Starlin Castro is still expected to be in Chicago this weekend for the Cubs Convention, and, as expected, it looks like he’ll also be interviewed by police about sexual assault allegations stemming from a reported September incident.

Per ESPNChicago:

The Chicago Police Department is expecting to talk to Chicago Cubs star Starlin Castro about a sexual assault accusation when the All-Star shortstop is in town for this weekend’s fan convention, according to a source familiar with the situation.

How the confluence of the interview, the news reports of the allegations, the ridiculous rush to judgments (of both Castro and the alleged victim), and the mix of fan emotions will impact Castro’s Convention appearance remain to be seen. I just hope fans remember to be respectful of *everyone,* and let the process play out as it will.

When asked yesterday about the situation, Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein once again deferred discussion to a later, more appropriate time “as facts develop and the story evolves.”

Castro’s new manager, Dale Sveum, was also asked about the situation yesterday, and he, too, was respectfully distanced in his response.

“I don’t know all the details of all of it,” Sveum said Wednesday. “But I don’t think it’s going to affect [Castro’s performance].

“Right now, it’s what it is, and I think it’s being taken care of in the [proper] avenues, but I don’t think it’s going to affect him at all.”

Sveum went on to discuss the responsibilities of being a professional athlete, generally.

“The one thing is that these are grown men,” he said. “I’ve raised my children, and sometimes you do have to treat players like they are your children. As for sometimes guys get misled and they don’t know to handle the off-field activities, so to speak, especially when you’re in a big city like Chicago.

“But you do a lot of talking, and you treat them like your family, so the communication helps out. The bottom line is they are grown men, so they have to grow up on their own sometimes, too.”

All fine responses from Sveum, as far as I’m concerned.

There is one more Castro piece.

While I’m loathe to write “speculative” things about this Castro issue, I thought it fair to pass along that Gordon Wittenmyer reports the following: “Castro hasn’t been charged with a crime, his attorneys have vehemently denied any wrongdoing and, privately, others familiar with the early part of the investigation suggest he’ll avoid charges.”

All appropriate caveats apply.

  • die hard

    First, he needs to find and hire his own criminal defense lawyer, someone with no ties to Cubs as his interest and Cubs interest not totally aligned especially if she files civil suit….second, he needs to plead 5th amendment at the interview with his attorney present…..third, he needs to clam up among family, friends and teammates and to try to recall all who hes told his stroy to so far so his lawyer can talk to all before police intvw to learn what castro told them….fifth, hope that he didnt already compromise his defense..sixth, hope that Cubs dont try to invoke morals clause in contract to suspend him without pay while all of this is worked out.

  • JB88

    Given the length of time between the acquisation and the request for an interview by the police, I would be shocked if this even was presented to the grand jury.

    • die hard

      unless shes carrying his child which would explain wait

      • JB88

        There is literally no explanation for the wait. She reported the alleged assault within 12 hours of it occurring. So, if there were a viable rape kit available to the police, they would be ready to pounce on it. Second, in my very limited experience in this field, police do not wait 4 months to request an interview, let alone do they only request that interview after a news report takes place. Third, even if the woman were carrying Castro’s child, that does not explain the police delay in requesting an interview. That is a preliminary step that the police take in order to determine whether a crime has occurred. This isn’t an instance where the police made a recommendation to the State’s Attorney’s office and the State’s Attorney’s office had not made a decision to prosecute or not. Rather, this is an instance where the police haven’t even really begun their investigation. Given the high profile nature of the alleged perpetrator and the way this has played out in the media, my suspicion is that the police are very dubious of the claim.

        My completely speculative guess is that the victim spoke to the media about this and after the media backlash the police requested the interview.

        And to add one other thing, anyone claiming that the police waited to conduct the interview because Castro was outside the country is selling you a line. The police knew how to find Castro, knew how to request an interview, and it appears that Castro might even have been here in November from earlier, unrelated reports that I believe Brett linked in one of his stories.

  • Rodrigo Ramirez

    FWIW, rape kits in Cook County are notoriously backlogged. It could have possibly taken a month or more to process it.

    Brett is obviously more qualified to respond, but I’m inclined to think the length of time before accusations were made public are neither an indication of guilt nor innocence.

