Earlier today, Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations discussed, among other things, the circumstances of Carlos Zambrano’s return to the Cubs. It was a best behavior kind of thing.

But it might not matter.

According to Ken Rosenthal (and a rumor out of Venezuela we discussed on Twitter earlier today), the Cubs and Marlins are “close” to consummating a trade that would send Big Z to Miami where he could pitch for his good friend, Ozzie Guillen.

Zambrano, 30, is owed $18 million in 2012 (the final year of his contract, setting aside a virtually unobtainable 2013 vesting option). If the Cubs are hoping to pick up anything of value at all in the deal, they’ll have to kick in substantial cash. Even then, I’d keep expectations low – the market for Zambrano, to the best of our collective knowledge, consisted of Miami, and … Miami. Zambrano has a no-trade clause, so the Cubs were probably very limited in their options. With that kind of leverage, it’s not likely Miami will give up much of note.

Apparently the rumor had been floating around Venezuela for a little while, but the only reporter to cover it couldn’t get confirmation from the Marlins on a possible deal. So, it kind of died on the vine.

But, with Rosenthal reporting it, I’d imagine this has legs. I’ll update when more is available.

UPDATE: I checked around with a couple sources, and while the final, final details of the trade are not, well, finalized, the rumor is legit. The two sides are close.

UPDATE II: It just occurred to me – those vague rumors that Zambrano was sitting out Venezuelan Winter League starts because of a leg injury? Any chance that was a cover story for an impending trade, and a new team that didn’t want him pitching any  more this year?

UPDATE III: Dave Kaplan reports that his sources are also telling him that a deal is in the works.

UPDATE IV: Enrique Rojas says (as speculated in the comments) that the return player being discussed is pitcher Chris Volstad. A Zambrano-for-Volstad swap was discussed back in December.

UPDATE V: Joe Cappozi (a Miami writer) says there’s a chance the Cubs could land Matt Dominguez in the deal, which would be insane. I think he’s just speculating, rather than saying what he’s heard from a source.

UPDATE VI: Jon Heyman says he also hears Volstad is headed to the Cubs. (Volstad, by the way, has been a mediocre back-end pitcher for three straight years now, and is in his first year of arbitration.) Note that getting Volstad wouldn’t help the Cubs’ 40-man roster bloat.

UPDATE VII: Joe Cowley says it’s a “wrap,” but I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the final details.

UPDATE VIII: Bruce Levine says it’s a Z for Volstad swap with the Marlins taking on just $3 million of Z’s salary. I know the Cubs’ options were limited, but oof. I’ll still take it, but harder to call it a “win.” A Marlins writer says the Cubs are eating ALL of Z’s salary, but pretty much everyone else (Kaplan, Rosenthal) say Cubs are eating $15 million.

FINAL UPDATE (probably): I’ll have more on the trade tomorrow, but my instant reaction is that, while I would have liked to have seen more salary relief, the Cubs had no leverage. Zambrano has a serious image problem. The Cubs are known to want to move him. Zambrano also has a no-trade clause. With those confluent factors, the Cubs were never going to get much for Z, assuming they felt they had to move him (and, clearly, they did). So they got a little salary relief, and a cost-controlled, high upside, low success, 25-year-old pitcher. I’m not jumping up and down or saying things like “I can’t believe they got this much” (which was my reaction to the Marshall trade), but I’m fine with it. Perhaps after more analysis, I’ll break more firmly in one direction or the other.

  • Louis

    This trade is clearly a Culture change kind of trade. Now we need to work on Soriano to an AL team.

