Two “remembers?”:

Remember when the Cubs signed Kerry Wood before the Cubs Convention, even though the 40-man roster stood at 40?

Remember when the Cubs signed Manny Corpas to a split contract that required putting him on the 40-man roster, even though he didn’t pitch in 2011 and would have made more sense as a non-roster invitee to Spring Training?

Well, two birds, one stone, and all that.

Today the Cubs outrighted Manny Corpas off the 40-man roster (in which process, they must have made him available to all other MLB teams and none wanted to put him on their 40-man), and instead gave him a non-roster invite to Spring Training. The move opened up a 40-man spot for Kerry Wood, whose $3 million deal should now be official.

This was procedural finagling at its finest.

  • Robert

    Love it!

  • ShootTheGoat

    IMO…The Modern Day Mr. Cub!!! Glad that the organization brought him back.

    • Edwin

      I’m curious, why would you say he’s the modern day Mr. Cub, as opposed to say, Aramis Ramirez?

      • hogie

        Rami was a great player for the Cubs, but has never had the character to carry such a title. He was never media friendly, not that he was unfriendly, but he was not the type to get involved in the community and such. Chicago was where he worked, which is just fine really, but you don’t get the status symbol by just being good on the field.

        • Doug

          Ummm…Just a guess but I think that may have been a bit of sarcasm by Edwin.

      • ShootTheGoat

        In My Opinion He is….But, My wife would probably agree with you. This from a woman that wanted to name our baby Aramis. Maybe secretly she just wanted to have HIS baby…What the Freak, now you have me self-conscience. Dang it!! j/k

      • ferrets_bueller

        because…Ramirez is kinda, ya know…overrated, lazy, and sucky?

        • loyal100more

          and ya know kinda not a cub at all

        • loyal100more

          not to mention modern day kinda means like today

        • Pat

          Ramirez, as opposed to Wood, is overrated? Wow. I assume we’re ignoring production for dollars paid.

    • Brian Myers

      For me, there isn’t a “Mr Cub” on this roster. Wood may fit the profile the best, but if you think “Chicago Cubs” is it Kerry Wood you immediately think of?

      If I was asked: Name “Chicago Cubs” Sandberg, Dawson, Banks, Santo, Castro, Hack Wilson, Tinker, Evers, Chance, Billy Williams. Before this off season, ARam, Zambrano and maybe even Carlos Pena might hit my mind before Kerry.

      If I “had” to vote, it would be for a more unlikely candidate… Dempster. He’s pitched for us for a long time, gives it his all every time out, and he’s the one person the national media focuses on when the Cubs are on TV with his Harry Carey impersonations. He looks like he’s a guy that really respects and enjoys the game. Not that Kerry doesn’t (he does) but he’s not even the first person I think of on this team that enjoys playing baseball (but he would make the list).

  • Edwin

    I should add, I’m a big Kerry Wood fan as well, and I’m happy to have him back. He has a great story. I just think that if I personally had to a pick a modern day Mr cub, I’d pick either Zambrano, Derrick Lee, Aramis Ramirez, or Ryan Dempster. Probably D-Lee.

    • Local Idiot

      If those are the options (“Zambrano, Derrick Lee, Aramis Ramirez, or Ryan Dempster”); I guess I do not understand the definition of “modern day Mr cub”.

      • Boogens


      • Edwin

        I would define being “Mr. Cub” as some combination of talent and character. While Wood seems like a great guy, he really hasn’t done much for the Cubs. Not that it’s his fault, and he worked hard to overcome injuries, but other than 1998, 2001-2003, and 2008, he hasn’t been that great. Even the seasons he was good, he wasn’t an elite player by any means. It just seems like Derrek Lee fits the mold better.

