As expected, it didn’t take long.

After achieving residency in the Dominican Republic earlier this week, and, with whisper last evening that he had reached free agency, it’s now official: 26-year-old Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is a free agent.

The Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins are expected to be among Cespedes’ most serious bidders. I never like to create unnecessary optimism, but the tea leaves look good for the Cubs:


  • The Cubs have been in on Cespedes since early November. (*Cough* first reported by me *cough*)
  • Cespedes, himself, has previously said the Cubs have been pursuing him the most aggressively.
  • Danny Knobler says others in MLB report that Cespedes has said he would prefer not to go to Miami.
  • Kevin Goldstein said, after talking to various international folks last week, that he believes the Cubs are the most likely Cespedes destination.
  • The Cubs have the money to spend on someone like Cespedes.

Don’t get your hopes up, because, as Prince Fielder just demonstrated, anything can happen.

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