  • Mike F

    All in all, it’s a fact of life. The cost was a sunk cost, so we were on the hook for over 18M. Zambrano would have shown up and wanted to compete, that’s all fine and dandy, but at some point in time, in Arizona this spring, the chance is he would have had some adversity. If he did, and as I think we probably all know his velocity is still down in the low 90’s high 80’s it’s likely there would have been problems. His reaction to those problems would have been a huge problem and distraction, one that would have left the Cubs with nothing. The trade is a reflection that his buddy Ozzie can somehow reach him and convince him to forget the macho thing, pitch to who he is now, and how him work on adjusting to his skill set, which frankly is enough to be a good pitcher, but requires his head to be in place. It’s a tough tough call, but in the end, the risk of him blowing with the Cubs and his history gave them little choice.

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge this trade, without coming to grips with what I just said. Zambrano could work but his history with the Cubs, his fragility in terms of his mind, and the fact that honestly the fan base and owner could no longer tolerate him, left the Cubs with no good option. Something from our standpoint in terms of a legitimate arm, and 3M in cash savings, is better than nothing for a sunk cost. Zambrano was a sunk cost that ultimately would have probably been required to be eaten by the Cubs and the chance was obviously in the Cub mindset more likely to be early than later. There’s no other way to look at it. Bluntly, I think Theo did the right thing and the chance for the Cubs to eat the whole damn thing before they left Arizona was too great to pass on 3M and Volstead. So to me what he does with Miami is meaningless, it’s obvious where it was headed in Chicago, a dog back to the same vomit.

  • die hard

    the fans won’t be able to afford to go to games with more deals like this one…to recoup $15 mil, I see a 2.00 per ticket avg increase and forget about affording a beer

    • njriv

      This was probably the best scenario that could have happened. I don’t think Z would have waived his clause for any other team besides the Marlins and the Cubs new if they were going to trade him they were going to have to eat pretty much all of his contract.

    • http://CubbiesCrib.com Luke

      Zambrano’s contract was already in the budget. They don’t need to raise extra funds to pay for the trade.

      Besides, ticket prices for 2012 have already been announced. After 2012, Zambrano’s contract isn’t the Cubs problem.

    • Louis

      I bet the Cubs still sell a ticket to 3 million fans.

      • BetterNews

        I wouldn’t doubt it.. I will not be one however.

        • scorecardpaul

          betternews,  are you trying to say that this transaction will make you not go to a Cub game

          • BetterNews

            Not saying that at all. This transaction has “little” bearing on why I will not attend a game next year. I would have to be in a really good mood to dish out the crazy ticket prices to see the 2012 Cubs. Not knocking, just saying.

            • Mick

              Two words for you BetterNews, BAND WAGON! You’re a drop in the bucket buddy but don’t bother coming back for the era of sustained success because we don’t want you. Hey Cardinals, objects in your mirror are closer than they appear!!!

              • BetterNews

                I know i’m a drop in the bucket, but Cubs gates won’t see a drop out of my wallet this year!

                • Jeff L

                  I completely agree on that notion. I honestly see this is a good trade for the Cubs. Zambrano could have a good year next year, but only had one more year on his deal. I would have to say that Tom Ricketts in his short tenure here as a Cubs owner is proven to be a cheap one in this offseason. Not because of the trade of Big Z, but not going after any big free agents when we have many holes to fill.

    • Papa G

      There will always be plenty of people in the seats at Wrigley. Especially now that the Cubs are headed in a new and positive direction. Whether you or I can afford to go matters little to the Cubs and I thinks that’s how it should be. Heck I’ve been priced out of Major league baseball now for a few years already.

    • ferrets_bueller

      Dude…they were paying the 15 million to begin with! Wow. With logic like this, no wonder most people in this country are ridiculously in debt. Learn some accounting.

  • rcleven

    Sure wouldn’t want to be in the same dugout if this doesn’t work out for Miami.

  • bpatt

    $10 says Z and Ozzie go after each other with baseball bats in the first inning of spring training

  • Oswego Chris

    VOLSTED 2011 POST ALL-STAR BREAK…13 Starts 74.67 IP  58 K’s 3.99 ERA…normally I am not a big fan of “split year” stats…but I think they are significant in regards to a 25 year old….

