe we don’t win a World Series in the next ten years. But at least we finally have a situation where people making the decisions are saying enough with this patchwork nonsense. I’d rather see us lose 100 games and build up a future through the farm than watch yet another underachieving roster stitched together through B level free agents struggle to win 82 games.

              But I’m just a genius who is never wrong. What do I know?

              1. BetterNews


                1. Rick Vaughn

                  Yes, very much really.

                  1. MrCub73

                    I agree with your outlook. The Cubs have not won in 103 years, so the Cubs take a couple years build from the ground up and half the Cubs fans cannot wait because we have to win now. This team was never close to win now, so if Theo had gone after a couple big name free agents to satisfy fans, then he would have been Jim Hendry. It don’t work and I am with you on the 100 loss season. If it losing 100 next season makes the Cubs a consistent winning team starting in 2013, 2014 or somewhere down the road, why not do things the right way. I knew several critics would show up once a few key pieces to the losing season in 2011 were traded, some would be ready to send Theo packing. The Cubs may be better in 2012 with Wood than Marshall. If Wood even pitches at his career average, he would have been the Cubs #2 behind Garza last season.

                    I am glad the Cubs are cleaning house and I wont be overrating players just because they wear Cubbie blue. Cleaning house from last years team, is that really upsetting? Not to me, I don’t want to see another team like that on the field any time soon!!!!

                    1. Rick Vaughn

                      I like one of those last points you made a lot. “I wont be overrating players just because they wear Cubbie blue”. I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to this. I’ve got my Wood, Prior and Zambrano jerseys hanging in my closet. 2 years ago I couldn’t even get myself to trade D-Lee on a video game. Now I refuse to even imagine him hitting into double plays for us anymore. Rich Hill, Rich Harden, Aramis Ramirez, and even the great Corey Patterson. Love these guys as Cubs.

                      But after the last two seasons, I can’t handle it anymore. Time for a fresh start. Blow the 25 man roster up. Build around Starlin and Garza. But if Garza wants to test free agency instead of signing a fair market extension, then lets get something now for him too.

              2. Brian Peters

                Thank you very much, Rick!

            3. HoustonTransplant

              Brian Peters, you rock.  That is all.  Don’t waste your breath/fingers on those who don’t deserve it.

              1. BetterNews

                Those that rock Houston, will wroll!

              2. Brian Peters

                Thank you Houston, and everybody else, for your support. Every so often, I think it’s important to have a system of checks and balance in place–even if the “checks” that the other side write bounce.

                1. BetterNews

                  You are one of the “perceived” biggest wrolls around here, no doubt.

                  1. MichiganGoat

                    Such a child, unable to hear truth and only resort to insults when faced with the reality that people are sick of seeing you around.

                    1. BetterNews

                      Goat—Go away!

                    2. Rick Vaughn

                      Yeah goat, go away! Making sense is soooooo yesterday.

                    3. MichiganGoat

                      Yeah I’m packing my bags, I’m not teaching preschool today. Play nice everyone, and if you need a hug just ask.

    2. cubincardinalland

      I believe the words of Mr. Epstein were “aquire long term assets”. Not long term albatross no trade contracts. Assets.

    3. Kyle

      “1. What did Theo say he was going to do when he took over? I’ll answer that question for you. He said he was going to rebuild (well, let’s call it what it is, which is BUILD because our farm system SUCKS).”

      He also said that every season is a chance to win, and every chance to win is sacred. And that rebuilding the organization and the major-league team were “parallel fronts” and he would work on both.

      I’m very, very, very happy with the value he got in the Marshall trade, but he hasn’t exactly done anything to back up the rhetoric about sacred seasons and parallel fronts.

      1. CubFan Paul


  13. Mayor1969

    Sorry about that, Wild Thing. Go bang Roger Dorn’s wife again and take your mind of things.

    1. Rick Vaughn

      She was smoking hot in that scene. Not even my fault.

      1. Mayor1969

        No kidding. I mean, that was totally entrapment. I’d have thought far less of you had you not tapped that.

  14. Jason"Thundermug"

    Sam, stop drinking that Ba Hum Bug Kool-Aid and take a Chill Pill !

    The Cubs quietly have done a decent job so far. Not every move they have made so far will work out but they are bringing in guys that were let go by other teams and giving them a chance bringing them in cheap deals like (Corpas, Sonnanstine, Jaramillo ) if they work out great if they don’t oh well didn’t trade anything for them and didn’t sign them to a big contract.

    Ian Stewart we will see with him but I’m willing to give him a chance he’s a lefthanded bat who can hit 15 homeruns and play decent defense. We weren’t going to give Colvin an opportunity and the Casey Weathers will be the sleeper in the Colvin and Lemiehu for Stewart and Weathers trade.

    Sean Marshall trade : We will miss Marshall but we got a very good package in return for him. National People like the trade for us getting Travis Wood and the 2 prospects we got were decent prospects in the Reds System.

    There will be more moves made and I’m curious what Theo and Jed will get done but I am positive they will do what’s best for the team long term and the moves I see so far further illustrates this Go Cubs !! Go Theo, Jed and Company I have trust in them !!

