Yoenis Cespedes: Resident of the Dominican Republic (UPDATE: And One Report Says Cespedes is Officially a Free Agent Now)

Earlier today, Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes’ Dominican Winter League team revealed that he would no longer be playing with the team after a two-week stint. I guessed that was a prelude to an announcement regarding residency, and, if my elbow can stand the reach to my back, it looks like I nailed it.

According to Cespedes’ advisor, Edgar Mercedes, the outfielder’s residency has come through in the DR (a necessary precursor for a Cuban defector to come play in the States), and is now awaiting MLB’s approval of his free agency. From there, he’s open for bidding, and things could happen very quickly.

The Cubs and Marlins are believed to be the 26-year-old’s two most active suitors right now, but, as the Tigers proved today, a team can come out of nowhere and scoop a guy up at the last minute (incidentally, the Tigers’ scooping – of Prince Fielder, in this instance – probably limits the money they could offer to Cespedes (the Tigers were previously considered in the top tier of suitors, together with the Cubs and Marlins)).

The Cubs have been in on Cespedes for months now, but no one yet has a great sense of just what his price tag will be. The low end of estimates has him topping the six-year, $30 million deal Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman got from the Reds a couple years ago, and the upper end has Cespedes pushing $60 million (presumably over six years). The Marlins have openly said that they’ll bid aggressively for Cespedes, right up to the point of “stupidity.”

The report does not discuss whether fellow defector Jorge Soler, a 19-year-old outfielder, has also achieved residency. Either way, Soler may not sign for a while yet, given that he’s more of a true prospect than Cespedes, who’d like to at least get a chance to show what he can do in Spring Training.

UPDATE: Dominican writer Dionisio Soldevila says Cespedes has been granted free agency, too. I followed up with Soldevila to confirm that he meant free agency in addition to residency, and he said that “[Cespedes'] agent Edgar Mercedes says so.” It’s possible we won’t get some big, formal announcement of free agency, so this may, in fact, be the first report of it. Alternatively, free agency is still a few days away, and there’s merely some confusion about residency and free agency. Either way, the bidding is about to ramp up (if it hasn’t occurred already).

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  1. cubsnivy56

    I don’t know if Cespedes will be a MLB player or not.  I have some reservations like most.  I hope that Theo and Jed think he will because that would be more fun than if they do not.  If they do believe, and we do sign him, that would be……………………………..the cats pajamas and bees kness all rolled in to one!

  2. Lance White

    Ricketts and his merry men are leading this Proud Franchise down a losing path and every day it gets worse……..As a Fan base you people who we’re crying for a winner,have turned into dreamers and are willing to be ok with losing for many years and may never reach the promise land………If you are ok with having players who can’t hit over 200 agianst Major League Pitching and the GM blames himselve……..No way I don’t care what he says he never picked up the bat,So the Fact that Rizzo hit 144 vs MLB Pitching and in September agianst Pitchers that are Tired shows me this Guy is going to be a Lifetime Minor Leaguer…………He will never be a Starter in the Majors on a Winning team…………Epstien is trying a Plan that will never work………..He sold a Lie to an owner who has no Baseball Sense and to a Fan base that was so starved for a winner that they would believe a Lie………..most are kids on here,so I understand you are dreamers and not used to real life………But the Cubs will not win a Series in Epstiens 5yrs and never with his Refusal to spend money on Future Hall of Famers…….But thats not even the worse thing he has done since he joined the cubs……..Putting His Ego ahead of Hiring the Right Manager for the Cubs because he knew that if He Hired a Winner in Sandberg and when this Plan doesn’t work and Sandberg called him out in the Media that the Fan base would follow Sandberg and not him………..He did not hire Sandberg because of his ego and you should never put your ego in front of the Team and he did and the fact that you losers can’t realise that is just purely sad……..Even Sandberg has called him and Ricketts out in the Media in his own way……..So you can talk about a Championship and how “We believe in Epstien”………but it is what it will always be and thats just talk……..The Cubs will never win unless they spend there Big Fortune on Big Name Stars…….No Team with prospects is going to beat an AL team in the Series…….Dream all ya want,but it’s never going to happen……….

