As you may have heard by now, yesterday afternoon, the Chicago Cubs announced a significant change to the right field bleachers at Wrigley Field. In place of that small section of bleachers (the “well” area), there will now be a 75-foot long LED display above the wall, an all-inclusive (food/drink/etc.) seating area for 150 folks, and a new patio area. The changes are all expected to be in place in time for the 2012 season.

As you can see in the conceptual picture (bigger version below), the electronic board is not a jumbotron. Instead, it’s more of an enlarged game data board, which will feature, um, game data. And, naturally, advertisements. It will not affect home runs, and will not feature video replay.

The seating area should look familiar if you’ve ever seen the seats atop the Green Monster at Fenway Park, which seats were added during Theo Epstein’s tenure there. I’m not saying there’s a direct connection there, but the similarity is quite obvious.

Both features – the LED board and the new seating area – I suspect will generate a great deal of additional revenue for the Cubs, and, thus, I approve. I find the proposed board to be unobtrusive, and may even be useful during the game. I love the Old Scoreboard, but between it, and the small electronic screen below it, it’s not easy to follow the statistical side of the game action at Wrigley.

There has been a fair bit of hand-wringing about the change – and a fair bit of grumbling in the crowd when it was announced at CubsCon. But, with the most respect I can muster, the time for being upset about these kinds of changes, designed to maximize the revenue the Cubs can put back into the product on the field, is long past. I’m as sentimental as the next guy, and I openly profess my love for Wrigley Field, but we’re not talking about a disgusting monstrosity that disrupts the overall feel and atmosphere that makes Wrigley special. The change is significant, but, at the same time, modest.

I will be very interested to learn the projected revenue that the board is expected to generate, and the increased take at the gate based on what I expect to be very premium seats. (I get the sense that the idea, by the way, is that they will be used in the way the suites are – i.e., businesses and clients, entertaining, hobnobbers, and the like. I have no beef with this. Teams have to service “high dollar” customers, and this is a part of how the Cubs will do it. Just part of the business.)

Here’s a little more info from, and here’s a larger picture of the plans:

  • Carl

    I personally love it.


    It looks like that might block some of the rooftop views.  Any mention of that?

    • Brett

      No mention. I suspect, given the revenue-sharing agreement the Cubs have with the rooftop owners, the Cubs probably want to try their best not to block any of those views.

  • JasonB

    Another potentially positive aspect of this – the higher wall could very well knock down some of the wind that blows in early in the season to right field which could be a good thing for our brand new, pull happy, 22-year old LH hitting 1B.

    • Nomar’s Left Glove

      I like where your heads at!

    • darcie

      That cant hit a fastball over 90MPH

      • JasonB

        I haven’t heard this tired argument for a whole week now.  Do you think pitchers at AA and AAA don’t throw 90+?  If you don’t know, then I’ll give you the short answer – yes, they do.  Seems like he did fine there (while being among the youngest players in both places – I think he was actually the youngest player in the PCL last year).  Yes, he was overmatched last year at the MLB level but he was 21 years old – how many 21 year olds do you know that have mashed MLB pitching the day they arrived?  How many 21 year olds have had successful seasons in the bigs over the last 15 years?  ARod, Chipper and Castro?  Maybe Upton?  I can’t think of many more.

    • MrCub73

      That is my thought regarding the raising the right the area, they are also decreasing the effects of the wind blowing in, thus changing the way the park plays. Considering they are heavily focused on lefty hitters, if the wind blowing in from right field corner is indeed cut down, this would just be an additional home field advantage for a lefty lineup.

      I don’t necessary agree with the pull happy aspect to that 22 year old 1st baseman. Rizzo may have picked up that habit in San Diego after struggling, but in the minors and when he first came up in San Diego they talked his ability to use the whole field and his pure power and ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field. Maybe those reports I saw were incorrect and he is pull happy, but not many hit 330+ in the majors or minors with a pull happy approach.