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Any defensive change in the second half for the Marlins?

  • Mike F

    Dave Van Dyke at the Tribune is reporting it this way:

    “The Cubs will pay about $3 million of the $18 million owed Zambrano.”

    I assume he inverted the numbers, but if the Cubs only pay 3 M, that changes everything, an absolute no brainer, but again, while I have always liked Van Dyke, I assume he’s got the numbers all mixed up.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yes. He goofed.

    • art

      this is what Dave Van Dyke wrote “The Cubs will pay all but $3 million of the $18 million owed Zambrano”.

      • BetterNews

        That I believe.

  • sdcoddi

    would be nice if van dyck was right!

  • Timmy

    This is a great trade for Miami and Zambrano, and a bad one for the Cubs. He’ll win at least 12 games next year and make a contribution. The Cubs basically just paid Miami to win with little return. I do agree that Z needed a change of scenery, but this whole Winter thus far has been pretty marked by mediocre deals, no or bad trades, and poor free agent handling.

    Is Epstein in over his head? We’ll know by mid-season. At this rate we’re slated to lose 100 games with a 120 million dollar payroll, and be worse than last year.

    • NyN

      When the Cubs are good in 2014 I would hate to be the guy that gave up on them after 80 some odd games in year one under Theo Epstein.

    • Dukie11

      How will we know by mid-season? We are rebuilding, not trying to make a contender for next season.

      • BetterNews

        Don’t have to know by mid season, we already know.

        • Dukie11

          Know what? That 2012 will be ugly? Yes, it will be. In exchange for a plan that if it works will leave us as contenders for years to come because we will have a stable base. This isn’t intended to be a rebuild like the Marlins where they will win once and then sell it all off. We are taking a couple years to get things straight in order to create sustained success.

          • BetterNews

            Key words,” if it works”.

            • Dukie11

              Yes, but no matter what you do in sports its never a sure thing. You could say that we’d have a payroll of 400 mill and you’d still have to say, if it works. We are trusting in Theo and Jed that they can make this work.

              • BetterNews

                I trust in Theo and Jed, but the players are the one’s that make it happen!

          • Jeff L

            I really love the fans who always say wait till next year. Just never thought we would already be saying it when the season hasn’t even started. If Ricketts was really a smart owner, he would understand how bad we will be and lower ticket prices for next season.

            • BetterNews

              Make no mistake, Ricketts is a smart man, but he, like so many others, will trip over a dime to grab a penny.

              • Jeff L

                You don’t see John Henry tripping over every dime and trying to grab every penny. Ricketts should have known when he bought the Cubs the fans deserved an owner that was willing to spend to bring a championship to the Cubs.

                • BetterNews

                  Yes, he should have known! This is why everybody is starting to “second guess” the whole situation.

    • Ryan

      I don’t know what you mean in bad trades. The Cubs got 2 starters and 2 prospects for an 8th inning pitcher who was either going to leave after next year or cost way more than what he was worth to try and get any compenstation for him and they got rid of a major headache pitcher that had basically made impossiable for him to be a cub for this year.

      • BetterNews

        I didn’t ay it was a bad trade. Who the, what the?

        • Ryan

          I was responding to timmy

  • JasonB

    Looks like a buy low on Volstad who had bad surface stats last year but better underlying numbers.  It appears that Volstad’s primary issue is a low LOB% as he has consistently been at around 69% while league average is usually 75%.  Since this number has been bad for 3 straight years, it leads me to believe that 1) he’s been horribly unlucky or 2) he’s having issues pitching out of the stretch, which are hopefully correctable.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find enough information on Fangraphs and Baseball Reference  to be able to reach a logical conclusion either way.

    Also appears that he is not good versus lefties – at all.  But even if he doesn’t put things together as a starter versus lefties his numbers are very good versus righties so he could be a bullpen specialist type arm.