        • BN”Legs”

          Other than in ’05 and maybe ’09, I wouldn’t call D-Lee’s numbers anything more than average for a first baseman…much less elite. Unless you count grounding into the inning-ending double play being elite…

        • SirCub

          Well, if the qualifications is a combination of talent and character, why not Chipper Jones? He seems like a nice guy and has had a great career. Or maybe George Clooney, he is super talented, and a pretty good guy, I hear. Why couldn’t either one of them be “Mr. Cub?”

    • Doug

      WowII OK. I guess that wasn’t sarcasm.

      • ferrets_bueller

        Wow, indeed.  I wish it had been, lol.

  • cjdubbya

    Was going to ask about that (releasing Corpas for a period of time to anyone that wanted to put him on the 40 man). Brett, you da man. Reading my mind before I even think the thought. It’s the jedi mind trick, and that’s the cat’s pajamas.

  • Mick

    Yes, we get to keep Castillo and Mateo (for now)! I’m guessing the next player to be moved from our 40-man will be Andy Sonnestine since he too was signed to a similar deal to Corpas’. Does this story indicate that Corpas has cleared waivers or is just starting the waiver process?

  • MightyBear

    Great move by Theo and Jed. God I love those guys.

    • Deer

      You’re that excited because they outrighted Manny Corpas??

  • Toosh

    There is, and always will be, only one Mr. Cub.

    • TWC

      Dick Tidrow!!!

      • Katie

        Here here!

  • rcleven
    • ogyu

      Thank you for posting that link.

    • Wilbur

      Forgot how big Moises’ head was. Or how small was his batting helmet?

      Always cracked me up. Great clip …

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      Me too, thanks for posting that game. I remember it well.

  • rbreeze

    Great stuff by Theo and Jed!!!  Kerry Wood is modern day Mr. Cub because we got him as a kid out of high school.  He has had great moments and a lot of hardship in trying to stay healthy but he remained a Cub until his little exile by Jim Hendry.  Zambrano, Ramirez and D.Lee may have hit some bigger highs. But Zambrano threw his chances away by being a dumb ass!  Ramirez and Lee were fine players but they weren’t home grown.  None of these guys stand up to Ernie Banks.  But Kerry Wood is a fighter and a good citizen.  Therefore he is the current Mr. Cub.  We need more guys like him but healthier.

  • ShootTheGoat

    I guess I stirred up a hornet’s nest with my opinion that Kerry Wood is the modern day Mr. Cub. Let me further explain where I’m coming from…IMO means, In My Opinion, which by all accounts says there is no right or wrong answer. Just what I personally think. Just like some of you think that there will only ever be one, or (insert your favorite player’s name here) as the modern day Mr. Cub…Not being snappy, just wanted to clarify. Thnx

    • rcleven

      I don’t know if I would call mr. Wood mr. Cub but he is a class act. I just wish there were more people in this world like him.

      • ShootTheGoat

        Definitely agree that we need more people like him…Just wish he could get himself a ring as a ChiCub before he hangs ’em up, but I don’t think that will happen. But hey, ya neva know!

        • rcleven

          It would be great for him to get a ring. Just don’t think he has enough gas left in the tank. maybe one contract left after this one. Hope he can stay with the Cubs in some capacity or another.

          • ShootTheGoat


  • D-fresh

    While I do enjoy getting my Wood back, I am more concerned about the Castro situation. Both he and the front office have been mum since cubscon. Is there anything new?

  • Ivy Walls

    Bigger picture, bigger indication. Corpas and even Sonnestine were indications that Cubs needed insurance down the staff but now Cubs are confident that this insurance is not so much needed.

    I am going to make a bold guess. Garza and Wells will be traded leaving a rotation of Dempster, Maholm, Wood, Samardzija, and Volstad with Smardz being a big surprise this year.

    • Brett

      I’m not really sure Corpas was insurance for anything. Just a shot at bullpen depth, with some upside on the cheap.