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan


  15. sam

    If the Cubs want to rebuild than go ahead and rebuild it will be cheaper . but dont blame the fans that want the team to be competive with smart trades- key pickups and signing key quality free agents until your prospects can mature. This winter meets was a bust and who fault was that? losing your 1b and 3b with no backup plan whose fault was that? trading a young lefthanded rp that is above average for Plywood whose fault is that ? I cant wait until LIL theo has his first draft — wait he already has an excuse they change the rules – some body rent a gorilla costume quick, maybe that will tell little theo wise up -this isnt kanas or oakland fan base but i do respect theo’S comments . WE WILL NOT PAY FOR PAST PERFORMANCE BUT FOR WHAT A PLAYER CAN DO FOR US NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. listen up cub fans follow his advice pay for cub tickets on what the cubs put on the field. so far zero tickets bought . but he still has time depending on his moves and the cubs standing i might by more or less this season but right now the count is at Zero tickets bought.

    1. Stinky Pete

      “losing your 1b and 3b with no backup plan”

      How are you aware of this?

    2. Kansas Cubs Fan

      Hmmm Kansas has no Major league team to compare the Cubs fan base to.

      If you’re talking about the Kansas City Royals from Kansas City Missouri, The fans from KC will show up because the organization has built one of the deepest farm systems in all of baseball. And that farm system is paying off, just take a look at their roster and count the players that are home grown.

      Theo and crew are heading in the right direction, they’re doing this thing right and I’m glad they’re not trying to patch things up.

  16. ty

    52 homeruns for LaHair this year. If I am his agent Japan is on notice as minimum salary for american players is 3 million. This guy has never made any money yet and it is time to become a millionaire with all the perks offered there. If you get a chance to meet him at SPRING training he is one of the good guys.

    1. sam

      Kansas is a great team ! the fan base is great- besides the royals with it low ticket prices and great staduim i just love that park! but in the summer in chicago we can do lots of things that can cost us upward to 500 to 600 dollars beside watching the cubs lose!

    2. Cheryl

      If LaHair doesn’t make it in Spring training, he certainly should look elsewhere. Japan might not be what he envisioned, but he can’t just wait on a major league team to give him a chance.

  17. sam

    what is the plan ? so far since you in the know – cause ii do not know and before i buy 2000 worth of tickets id like to know, i can watch a rebuilding team on the tube or go my local bar and watch the game . i have seen Wirgley field plenty of times it the players and the product the cubs put on the field that excites me to buy tickets . I like LaHair kewl name hope he hits 50 homeruns not likely but if he hits i am buying tickets . unless steward battles his own shadow in the batters box

    1. wvcubsfan

      If you had a consistent point and wrote in complete sentences while using the English language you would be much easier to understand.

      1. Rick Vaughn

        But he’s so kewl….

    2. BT

      Sam, what exactly was your plan? Would re-signing ARam and Pena have convinced you to plop down your 500-600 dollars on the Cubs this summer? Because, if so, you’re an idiot. Just sayin.

      1. BetterNews

        BT–You got balls! I like it . Don’t put up with the “status quo”.

        1. Rick Vaughn

          Because “that” made “sense”. I love ^that guy

  18. sam

    Wow cant you do both, patch up the cubs and invest in the future?

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan

      “I’m glad they’re not trying to patch things up.”

      You need to slow down and read little fella.

  19. sam

    patch things up is what hendry did ! lets sign one year wonders to long term contracts. how about we sign quality proven gamers until we develop our farm system .The winter meeting was a bust – our trades so far (1) a bust . these cuban players we signed so far laughable. stewart geez id rather sign his shadow for a dollar more. dejesus in rf good move until it looks like it was his only decnt move. i am having fun with you guys . so far this team sux and if anybody say other wise they need a dose of real;ity. and i guess we should be thankful lil theo did not spend 200 million and 10 years on prince a man that could reach three hundred pounds in a span of 6 months . I am just not impress so far with lil theo any gm could dismantle this team with less hype. and i am intrested in his first draft and all cant praise or degrade him in that departmnet – but for all you rebuilder worshipers only time will tell —- if we need to get a gorilla outfit forhim

    1. Mayor1969

      You make no sense. Go away.

  20. sam

    good nite – and peace wishing all a good and happy year GOOOO CUUUUBS _ but im not buying tickets so far lol

  21. kinhin

    Looks to be two good bargain pickups. Sonnanstine was a 3.12 ERA, 1.10 WHIP reliever last year and Corpas has good past credentials so what the hell. why not give him a shot?

  22. Cheryl

    MG stay. You make a lot of sense. Wish we could just state our points without all the insults. BetterNews seems to be great on insults and not so good in just carrying on a civil discussion.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’m still around I’m just not going to deal with the preschoolers who cry when someone says they are wrong or not liked.

      1. BetterNews

        Hey Goat, why are so asphxiated on me? I bet you dream about BetterNews!

