The Chicago Cubs Have Three of the 2012 Pre-Season Top 100 Prospects revealed it’s top 100 prospects last night, and, as expected, some notable Chicago Cubs’ farmhands made an appearance.

Outfielder Brett Jackson, 23, was the Cubs’ top draft pick in 2009, and came in at number 33. He is thought by most to be the Cubs’ top prospect, and appears to agree. Jackson is expected to start the year at AAA Iowa, where he finished the 2011 season. Depending on injuries and how the outfield shakes out, he could be in Chicago by midseason.

First baseman Anthony Rizzo, 22, is new to the Cubs’ system, having been acquired in an early January trade in a deal that sent Andrew Cashner to the Padres. Rizzo was ranked 37th on the list, and, like Jackson, is expected to start the year at AAA Iowa before possibly coming to Chicago mid-season.

Shortstop (probably soon-to-be third baseman) Javier Baez, 19, was the Cubs’ top draft pick in 2011. He was ranked 62nd, and will probably at low-A or A-ball next year. His time is still a long way off.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind: with 30 teams in baseball, mathematically, each team should have about three players in the top 100 (3.333 to be more precise (3.333333 to be even more precise (I could go on))). The Cubs, therefore, are actually slightly behind the curve.

It’s fair to guess that the only other player who was close to making the list was outfielder Matt Szczur, who is uniquely athletic, and had modest success in his first full professional season in 2011. The Cubs’ top pitching prospect, Trey McNutt, is coming off an injury-filled, disappointing 2011 season. Otherwise, you can assume he would have been in there somewhere as well.

Fear not. The future remains bright in the Cubs’ system, but it shines brightest at the lowest levels. Once a number of those untested youngsters are tested – and pass – the Cubs’ farm system will be getting a great deal more due.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. BarryFoote

    Where is Hayden Simpson these days?

    1. Luke

      He should be in Arizona working out and rebuilding the muscle he lost last winter.

      Depending on how he starts out in the spring, he could begin 2012 as high as Daytona. This should be the year we find out what he actually has. In 2011 his fastball wasn’t due to the muscle loss from his bout with mono. We should see the real Simpson for the first time this spring.

      1. Cheryl

        I’m looking forward to that. If he has his strength back we should, as you say, see the real Simpson.

    2. Kyle

      He’s just a big old wild card. He’s been destroyed by non-pitching injuries that he went ahead and pitched through. If he can fully physically recover from his bout with mono, he should be a very intruiging prospect.

    3. Edwin

      Playing catch with Mark Pawelek.

      1. ferrets_bueller


    4. Deer

      Hopefully he’s on Marlon Byrd’s old diet which includes special “supplements” from Vic Conte

  2. Cliffy

    QT @Kevin_Goldstein: I’ll be on WGN 720 in Chicago with @thekapman at 6:35 pm to discuss Yoenis Cespedes and the Cubs/White Sox systems.

  3. Butch Cub

    I wonder if Cespedes would make the top 100 list…

  4. rcleven

    Down to 40 man roster Manny Corpas outrighted. invited to spring training.

  5. JB88

    Just saw that Manny Corpas was outrighted off the 40-man roster. I presume it is related to Kerry Wood, not a signing of another player who’d need to be placed on the 40-man roster.

  6. rcleven

    I’m surprised MLB let it go this long.

    1. Toosh

      I agree. It’d be nice if Selig acted on the Boston compensation issue.

      1. rcleven

        Really don’t think he really wants to get involved. It’s a no win for him. but push will come to shove.

        1. Toosh

          Both teams have already agreed to let him decide.

      2. BetterNews

        Is there a possibility Selig could name Brett Jackson as compensation for Boston? That would be devastating.

