Shortly after sexual assault allegations against Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro surfaced on Friday, it became fair to wonder whether Castro, who figured to be a centerpiece at this year’s Cubs Convention, would even be attending the Convention at all. It was fair to wonder that, irrespective of the truth or falsity of the allegations, which stem from a reported incident last September.

At last check, Castro, who is currently in the Dominican Republic, where he lives in the offseason, was still expected to come to Chicago this weekend for the Cubs Convention.

Moreover, Castro, who has not been charged with a crime, is expected to be interviewed by police when he returns to the States. The police reportedly asked for the interview on Friday night, after a media frenzy earlier in the day. Until the report of the allegations broke on Friday, Castro’s attorney says the police – who have been aware of the report since September – had not requested an interview. Castro’s attorneys said they would arrange the interview as soon as possible.

The allegations against Castro are very serious, and should not be summarily dismissed by any of us. Relatedly, the truth or falsity of the allegations should not be presumed by any of us. Right now, we know nothing about the substance of the allegations. I reiterate my caution that you should not take this additional information to mean anything more than it is. But, because it is factual information, relevant to an important issue facing the Cubs and a Cubs player, I thought it worth providing the update.

  • CubsFanatic

    Why did it take so long for the interview? I mean honestly I don’t see why its taken this long.

    • BPaoni

      He’s been out of the country. Now if you meant why did it take the police sooooo long to request for an interview? That is a damn fine question.

      • Luke

        He was apparently, according to Chicago area papers, back in the country somewhere around November and met with the new Cubs front office.

        Maybe the Chicago police department doesn’t read the sports sections.

  • Andrew

    legally shouldnt we presume the allegations to be false since the burden of proof lies with the prosecution

    • Brett

      The burden of proof in a court of law (from which the belief that the accused is “innocent until proven guilty”) – conviction requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt – is not the same thing as assuming the allegations are false. The former is a principle of human rights (we don’t convict people until they’ve had their day in court, and the State has proved their guilt). The latter is about what is the actual truth. And when it comes to the latter, we know nothing. So we assume nothing – in either direction.

      • Andrew

        i meant it more jokingly than anything else. Point is it doesnt really matter what we presume him to be unless we are witnesses or jurors if the case ever goes to court (which i’m guessing it won’t because it will get settled out of court just a hunch though)

        • Brett

          I just wanted to flex my lawyer’d muscle to see if it still worked.

          • miggy80

            it still works Ace and it was a good idea to post that info. BTW I laugh in the face of my company’s firewall.

            • Brett

              Careful now. Don’t tempt fate…

  • sam

    as it should be .

  • ferrets_bueller

    For some reason the title put an image in my head of a press conference at the Cubs Convention, with the police asking questions of Castro at a podium along with the press haha.

    • Luke

      They’d probably ask more intelligent questions than some of the Chicago sportswriters. How many times has Theo been asked a Starbucks question now?

    • Brett

      I didn’t think it was possible to be funny about this situation without also being insensitive, but you pulled it off. Well done.

      • MoneyBoy

        Brett, you would expect less from ferret?

      • ferrets_bueller

        Thank you, good sir!!

  • OHBearCub

    This is a non issue for me. He probably pissed some chick off cause he wouldn’t give her the time of day.

    • Pat

      “He probably pissed some chick off cause he wouldn’t give her the time of day.”

      Yeah, that’s probably it. Or he’s a rapist.

      I’ll take the wait and see approach.

  • rocky8263

    Innocent until proven guilty. I realize he’s a really young man to be in the Cub’s spotlight but he’s supposed to know better than to be in Chicago bar at closing time. Without all of the facts I believe he did nothing against the law. Brett ,as you’ve said repeatedly this is a serious matter and I know the Chicago Police would of charged him if there was a chargeable offense. An interview with Castro won’t change the allegation’s.

  • die hard

    if charges dismissed before convention and no civil lawsuit filed, he should show up as the face of the Cubs….otherwise, please stay away as Cubs dont need anymore distractions from start of new regime on good note….and by the way, a civil suit could add Cubs as defendant depending on respondeat superior principles and other facts fans have no knowledge of at this time such as was contact with Plaintiff at Cubs function etc…and if Cubs are joined as Defendant, they could have indemnification rights as against Castro…lots of unanswered questions that will not be cleared up before convention…thus, just stay away

    • King Jeff

      Die Hard, if you are the real Die Hard, you just made absolutely perfect sense.  I don’t know how this happened, but I agree with you.