    • loyal100more

      bold and kinda ridiculous

  • Cubsin

    The Castro situation is a non-story unless and until either a civil lawsuit or criminal charges are filed. I’m not really expecting either, since Castro hasn’t played long enough to become wealthy and the police and prosecutors haven’t filed charges in the four months or so since the allegations were made.

  • rbreeze

    Less than 3 weeks to go and then training camp begins.  I want to see the new coaching staff in action.  And I want to watch this team develop over the next couple of years.  I’ve been a fan for 45 years, I can wait a couple more to see some consistent winning baseball on the north side.

  • Cubsin

    Ivy Walls, I doubt that the Cubs would trade both Garza and Wells unless there are several positive developments between today and the dates of those trades. Even if Sam makes the starting rotation and everyone is healthy coming out of Spring Training, having one of Coleman, Sonnenstine or Lopez as your first reserve starter is rather scary. Wells’ market value is so low that it makes no sense to trade him if there’s any chance of a Garza trade.

  • Missouri Cub Fan

    Modern Day Mr. Cub = Mark Prior

  • rcleven

    More obsession.
    Agent for Cuban P Gerardo Concepcion says his client will sign “probably this weekend, but for sure by next week.” #MLB @ESPN_MLB

  • jim

    Guess dempster wud be mr cub now=longest continuous cub?

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    Off topic…but I noticed on MLBTradeRumors that the A’s released Cardenas to make room for Jonny Gomes. I’d like to see the Cubs pick him up, especially if it is true that the braintrust sees Barney as more of a utility guy.

  • Jonathan

    I never understood putting Corpas on the 40 man. I think he has as good of a chance of filling Mark Prior’s old spot on the simulated game team all summer as he does of playing in the majors. I get the low risk, high upside signing but thought he always looked more like a non-roster invite guy.

  • ferrets_bueller

    Remember how big of a fuss the dregs of our board made when we signed Corpas?


    • Brett

      Laughing quite loudly?

      • MichiganGoat

        Nothing as funny as your exchange with an angry poster when we signed Lopez last year. That was one of the most enjoyable arguments I’ve ever read and a rare time you actually got into an arguement.

        Nothing will get the board sizzling as signing an average pitcher for league minimum.

        • Brett

          If I remember correctly, that argument was all about how Lopez was a bad signing because the Cubs could keep starting James Russell. I said that was ridiculous, because Russell had proved he couldn’t start, and was pretty good in the pen.

          I feel pretty good about how that worked out.

          • Kansas Cubs Fan

            Didn’t we trade for Lopez?

            • Brett

              Sorry, yes, traded – a nondescript AA pitcher, if I remember correctly.

              • Kansas Cubs Fan

                Its alright just don’t do it again.

  • Jon

    Mr Lee is today’s Mr Cub

    • Jim

      Ernie Banks is still Mr. Cub.

  • loyal100more

    ill say the modern day mr. cub is ryne sandberg.

  • cubbiecop

    I found this video while watching the Kerry Wood game and I have to say it’s pretty cool. It’s called Cubs believe…

  • die hard

    So the Cubs had one too Manny Corpas….who Wood have thunk it

    • bluekoolaidaholic


  • KidCubbie

    Rumors say Gerardo Conception is close to signing a deal with a team. Any thoughts on the Cubs being that team?

  • Tonycampanathebasethief

    I think the cubs get him they really need pitching prospects

  • Jeff L

    There is said to be 10 teams in on Conception. I really hope Epstein and Ricketts come out with the largest bid. Also, it has been reported that the Cubs have already put in an offer for Cespedes. It is unknown what the amount is, but I have seen rumors for 4 years and 40 mil.

    • Tonycampanathebasethief

      Who is your source abt Cespedes?

  • Cubsin

    Tonycampanathebasethief, I suspect Jeff L’s info came from Kevin Goldstein, who said in a BP Podcast that he believes Cespedes will sign with the Cubs and that it will be a shade under $40M total. He heard a rumor that the Cubs already have an offer on the table.