        1. Doug

          No way they get our number one prospect. I really wish Dud would get on with it though. I’m tired of reading about it. I still think they should only get cash. I hate the thought of giving up on field talent for coaches or front office people.
          As Forest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

  7. rcleven

    From what I have read Boston wants “substantial comp”. If he awards some one substantial from the Cubs he sets a precedent for compensation for the league in the future(shutting out small market clubs from hiring the best GM’s for fear of losing their best prospect’s or worse yet a player on 20 man roster). My guess he will kick the can down the road as long as he can hoping this will get settled on it’s own.

  8. JustSwain

    All the signings that people on this site are anticipating seem to be minor league deals. For me that, combined with the cramped 40 man raises the question; how close to complete is the Cubs projected 25 man roster? Is this really the team we are going to leave spring training with? Don’t get me wrong, I understand this is a rebuilding phase and the Cubs are saddled with large contracts, but does anyone else feel like they expected a little more for 2012?

    1. Whytee

      I feel that Honestly Ricketts talked all this crap about how he was going to make the Cubs better and he had a plan and then he interviewed Epstien and Ricketts has no baseball ownership sense and so he allowed Epstien to sell him a plan that will not work…….I deffinately think the cubs have made numerous mistakes to let Pujols get away……..There will not be another like him for years to come and no Big Time 1st basemen are coming up on the market…. I don’t wanna hear about the Dream of Votto because Jocketty is way smarter then Epstien ever dreamed to be(and it showed in the Steal he did to take Marshall from the cubs for bums) and he is never letting him leave,He just traded away to San Diego the other Firstbasemen of the Future,So he will sign Votto to an extension…So yes the answer to your question is Yes I believed like you that 2012 and beyond would be better and I never wanted Epstien and have said so from the day he interviwed………Jon Daniels could have been gotten at the time he hired Epstien and would have been a better choice……Every Cubs fan has been sold a Lie……….This is never going to end in a Championship when the President makes lies and excuses about why he can’t sign Big Time Free Agents and that the Cubs don’t have money to spend and the MLB Head Office laughs that off and proves it’s a lie…….2012 is long gone and 13 is looking really bad also…….

      1. Kansas Cubs Fan

        Where have you been the past four months?

      2. BT

        Can you tell me who you are taking in the super bowl? We are looking at redoing our kitchen, and I’d really like to bet my entire retirement fund on the team you are betting against.

    2. JustSwain

      I’m not as cynical about the current front office as you Whytee, I see alot of promise in the moves they made this offseason. The reason I posed my question the way I did is because I believe that while the moves made this offseason wreaked of good baseball sense, they lacked the sort of magic that I had optimistically allowed myself to believe was possible with the trainwreck of a team that was last years Cubs. It would have taken a fiscal miracle to turn this team into something this year, and instead the reality of the Cubs situation dictated moves aimed at a slow and steady ground up rebuild. Still when it is all said and done, this offseason lacks a signing. We need something else, a mediocre power hitter, or an aging ace. Fielder’s contract is way bigger than we could ever have afforded, same with Pujols, but maybe a Cuddyer or a Kuroda or someone on a short term deal that could give the team some pop to build a lineup around. I’m not talking about throwing around crazy money, I’m talking about fielding a team with a similar payroll to ones we have had in the past. We should be investing money into long term prospects without ignoring the fact that there is a 2012 season to play, and a new manager you have to hand 25 men to. Is it impossible for us to do it all this year? I kinda hoped adding Epstien and his crew was a signal of a willingness to go out and spend. We are hanging our hopes pretty high that Lahair’s power translates to the majors, and while I kinda like the prospects for our starting rotation this year I think we’ll struggle to be .500 barring a statistical miracle. I really hope I’m wrong, and I hope someone here can convince me I am, but if I’m not…well, I’m not crushed, just a little disappointed. I still have hope that the new Front Office can have an impact on the Cubs long term. Next off season looks really bright I’m’ just really sick of saying next year. I hope I don’t have to write off another season before I see these moves pay off.