      Those that suggest someone in the minors can’t hit a 90+ fastball are insane and is a tired argument, I watch high school kids hit a 90 mph fast ball. I watched my nephew take a couple of them over the wall in high school fall ball, it is the mixture of fastball, change up, curveball, etc, that become an issue for hitters at any level, especially the MLB level, not whether they can hit a fast ball, so “darcie” get a better argument if you think someone can’t hit!

      • JasonB

        “I don’t necessary agree with the pull happy aspect to that 22 year old 1st baseman. Rizzo may have picked up that habit in San Diego after struggling, but in the minors and when he first came up in San Diego they talked his ability to use the whole field and his pure power and ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field. Maybe those reports I saw were incorrect and he is pull happy, but not many hit 330+ in the majors or minors with a pull happy approach.”

        I had heard that one of the reasons that Pads current FO preferred Alonso over Rizzo was because Alonso was better at using the whole field.  Perhaps I mistook that to mean that Rizzo was a pull hitter when perhaps it has more to do with the fact that Petco is murder on lefty power to RF.

        Regardless, if this is the effect, then it should be better for him.

  • jr5

    I think we can all agree that the most egregious part of this is that the mockup picture has Dempster throwing 95.

    • Tommy

      LOL.  Good eye, jr5!


    • Ashley

      That’s funny jr5 I had not even noticed that!

  • Ashley

    I love all of it except the scoreboard! I personally love the old fashion by hand score board Wrigley has. However I do think that this will make Wrigley more modern, I don;t want it to lose all of what makes it old-fashion.

    • Dougy D

      Things that make it old fashioned, like under armour logos painted on the doors in the outfield? Or the advertising board behind homeplate?

      Sorry, all of this “modernizing” is sad to me. I think that if they want all that they should just build a new stadium, as Wrigley Field is not at all what it once was. Just my opinion. This ball club brings in plenty of money to put together a competitive team already, this is just to line the pockets of some very rich owners.

      • untitledreality

        “This ball club brings in plenty of money to put together a competitive team already, this is just to line the pockets of some very rich owners.”


        The Cubs have long raked in enough cash to support mega payrolls and still operate in the black, everyone clamoring for additional revenue to have a more competitive team are blind sheep. Every time the Cubs field BS like “we need modern revenue streams to support a winning team” it is really “we know the fans are desperate for a winner, so if we feed them a line about needing this money to be more competitive they will let us do whatever we want to the stadium, the team or ticket prices”

        Wake up Cubs fans, the Cubs don’t need a billboard for the sake of the team, they want a billboard to increase their return on equity.

  • Michael

    So if it hits the video board its a home run?

    • MichiganGoat

      Yes, it does not change what a HR at wrigley.

  • JasonB

    Michael – from what I’ve heard, yes. The yellow HR line will remain the same (top of the wall beyond the basket). There actually is one there, which i forgot about until somebody pointed it out yesterday.

    • BNLegs

      Actually the HR line is woven into the top of the basket that is a good 5 feet or so in front of the wall in the Bleachers.  A ball only has to land in the basket to be a home run.  If a ball hits the top of the basket and falls back into play, it is still a live ball.

      All indications (from the pictures at least) are that the video board is on top of the Bleacher wall and would thus be out of the field of play.  A ball hitting the video board would be a homerun…and in all likelihood would be a VERY hard hit line drive…wonder what kind of damage that thing will take during the season.

      Interesting bit of trivia about that basket in the Bleachers.  Contrary to what that tool Joe Morgan thinks…he on more than one occasion has referred to the basket as the “Banks Basket”.  As Morgan seems to think (because he does zero research) that the Cubs put that basket up to help Ernie hit more homeruns.  In fact, the basket went up in 1970 and Ernie’ playing career ended in 1971.  The basket was installed because due to the popularity of the Cubs in 1969, there were too many fans interfering with balls hit to the wall and even some cases of fans almost falling over it.  It was also meant to be a deterrent to the new fad of “streaking” that was common at the time.

