I’m not tone deaf or unaware of the CBS Chicago report making the rounds this morning. Given the seriousness of the allegations and the lack of complete information in the report, I thought it best not to discuss the substance of the allegations here. If you’d like to read the report, here it is. In short, a woman alleges Starlin Castro sexually assaulted her in September.

I think we should all be very careful about what we say about this for now. I’m not putting my head in the sand, but I just think we, as fans, should be very careful. That’s all. And, for that reason, I don’t think it’s the right thing – for the alleged victim, for Castro, for me, or the fans – to share my completely uneducated thoughts on the subject.

Similarly, I’d ask you to all think very, very carefully before you type something for the world to see about the reported allegations.

The only reason I’m writing about them now is because the Cubs have issued a statement, which is worth sharing, and taking to heart:

We are aware that a police report was filed regarding an incident involving Starlin, but we have received limited information. While this is something we take very seriously, there is not enough information to make any further comment or take action at this time. We are hopeful when the facts are brought to light, Starlin will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Starlin Castro’s attorneys also released a statement:

We are aware of certain allegations that have been made against our client, Starlin Castro. We have thoroughly investigated this matter, and we are confident that these allegations are baseless. Given the sensitive nature of this matter, we cannot comment any further.

Let me again be perfectly clear: the allegations are serious. The information is spotty. In the grand scheme of things, you and I know nothing about the ultimate truth. In my considered opinion, it’s best left there for now.

  • matt

    Cubs convention –

    To heck with all of this gloom and doom….

    Has anyone decided on a meeting place, or anything for the Cubs Convention? I will be attending, and arriving early afternoon on Friday. I’d be willing to meet for a drink or two anywhere. There’s also a bar kitty corner to the Hilton..I can’t remember the name of it, but the drinks are cheaper, and it wasn’t packed last year on Friday afternoon.

    I’ve suckered a few of my Brewer fan friends into attending the Cubs convention (I’m from WI, so you can’t blame them for being Brewer fans…well, yes you can), so it would be nice to hang out with some Cub fans!!!!!

  • Gcheezpuff

    No one knows enough detail at this point to speculate anything. Starlin could be guilty, the alleged victim could be trying take advantage of a future star with false accusations… Or more then likely, nothing good happens after 3 AM when booze is involved and this could have just been a bad misunderstanding between 2 drunk 20 somethings that put themselves in a bad situation. In my experience, drunk man and drunk woman at 3 AM going to one or the others apartment usually equals some sort of sexual activity, I mean I doubt a game of checkers and a mug of hot chocolate was the plan, but then again there hasn’t even been confirmation that either was drunk. My point is a million different scenarios could have played out (including checkers and hot chocolate) and we may never know if chargers are dropped or a private settlement is reached. At this point, I can hope Starlin is innocent and this doesn’t negatively impact his career.

  • Levo

    I am with Brett on this. I will wait until all information is available. You don’t want to discount the woman, but yet, we can’t accuse Castro because there is a report. However, even though they have the opportunity…all players should start to learn to be really careful who you take home after the club. If he did or didn’t is not to say yet…….but they should be careful of their life for their choices.

    As for Cubs Convention, Matt. I will be there with a friend of mine Friday Afternoon.

  • 2much2say

    Compared to Big Ben this is nothing. 2 consensual adults with one having remorse. The minute she stepped foot in his apartment at 3 in the morning she lost all credibility. Blacked out, passed out or a moment of clarity there is no way this was a ruffy moment.
    In this world of he said she said one thing is for sure there is no way he didn’t think something was going to happen and there is no way he wasn’t lead to believe something would happen. What’s up with the friend? Male? sounds like it. Where was he /she when all this was going down. There is no excuse especially when you have a friend along, to enter another man’s apartment at 3 in the morning. If 1 night stands were illegal we’d all be in jail.

    • Kyle

      On the long list of terrible people in this thread, you take the prize as the worst. Congratulations!

      • http://cubbiekingdom.wordpress.com hansman1982

        I think you need to re-read this thread, Kyle…

    • http://bleachernation ferris

      cmon not big ben again….look to anyone man or woman if you have sex while drunk it still counts dont cry rape if you were not forced or drugged,dont put yourself in bad situations……..and no im not saying anyone deserves it,quite the contrary there are real people who are assaulted every day against their will…….and they cant/couldnt prevent it in any way……….i was on the grand jury once and one of the cases was about a young man raping his girlfriend……they had done it tons of times before…but she gets sloppy drunk and has sex w/him and while he was in the shower she has willing sex w/his friend,now her parents found out an tried to nail him for that happening because she was drunk……..huh…what…..?? yes thats a true story,all im saying is think b4 you put yourself in a bad situation same goes for these athletes(they are an easy target)…if he’s guilty i hope he gets in trouble but lets get all the facts before we pass judgement….and like ben itll happen agaiin to castro if he puts himself out there even if innocent.

  • http://bleachernation.com loyal100more

    she knew he had money, shes obviously a ho,she smelled lawsuit with cash. it happens quite a bit to celebs. nothing to be overly concerned about at this point with as the police say limited evidence to go on. GOLD DIGGERS dont mess with the rebuilding cubs! she will not be very popular in the chicago area.

  • http://bleachernation.com loyal100more

    breaking news: its BARTMANS SISTER!!

    • King Jeff

      I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but that was pretty classless.

  • John Breslin

    According to the article, the woman “blacked out.” Note that this is not the same as “passed out.” The former means she was so drunk she lost her memory; the latter means that she fell asleep. People are held responsible for decisions they make in blackouts. Of course, this is all based on limited info, as you say.

    • http://bleachernation ferris

      in the big ben case the first was very simular,the second the girl was mad cause he got what he wanted then bolted,i worry castro if innocent will be a simular target……theres little reason why ben got married last yr……its to crazy out there for these guys these days,unfortunately w/the mike tyson thing it brings in the seed of doubt..i just hope its not the case,if so we need to look for a s.s.

  • Eric S

    I agree 2much2say if one night stands were a problem, than Mark Grace would be the worst offender of them all. Anyone remember the slumpbusters? Gracey would pick up the ugliest girl in the bar and take her home to break out of his “slump”. There’s nothing wrong with being a ballplayer and picking up a girl at a bar.

    • http://bleachernation.com loyal100more

      or mister womanizer himself steve garvey.


    Are we sure it was a She or maybe a He.

  • matt

    “I think we should all be very careful about what we say about this for now. I’m not putting my head in the sand, but I just think we, as fans, should be very careful. That’s all. And, for that reason, I don’t think it’s the right thing – for the alleged victim, for Castro, for me, or the fans – to share my completely uneducated thoughts on the subject.”

    Eloquently put Brett. Wish people were leaving it at that.

  • Ei8htball

    So this chick, who was BLACK OUT drunk, is gonna try and claim she was assaulted?? Who knows what this chick was doing or saying to Castro while she was time traveling before her black out.

    • BetterNews

      Let’s not go there. You know nothing buddy. And don’t say you do.

      • Ei8htball

        Read the report jackass, she blacked out. If she was so gone as to of blacked out and put that in her report, there is no telling what that girl was doing to Castro. She couldnt tell you herself because she was time traveling drunk that bad. I didnt make any claim of being there and knowing what happened, so your “And don’t say you do” statement is pure effing stupidity. Go whine to someone else ButterNews. Child please!

        • BetterNews

          Have you read the report, because I sure haven’t seen one!

          • Ei8htball

            Its in this VERY ARTICLE! Look above, its highlighted in blue!! You are responding to my post on an article you havent even read????? Just go away idiot!

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Say it ain’t so.

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