      1. Whytee

        I am sorry swain that you think the cubs can not afford Pujols or Fielder because they could have……..The MLB put out numbers every year and Powers that be put out facts abiut every sports team and the Cubs always rank up there in profits………They do have the money and they are just chosing not to sign Big Time Players……..So when a team just doesn’t,they are not loyalty to there fans and derserve no loyalty back……The Cubs have Plenty of profit coming in and it’s more then 150 million that they spend…..Ricketts spent 20 Million on the Mc Donalds that could have went towards Ramirez,Pujols or Fielder or Extending Garza,that is a waste of money…….

      2. Whytee

        I don’t see how you say next offseason looks bright………What Free Agents that will help us win a championship are going to be left?????? Because Teams that they are on now are resigning them up……….They are not playing around…Pujols/St. Louis has made every team wake up………

        1. JustSwain

          I have run into your argument alot this off season Whytee, “What Free Agents are going to be around?” Lets talk about two right off the bat that I see as almost certainly free agents next year, and that is Zach Greinke and Shaun Marcum. The Brewers don’t have the money to extend either of them, and they almost certainly don’t have the money to sign BOTH of them. Even if they could those kids know the payday will be bigger if they take their chances with free agency. I could be wrong about all three of those guys, and there are still enough names in the pile right now that there is going to be talent available next year, and the Cubs are going to have money to spend after losing Byrd, Dempster, and Zambrano’s contracts. Other teams will want to lock down guys like Hamels and Ethier, but those players have agents, and those agents know that they can get more money by waiting to become free agents, even if they intend to resign. Some of them will extend their contracts, but I don’t understand the agrument for looking at the depth of starting pitching that will be available next year without some optimism. For all any of us know right now, the Cubs could very well enter the 2013 season with (edit got FA years mixed up) Annibal Sanchez and Zach Greinke. Don’t you think there is a reason that the Cubs rotation currently has six back end guys in it (plus Garza)? So the Cubs are developing a first class back end of a rotation, and next year chances are the market will have at least one or two big name pitchers entering free agency….coincidence? Also here are some points; 1. At some point the Cubs are going to spend some of their payroll on Free Agents 2. The Cubs just passed on signing the two biggest bats that will come to the market for a very long time. It kinda looks like this team might be waiting to spend some cash on pitching. Spending money on pitching in this years market would have been a waste of cash. The Darvish and Wilson contracts are evidence of that. I’m not sure what the Cubs are thinking with the lineup, but I like the Rizzo trade, and I think we got a fair price. I also like the idea of Dejesus and Castro at the top of the order. Set the table with speed and the ability to hit for average. There are still missing pieces in the middle of the order. Between the group of Lahair, Rizzo, Soto, and Stewart someone is going to have to step up and hit more than 25 homers or we are going to lack any significant power to anchor our lineup and take advantage of Wrigley in the summer.

  9. dman

    I heard that Robert Whitnack is pretty good too.

  10. Whytee

    Brett…………………I have a question for ya……….When you make coments like this one above
    “Fear not. The future remains bright in the Cubs’ system”…………….What facts are you using??? Because if your saying it looks bright and Epstien is still making these horrible trades because he says it’s not looking bright………So I’m confused who should we believe?……You or Epstien????…….Now if you want my vote I would tend to believe that you believe what you are saying……But as you know in life Brett,just because you believe something doesn’t make it so and I can see Epstien and Hoyer couldn’t be honest if honesty bit them on the ass…….The Cubs are still going to need a Top notch 1st and 3rd basemen because when people see that Rizzo is going to be a career minor leaguer/major league bench player and Stewart couldn’t hit in the Thin Mile High Air he is surely not hitting with the wind blowing in at wrigley and the fans tearing him up and down a new one……..He is gonna crack….So where do these All Stars come from????

  11. Whytee

    Super Bowl will be Patriots………I hate Bellichuk but Brady and him just keep winning………..It’s hard to bet agianst them………I think Giants keep it close,but I think as usuall Brady finds a way to win

    1. Doug

      He sure didn’t find a way to win the last time they matched up. I’ll take the G Men and their defense.

      1. BetterNews

        I have to go with the Giant’s also.