      • JasonB

        BN – thanks for the correction

      • drew

        Nothing makes me angrier than listening to that tool talk about the basket being there and helping Ernie hit so many HR. I believe something like 7 of his career HR landed in the basket.

      • Smitty

        I have never heard Morgan say that, but am not surprised at all to hear that story. I have nevery quite understood his hatred for all things Cubs. He must live a very sad life to constantly try and tear down anything of worth that is Cubs related.

  • BNLegs

    I have no real problem with this setup, because as you said, it will bring additional revenue to the park.  One thing to ask about is what are they going to do with the “Bleacher Box” seats that were in that area?  I have a friend who has had season tickets over there for the past 10 years and already contacted her to see if she knows what they are going to do with her tickets.

    I’m surprised that they haven’t done advertising all along the “basket” in the Bleachers as that is all just dead space.  Also all along the rim of the upper deck is open for advertising as well.  Currently they are only using the far left and right field ends of the Upper deck overhang to generate revenue.  I’m sure it is in the mix and I really have no problem with it…as long as the extra revenue goes back into the team to build a winner.  I wouldn’t even mind (and would probably enjoy) having a smaller Jumbo-tron somewhere to either side (or both sides) of the Scoreboard behind the Bleachers.

    I’m as sentimental as anyone about the “feel” and tradition of Wrigley.  But why not build a new “feel” and new tradition of winning!  To do that, we have to squeeze every dollar out of that park and put it back into the team.  I’ve been to Fenway many times before and during the Theo era and the changes that were made to that park were every bit as dramatic but still fit into the park and enhanced the experience.  Same things are beginning to take place at Wrigley.  The Toyota sign in Left Field and the new Right Field well area is just the start and when it is all said and done, I trust Theo and Company to make the right decisions that enhance the game experience AND bring in gobs of revenue that can build up a winner!  Go Cubs…I’m all giddy with excitement over the possibility (probability?) of a sustained winner on the North Side!!!!


    • jr5

      Fenway also traditionally had in-park advertising all over the place. I don’t want Wrigley to become Fenway. They’re two different parks. The Cubs new ownership has obviously always had a Red Sox complex. It paid off with the front office hires, but still.

  • jr5

    Also, even though I know it’s probably an irrational notion at this point, I’m not going to get too excited about any “revenue generating” venture until I’m convinced the revenue is going back into the team.

    I’m more confident that will happen than I was in, say, June. But the Cubs are also going to go into next year with a much reduced payroll, at this point, while the ticket prices aren’t going anywhere. So we’ll see.

    • Tommy

      “I’m as sentimental as anyone about the “feel” and tradition of Wrigley. ”

      Right on, BNLegs!

      For the record though – I think these changes need to be credited to the recently booed at the Cubs Convention, Crane Kenney.  I think he’s in charge of that type of stuff.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Theo were giving some ideas!

    • JasonB

      I can’t envision the payroll staying low for long.  When our window re-opens, they’ll find ways to spend the money.  We just have to see what we have first so that we know where we need to spend the money

  • Jerry McClellan

    I would like it more if it was going to show replays and other things that other jumbotrons normally show. One step at a time I guess but it is a good idea.

  • Tommy

    I love all of it!  I love Wrigley field (THE FIELD), but the stadium itself has been pretty much a dump for quite some time now, and needs some updating.  I don’t think adding this is going to take away from the nostalgia of Wrigley as long as the brick wall and the ivy still exist.  Everything else could use some updating!

    • Wilbur


  • Chef

    Am I the only person who thinks that Google Sketch up was done by a retarded monkey? There’s no dimensional perspective on that patio, unless it really is concrete poured at a 45 degree angle.

    • LWeb23

      It is pretty terrible. I could have done better based solely on my 8th grade Art Class skills.