    All in all, there is still some potential here and he is still young.  And Z is gone, which is definitely a good thing.

    EDIT: OK, so I was able to find a little more information.  In 2009 and 2010, he was, in fact, awful with runners on base.  His K/9 decreased dramatically and his BB/9 increased.  However, he did experience a bit of a turnaround in this area in 2011 and it was the first year in which he pitched just as well with runners on base as he did with the bases empty.  That’s an encouraging sign.

    But the guy is flat out awful versus lefties.  While his struggles versus lefties were more pronounced last year (.130 higher ISO versus lefties than righties), lefties have always hit him and always hit him hard (.050 higher ISO combined during other two years).

    • jr5

      That’s good research. And I admire you for diving into Fangrahps/B-R sortable split stats. They can be a hassle sometimes.

      And that ISO split last year is insane.

      • JasonB

        I ended up gathering the raw data from Fangraphs and calculating it myself – turns out algebra has some usefulness after all :)

        SIERA and xFIP both say better days are ahead – hopefully, they’re right.

  • Derek

    Everyone Calm Down lol perfection takes time. Theo and Jed have to work with what they have and right now they have little to work with. Its called rebuilding for a reason. We arent going to win the world series this year big deal how long have we waited im sure in a few years we will be number 1 and praising Theo and Jed.

  • Marla Collins Fan Club

    Zambrano with his additude,had to go now.I don’t think Theo ever planned on having him on the roster to start the season.It may have been Miami or flat out release.We get some money back and a former number 1 draft pick,who is still just 25.Where ever he fits in,we very badly need to add pitching depth.

  • Joe Cartwright

    I’m sure Z will look great in Florida’s new uniform.

  • rocky8263

    Carlos Zambrano never won a “must win” game as a Cub. In addition to all the numbers and fangraphs I believe in heart. Carlos has none.Good riddance .

    • BetterNews

      Abolutely right! Just like Aramis Ramirez now gone of course, and Dempster who we still are stuck with, and Soriano, I guess I could just go on and on.

  • Brian Myers

    This trade has 4 parts for the Cubs:

    1. Volstad gives them a ground ball pitcher with a team building around defense. They’ll grow the infield grass high and tell him “go out and eat innings by 5th starter standards”.  They’ll do their best to save their bullpen, win a handful of games from his spot in the rotation, win the majority of their games with fresher arms from the bullpen and better arms higher in the rotation.

    2. They have a culture change (and happier clubhouse) by getting rid of him. They are trying to build team unity … and we all know Zambrano rocks the boat when it comes to team chemistry.

    3. They lost a lot of talent, but they also lost a player that would have been finishing his contract (with the value dropping thru the floor) just as the Cubs rebuilding efforts were coming together as a real contender.

    4. A hidden bonus… yes, they pay 15 million a year.. but they save 2.5 million a year by getting rid of him when they likely were not going to contend anyway.  That’s extra cash they can drop into scouting, invest into Wrigley, pay toward toward the Wrigley Field community developments or even pay towards resigning players they see as their future.

    • Dukie11

      Agree with most, but I doubt we will be growing any grass long for Volsted, guessing we’d rather have it short for our new small ball lineup if anything, also I believe the 2+mill will be going to the Volstad contract not Wrigley renovations.

      • Brian Myers

        Good call, I didn’t realize he wasn’t under contract.  Also a good call about the grass, this team isn’t built for power.

  • http://- OHBearCub

    I for one think we got robbed. I loved Zambrano and his personality. I think Theo blew this one big time. Like Timmy says we just gave the Marlins 12 wins in 2012. That’s 12 more losses for the Cubs which puts us at over 100 losses for the year in 2012.

    Chicago is a major market and should put a damned good team on the field every year for what it charges in ticket prices. I am glad I will be watching this Triple A team play the Reds in Cinci again this year where tickets cost about $30 to sit behind the Cubs dugout.