  12. Lincoln Park Faithful

    Ya bet that Retirement agianst either Team would be suicide……..Either Team could win,both Teams you have to hate but they keep winning

  13. Lincoln Park Faithful

    But on another note Whytee……..You came to the wrong spot if you are looking for impartial thinkers when it come to the Cubs…….There is some sites where there is cubs fans who don’t just swallow everything the orginization is doing and they say it on there board,this is not one of them sites…I have always tried to have an open mind myself on both sides of a situation,but as I watch these site I see that not everyone can do that……Maybe it should be expected after losing this many Years,that they will just find any ol thing to believe in…No matter how crazy it is……..You are welcome to state your opinion,don’t get me wrong I am not trying to stope ya,I am just warning ya that there will be boys here crying about it because you don’t think like them and dare question THE OFFICE……..And you men call us Women touchy…….LOL………Have a good night……..

    1. Jeff L

      Lincoln I like that statement. It is completely true about this site. The many fans who post here love the “OFFICE”. Nothing the “OFFICE” does is wrong and everything is cotton candy clouds and rainbows.

      1. Luke

        Can’t stand The Office. At least, not the American version. I haven’t seen much of the British version.

    2. Kansas Cubs Fan

      Any and all opinions are welcome, I just can’t understand his point of view. Its old Cubs style thinking that got the team in the pickle its in.

      He acts like Ricketts, Epstein, and Hoyer have some evil plot to destroy the Cubs.

      And by the way I think The Office is a terrible t.v. show. =]


      1. MichiganGoat

        THERE IS NO LOGIC HERE! The sentences are unreadable and completely unfollowable, go to bed you feel better.

      2. Jeff L

        No, you got me all wrong. Ricketts, Epstein, and Hoyer don’t have an “evil” plot to destroy the Cubs. They have a “plot” to lower payroll and try to keep the fan base from protesting or not going to the games. And by the way Kansas Cubs Fan I really don’t know how old you are but old Cubs style thinking is the way the “Office” is thinking today. We have only spent a lot of money the last 3-4 years. Most of the 103 years we have been middle of the pack to lower in payroll in the MLB. I really can’t stand the 13 year olds who really don’t understand the history of the Cubs making comments like that. It gets to be really annoying.

      3. Whytee

        Now I don’t believe they are purposely trying to destroy the cubs,don’t get me wrong………I think Epstiens Ego is so big that it consumes him and stops him from thinking the Right way and affects his judgement…….You ask for a Reason I know his Ego has gotten in the way…….Not Hiring Sandberg…..He knew that if He Hired Sandberg he would not be the Voice that People in this City listened to and his ego can’t handle that……..You can not tell me one Team in the majors where the President of Baseball operations is the Talking head…….it’s always the GM and Epstien is the talker here not Hoyer because his Ego will not allow him to step to the background……..Seveum is a Loser……..He was a loser as a Player,mostly a bench player and he was even picked over on the Brewers 3 Times because they knew it………But Epstien knew that the People of Chicago would follow Epstien and his big Ego and not this Nobody Manager when things go wrong

        1. Jeff L

          I truly believe and I have been saying this I think Ricketts either is having problems with his loans when he bought this team, or really can’t afford a large payroll. The problem is Epstein is also scared to make a mistake with a big signing on top of Ricketts not wanting to open up his wallet. Epstein left the Red Sox after two horrific signings of Crawford and Lackey and now he’s scared to make a mistake. It’s sad because one thing Epstein proved with the Red Sox was with John Henry’s money he can get any player he wants. If Ricketts will open up his wallet as wide as Henry’s and let Epstein do his negotiating magic the Cubs would be in business.

          1. Whytee

            Word around the City here is that Daddy Ricketts is actually the One who gave him the money to buy the Team and that he has closed the wallet because the son doesn’t want to spend any of his money……….He keep talking so much about building the triangle building and rebuilding Wrigley because he is a Fan,but he is forgetting the most important part…..You need to spend money on Future hall of Famers and once in a lifetime Players when they become available and instead of thinking they don’t deserve 275 Million you think as an Invester and Pujols would have made the cubs over a billion dollars over 10 yrs…….So you spend 275 Million to make back a Billion………Ya it’s a sound investment…..

