As expected, it didn’t take long.

After achieving residency in the Dominican Republic earlier this week, and, with whisper last evening that he had reached free agency, it’s now official: 26-year-old Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is a free agent.

The Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins are expected to be among Cespedes’ most serious bidders. I never like to create unnecessary optimism, but the tea leaves look good for the Cubs:

  • The Cubs have been in on Cespedes since early November. (*Cough* first reported by me *cough*)
  • Cespedes, himself, has previously said the Cubs have been pursuing him the most aggressively.
  • Danny Knobler says others in MLB report that Cespedes has said he would prefer not to go to Miami.
  • Kevin Goldstein said, after talking to various international folks last week, that he believes the Cubs are the most likely Cespedes destination.
  • The Cubs have the money to spend on someone like Cespedes.

Don’t get your hopes up, because, as Prince Fielder just demonstrated, anything can happen.

  • 2much2say

    Let’s face it there are 2 camps for Cespedes 1) Great signing 6/30 mil
    2) Here we go again signing 6/60 mil+

  • Toosh

    If a team in MLB had drafted a player similar to Cespedes out of college and he was still just a “prospect” at age 26, he might be considered a bust. Teams should be considering the younger Cubans a better risk.

  • 2much2say

    I have the winner of Mr. Cub! Drumroll please………Yosh Kawano

  • die hard

    If Santorum, Newt or Mitt win in Nov, they may order deportation of all Cuban players…should Cubs take this into account as to Cespedes and others they are considering from Cuba?…tonight they were especially adamant that employers cannot hire anyone who jumped ahead of those waiting to get in and those will be sent back.. hows this going to affect such signings?