    I think Epstein is in way over his head. He had a ready made team all set up for him in Boston. All he had to do was hold onto the steering wheel and drive with one eye closed so he didn’t take out any mailboxes on Milk St. in Boston. I’m still Die Hard as ever but I am not impressed with Epstein. I never drank the Kool Aid and I am not starting now. I’m not cynical just way not convinced. He can have another Town Hall Meeting at the Convention and do some more Conference Calls and state the direction. yada yada yada… I listen to that garbage everyday at work from my Sr. Management at AT&T. Bull Crap In a little smellier Bull Crap Out. There are 100 Theo Epsteins in my building who are smart wear white shirts and the correct tie depending on what day it is. They all get fired sooner or later. Cause the guy running the show only wants to hear how the plan is still gonna work about a dozen times before the security guard with the card board box shows up outside their office and says your time is up. Pack Up and let’s go…. Prove Me Wrong Theo… I don’t want to be against you but it sure is hard to be for you thus far.

    • BetterNews

      Zamrbonehead being dealt makes you that negative? Maybe you DO need a cup or two of KoolAid.

      • Brian Myers

        Also, if the Marlins just got 12 wins, career numbers state Volstad should give us 8 or 9 wins back.

        • BetterNews

          And by not having the bonehead, we pick up probably 4 or 5 more. Good deal Theo!

    • ferrets_bueller

      You have a seriously distorted view of Theo’s role in Boston.  I made a comment about something similar to this yeasterday, but can’t seem to find it now.

      On the first championship team, about half the starting players were brought in by Theo.  On the second team, only 3 or 4 players were carry overs.

      • ferrets_bueller

        here we go:

        C- Varitek

        1B- Millar (Theo)

        2B- Bellhorn

        3B- Mueller

        SS- O-Cab

        LF- Manny

        CF- Damon

        RF- Trot Nixon

        DH- Ortiz









        Now, the second championship team:

        C- Varitek

        1B- Youkilis

        2B- Pedroia (drafted by theo)

        3B- Lowell (traded for by theo)

        SS- Lugo (signed by theo)

        LF- Manny

        RF/CF- Crisp/Ellsbury/Drew (signed/drafted/signed by Theo)

        DH- Ortiz (signed by Theo)



        Beckett (traded for by Theo)

        Lester (drafted by theo)

        Dice K (Theo)

        Schilling (theo)


        Papelbon (theo)

        • Jeff L

          Ferrets, Theo did a nice job there with a huge payroll.. Granted some of those players were drafted, but a lot of them were brought in as free agents. Those players costed a ton in free agency. Dice K alone was over 50mil just to negotiate with. Theo had John Henry as the owner and that made all the difference. Now he has cheap Ricketts and believe me without the dollars comes many L’s flying over Wrigley Field for years to come.

    • cubsnivy56

      You are so full of shiznit it’s not funny!  Theo is in over his head?  it’s too bad you are not in his place because I am sure you could have got more payback for a pitcher like Zambrano with a no trade clause, and bad attitude who QUIT on his team and can’t even pitch well in winter league.  You say you are still die hard, but you are a QUITTER too, but you’ll be back if it works out.  Whatever!

      PS: No Koolaid for quitters……

  • NL_Cubs

    The “Cubs Way” train continues towards it’s destination as it throws off unwanted baggage. So long Z.

    Theo and Jed continue to push the right buttons and pull the proper levers.

    • Dougy D

      Choo CHooooo!

  • captain nano

    Looking at Volstad’s stats, in 2010 and 2011 he had almost identical stats as far as innings, ERA, hits, etc… Yet in 2011 he improved by dropping his number of walks and increasing his number of strikeouts. So guess which year he won more games? Guess 2011, wrong. he won 12 in 2010 and only 5 in 2011. This is obviously a case of a huge lack of run support so I wouldn’t look to0 much at his record last year. I think this is a good trade in that Big Z was BAD for the clubhouse. Not that we may have any more run support for Volstad next year though.