            1. Jeff L

              Man I would have loved to see him go after Darvish. The kid could be a serious number one pitcher in this league. He is just 25 years old and has crazy stuff. I really thought when we got Epstein we would be getting studs like Darvish. I forgot that we have Tom Ricketts as the owner and not John Henry and no matter who your GM is the team that will get the players you need to win Championships has the owner that is willing to shell out for one.

              1. KCubsfan

                You do realize that the Cubs put a bid for Darvish right? That it was around 20 mil and that it was a sealed bid. That means no one knew how much the other bid. So that wasnt their fault Texas’ bid was insane.

    3. bt

      I love fans who conflate “negative” with “impartial”. They aren’t the same thing. Feel free to make an argument as to why the Cubs future is completely bleak, and people will respond accordingly. Whytee hasn’t done this.

  14. Whytee

    Thanks L.P.F I will take everything ya said to heart………..Funny,Leave it to a Woman to bring a Voice of Reason to a Sports site………..But I must admit that i can not be impartial on Epstien,Hoyer and Ricketts…….I never wanted anyone of them………Mark Cuban who have been the better choice,but Selig can’t have someone who has buisness sense and is richer and smarter then he is in the same building.You know then he would have to Answer for what he does………But you have a Great night Lincoln

    1. Jeff L

      Whytee I agree with you. Epstein is a horrible choice for the vision Ricketts has with this team. Epstein can only win with a high payroll like the one he had in Boston. Cuban would have went after guys like Darvish, Wilson, and Fielder. We already had a top notch bullpen all we needed was a few starters and a power hitter for the middle of the order. I bet you if Cuban had this team he also would have resigned Ramarez. It wouldn’t have taken a whole lot to win this division with Pujols and Fielder not on the competing teams. But we are stuck with cheap Ricketts and a GM that is unproven without the 2nd highest payroll in baseball. Sounds like a winning combination.

      1. Whytee

        Exactly………You said it all when you used one word…..STUCK……….we are Stuck………But I think most people who chat on these sites are Cubs Fans who live outside the City and maybe even the State…….They don’t realise that the Cubs make huge sums of Money every Year and that they want us Taxpayers to pay for crap that they own and they don’t want to pay us back either……..They just want us to foot the bill and maybe they will spend that money on Big Name Free Agents,just maybe……..But sorry not going to happen……..Emanuel has shot them down every day they tried and I love it…..The True Fans that live around here are starting to rumble because of the lack of moves Epstien has made………

        1. Jeff L

          Finally Whytee we got some people here who understand what is really going on. Your right probably most live out of state or are around 13-10 years old like the kid who was talking to me last night. Most of these guys have no idea whats going on or the history of the Cubs.

        2. Kansas Cubs Fan

          So people who don’t live in Chicago aren’t real Cub fans?

          That’s cute, because Brett, you know the guy who writes these blogs, lives in Indiana.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Actually he’s in Ohio, but seriously time to leave the kids alone to play.

  15. Whytee

    I like that……….Cotton Candy Clouds and Rainbows……….Thanks for that I needed a laugh

  16. MichiganGoat

    And kids this is why drinking + lack of basic grammatical knowledge = bad posts and troll like behavior. I’m sure these comments will be removed in time but until then be sure to stay in school and drink responsibly.

    1. Jeff L

      lol we go we all knew the crybabies will crawl out and join us:)

      1. MichiganGoat

        Enjoy your evening I’m glad you have friends to play with

        1. Jeff L

          See a comment like that I’ll bet you MichiganGoat is not older than 13 years old himself. Really Whytee if you care to post on this site you got to keep in mind some of the peeps on here you will talk too are just kids.

