CubsCon Friday Afternoon: “This Has Never Happened to Me Before” (UPDATES)

I have just arrived at the 2012 Cubs Convention, and, like, whoa. So many Cubs fans all geeked out with smiles from ear to ear. Awesome.

Getting here was – as air travel too frequently is – a pain. The weather has been crap, so you expect a little delay. An hour? OK, fine. More than I’d like, but, I can deal. What you don’t expect? The jet bridge at your landing gate to break as your plane starts to deboard. Not only did the jet bridge break – it irreparably broke. In the pilot’s words: “This has never happened to me before.”

Here’s hoping that becomes the theme (in a good way) for the weekend.

I’m guessing I’ll keep updating this post as the day goes on, until/unless there’s actually news, which will require a new post. Hard to say, because I can already tell that there’s so much going on here, it might be hard to step away and write up a full post.

Also, Darwin Barney says hello:

Update 1: Wow, my first reader recognition. Thanks to Jason from NW Indiana (who’s here with his friends, including one in sweet Cubs PJs) for making my weekend. And for being a generally cool dude.

Update 2: I totally just thought I saw Dale Sveum. But it was just a bald guy. Oops.

Update 3: It was an early morning for us, so the Wife needed a power nap. Like a doofus, I didn’t realize the exhibition halls aren’t open until 3pm anyway. People are really starting to stream in now.

Update 4: Met some more folks, including Mike from Wrigleyville who’s taking his mom to the Convention, which is pretty cool. Hanging in the exceedingly crowded grand ballroom right now awaiting the kickoff. Pictures on Twitter and Facebook.

Update 5: Just got done with the Opening Ceremonies. Very cool to see all the Cubs old and new, and, of course, the front office. Headed down to Kitty O’Shea’s for a bit, and then to see Theo and Jed, and then back to the bar.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

79 responses to “CubsCon Friday Afternoon: “This Has Never Happened to Me Before” (UPDATES)”

  1. Christopher Trengove

    Ahh, the Hilton. I miss the Cubs Convention. I’ll be living vicariously through you this year, Brett, as I couldn’t get out of Denver for the weekend.

    Question – where are you from that you had to fly into Chicago?

    1. TWC


    2. hardtop

      im in denver too. with te-bag hysteria infecting the city, we both should have caught that flight to chicago. anyway, we should have our own local cubs convention down at wymanns sometime. ill bring my fathead of derrick lee, we’ll stand in line for beer, it will be exactly the same thing. hit me up on the message board if you want to grab a beef sandwich or something and talk saber-tooth-metrics and discuss how tyler colvin will probably hit .304 with 30 hrs here in denver ;)

      brett, when you get back to ohio, will your city be gone?

      1. Tim Mo

        Wyman’s, the best pizza West of the Chicago!

  2. cubmig

    Hey……It’s Friday the 13th!!!!!………….somethins’ gotta’ keep the day meaning somethin’!!
    Have a good day no matter what!

  3. Fishin Phil

    I only went once, but it was a good time.  I know you will enjoy yourself.

  4. NL_Cubs

    And here I assumed you lived in Chicago and probably on the northside near Clark and Addison. So, like the other inquisitive BN follower above has asked.. where do you live where you had to fly into Chitown?

    1. JulioZuleta

      Weird, right? I made the same assumption in the past. The poor soul is an Ohioan.

  5. ferrets_bueller

    Glad to see it was a fellow Region resident who was the first to welcome you! NW Indiana isn’t actually part of Indiana, thats probably why we’re so awesome :p

    1. packman711

      As someone from South Bend, we in the rest of Indiana fully endorse the Region not being lumped in with us all…

      1. ferrets_bueller

        Some awesome Region Humor: (#2 might be the truest thing ever written)

        1. Andrew

          I think the comedy in that is that still exists.

  6. CubfanBob

    Brett, Just want to commend you on the information you provide on a timely basis. I know you were snubbed on any awards this year, but if it is any consolation, your site was given kudos by one of the late morning hosts on WSCR670 this morning. (In case you don’t know, that is the #1 sports talk station in Chicago). Keep up the great work!!!

  7. NL_Cubs

    It’s eerily quiet on the Kid-K front. Lips are tighter than drums as the team plans to announce his signing at CubsCon?!

    1. JulioZuleta

      It’ll be announced tonight. Good way to kick of the convention and Kerry’s charity event at Navy Pier.

  8. greg b

    Man I wish I was there with you sir but I’m now a resident of tx but hey at least I can get great bbq but ill be damned if I could get a good pizza or italian beef. Hope you enjoy yourself brett and keep up the great work

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan

      Mmm brisket and ribs. I wish there was decent BBQ here in Wichita.

      1. greg b

        Ya love some chopped beef if your ever in houston area rudys has th best brisket/chopped beef it was even on the food channel advertised

        1. Doug

          Actually the best BBQ is in Euless at North Main BBQ. Rudy’s is good though. They have great breakfast tacos too.

        2. Kansas Cubs Fan

          One of these days I want to go on a BBQ trip to KC and Texas. Haha


      2. cubmig

        Where in Wichita Kansas Cubs Fan? North, South, East, West?

    2. Doug

      Greg…I feel your pain. I too am a transplant to Texas. Big state but if you live in the Arlington area there is a place called Chicago Corner. Owned by a Chicago family that relocated here. They bring in Beef, Maxwell Street Polish and make the best pizza I have found in Texas.

      If you are in the area give them a try!!

  9. Jim Muench

    Hey Brett, I’m sure I’ll run into you at the bar. Dont have CubCon ticket but figured im stop by the bar fir a bit Heading over there around 5:00. Come meet the “legs” in the BN logo. I’ll be easy to find. Green BN shirt, bald head and long goatee.