    • JB88

      I’ve practiced in Cook County my entire career and if I have learned one thing about this city and this county it is this: Everything in Cook County is politics. Everything. If this was a priority for the police, that kit would have been processed ASAP.

      • MoneyBoy

        JB88 – I’m not – but that sounds spot on … anything can get moved to the front of the line if needed.

  • Sam

    There is a pretty big difference between waiting a month to interview castro and waiting 3 months to interview him. I think that the police are simply conducting the investigation because the media is eating this up. There is no reason why the police would wait 3 months to move forward in this case, especially with somebody as high profile as castro. Even without the rape kit they could still have brought castro in for questioning, they would need the rape kit to convict him, but they have enough to charge him (I think) without the rape kit. All im really saying is that it makes no sense that the police would have waited so long to begin an investigation involving such a high profile person.

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    well it does take six weeks at least for the rape kit(had a family memeber go through this in a much smaller town than chicago) and also they do not extradite for crimes other than murder(diff. countries) so it may be the case but i agree once it hit the media they stepped up their process…either way this isnt good.

    maybe a soriano and cash to baltimore for roberts and a ptbnl or two may be they way to go,barney can play s.s. and roberts at second………hopefully we dont need to worry bout this but we must have a back up plan

  • clark addison

    When a woman follows a man from a bar to his place at 3AM, it’s not for the purpose of reading the bible.

    • BetterNews

      No, it’s to have some fun, no doubt? The question is DID Castro “entice” the girl into the situation

  • John Breslin

    Brett– you needn’t couch everything about Castro so vehemently in “don’t jump to conclusions, we don’t know anything” language. We get it. We are mostly adults here, and we understand the situation. And if we don’t, well, then we are beyond being advised by you in any event. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but think you can back off on the warnings. They are a bit overboard, and frankly, we don’t really need that from you. Not trying to sound like I am blasting you (love this site and your work), but you have just gone over-the-top with this. Thanks.

    • BetterNews

      John–Wow! Another with with balls speaks up! Stand fast bro, they’re gonna try to take you down.

    • JR1908

      I hear you John, and 99% get it just like you say. But clearly there are morons on here, and they take stuff way to far. Some need to be reminded. But good points.

    • Brett

      We disagree, and, as I am the one tying my name to these articles, I have to write them in the manner I deem appropriate. Thanks for the thoughts.

    • hansman1982

      I think Brett is just trying to set the discourse. I know I steer completely clear of this issue myself and have only provided an initial “hey this happened” and will provide a “hey this happened” when there is resolution.
      Last thing anyone wants is for the comments to dissolve into a shouting match that drags down the site as a whole.

  • Spencer

    These comments are all ridiculous.

    • BetterNews

      Really? Than your short pecker must be a real joke!

      • SweetJamesJones

        Thats the Betternews that we all know and get annoyed by!

      • Spencer

        BetterNews,  I know that mastery of the English language is not a requisite to getting on the Internet and trolling on message boards, but it certainly helps you to not look like a dip shit while you are trying to insult someone.

        Try again later.

        • BetterNews

          Sory. i cant git wy sorryano is is stil wth da cubes?

      • KCubsfan

        That was uncalled for. The fact is it is not our place to judgement unless you are on the jury. We dont have all the fact or evidence so, to blame the accused is as bad as blame the accuser. So why not just let the police and courts decide.

      • Brett

        I’m not sure where the sudden shift came from, but you’re back to being on thin ice. That kind of crap is neither clever nor tolerated.

        • BetterNews

          Brett–Is that directed toward me?

          • Brett


        • BetterNews

          Brett–You have my e-mail, tell me what the problem is.

          • Brett

            You need me to email you to tell you that joking about someone’s “short pecker” is not cool?

            • BetterNews

              I did not like the reply/replies by Spencer! Those were “insults” and I will not put up with that, and responded in “just” fashion, in my opinion.

              • Brett

                Your opinion is welcome. Immature insults are not. Let’s leave it at that and move on.

                • BetterNews

                  O.k.–Lets get back to baseball. Have a question that I don’t believe you answered. What’s the possibilty Wells goes to the Pen or AAA?

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    Why don’t people just quit talking about this?

    Let the police handle it.


  • barroof

    This is America !!! You are guilty until you can hit a curveball.