    1. BetterNews

      Lance–Take your tranquilizer now, damn it!

    2. JR 1908

      OK Lance, the Cubs need to spend out their ass because it worked out so well for guys like Soriano, Zambrano, Bradley, Fukodome, and many other turd signings??? The Cubs are FINALLY developing their farm system, and will spend when the time is right. If you can’t see that I don’t know what to tell ya, it seems pretty obvious to most everyone else…
      Thanks for the great insight though.

    3. MichiganGoat

      Hi we are sooo happy to have another pessimistic fan who over uses the ellipsis point… Great points….

    4. keith

      lance, i feel your pain. however, i am enjoying the gutting of the cubs this off-season. as for not being able to compete w/o signing big name free agents…………who cares. ask marlin fans how hard it was for them to win 2 world series titles in a span of 10 years gutting their team not once but twice to do so. this is a business and there is going to be some bumps in the road so hold on tight. we had our shot in 07, 08,09 and failed. it’s time to reboot and start down another path to add youth and hopefully talent to this organization where we are desperately lacking. who could blame epstein for wanting to have a chance to rebuild the cubs—i envy him.

    5. Jeff L

      Lance I completely agree with you. So, keith we didn’t win it in 07,08, and 09 it doesn’t mean we have to rebuild like this. The Red Sox haven’t won since 07 doesn’t mean their starting over. It’s been a while since the Yankees have won too doesn’t mean their starting over. So, the contracts of Soriano and Big Z didn’t work out like we hoped that happens. It doesn’t mean we should be scared to go after big free agents again because those didn’t work out. You don’t see the Yankees crying over AJ Burnett or the Red Sox crying over John Lackey or Carl Crawford. That’s because big free agents is the only way to win in this league. The Rays have won going down the path Epstein is, but has never won a championship. That’s a fact! The last few years were the only years the Cubs have actually spent money to try to win a Championship. It has been a time where we didn’t go into a season knowing it was over before it began. Cub fans deserve a team that doesn’t have “lovable losers” attached to it. Epstein never won without the second highest payroll in baseball!!! What makes you think he can win with the Cubs new payroll?

      1. MichiganGoat

        So how did the Giants and Cardinals win the past two years?

        1. Jeff L

          Obviously the Cardinals won amazingly last year. They also had a superstar in Albert Pujols and paid big money for Matt Holiday. But they both won with pitching. They also both have payrolls above 100 mil… Giants actually are going to be way above 120 mil now that they have to pay Lincecum. Both of those teams won the way the Cubs should have in 2003… We had great pitchers that were at the time at a much lower cost and were great. Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Big Z. Our payroll that year was around the payroll the Cardinals had when they won the Championship. The thing is we can’t win that way without great young starting pitching. If you don’t have that you have to win by paying big dollars for starting pitching and hitting, or you have to be lucky as all hell and draft a Tim Lincecum, Kerry Wood, Chris Carpenter, or a Matt Cain. My point is from my last comment THEO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO WIN THE WAY THE CUBS ARE GOING. HE HAS ONLY WON CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH THE 2ND HIGHEST PAYROLL IN BASEBALL!!!! CANT MAKE IT MORE CLEAR THAN THAT

          1. MichiganGoat

            Then you are going to need to seek a prescription because that is exactly how Theo wants to build and win and Ricketts will support his decision with the checkbook, but Theo is not signing a big FA until a competitive team is built. Call me a homer but I’m not going to waste my energy on the team I love by spurting bile and gloom. Sorry that’s just not healthy, give it a year or two before unleashing the hate or find another team.

