Torches, pitchforks, et cetera, down.

Today the Chicago Cubs officially re-inked reliever and veteran presence Kerry Wood – probably to a significant raise over the $1.5 million he made last year with the team. As many of us expected, the team saved the announcement for the Cubs Convention, and there was much ooh’ing and ahh’ing.

Wood, 34, threw 51 innings for the Cubs last year, striking out 57, and putting up a 3.35 ERA and a 1.294 WHIP. But Wood’s re-signing, which was always something closer to an inevitability than a surprise, is as much about his leadership and knowledge as it as about his ability on the mound. And, let’s be honest: it’s also about satisfying fans who feel attached to Wood. Many of us enjoy cheering for Wood.

For me, the best part of the news is ability of young Cubs pitchers to continue learning from one of the best. Wood can show them how to handle themselves on a day-to-day basis, how to approach certain hitters, and, heck, how to throw Mariano Rivera’s cutter.

Update: Sounds like the deal is $3 million for 2012 with a club option for 2013.

  • ChefLance

    Kerry just please stay away from the hot tub

  • Goatbuster

    Could someone direct me to the video that brett’s wife posted of KW being introduced?

  • Rooster

    After a ton of wasted banter the Cubs sign a setup man for 3 million (pennies in baseball terms) with a club option (zero buyout) for 2013. Instead of arguing dollars and cents people should look at this as another quality signing. I hate hearing the arugment that it’s just the CLUBHOUSE aspect. He’s a quality pitcher, he had surgery in the offseason, and now he’s amped up to be back. Throw this clubhouse aspect out the window. Everybody the Cubs sign from here on out need to carry that ‘clubhouse guy’ label with them. I remember watching Woody during his rookie season going against Mark McGuire in the DENSE DENSE fog. Woody struck him out the first time, Mack took him yard the 2nd time, and the finale went Woody’s way with another K. I was 3 rows behind home plate on the 3rd base side. You couldn’t even see the bleachers the fog was so dense. Great memories.

    The opening ceremonies were aired on Chicago Comcast Sports. The best was when Pat Hughes introduced Paul Maholm as, “just signed 3 years ago.” Good intros. Ricketts brother #3…not present for intro (CMON MAN).

    • Tommy

      Right on, Rooster!

      10.06 K/9 and a WHIP of 1.29 last year.  K/BB was up last year, but he is still worth every penny they’ll pay him and then some.  I would guess he turned down more money from other clubs.