    • Deez

      Okay? Looking at our current lineup, do you think they are going to score a lot of runs for him the way it is currently built?

      • Dougy D

        I think he eluded to that at the end of his post.

        • captain nano

          That I did…”Not that we may have any more run support for Volstad next year though.”

  • Cronin

    15 million for Zambrano to leave + 2.5 million for Volstad this season= 17.5 million dollars Saving 500,000 this season.

    While the money was already gone, I’d much rather take a chance on a 25 year old, which we have control of for the next 3 years. Volstad is only a couple of years removed from being regarded as a top prospect. If Travis Wood or Volstad turn out to be a 2 or 3 starter that everyone thought they would be a few years ago this may be a big huge launching point for the cubs rebuild. If not I assume they will be servicable Innings eatters while we are rebuilding anyways. Good move for relatively low risk in not trading any prospects or spending any money that wasn’t sunk to begin with. We still Need more pitching depth on the Big league club and definitely in the minors

    • rcleven

      Where do you get 2.5 mm. He made 245,000 last year.Gos to arbitration this this year for maybe 500,000 at the most.

      • NyN

        League minimum in the MLB last year was around 415K so he had to be making at least that on the 25 man active roster. As a 3rd year auto renewal he was probably closer to 500K. First time through arbitration he will make opver a million. The 2.5 Million is a projection.

  • http://- OHBearCub

    Where in the hell is the locomotive. You don’t have a train if you don’t have an engine. Right now we got a 3rd baseman who can’t hit. We got no 1st baseman even tho I like Lahair. We have a terrible left fielder and a guy who is probably worse the Fukudome in right field. Centerfield ?? More Marlin ?? So we have an average catcher at best. a good shortstop and a better than average second baseman. We have Dumpster as our ACE because sure as the world Garza is gone for prospects. The Pirates will kill us again this year. Sad part is we the fans have to watch a Triple A team play at the MLB level. The commissioner should step in and tell Rickets he has to lower ticket prices if he is going to field a joke for a baseball team. It’s scandalous. We are in effect doing the same damned thing that the Marlins did for the last 10 years. Take all the profit out of the company and stick in an off shore account. Theo’s cousin Vinny from Boston probably is getting paid handsomely as a admin staffer the launder all the money Theo is raking in 2012.

    • Brian Myers

      The Cubs have been a AAA team for a long time, it’s been partially covered by the fact they’ve played in a bad division and partially by having players that were once good that were not good anymore.   I’d rather watch a lousy Cubs team that played the game the right way in beautiful Wrigley Field than the bad defensive team that just gave up half way through the year.  Loses, oddly, I can take.  Not trying, making dumb mental mistakes by seasoned vets, not able to sacrifice a runner or keep a ball in front of them in the field… for what seemed like every game? Man, I’ll watch a good AAA team that gives it their all and plays fundamental baseball any day over what we’ve had to watch.

    • ferrets_bueller

      I can’t help but laugh at your player evaluation.

      You like LaHair, but DeJesus is “worse the fukudome?” You think “Marlin” is bad, but Barney is “better than average?”

    • captain nano

      I’d rather watch an up and coming AAA team than the old-timer’s retired league we’ve been watching for several years (i.e. soriano, zambrano, lee, etc…). What are the going ticket prices for old-timers saturday morning games these days??

  • JJ

    Chemistry is important on a young rebuilding team to set the precedence of how they want to play under the new Theo regime. I don’t want Big Z’s cancerous, quit on your team attitude negatively influencing young impressionable ball players. Good move Theo/Jed!

    • cubsnivy56

      Amen brother!

  • http://- OHBearCub

    I’m not negative. I just choose to take the side of reality cause I have seen this team play for 50 years this season. This is going to be worse than Dusty’s last year.

    I would drink a half a glass of Kool Aid if it didn’t smell like crap.