            1. Jeff L

              See you read my comments all wrong. I love the Cubs just as much as you or more. It’s not about spurting as you call it bile and gloom. It’s about holding management and most of all Ricketts accountable and not just being a “lovable loser fan”. When I was a kid and teenager that’s exactly what I was. Now that I’m an adult I am smart enough to be more critical. The same way Boston and Yankees fans are. Cub fans should follow their lead. You can’t blindly be ok with the way Ricketts is spending his money. If he opened up his check book and went after Darvish like the way Epstein went after Dice K in Boston we would be on the right path. Winning championships in MLB is all about pitching. Good young pitching and when you have a chance to get a guy like Darvish you have to open up that checkbook. I’m not going to blindly love everything Theo does because he won two championships in Boston by having the 2nd HIGHEST PAYROLL IN BASEBALL BY THE WAY. You make it sound like we are in a communist country and it’s a sin to question your leadership and give your own opinions. It’s crazy how you guys jump on anybody who doesn’t agree with you. A true fan doesn’t just follow everything the team does blindly, sorry to burst your bubble MG:)

            2. ferrets_bueller


              I simply cannot understand how someone can repeatedly fail to understand the simplest of nuances about when to spend on FAs.

              I wouldn’t waste my time with this guy MG, I don’t think he’s ever going to catch on.

              1. Jeff L

                Ferrets, I’m trying to help you guys understand or “catch on” as you call it. As you are a member of the “homer clan” I know it’s hard to understand that with 4 or 5 free agents this offseason we would be contending. Instead we are rated as 17th in prospects and we are rated as having a pitching rotation that is lower than the White Sox. Wake up “Homer Clan” Theo and get it in your heads that the all mighty Theo won in Boston only with the 2nd highest payroll in baseball. I know I’ve said that many times now but you don’t seem to understand it lol

                1. ferrets_bueller

                  No, with 4 or 5 FAs this offseason, you’d have a massive payroll on a poorly cobbled together team that would barely contend for a year or two before becoming a massive albatross destined to be far from competing for nearly half a decade.

                  Show me a team who has successfully ‘bought’ a championship through FA, and been competitive for more than one or two years.  Because there isn’t one.

                  You don’t spend huge money on FAs on a bad team.  because you still wont be able to contend, and you’ll just be throwing money away for their short life of competitiveness.

                  Bandaids.  Do not.  Work.

                  1. Jeff L

                    1997 Florida Marlins!!!! Do your research Ferrets instead of being obsessed with the “real Jeff” lol… Also, many Yankee teams did the same thing. You can’t count out the Red Sox either that only won with payrolls above 160 mil second highest in baseball:)

                    1. ferrets_bueller

                      Dear god.

                      Learn to read.

                      ‘for more than one or two years.’

                      Show me a Yankees championship team that didn’t already have a core built.  The Red Sox already had a core built.

                      Aside from two one year wonders, the Marlins and the DBacks, no team has ever started with no core and purchased a ring through FA.  And certainly no team has been a competitor for multiple years by doing so, as both of those teams quickly crashed to the cellar.

                    2. BetterNews

                      Jeff L–I made the “real Jeff” comment, not ferrets!

                    3. Jeff L

                      Ferrets you just answered your own question. You just showed yourself two teams that have won a championship through free agency good job. Learn to read your own questions. :)

                    4. ferrets_bueller

                      You, sir, are a petulant complete and utter moron.

              2. MichiganGoat

                Ferrets I agree not worth the energy.

                1. ferrets_bueller

                  I should take my own advice, lmao.


                  1. keith

                    ferrets, it’s hard to make sense to someone standing on a soapbox. we had a short window in 07-09 and failed, took on bad long term contracts and are now paying the price for it. for all my years as a cubs fan i have been waiting for a gm that actually was ready to blow up the entire organization and start over. jeff, if your serious about your comments than i suggest you find another team to root for in the short-time cause this could get even uglier before we get competitive.

      2. B.J.

        This is a mute point, as both the Red Sox and Yankees have had and continue to have prospects develop in their farm system and go on to produce at the major league level… hence, one of the reasons why they haven’t had to completely start over. Some of those prospects for those two teams are now playing consistently at All Star levels. Who in the Cubs’ organiztion prior to the Epstein regime has done that or has shown in big league games that they’re capable of doing that very soon?