  • Katie

    It will be interesting to see how it changes the feel of Wrigley. I personally don’t care about Wrigley getting with the times a bit more. This and buying the Mc Donald’s land show that ownership is building everything up for a sustained winner. A better fan experience, better player facilities, and more ad revenue can only help the team.

  • JMan

    It’s always been my assumption that the Rocketts would eventually try to buy a rooftop or two and install the jumbotron on top of one of those buildings. That seems the most logical place To install one as it would be clean aesthetically.

    • Rick Vaughn

      That’s a pretty cool idea. Wonder how that would look.

  • clark addison

    I think it’s a great idea. With limited advertising in the park and being locked into low TV revenue, the Cubs need more revenue streams. Just as first and business class is a money maker for airlines, corporate suites are the same for pro sports. Wrigley offers few compared to newer parks, so this, like the batter’s eye suite, is another way to squeeze more dollars. Ditto the board.

    Baseball isn’t your grandfather’s game any more. Fans want more info than batting averages and home runs. The board will give us what’s taken for granted at the new ballparks.

    As for replays, it won’t be long before they’ll be available on your iPhone via wifi throughout the ballpark.

    I think it’s a great concept, combining new technology but preserving the history and ambience of Wrigley Field.

  • chris margetis

    My guess is any season ticket holders in that area will be relocated. The bleachers were the section that took the biggest beating, attendance and revenue wise, over the last two years of futility. If you noticed, especially last year, there were several bleacher specials ($3 beers etc) to entice people to buy them. They just arent’ the draw, especially given the massively elevated price vs years ago, they used to be.

  • Deer

    With a non-big market payroll for 2012 and the additional revenue, the Cubs will make a killing if the team is good enough to draw decent attendance.

  • Mick

    Does Budweiser sponser all MLB OF party decks?

  • hardtop

    I appear to be in the minority here: Lame.
    The best way to create revenue is play good baseball and keep that W flag waving. no one skips a game at wrigley because they want more comfortable seats or just can’t make it through a game without and electronic scoreboard.
    I’ve been to well over 50 games at Wrigley and never once found myself thinking “man, I sure wish there was an electronic scoreboard”
    I don’t get it, but whatever, as long as the team shows signs of progress in the next couple years I guess ill live. But… It’s a slippery slope from historical venue in which to watch and play baseball to amusement park where baseball is merely a side show attraction.

    • untitledreality

      I’ll join your minority. This is a sad, sad joke.

      • Dougy D

        I’m in as well. I personally liked hearing the organ when players came to bat, rather than some crappy pop music!

  • LJ

    Maybe I missed this, but why won’t they use it to also show replays? It would seem to me that replays, would be a great way to maximize the effectiveness of the new sign.

    • MichiganGoat

      Screen too small the majority is for ads.

      • LJ


  • Fresh

    I think it’s a modest alteration that will provide great benefits and will look pretty sharp. Hardtop, Wrigley IS an amusement park and has been for years. I’ve been to 300 games, keep score at all of them, and if I can see pitch speed/type – even better. What we need to do is “KO” a losing mindset like yours that puts a ballpark ahead of the team. I don’t like the Cubs because of Wrigley. I like them because I watched them with my grandpa, my parents, and my brothers. Sure Wrigley is great – it’s a cathedral. But let’s make it memorable for something other than ivy, beer, boobies, and the God-awful “Go Cubs Go” song. Let’s win a GD World Series. It’s hard to defend tradition that includes absolute futility. I haven’t been this excited about the Cubs in years. This is grown-up baseball.

    • Andrew

      BLASPHEMY!!! I will not recognize a Cubs world series win if “Go Cubs Go!” isn’t playing at the end of the game

      • Brett

        Ditto. It may be cheesy, but I love that song.

        • Doug

          Me too!!