    1. hansman1982

      future BN logo – your legs sitting at the bar…maybe we could get you to take pictures of your legs whenever you are at wrigley, Cubs related things, etc…

      1. Jim Muench

        As long as the events are only Cubs related…

        1. Jim Muench

          Because from the waist up you will probably only get pictures of me drinking a Guinness :-)

          1. hansman1982

            HAHA, yes can only be Cub events and has to feature you sitting in the same pose.

  10. TheboysofZimmer

    Have fun and again, do the world a favor and punch Ronnie woo woo in the face.

    1. hardtop

      just punching him in the face wont do anyone any favors… you have to do some damage to have a global impact. id be careful though brett, woo woo man has spent some chicago winters on the street: he’s probably tougher than he looks. of course you are probably tougher than you look too… you’d have to be, cause you dont look very tough ;)

    2. NL_Cubs

      At least have someone put a sock in his mouth.

      I appreciate Ronnie’s spirit but if you are near him when he’s chanting, it’s obnoxious as hell!

    3. Jim Muench

      My dream is that one year Ronnie Woo Woo just disappears. My nightmare is that someday his likeness makes it into the “Fans of the Game” exhibit in Cooperstown.

  11. TonyP

    Punch WOO in WOO the WOO face WOO!!!

    1. Deer

      although it would cost you financially and some embarassment, once the story got out, it would do wonders for this site’s popularity.

  12. Tommy

    Darwin Barney is nothing but a two dimensional player.

    1. NL_Cubs

      He’s not a long term answer but at least Barney has a roster spot. It’s more than Ryan “The Klank” Theriot can say who was non-tendered last month by the Cards.

      1. Jim

        Yeah but Theriot has a ring…unfortunately.

        1. NL_Cubs

          Yes, true and it makes me sick that he got it while holding onto coat tails!

    2. gratefulled

      Two dimensional. LOL! He has no depth.

    3. hardtop

      i got your joke tommy ;)

    4. ferrets_bueller

      That doesn’t bode well for our hopes of him being used for future depth.

  13. Tommy

    Thank goodness someone gets me!

    1. Wilbur

      Well played …

  14. Katie

    Brett you need to Al’s for Italian beef. Get it dipped and lots of napkins.

    1. NL_Cubs

      Ditto that. Mr. Beef is also very good!

    2. hardtop

      luke’s on jackson is close to the hotel (maybe a mile-ish) and also very good.
      oh god, why didnt i get on that plane?!? i would kill for an italian beef right now. oh wait, make mine a combo, wet with sweet! dammit!

      1. NL_Cubs

        Being a transplanted Chicagoan, I crave the foods indigenous to Chicago. Although I get up there 1-2 times per year, there are times I need to satisfy the cravings so I learned to make my own Italian Beef sandwiches (combo optional), Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Deep Dish Pizza (Lou Malnatis). A taste of home was essential for survival.  Damn, now I need a fix!

        1. JasonB

          Brett – you should definitely try to get to Lou Malnati’s while you’re in town – the half clogged artery that you get from eating the deep dish is well worth it!

          1. Tommy

            Gino’s East >ALL

      2. Jason

        I love Luke’s. You order small fries and it comes in something that can only be described as a grocery bag

    3. Doug

      Sorry to disagree….Johnnie’s Beef in Elmwood Park is the best beef in Chicagoland.

      Just sayin.

      1. hardtop

        i don’t think she claimed it was the best, but there are some who will. Al’s #1 certainly was iconic. but a beef sandwich debate among Chicagoans is a tiring and fruitless endeavor. I should know, I’ve been part of at least 200 such arguments and, in the end, no one ever changes their position. Johnnies is good!

        1. Katie

          Exactly. No minds are ever changed in such arguments. It’s like the never ending debate about NY style pizza vs Chicago deep dish.

          1. TWC

            Um… there’s a debate?

            1. Katie

              Not to me.

              1. Rick Vaughn

                Deep dish is amateur hour.

                Thinner crust = Room for 2+ extra slices. I came to party, not get stuffed with bread.

                1. ferrets_bueller

                  Chicago style thin crust is the greatest pizza on the face of the planet.

  15. cubmig

    Is this worth mentioning? Cubs sign Alfredo Amezaga to a minor league contract. He plays a number if infield and outfield positions, but isn’t there enough back-up of that type already?

    1. Wilbur

      Absolutely, but they need bodies for the minor league spring training in Mesa and maybe even Iowa.

    2. Jason

      Never hurts to have injury filler either

  16. Jason

    Thanks for the chat in the lobby Brett. After today’s events, we will be in the lobby til the wee hours, so if you have time, make sure to stop by for a drink or four.

  17. Incredibad

    Very jealous, Brett. Appreciate the updates on the convention so i can live vicariously through you this weekend. Enjoy!

  18. NL_Cubs

    pretty good posts / pics on Twitter #Cubscon

  19. Robbo

    Of course they wait for Cubscon to announce Woody signing. Nice

  20. Diesel

    Hey Brett, who did you fly in on to Chicago? As a pilot myself I am interested to hear which jet bridge broke beyond repair. Especially considering I have to go into O’hare tomorrow. I get a nice little tease because I have to sit there for almost 3 hours. So close to the convention yet so far away. Have fun and GO CUBS!!!

    1. jandersonjr81 father of Caden

      Yeah, as an Aircraft Engineer, I would like to know this also. Flying into Chicago, my guess would be United Airlines. O’hare is so busy though, you never know.

      Diesel, who do you fly for.

      1. Diesel

        I fly for a regional airline doing united express flying. I fly into ORD often which is great during the summer because I can listen to Cubs games when I can’t watch them.