        Despite Boston having the 2nd highest payroll when they won, they also had “home grown” talent that was vital to their success that season. Players that were developed in their own system. The Cubs… well, the Cubs have had Corey Patterson, Hee Seop Choi, Felix Pie, Matt Murton, Rich Hill, and more than a handful of others… a history of prospects that were ridiculously overvalued and are now either out of baseball or fighting just to get a minor league contract.

        Not to mention, those teams having prospects in their systems also allowed them to use some of those prospects in trades for proven veterans or All Star type players that also added to their success.

        Theo is doing the right thing in building a strong, stable farm system that allows the players the time to develop as opposed to being rushed to the Bigs because they’re viewed as the team’s only potential savior when all other options fail.

        1. TWC

          Moot point, dude.  The word is moot.  Not mute.  This is one of those mistakes that shrivels my skin.

          1. B.J.

            Sorry to shrivel your skin, dude. I’ll be the first to admit that typing mistakes bother me as much as anybody, so I can’t argue your point. Just an overlooked mistake. Again, sorry, dude.

            1. TWC

              No sweat.  Some things are just like nails on a chalkboard for me.  I agree with your other comments completely, fwiw.

          2. ferrets_bueller

            I think that mistake, and spelling ridiculous ‘rediculous,’ are the two most unbearable things anyone can possibly do, lmao.

            1. TWC


    6. GocubsGo14

      Lance have you ever watched baseball? Have you ever watched the cubs? Have you ever played a sport? Ever heard of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays who compete every year with prospects that turn into stars then sign else where? Ever seen moneyball? I’m gonna guess your answer is no to all the questions I asked. So do me a favor when you can answer yes to any of these questions come back and read your post so you realize how ignorant you are.when you post about something you obviously know nothing about.

  3. oswego chris

    Not to be a downer but the Marlins are going to go crazy on this guy….I am saying 60-70 million…..pretty expensive “prospect”…I would love for the Cubs to have him….but with Miami willing to throw the money around, and the obvious huge Miami/Cuban market…I wouoldn’t pencil him into the line-up…

    1. BetterNews

      Oswego–What makes you think Miami has that much more money to throw around?

      1. MichiganGoat

        They were in on Pujols and were rumored to be lurking on Fielder, I think they are spending to grow the fan base and sell seats, I think they would spend 8-12M a year on a player that would hype the fan base.

        1. BetterNews

          MG–Seems the “general” feeling is, the Cubs are willing to outspend the Marlins when it comes to Cesepedes.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Yes the majority of news has the Cubs as a front runner, I was just responding to your question fro Chris and believe the Marlins have the money to spend on him if they desire and he would be an exciting addition to Miami.

      2. Jeff L

        Better, if you actually read other websites and articles you would know that it has been reported that the Marlins do have a ton more money to spend.

  4. curt

    wow lance or is it die-hard either way dude lighten the hell up, we all knew what a mess hendry left this team in, in part bc of sam zell but it doesent matter bc we all knew this was going 2 be a project dont judge theo now judge him in another 2 years see what we look like then if we havent improved then bitch to yr hearts content lance but for now shaddddddd-up already

  5. Katie

    Lance’s comments look familiar…..but I only scanned…..the comments because I….don’t speak fluent….. …… ……

    1. Rick Vaughn


      I refuse to believe that there is more than one person who would type…..like……. this……

      1. MichiganGoat

        Oh there are many people who use the ellipsis points to move from one idea to another.

        1. Kansas Cubs Fan

          ………………………………………………………….. “…………………………” (………………………)


          You know what I’m saying?

          1. MichiganGoat

            I’m never sure what YOU are saying my friend

  6. Frank

    If I remember correctly Lance, Ryne Sandberg hit less than .200 in his first action with the Cubs. The first major league action of a 22 year old is not enough on which to project a career. And again, if I remember correctly, Tampa won the World Series a couple of times without a huge payroll, while the Cubs, who spent big money on big name stars didn’t do quite as well. You’re right–this may not work, but it’s way too early to go into full out panic mode.