      • Ron Swanson

        Most team “fight” songs are cheesy. Goes with the territory. Go google the words for Bear Down Chicago Bears if you don’t have them memorized. I don’t know any Bears fan that suggests that song not be sung after a touchdown.

        And yes, I recognize that we aren’t all Bears fans on here. Just using that as an example.

        • hardtop

          are you saying “put up a fight with a might so fearlessly” is cheesy? my word, have you no taste man?  that’s pure poetry !


          • Ron Swanson

            Ha. Yeah, it’s cheesy but I sing it frequently and with pride.

      • Rick Vaughn

        Better than “Sweet Caroline” or whatever that noise in Boston was.

      • Rick Vaughn

        I remember back in the late ’90’s when I was in high school, I would burn CD’s for my truck. I’d have all these generic angry teenager music (Tool, Korn, Pantera, etc…) and then all of a sudden a little GO CUBS GO. I thought it was pretty cool when the song went mainstream in the Cubs Universe. Love hearing the crowd singing it after a win.

    • hardtop

      fresh, i have a response i would like to share with you, but i dont think it needs to clog up the comments section.  do you have a presence on the message board where we can continue this discussion, if you are willing to do so of course.

  • barroof

    After taking a closer look at that picture I was wondering who would give their front row tickets to a group of penguins.

  • Cubbiecop

    I have no problem with the “update” of Wrigley unless they want to do something with the scoreboard or ivy. I do not believe that is possible due to that being covered under landmark status. I WOULD like the restrooms to be updated so I don’t have some guy drunk off his butt peeing on my pants cause he’s had a few too many old styles. Eventually I think we will have to have a “jumbotron” with the new rules about instant replay coming up. I think it will be required before long. I am a fan of instant replay in certain circumstances, homerun determination, close play at home etc. I know this may sound stupid but I would like to see a “challenge” flag of sorts as well, like in the NFL. Coaches will only be able to use it once or twice per game. While the umpires are usually VERY accurate we are all human and make mistakes, some cost games.

    • hardtop

      the rest rooms have been updated. they used to be a lot worse!

      trough = right of passage

      im just kidding… ive never actually been peed on, so i might feel differently if i had been.  i do take on a little splatter from time to time, but i splatter on them too, so its all good on the neighborhood.   its a ritualistic exchange of fluids… like blood brothers, except with piss on your legs.

      • Cubbiecop

        While i’m all about experiencing the brotherhood of fellow Cubs fans, keeing your piss to yourself is cool with me. Next time someone pisses on me they will be swimming in the trouth… :) Unless, of course, i know them and they are one of my fellow bleacher nation fans! I would then have to look the other way, you might get a return stream though!!

    • BN”Legs”

      The troughs are also the most efficient way to get guys in and out.  Imagine what the lines would be like if they changed them to individual urinals.  You would lose half the space which would mean twice the line.

  • ibcnu2222 (John)

    I think this a great addition but I would like to see a video replay board. Maybe where that Toyota sign is.

  • cubmig

    The proposed change to Wrigley is obscene. All it adds is an eyesore that reduces the uniqueness of Wrigley to the bland mediocrity of patchwork architecture. And the only thing the proposed change affirms is that sentimentality has no cash value.

    • untitledreality

      Well said sir.

  • jim

    Harry n santo dead. Sandberg, grace, stone exiled. Now &@$#%£€¥ the bleachers. Trend is very bad. All bout the $$$. Please add sad trombone picture ;-(

    • untitledreality

      But hey, long as the team adds revenue any change is good right? What if putting up a megatron in center field adds $40mm/yr? Tear down the ivy and line it with ads? $20mm/yr? Digital screens above the urinals for another $5mm/yr? Turn Wrigley Field into Walgreens Field for $12mm/yr?

      Lets do it all! Just imagine what an extra $77mm/yr would surely make this team great right? Who cares if Wrigley, oops, sorry, Walgreens Field becomes just a 100 year old dump without tradition or beauty… the fans will still flock to games right? Isn’t that what happens for the White Sox? No? It doesn’t? But they have so many ads… surely that money is putting a winner on the field and bringing in the fans? Neither? Weird.