    2. BetterNews

      Cheryl—Wow! Expected more out of you! The Goat attacks me me every time I make a comment. I’m not going to sit back and take it.

  23. Mayor1969

    Apparently, Sean Marshall was the most valuable middle reliever in baseball and had as much trade value as a #1 or 2 starter. We got a great return for him. I’d love to see a better haul for a middle reliever, but I almost guarantee you won’t find one.

    1. BetterNews

      Could have done better. I think Theo is caving to pressure. Thats what happens in Chicago.

      1. ferrets_bueller

        Could have done better?  You’re nuts.  The Reds overpaid, by a substantial amount.

        1. Rick Vaughn

          They sure did.

          Pros: Marshall is a GREAT middle reliever.

          Cons: Marshall is a great MIDDLE RELIEVER

          I’m very happy with what we got in return.

          1. Mayor1969

            Yep. Middle relievers don’t have substantial trade value. We made out VERY handsomely.

        2. BetterNews

          Nah—Marshall was under-rated by all standards and the Cubs take a huge hit on this one. Like I said, this reminds me of Maddux situation back in the 90′s. Granted you’re comparing a reliever with a starter, but Marshall can be a top closer, and I think that’s what cincy has in mind. I am sick to my stomach.

          1. Rick Vaughn

            Could you please explain how this possibly compares to the Maddux situation?

            1. BetterNews


              1. Rick Vaughn

                Didn’t think so.

                1. BetterNews

                  The only difference was/is Maddux asked for a better contract which the Cubs declined. Now the Cubs say goodby to a one of the best relievers in baseball for the same reason, and get nothing in return.

            2. BetterNews

              What did we get in the Madux deal in 1992?

              1. Rick Vaughn

                A lot less than we got in the Marshall deal of 2011.

                1. BetterNews

                  What did we get for Marshall? Did I miss something? Seriously.

                  1. Rick Vaughn

                    Seriously. You must have missed something.

                    1. BetterNews

                      Nope, we got nothing but prospects.

                    2. hansman1982

                      BetterNews, let me post this question to you and to anyone who is doubting the front office’s direction.

                      Would you rather have the system and modus operandi of the Cubs for the last 10 years or the Red Sox?

                      If so, why?  I am curious as to why you would take 3 playoff appearances and 90 wins being a great year over 6 playoff appearances, 2 WS titles and 90 wins being the catalyst for a overhaul of the front office and coaching staff.

                      Pretty sure that the guys in the front office of the Cubs now that put the team and farm system in place that has produced a “bad” year of 90 wins.

      2. Eric

        Done better than a lefty (with a down year) who has potential #3 starter stuff.  A 2B prospect who simular to Castro, is young for the competition he’s facing and has hit insanely well wherever he’s been.  And a LF 4th outfielder who’s numbers are ALMOST as good as a starting LF.  All for one year of a really good reliever.  I’d like to see you do better.  And remember, this isn’t a video game.  You just don’t get to enter (Marshall for Votto, Rizzo, and Longoria “hit x to complete trade”).

  24. ty

    theo just signed two trainers and an orthopedic physician today. They were un-employed last year with injuries but have good bounceback potential.

    1. BetterNews


  25. die hard

    Plan is to stock up on players to use for compensation to Boston and SD….I hope

    1. BetterNews

      Looks like that, for sure.

  26. 2much2say

    Needs: LF CF RF 1st 2nd 3rd
    Solids: SS C
    Soler 4 yrs away Cespedes unproven Fielder too early in the process to do any good
    Future: Jackson CF Vitters 3rd Szczur OF
    1st Yonder 2nd Barney/Dewitt SS Castro 3rd Stewart/Vitters RF Szczur CF Jackson LF Veteran C Castillo

    1. BetterNews

      2much—How you doing? I’m still laughing about your Christmas posts! Absolutely the best!

      1. 2much2say

        12 front office guys / 11 million too much for Mcdonalds /10 players to trade / 9 new coaches / 8 missed Free Agents / 7 better bids for Darvish / 6 Teams left for Garza / Five Years for Fielder/ 4 years left for Theo / 3 Tommy Johns / 2 Cuban prospects and a Championship in a 100 more years

  27. Brian Peters

    Travis Wood is a prospect? Wonder if HE knows that.

  28. 2much2say

    Should all Hendry bad contracts be forgot
    and not repeated by Theo
    Should all Hendry bad contracts be forgot
    so the Cubs can win a pennant
    so the Cubs can win a pennant, so the Cubs can win a pennant
    We’ll trust in Theo til a pennant is real
    for a Cubs World Championship

    1. Rick Vaughn

      ugh…. I guess the interesting stuff is done for the night.

      1. ferrets_bueller

        or at least the intelligent stuff.

  29. TongueInCheek

    Theo Inc. should buy the Phils trade pitching staffs and sell the Phils. That would be a major start on rebuilding.

  30. CCunt

    Do the guys signed to these non-guaranteed split deals count toward the 40 man roster?

    1. Rick Vaughn

      I believe they do. And if that’s true, that would put our roster at 40, right?