    1. BetterNews

      Frank-No he didn’t! Sandberg hit less than .200 with Phildelphia with 6 AB. Hardly something to make a comparison too!

      1. KCubsfan

        Ryne Sandberg may hit over .200 but Mike Schmidt did not. Schmidt hit under .200 for his first 400 PA and he turned out to be one of the best power hitter of all time.

    2. Andrew

      frank-when did tampa win the world series a couple times?….did i fall asleep and miss something?

      1. BetterNews

        Andrew-He means the Marlins. I caught that but I couldn’t argue it. I’m on a tight leash.(LOL)

        1. Jeff L

          The Marlins actually won with a big payroll not a small one. They didn’t win the way Tampa is trying to.

  7. Abe Froman

    I just don’t see the Cubs signing Cespedes. Miami wants to make a splash with the new stadium and the Cuban market, you got to think it’s not just lip service when they say they will spend big on him. Seems like too many question marks for Jed and Theo to commit 50 million to, most notably the obvious fact that is tossed around and casually passed over as just another tidbit, but the guy hasn’t faced anything close to MLB pitching save a couple of the international games.

    I apologize if this has been asked before Brett, but can a team work a drug test into its initial contract, or stipulate in the contract that if past PED use is discovered it is nullified?

    I would be all for saving the cash for an Ethier run next year.

  8. OHBearCub

    I would love to think we could continue to keep the momentum of change. If we take a financial risk on the 3 Cuban free agents, we might be rewarded. No risk no gain. I have had a few negative posts. Mostly because it takes me a minuten to accept change. I always disliked the Redsox so I didn’t care about Theo and company. I was hoping for Friedman because does what the is doing every year. But here I am hoping we can sign these 3 players because I have hope that this approach will work. The big name big contract method got us close but no big prize behind door number 3. We got this.. tell em what they’ve won Don Pardo. BZZZZZZZZZZ ITS THE DONKEY. DAMNIT.. If we only had a smarter GM and a better coach. Nope this is where we are. Several new guys who were 1st round draft picks on a lot of different draft boards. They didn’t make it Colorado, California and who knows where else (don’t care). I do think Lahair will do a real good job for the Cubs at first base but will hapily move to left field when Rizzo comes up. I hope everyone does their best and we have a winning attitude its a catchy thing positivity. Losing sucks and its not motivating only when you learn from a loss and move forward.
    SO THEO AND JED sign these three Cubans so the positive feeling carries us forward with a winning feeling. Morale has a lot to do withsuccess and failure. It isnt ridiculous money in the grand scheme of things so spend it. If the Cubs put a winning team on the field the ROI will be better than that noodles.

  9. Jeff L

    Co-Chairman of the Rangers says it perfectly. “Homer Clan” maybe now you’ll understand. “We’re writing checks to make this stuff happen, but at some point it’s got to sustain itself and we understand that,” Simpson said. “Winning comes first and then support comes. You can’t ask fans to come to every game while you’re losing and have them help you increase your revenues. You’re trying to take it to a new level, a sustainable level, where it is a dynasty franchise like the Dallas Cowboys achieved. Then in the off-years, and inevitably you’ll have some, they still support you.”

    We don’t deserve to have “off-years” yet until we win something. It’s been 103 and Ricketts as a former fan of the Cubs should understand that. Write the Checks and make something happen.

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan

      Talk to the hand ’cause the Cub fans ain’t listenin’.

      1. BetterNews

        Here we go! Did the fans come first or did the players come first! The Fans!

        1. Jeff L

          I would love to know everyones age because most of these comments being made sound like they come from 5-10 year olds. Seriously “talk to the hand” “Did the fans come first or did the players” What is your point? lol… Did you guys even read what the Rangers Co Chairman says. Are you saying you wouldn’t desire an owner like that. I love when Sampson says, “You can’t ask fans to come to every game while you’re losing and have them help you increase your revenues.”