      This is bullshit and every Cubs fan who truly believes that this move is in the best interest of the team, not organization, but the team… and the best interest of the fans is brainwashed. We as Cubs fans have the most beautiful ballpark in the world that is the envy of every team in the MLB. It brings out fans of all types, year in, year out, providing a positive revenue stream regardless. Once that is lost it will never come back.

  • Dragoon77

    Hey “cubmig”, if you don’t understand that Wrigley is already composed of “patchwork architecture” than you have absolutely no historical frame of reference to judge any prospective renovations. We’re talking about a stadium that was built for a completely different baseball team (Chicago Whales, Federal League…anyone?). I love the Cubs, and I can honestly say that on one of those perfect June/July afternoons Wrigley Field is literally my favorite place on the face of the Earth. But we all need to understand that the reason it’s so magical is because over the 96 years of it’s existence Wrigley has organically evolved into the perfect home for Cubs baseball. No one could ever have sat down and designed a stadium this perfect for the team and the community that it belongs to.

    With that in mind I think we have to be open to the continued evolution of the park and judge each proposed change on it’s own merits, not be blindly opposed to change of any kind.

    • cubmig

      I hear you. Evolved change that is thoughtful, yes; expedient change for dollars sake, no.

  • bob

    I’m thinking this is a phase 1. If it is generally well acccepted after a while, a replay screen (with more ads, of course) will probably be added in the left-field “well”, giving a little bit of symmetry.

    • cubmig

      I think you help make my point, that this is piecemeal change that does nothing to preserve what is a ballpark. Say what any of you will, but this change does nothing to improve play on the field. Good teams are good teams anywhere they play. And…….why is it no one comments on the primary focus of the change? Ads. In your viewing life, don’t you feel saturated by ads already? Must Wrigley Field join the assault that promotes visual pollution?

      • Rick Vaughn

        ” And…….why is it no one comments on the primary focus of the change? Ads. In your viewing life, don’t you feel saturated by ads already? Must Wrigley Field join the assault that promotes visual pollution?”

        This is really a big deal to you isn’t it? The ads don’t bug me at all. More important things in life than worrying about being over-saturated by advertisements. Unless they start causing cancer or aids or something, I’m not going to worry too much about them.

        “Say what any of you will, but this change does nothing to improve play on the field.”

        I’d argue that anytime a team adds revenue, it’s a good thing. Unless of course, that revenue is at the cost of spreading cancer or aids.

        • cubmig

          Yes, it is a “big deal” to me, but then we differ in how we perceive the impact of what is proposed. We’ll have to leave it at that.

          • Dougy D

            It is a big deal to me as well. When I think of Wrigley Field, or at least what I used to think about Wrigley Field, I would think all things baseball. The only music was the organ. The only thing that covered any brick, was the ivy. The smell of fresh mowed grass.

            Now, when I picture Wrigley Field, I see the beautiful paintings of a spandex clothing line. The great character of a board flipping advertisements behind homeplate. Some might call it progress; I call it success.

            Just in case you didn’t note the sarcasm, the second paragraph was a joke. The ballclub makes plenty of money. These advertisements are unnecessary and are an eyesore. I have not gone to a game at Wrigley since the under armour logos were put on the wall. I am sure that I will venture back someday, but it will only be because I am in close proximity to the home of my beloved Cubs, not because of the Wrigley Field advertising experience. Call me a purists if you’d like, but I like the simple things in life, not paying $25 per to sit on a bleacher.