  • http://- OHBearCub

    Young and Impressionable…. Did we just pick up all of our players at the local convent from Sister Sarah?

  • Deez

    This was a bad trade IMO, but if they are blowing it up blow it the F…k up!
    Get rid of Garza, Dempster, Marmol, Soto, Byrd, & go ahead & take on $40M+ of Soriano’s salary!
    Make it a complete rebuild job!

    • rcleven

      I don’t think this is a blow up trade. Z was gone before Theo came to town. Ownership said so before end of last season. What do you get for a nut job with no trade when he is a cancer to the team.Theo made lemonade when he was given lemons.

  • JJ

    so you don’t think that rookies and young players are influenced by veterans on how to play the game? Attitude is contagious on a team and if your team leaders/veterans are moving guys over and sacrificing at bats, hustling to first base so will the young guys. Conversely, if your team leaders are eating fried chicken and playing cards in the clubhouse during the game, that negatively impacts the rookies and young players.

  • 2much2say

    T Wood Volstad Dempster Wells Zamardjia Cashner Mcnutt Top Prospect/Garza
    Lahair Barney Castro Stewart Dejesus Byrd/Jackson Soriano Soto
    162 games 81 wins 40 actual wins Top 5 pick in draft
    Adding Rizzo/Fielder Cespedes Headley/Vitters and keep Garza
    162 games 92 wins Playoffs

  • OHBearCub

    did you ever play baseball past little league? If a kid is good enough to make it into the minor leagues he was probably the best player from where ever in the hell he came from. If he didn’t hustle then what makes you think he is going to hustle later in life. Hell most of the players that ever played the game that were really good never made it past college or their first year of minor league ball. I played 4 years in major college ball, got drafted and I was my own man just like every other guy I played with. There were ego’s so big the room couldn’t hold em all. These traits are inherent in these players long before they get to Wrigley Field. If you good enough you get away with it. The golden boys were always the golden boys growing up. You either know how to play the game right or you don’t. I believe that is learned in Little League. Most of the best players never even get a sniff because they get hurt and are washed up at 21 or 22. I think there is such a thing as a cancer on a team. But these guys are getting paid to do a job and they have to do the job or they get fired. So maybe I just talked myself into agreeing with some of you guys.

    I’m all for blowing it up completely and if the expectation is that we are going to have an extremely young team that needs to grow up as they play in the bigs. I can get behind that. I just get lost on the statements Theo made about how he was going to be competitive at the big league level every year. Sveum said Theo wouldn’t stand for non competitive team. Maybe these guys are the greatest coaches on the planet and can teach monkeys how to F**k Footballs. I don’t know. I’m just mad because the message was we would at least be competitive. I don’t see how that’s going to happen this year. If Theo comes out and says hey guys… We are throwing this year in the tank and we will be back like gangbusters in 2013. I will drink that Kool Aid. Just tell me that so I know going in that I’m going to watch guys play who aren’t the solution to the problem. I will get over it.

  • OHBearCub


    Put your PJ’s on and go to bed it’s past your bed time lil one.

    You are an idiot…………………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Brett, this trade makes me sad only because it decreases the chances of getting to see your picture of Z breaking Campana in half over his knee. Good stuff!

    • BetterNews

      Cubs deductible for GatorAid coolers is now $50 every six months!

  • curt

    whats everyone complaining about comeon this should have been done a long time ago, im shocked that we got back more than a bag of baseballs and a couple cuban cigars, its a step in the right direction, now mr.soriano your next.

    • BetterNews


    • Jeff L

      Like I said before, I’m not complaining about this trade. This is a trade that had to be done. I’m disappointed by the lack of spending this offseason on free agents. Especially when we have the 3rd highest ticket prices in baseball!!!

      • BetterNews

        Sheesh……Don’t talk about ticket prices. They will have guys in long black coats knocking at your door! And they won’t be giving away bibles!

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