          1. BetterNews

            We are wating for the “real” Jeff comment!n The one that knows baseball.

          2. hcs

            I am quite curious about which 4-5 free agent signings this year would’ve put the Cubs into a place of contention,,,

            Fielder or Pujols, who will both fade to sub-Soriano levels years before their contracts are close to up?

            Edwin Jackson, CJ Wilson, Mark Buehrle, or any number of other extremely mediocre starters who don’t offer a whole lot down the line?

            Jose Reyes, who doesn’t exactly fill one of the many positions of need for the Cubs?

            Were Ricketts to have opened the purse strings to any of these moves, we would, come 2013 and beyond, be stuck in the same ridiculous rut that the 2010-11 teams were in, old, overpaid, underperforming. I think most of us have been sick and tired of this method for years. We’re not just “homers”, we want to see the club move forward in a logical way, not going all-in for 2012 on a free-agent class that probably couldn’t win a World Series by itself.

            As for my age, Jeff L, let’s just say my daughter is turning 18 in April, but you’re out of luck. I don’t let her date trolls.

            1. ferrets_bueller


              The idea that this team could have contended by getting ‘four or five’ FAs is absolutely ludicrous.

            2. Jeff L

              Sorry HCS didn’t see your reply till now. The four or five free agents would be Darvish (25 year old stud) CJ Wilson… Just those two would have made the rotation Darvish, Wilson, Garza, Dempster, and who ever wins the five slot. That alone is enough to win the division. Then lets talk about 3 and 4… Fielder and the star Cuban would bolster the offense. With that team your competing for a championship this year!

              1. hcs

                And when Filelder eats himself into obscurity with 7 years and 170 million left on his contract, Cespedes can’t hit AAA pitching for his 60 million, and Darvish gets solved, much like Matzuzaka, a year into his 110 million investment, you now have the highest MLB payroll and a bunch of guys who can’t compete. See: 2010-11 seasons. That method just doesn’t work, long-term.

                Don’t get me wrong, if the cubs could have pulled in some of those guys on 2-3 year contracts, i would be behind those kinds of moves, but look at what those guys got. Hardly in the best interest of a team that wants to be competitive for years to come.

                Oh, yeah, didn’t address Wilson. Just seems like a d-bag to me, and just not proven enough for a big investment.

  10. Jeff L

    Better really how old are you I’m really curious. Anyway I haven’t seen you give one substantial comment besides your love affair with “Jeff” lol. I’m glad I’m not him I really don’t want a little kid to be obsessed with me.

    1. BetterNews

      You’re not the real Jeff and i’l turn 13 next month.

      1. Jeff L

        Thank you for telling me your 13. All your posts makes sense now.

        1. GocubsGo14

          Haha you sound more like a kid. I’m older than you so I win. What is this elementary school. Kinda made yourself look dumb by pointing out a kid that is 13 has more baseball logic and common sense. Knapsack how old are you? Haha.

  11. Cheryl

    Haven’t the last few months emphasized the importance of a farm system? Haven’t there been articles about how we need to “develop” impact players within that farm system. I’ve read article after article on how Ricketts has spent money to attract the best people in the draft. I think he and Theo and Company are on the right path. As the …….others ….. have said………And I agree……..As much as I can in interpreting ……….

    1. Jeff L

      Cheryl I agree it’s important to “develop” impact players. Especially pitchers like we did with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. The thing is we also have to get some impact guys on the field while we do that. I think getting some of the up coming Cuban prospects is a good way to start. Bottom line is we have to find some great starting pitching somewhere and now that Darvish is gone I and Lincecum looking like he’s signing an extension with the Giants I don’t know where it’s going to come from.

      1. Still Love the Cubs

        Here’s my question for you Jeff. I understand that you want to spend money on FA’s and I even understand why. The fans have been suffering long enough.

        But here is my problem with that line of thinking. What happens if you sign a bunch of FA’s to big money contracts and then when you need to pay your foundation, you don’t have the money left because it is all tied up in old and rotting pieces of junk (see Soriano).