            • BetterNews

              Dougy–Calm down! You haven’t heard about the hot tubs going in the patio section!(LOL)

              • Dougy D

                Sorry, I am getting quite worked up, aren’t I? It is just something that has bothered me for quite sometime. On the lighter side of things, I am looking forward toward a season of positive growth with lots of new players. (And here I go again) I just hope that Soriano isn’t still given the starting LF job because of his contract. New pitching, new hitting, hopefully better fielding (that includes you doing some work Castro), and a new attitude. GO CUBS!

                • BetterNews

                  Regarding Soriano, I hate to say he will probably be our starting left fielder(unless he is dealt, of course). Not only does his contract come into play, but who do the Cubs have that can knock out 25+ homers and 75+ RBI’s?

                  • Dougy D

                    I don’t think that we will get anyone to take him, unfortunately. I just hope that Sveum will at least not make him the full time starter, unless he is really the best option. I am thinking that if he is around, he will be platooning. I just think that if we have better fielder out there it would turn some of the extra base hits (when Soriano is out there) into singles, and some of the singles into outs. I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day though, and if I am not mistaken, we will have him for 3 more seasons (please feel free to correct me on that one (it would make my evening)). I guess it’s one of those “make due with what you have, take what you can get” type of situations.

                    • Rick Vaughn

                      Since we’ll be the team paying Soriano whether he is dealt or not, I’d rather just keep him on the team. But I’m definitely with you on keeping him in more of a roll than as a flat out everyday starter. I hated Quade for many things, but continuing to run out the high paid veterans simply because they were high paid veterans got old really fast. Keeping Soriano off the field more could even help him be more productive when he is on the field.

                      I haven’t been this excited about going into a season since the Wood/Prior/Zambrano/Maddux/Clement rotation. Even though we realistically have no chance at contending, I’m still stoked to watch this team. Except Darwin Barney. I’m so over that guy I can’t even stand it.

        • untitledreality

          “I’d argue that anytime a team adds revenue, it’s a good thing. Unless of course, that revenue is at the cost of spreading cancer or aids.”

          The team isnt adding revenue, the ownership is. The Cubs have operated in the black for years, this is just a way to to bump up the Ricketts ROI

          • Rick Vaughn

            Good for them. If I paid nearly a billion dollars for a sports franchise, I’d do be looking for a way to make some extra money off it too. I can’t believe I, the hippie 99% liberal, am defending the rich guy for trying to make more money. It’s his ballpark. If you wanted to keep it the way it was, you probably should have ponied up the $901 billion it would have taken to outbid him for it.

            This is the most boring little debate I think I’ve ever seen on this website.

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    as long as theres beer and hot dogs.its all good…….wrigley needs some renovation and its a nice write off come tax time.

  • Dragoon77

    The entire shape of the outfield bleachers has been dictated by the desire to squeeze more seats into the ballpark, thereby derive more revenue for the team. Check out the left field bleachers next time you see some 1960’s Santo-Banks-Williams era vintage footage. You will notice at that time THERE ARE NO SEATS between the left field corner and Waveland Avenue. Seats were later added, and that section of the bleachers has been expanded several times since. We’ve all sat in those seats. We’ve all had a great time in those seats. Did the addition of those seats ruin the feel of Wrigley Field. I would say it enhanced the experience. I think the worst thing you can say about the planned right field renovation is that it looks a little too much like Fenway Park.

    I completely understand cubmig’s concerns about garish advertising ruining the feel, but I think I speak for everyone my age (34) and younger when i say the we’ve been bombarded by such advertising our entire lives. For the most part we tune it out without thinking about it. If Bud wants to pay my favorite sports team money in a failed attempt to get me to drink their crappy beer, then by all means let them.

    And also cubmig, I think you might by wrong in assuming this renovation won’t effect on field play. Propping the right field bleachers high enough could possibly change the effect of high winds blowing in off the lake, effecting baseballs hit both to right and I bet center field. Notice we just picked up a left handed pull hitting 1B prospect. Notice how we go after every mediocre left handed starter we can find. Thne go look up what the Yankees have done with their crazy right field park effects in new Yankee Stadium.