Still coming down off the Convention weekend, and trying to get myself back into the routine. There will be plenty to discuss today as we’re entering the phase of the offseason where the Cubs will (theoretically) start settling with their arbitration-eligible players, and there are always rumors about new players. Until then, Bullets…

  • Speaking of arbitration, today’s the day for arbitration-eligibles and their teams to swap proposed salaries for the 2012 season. The Cubs’ arbitration-eligible players are Jeff Baker, Blake DeWitt, Geovany Soto, Ian Stewart, Matt Garza, Randy Wells, and Chris Volstad.
  • Alfonso Soriano, who received a smattering of boos at the Cubs Convention (which booers received a scowl from me), still has a positive attitude about Cubs fans and the Cubs’ future, whether or not he’s not a part of it. “There’s nothing wrong about bringing in the young guys because they have a lot of talent,” Soriano said. “Everyone who is new on the team is more than welcomed and I hope they can play 100 percent and help the team.”
  • The Cubs’ scouting department will be meeting this week to discuss plans for approaching the draft, among other things, in light of the new CBA. It’s an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation, as the Cubs look to try and find whatever advantage they can.
  • Baseball America’s Jim Callis puts Brett Jackson on his all-rookie team for 2012, saying, “Has no obvious opening, but he’ll force his way into Chicago’s lineup.” I wouldn’t look for Jackson much before June, no matter what happens in the next two months, by the way. Delaying Jackson’s service clock, and thus gaining an additional year of control over Jackson, is simply too valuable.
  • The Cubs will seek city approval for the new patio area, seats, and LED board at Wrigley Field if they have to. But the Cubs tend to think Wrigley’s landmark designation will be unaffected by these changes. “It doesn’t affect any of the historic features. It does not change the bleacher height or the outfield wall. It’s a way to continue to modernize the park, but keep within the historic tradition of Wrigley Field,” said Mike Lufrano, Cubs general counsel and executive vice-president of community affairs. But, Lufrano added, “We’re happy to work with the city if they believe it does [require Landmarks Commission approval]. If they ask us to go to the meeting in February, we’ll be there.”
  • Wayne Buckner of the Wrigley Blog snaps a couple photos of the work already underway. Namely, the bleacher seats are being removed.
  • If you still haven’t had enough CubsCon coverage, CSN Chicago has all manner of video from the Convention.
  • Want to work for the Cubs? They’re hiring a social media and PR assistant. If you get the job, you can be the anthropomorphized version of “the Cubs” on the Internet. That would be sweet.
  • Katie

    I read the job description yesterday and it sounds awesome. Too bad I have almost no experience & don’t live in Chicago! Otherwise I’d be perfect!

  • gblan014

    Seems like that social media and PR assistant has your name written all over it Brett…

    • Brett

      Ha. It does match well with some things I’ve been doing over the past few years, but I’d have to give up BN to do it …

      • hansman1982

        Um, I know someone who would take that burden off your hands.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    As much as you are appreciated here, I’m sure everyone would wish you onward. What an awesome job and you would be perfect for it. Besides, we would get the benefit of your talents there too. AND as mentioned above, Katie could handle BN just fine even if temporarily while you try the big time.

  • Smitty

    Brett, what were your thoughts about what Gordon is writing about in his article. I do somewhat agree that it seems rather miserly to be making scouts, etc. take the trains instead of cabs and share rooms. I know you need to watch where your money goes, but this type of treatment seems to counter the thought process and expecations elsewhere. Money is going out elsewhere to improve scouting, but we are going to put the scouts into harder working environments/living situations to save some coin. One would think you would lose good scouts this way.

    Just wondering what you thought of this.

    Sorry, here is the article