        I’d rather build the foundation, spend the money available wisely to throw at getting bad contracts off the books, and then when the foundation is there, you sign them all to the deals they deserve and you go get the piece or 2 in FA that you need to complete your team.

        That is the model that is going to win consistently. That is how the Yankees have stayed consistently good for so long. They add pieces they need. On top of that, they have won ONE ring since they went beserk on FA’s. Not really that good to me with the top payroll by far.

        I don’t want to see a winner this year followed by years of being hamstrung. I want to see a winner every single year. And i will support the new FO until they prove they are inept. We haven’t even seen their team play a game yet for goodness sake. Give them a chance.

        1. BetterNews

          Still Love the Cubs-I’m not supose to comment on everything becausei’m stupid. Good comment.

          1. Still Love the Cubs

            I actually don’t like to post that much because after I re read what I just wrote I realize how much I suck at writing.

            I think the reason you get criticized sometimes (as well as others who get criticized on this board) is that the idea is there in your head so clearly, but when you go to write it down, it didn’t come out right.

            Then people start ripping it apart and its easy to get defensive.

            Tell you what, reading what I write just makes me realize how much guys like Brett have a real skill for getting their thoughts onto the page in a way that make sense and can influence others.

            1. BetterNews

              Easy to make a mistake! Yes it is, and pople will jump on it.

            2. Edgar

              i feel the same way. but aslo it makes no sence that people are here talking shit to each other. we are all here for a common reason and that is to discuss the cubs. shit people have opinions and they are entited to them sure somethings are crazier than other but you would still think that people would be grown up about.

              as for age i dont think there would be any 13 year olds readind too much into this site.

              1. MichiganGoat

                You spelled “sense” as “sence” and did not capitalize your sentences. :)

                And yes many of us will tease anyone when there is a typo, the key is to roll with the punches and start to proof your post before sending.

                You are correct that we are all here for a common purpose, welcome.

                1. Edgar

                  we dont know anyone qualifications or purpose other than bretts. this comment section is not a formality nor it should be. people are here to comment on what they believe not to get critized on their grammar, thats what school is for. its the internet nobody cares for what you write(again for the exception of brett). there will always be little pricks talking shit about everything.

                  1. MichiganGoat

                    Just giving you a hard time, your welcome to comment just be prepared to be joked with. Glad to have you hear.

                    1. loyal100more

                      goat you spelled here as hear… whats really going on?

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      Nice mea culpa… see we all make mistakes

                    3. loyal100more

                      i miss willie gault too!

                    4. Boogens

                      Goat also typed “your” when he meant “you’re”. ;-)

                  2. loyal100more

                    the goat is an english teacher welcoming you in his general good nature. take a deep breath and continue to comment… and be prepared to have people disagree… if it makes you feel any better the goat is probably spell checking this comment as well.

                2. loyal100more

                  the goat ate my homework!

        2. Jeff L

          Well I understand your logic and thanks for the well thought out reply. Truthfully I would love to see the Cubs win 1 Championship and get the monkey off our backs and then be what you call it hamstrung. You can even do it the way the Marlins did it by winning it all with free agents and then trading them if you want for prospects the next year. I don’t like that formula honestly, but I feel when you have a chance to get a high priced young star like Darvish you go for it. Also, we are only hamstrung if Ricketts says we are. This isn’t like the NBA or the NFL where we have a salary cap. This salary cap is decided by Ricketts himself. Also, as I’ve been saying so many times Epstein never won without the 2nd highest payroll in baseball.

  12. BetterNews

    Brett-I’m taking your advice! Yoga! Pulse rate has gone down considerably. Do not repond to personal attacks against me!

  13. 2much2say

    Cespedes – Free Agent -Let the Games Begin!

    1. BetterNews

      I want to see your Christmas comment again! It was great!

