Today the Chicago Cubs announced their 2012 Spring Training broadcast schedule. In all, 30 of the 35 games will be available for viewing/listening, with six of them on TV.

Games begin on March 4. Len Kasper and Mick Gillespie (the radio voice of the AA Tennessee Smokies) will be doing most of the radio broadcasts.

Here’s the full lineup:

  • CubbieFaithful

    Spring training is almost here. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited.

  • Keith

    Does anyone can provide some info for access to WGN Radio via the internet for the games? Thank you! (Brett – keep up the great work, true Cubs fans love your site!)

    • Cubbie Blues

      I just found 720 live radio at

      • TWC

        Yeah, but that stream goes dark when the Cubs games are on.  To listen to the Cubs games, you either (1) pirate the stream, which isn’t very reliable, or (2) pay the $10, $15 for the whole season at  If you have an iPad, the $15 Gameday iPad app includes all radio streams and one live video game per day, and is well worth it, in my opinion.

        • Andrew

          The Gameday app is available for Android and iPhone as well. I used it last year and it was great. I searched and searched for free ways to listen to games last year, but nothing (at least nothing legal) worked. The $15 for a whole year of Gameday was well worth it.

          EDIT – I was wrong on the name. For Android it’s the “ At-Bat” app. Same thing, though. All MLB radio broadcasts as well as one game per day by video.

          • TWC


            And it should be noted that the iPhone and iPad Gameday apps are not cross platform compatible.  If you want it on both, you need to buy it twice.

        • SirCub

          Be careful using the “p” word around here. The SOPA police will shut us down and throw Brett in jail.

          • Bric

            This must explain the total lack of activity on any of the Pittsburgh websites.

    • CubbieBlue085

      One site I found that seems to work is It will have all the different stations that play the game on there and you can stream the broadcast on there. I think is the best route to go. Cheap for the avid baseball fan.

  • Spencer

    Does anyone know the prices for the Pick 9 package that goes on sale tomorrow?

  • CubsFanatic

    So only four chances to see what people trying to make the team can do? I can’t wait for Cubs Network….

  • Bacon

    2020 Cubs Baseball Network!!!! I’m buying the package. But it’s still a few years out.

  • Cubs in 2xxx

    Only 4 games on WGN. I had better get my Tivo ready for all the Andy Griffith reruns.