Somewhere, Billy Cundiff sobbing quietly, punctuated by nervous peaks at his door. They’re pros, so I don’t feel *too* bad for them, but, yeah – I kind of feel bad for the guy.

  • After yesterday’s discussion about the report noting that the Cubs had dropped the per diem for scouts from $50 to $30, a Cubs scout reached out to me, wanting to let us know that the drop was for the weekend of the Cubs Convention only, and was not a drop on a permanent, going-forward basis (to his knowledge). I contacted Toni Ginnetti, who’d written the original Sun-Times piece, to clarify, and she confirmed that she’d heard only that the per diem had been dropped for the Convention (the original article did not mention the Convention). So, for now, we can all relax – the Cubs haven’t gone massively “cheap.” Yet. To our knowledge.
  • An industrious Minor League Ball user utilized John Sickels’ prospect rankings for each of the 30 teams to create a ranking of the 30 teams. The methodology, which is fair, favors advanced, high-impact prospects (as it probably should), so the Cubs predictably fall about in the middle – ranked 17. Of note: no organization has more C+ prospects (typically lower level, less-established, but high-upside potential prospects) than the Cubs’ 17 of ’em, save for the Indians, who have 19. In other words, the 2012 season could see the Cubs’ farm system rocket forward. The Cardinals, whose system just two years ago was consistently thought in the bottom five, come in at number four. Grumble.
  • Former Red Sox International Scouting Director Craig Shipley, whom most believe has a job waiting for him with the Cubs if he wants it, has decided to “lie low for a while,” according to Nick Cafardo. Obviously you can always create a position, but maybe the Cubs felt like they didn’t have a spot or the money right now.
  • Bob Nightengale predicts that the Dodgers will sell for $1.73 billion, which is almost a billion dollars more than the Ricketts paid for the Cubs (~$845 to $900 million). Last year, Forbes valued the Dodgers just a few percent more than the Cubs – $800 million versus $773 million – so, either folks are being ridiculous in LaLa Land, Nightengale is wrong, or the Ricketts Family got themselves a steal when they bought the Cubs. I vote for the latter. Pay us back by spending the saved green on the organization, Ricketts.
  • Fergie Jenkins sees a bright future for Canadian baseball players. At present, he’s the only Canadian in Cooperstown.
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  • Katie

    Mmmmm…steak (Homer Simpson voice).

    That price tag for the Dodgers seems a bit steep.

  • Iain

    But what if I want steak *and* the Dodgers?

    • Brett


  • Toosh

    Had steak Saturday night. Excellent company, good food and conversation. A few beers. Great night.

  • Ced landrum

    As sad as cundiff is I would rather be him then Kyle Williams

    • Brett

      Fair point.

      • JulioZuleta

        I’m sure many of you know this, but Kyle Williams, he of the two punt-fumbles that inarguably cost the 49ers a trip to the Super Bowl, is the son of Sox GM Kenny Williams. Interesting fact, and my dislike of Kenny Williams made me feel slighly less bad for the kid.

    • jandersonjr81 father of Caden

      Cundiff can Atleast claim that the laces were to the side. Kyle has no excuse. I bet the guy still hasn’t been to sleep.

  • Chibs

    Cundiffed. You know, to be up a creek without a paddle. To have the whole world in the palm of your hands and then piss it all away. You know, Cundiffed.

  • A_mazz_ing

    Well a few things that stuck out to me with the Sickels rankings:

    1) we have no pitching (we knew that but still sucks to see)
    2) we have no A prospects (couple of B+ in Jackson and Rizzo)
    3) the White Sox are terrible at life (especially any offspring of Kenny Williams. Kyle Williams lost that game last night with two terrible “returns”)

    • Luke

      There are plenty of high-upside pitchers in the low levels. The Cubs could easily go from a pitching poor to a pitching rich organization by the end of the year.

      Of course, they could also wind up enabling Dr. James Andrews to buy Tasmania.

      • DocWimsey

        A team having a lot of good young arms is like a turtle having a large clutch of eggs. Most of them aren’t going to see adulthood, and probably none of them will: but it is your best shot at getting the desired results (grandkids for the turtle, MLB pitchers for a team).

        You might remember this as “r-selection” from your ecology classes. It’s overly simple, but it’s a good starting point.

        • Luke

          Not a bad analogy.

          Now, if we can just get the environmentalists to start a “Save The Pitcher!” campaign…

          • DocWimsey

            heh, yeah, well, there is the “Watch the PItch Count!” crowd!

        • JB88

          So continuing that analogy, like sea turtles, are we forbidden from touching pitchers if we encounter them in the “wild”? :)

          • DocWimsey

            As most pitchers are very large testosterone laden young men, I’d give them a wide berth just to be cautious, especially if you encounter them in their natural post game settings (i.e., some place with young women that they want to impress). You know, like they are grizzlies or something…..

            (Or snapping turtles: those things are Mean!)

            • Brett

              You do NOT want to encounter a mama Maples when her young are close by.

              • Cubbie Blues

                I’m sure we have all seen what Farnsworth can do when provoked.

                • DocWimsey

                  heh, steroids probably would have caused Farny’s testosterone levels to drop…….

        • Hawkeyegrad

          Just like the sea turtle, most pitchers go back to the same nesting place every year, the Atlanta Braves.

  • OlderStyle

    Kyle Williams was having a “Marion Barber” sort of night.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    I used to get a $5 per diem back when I was a rock star. I didn’t smoke so unlike the other band members I actually ate lunch!

  • David

    I would’ve used a picture of a nicer looking steak.

    Just sayin.

    • Brett

      Not for $30…

      • David

        But for $50?

        Pre-tip, of course.

        • Brett

          Ah. Natch.

  • Dane

    Wow! How about those arms at the top of Dbacks system! Any chance they would be in on Garza? I wouldn’t mind getting some of those guys in the top 3 back in a deal

  • MrRobbins

    Another thing about the per Diem… If the CubsCon is like any convention I’ve ever been to, there are quite a bit of “free” stuff that goes into it. On a normal business trip, I’m responsible for my breakfast/lunch/dinner and may go out with a co-worker, but basically, the per Diem covers every meal.

    At conventions or mass meetings, most of my meals are covered. When we have a group meeting, it’s catered. When we go to dinner with the boss, he buys. Half the time, lunch/dinner/etc. is all provided without the need for me to pull out my CC and get reimbursed.

    Just a thought.