      1. 2much2say

        Theo gave to us: 12 front office guys / 11 million too much for Mcdonalds /10 players to trade / 9 new coaches / 8 missed Free Agents / 7 better bids for Darvish / 6 Teams left for Garza / Five Years for Fielder/ 4 years left for Theo / 3 Tommy Johns / 2 Cuban prospects and a Championship in a 100 more years

        1. LOL

          Theo didn’t buy or have anything to do with the acquisition of the McDonald’s land…that was Crane Kenney and the Ricketts…..

          1. BetterNews

            lol-Come on dude! 2much comment was intended as humor.

  14. 2much2say

    I want to believe Cespedes is the Key piece Theo is banking on. Soler would be the parsley.

    1. GocubsGo14

      I think Cespedes is a smoke screen. I think if we truly had that much intrest we woul d be a mystery team. I think they get Soler. Cespedes will be overpaid by another team.

      1. Kyle Johansen


  15. BetterNews

    Does anyone remember Joe Pepitone?

  16. BetterNews

    Is it me or does not anyone miss Aramis Ramirez?

    1. hcs

      In about the same way that I missed my old mutt after we had to have her put down. Near the end, she was dogging routine grounders as well.

    2. ferrets_bueller

      I, for one, don’t miss him at all.

    3. Edgar


      1. ferrets_bueller

        John Galt.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Nice… but I do miss Willie Gault

        2. Tommy

          Who is John Galt?
          Yes, that is rhetorical.

  17. GocubsGo14

    Jeff, don’t bash the people on this sight by telling them to look elsewhere. I spend about an hour 5 nights a week looking at other sites. There is no better site, I don’t ever post but I always read everyone else’s including diehard who always makes a post that I shake my head at and laugh it off. But I can’t get past your posts from earlier.
    Ricketts inherited many problems and all of them require money.wrigley is out of date and falling apart. Believe me I am a die hard cubs fan so I appoligize to those that I offend with this comment. I hate Wrigley, I love the ivy and the field and the scoreboard. But everything else needs to go or be updated and we need a jumbotron. So yes we could use a year or two to gather players with high upside and see which ones stick. While Ricketts allocates funds to address issues that he did not create and that are necessities. He has already opened his checkbook just not in obvious ways. On a side note I’m not to happy about the troughs being removed from the bathroom. I loved watching first timers walk into the bathrooms and do a double take. There was nothing better than going up to someone wearing visitors colors and standing next to them and with a smile saying welcome to Wrigley buddy. Anyways I’m done ranting. Sorry.

    1. Ron

      I walk up to someone and say, Nice watch.

  18. DCF

    GcG14, I agree that Cespedes might be a smoke screen. I just can’t see that the Cubs really want to sign an expensive 27 yr old A-ball veteran. To make a deal attractive he has to play in the majors pretty much right away which seems like a pretty risky assumption. Leave it to the Marlins overpay him using their endless supply of dirty money.

  19. K Rock

    I am curious how someone can sit here and bash Theo and the direction the Cubs are going but be perfectly content with the way Hendry ran the team and completely failed in his tenure. If you truly think that spending money on Free Agents and paying no attention to the Farm System is the way to build a contending team then you, my friend, are an idiot. You are worried about getting lucky and winning one WS while those who understand baseball are concerned with building a system and team designed to win and contend for years to come. He did the same thing in Boston, they have been contending and won 2 World Series since he arrived there, and that is in a division that makes the central look like AA ball.

    So if you really truly think Theo is running this system into the ground then you should take your baseball knowledge to the South Side and enjoy the Kenny Williams show

    1. Jeff L

      K Rock i didn’t see this post till now. Kenny Williams is actually a great GM. Made a fantastic trade with the Rangers and won a title in 2005. Believe me the fans that are 60-90 years old and may outlive the Cubs winning a championship will take 1 that will hold them for many years. And Boston is competitive every year because they have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball!

  20. Cubbies4Life

    Wow! I’m enjoying the hell outta the posts this morning! Katie – girlfriend, you crack me up! As for Jeff L – isn’t there some kind of “troll block” app available for download?

    1. ferrets_bueller

      I wish, lol.