      • die hard

        theres only one Die Hard and hims me….but you agreeing with me and me making what you deem perfect sense arent necessarily mutually exclusive…just drawing inferences from what little we know and how civil suits often follow criminal charges and fact that any part of his conduct could implicate Cubs if done in whole or in part within his scope of employment about which we dont know anything yet….

        • MoneyBoy

          I prefer to get my legal information from a verified legal source … one Brett Taylor

          • die hard

            as well you should cause Brett is a lawyer

    • miggy80

      Once again Die hard bring it. This is how a very high percentage of these cases work out.

  • Jed

    Morisi just said that Cub’s “popular catcher” Koyie Hill signed with rival Cardinals. I’m still wondering who he was popular with.

    • Tommy

      apparently the Cardinals, cause it ain’t none of us!

    • MoneyBoy

      Jed … a friend told me of this earlier … I was beyond stunned!!!

  • alsongs

    First post here, and I probably won’t make a lot of friends because of this, but I am a long time Cubs fan (since the early 1980’s) and, like you, am hoping for a restoration of well played baseball at Wrigley Field. Regarding Starlin Castro (sexual assault allegations aside), I am more concerned with his on-field behavior, though there may be some correlation with his alleged off field behavior. I guess I come from a generation long long ago and cringe when I see him stuffing sunflower seeds in his mouth in the field (and at the plate) and then letting them dribble down his chin while he is waiting for the play to evolve. His gross, albeit one time, inattention to the game, caught on national TV, was painful to watch and he hasn’t yet been able to straighten out his error-filled work at shortstop. I realize there are upsides (he is young and I love the way he bats). It’s a joy to see a good hitter going with the pitch rather than trying to pull an outside pitch into the left field stands.
    Anyway I guess I am worried that he won’t get his on field act together and wonder if this will adversely affect the Cub’s new attempt at re-culturalization.

    • Luke

      You make some good points, and in the process make a great case for the firing of Mike Quade.

      Simply put, when a very young player who is rushed to the majors shows the the inattentive behavior and lackadaisical approach sometimes exhibited by Castro, the manager ultimately needs to be the guy who address it. Quade’s response was to publicly throw Castro under the bus a couple of times. Not surprisingly, that didn’t work very well.

      I have higher hopes for Sveum. I also think that Castro will benefit from no longer playing beside Ramirez and his indifferent approach to defense. That said, now that the conditions have changed we should start to see a change in how he handles himself on the field. Continuing to play beside Darwin Barney may help with that too. Barney isn’t that great at the plate, but he is said to be one of the hardest working players out there. Hopefully some of that rubs off on Castro this season.

    • die hard

      Ive seen him doze off more than once in the field…one road game in particular in Seattle I was sitting behind home plate and noted he was watching the scoreboard between each pitch for several innings which drove me nuts….recalled thinking that why doesnt the mgr yank his ass off the field… for his hitting, he is not the great hitter some make him out to be as hes always looking to just make contact rather than taking a full cut…reminds me of Sandberg’s first year or two…a hitting coach took him under his wing teaching him out to drive the ball….Does Castro have Sandberg’s work ethic at bat and on the field?….lets wait and see…..

  • Gcheezpuff

    I don’t have any background in law, but isn’t safe to assume there is no physical proof of the allegation? Otherwise wouldn’t they already have charged him, especially if there was DNA or some other form of evidence? This does not mean he is innocent, but it does lead me to believe there isn’t anything more then his word (which will be scripted by his extremely expensive attorney) against her word. Besides dragging his name thru the mudd a little, this might not go anywhere.

  • barroof

    I hope the police just make him cut the crazy hair of his.

  • Jeff L


    Addition updated Cubs new payroll.. First started by Oswego Chris who did a great job putting most of this together.


    CARLOS ZAMBRANO 18 M (Volsted now on Cubs but is a wash)
    MANNY CORPAS 1 M (if he makes the majors)
    ANDY SONNANSTINE 1 M (just a guess not sure on Andy’s salary)

    TOTAL FOR GROUP 1 83.6

    THE ARB BOYS ’11 SAL estimated ’12 SAL

    MATT GARZA 5.95 M, 2012 est 8-10 M
    GEO SOTO 3 M, 2012 est 4-5 M
    IAN STEWART 2.3 M,2012 est 3-4 M
    JEFF BAKER 1.175 M, 2012 est 1.5-3 M
    RANDY WELLS .475 M, 2012 est .750-1 M
    BLAKE DEWITT .460 M , 2012 est .750- 1 M
    estimated total for group 2 19.6 M

    THE CONTROLLABLE CHEAPIES(these salaries are a bit estimated..due to new CBA)

    STARLIN CASTRO 475,000
    TRAVIS WOOD 441,000
    JAMES RUSSELL 430,000
    DARWIN BARNEY 430,000
    TOTAL FOR GROUP 3 1.78 M

    ESTIMATED TOTAL 104.98 Million

    These numbers are very accurate, but the final number really depends on what players make the MLB roster. And as you see the arbitration numbers aren’t definitive. Also, if Garza is traded you can probably cut at least 8 mil from this payroll. That would actually push the Cubs payroll under 100 M.

  • Toosh

    Good list. One correction, though. The Cubs aren’t paying all of Zambrano’s contract and Volstad makes less than the amount the Cubs aren’t paying.

    • Jeff L

      Actually, the deal with the Marlins have the Cubs paying the difference between Zambrano and Volsted’s Salary. Right now I think it is said for the Cubs to be paying the Marlins about 15,500,000 of Zambrano’s salary… Essentially Marlins will be paying Volsted’s salary and Cubs’s still paying Zambrano in a way. Which is why I have it on there as a “wash”

    • King Jeff

      I think after arbitration it’s going to pretty much be a wash.  The Cubs might save a million dollars.

  • Jeff L

    Am I wrong, but I remember Ricketts saying that the Payroll won’t go up and won’t go down. If that’s the case we still have about 30 M to work with.

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    thats gonna be to get sori off the books,doin it all in one year.

  • die hard

    Thought youd want to see fantasy baseball catcher rankings and comments

    “Carlos Santana – Cleveland Indians
    Victor Martinez – Detroit Tigers
    Mike Napoli – Texas Rangers
    Brian McCann – Atlanta Braves
    Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants
    Miguel Montero – Arizona Diamondbacks
    Alex Avila – Detroit Tigers
    Matt Wieters – Baltimore Orioles
    Joe Mauer – Minnesota Twins
    Jesus Montero – New York Yankees
    Salvador Perez – Kansas City Royals
    Kurt Suzuki – Oakland Athletics
    Jonathan Lucroy – Milwaukee Brewers
    Wilson Ramos – Washington Nationals
    Geovany Soto – Chicago Cubs

    The first question people are probably going to ask is why Geovany Soto is so low on the rankings. I know we all want to think highly of him since he burst onto the scene in 2008, but it has now been three disappointing years. Maybe a new regime will help to get the most out of him, but he doesn’t score runs (under 50 each of the past three years), nor does he drive them in (54 is his max the past three years). He continues to find himself losing playing time and the strikeouts reached an alarming level last season (26.2 percent). Is there potential? Absolutely, but I’d rather take the risk on other options given what he has done in recent years. ”

    Is Soto good enough defensively to overcome offensive shortcomings such that the Cubs should not be looking for a veteran good defense backup?….Jed should be looking at this next especially given all new faces on staff. Soto likely to fall apart by all-star break without competent back-up who knows how to handle major league staff and throw out runners and back up play and be a diamond general. huge order to fall on Soto’s shoulders only.

    • BetterNews

      Soto will be alright, heard he got some “killer” stuff from Columbia!

    • Baseballet

      The goal would be to acquire a long term catcher who will be there when the Cubs are ready to contend. maybe the FO will acquire a top catching prospect as part of a Garza deal?

      • BetterNews

        There will be no Garza deal! Might be a Castro deal.

    • dob2812

      2010 was not a disappointing year for Soto. It was a really good one. 2009 and 2011 were disappointments however. The reason he doesn’t score runs or get RBIs is twofold: a) he’s been batting 8th more often than not the last two years; and b) the Cubs have been terrible lately (you may have noticed). Also: those are meaningless stats and tell us nothing about Soto’s own performance on their own. He had a 93 WRC+ last year (100 being league average). For a catcher that’s still pretty good. It was 135 in 2010. So, you know, upside and stuff.

      All that said, I think Geo’s a trade chip to be used and which will be used by the FO sometime before Opening Day 2013 at the latest. And I would support trading the man too.

      • BetterNews

        Come on man! Why do you think he’s batting eight? He stinks! (Didn’t Zambrano say that?)