          1. Whytee

            I know they are kids,but the good thing about it is……..I work the Night Shift and I can type on here while getting paid so no big deal if they are kids……..But I will say this I did hear one comment one night that We still laugh about here at work all the time………One night A Co-Worker of mine got on here and was talking the truth about Epstien and one of the Kids on here Actually told him to Leave Epstien alone he is the “Goat Slayer”…….he laughed so hard that pop shot out of his nose………They actually believe that nonsense…….

          2. Jeff L

            The best quote by a true owner who cares about the fans and wants to win. By the co-chairman of the Rangers… This is what we need in Chicago and this is what it’s all about

            When it comes to the club’s finances, Simpson talked about a strategy to make the Rangers a “dynasty.”

            “We’re writing checks to make this stuff happen, but at some point it’s got to sustain itself and we understand that,” Simpson said. “Winning comes first and then support comes. You can’t ask fans to come to every game while you’re losing and have them help you increase your revenues. You’re trying to take it to a new level, a sustainable level, where it is a dynasty franchise like the Dallas Cowboys achieved. Then in the off-years, and inevitably you’ll have some, they still support you.”

            1. Whytee

              A Very True Statement………The Rangers are a Top Run Team……..I do believe they should have signed Fielder……..That would have put them over the top to win the Series this year……..Don’t get me wrong I think they have a Chance right along with the Angels and Tigers….But Fielder would have been the a Big Part……. Just imagine:
              7 2b(can’t think of his name–But I can see his face—-lol’s late
              Can’t think of the rest but they would have been had to beat

              1. PeteG

                Ian Kinsler at second.

              2. Jeff L

                I agree Fielder would have been a great pickup for the Rangers, but I would rather have Darvish. His potential is a game changer.

    2. Rmoody100

      Someone had to say it.

  17. Whytee

    Darvish is gonna be awesome in this League for Years to come……..

  18. Whytee

    That proves my point,that those cubs fans that live outside the city don’t really have a clue about whats going on in the day to day operations………The Statements that Brett makes already showed he didn’t live here and wasn’t a taxpayer………Nothing wrong with being a cubs fans and not living here………It’s just not all peaches and cream like you think it is…….The wolves are getting restless

  19. Whytee

    Thanks Pete G……….I couldn’t think of it for the life of me……

  20. Doug

    Oh my…Could Whytee, Lincoln Park Faithful and Jeff L all be the same person? It’s hard for me to believe three different people with such a skewed opinion of this site all respond within ten minutes or so. Very odd indeed.

    I admit I’ve only been coming here for a couple weeks but have read several posts from people on here that don’t agree with every move the front office has made but still seem to be able to convey that without needing to be talked off the ledge.

    I think it’s safe to say most people on here all want the best for our beloved Cubs. We probably all have different ideas of what management should do to get us the illusive pennant we all hunger for.

    I haven’t been thrilled by everything they have done so far. Rule 5 comes to mind for example. Putting that and a few other things aside I do think that for the first time in a long time there is a plan. A plan that may not have the result we are hoping for but I am more optimistic than I’ve been in a long time.

    Certainly complain as things happen you don’t like. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve read several posts on here that changed my opinion by the time I finished. I just wish everyone would wait to see how things shake out before passing judgment. We haven’t even played a single game yet. Can’t you give them the time to fail before calling them failures?

    Brett, I will not bash other sites by name. All I’ll say is I have read several since moving away from Chicago. I find this one to be the most accurate and informative with, except for a few exceptions the brightest well written fans as well.

    Thanks for this blog. What you do is quite impressive. Especially for not having a full staff to assist you. Keep up the great work. I am addicted.

    1. Jeff L

      A really good story that believe it or not puts Tom Ricketts in a decent light, but we really don’t know whats going on behind the scenes. Did Ricketts put restraints on Epstein for spending money or is Epstein too scared to make a mistake. I really like this story even though it is I think about a month out of date. Not much has happened since this story except for Fielder joining the Tigers. Good read check it out!

      1. Whytee

        I just read that report and It’s what I have been saying all along “Fans should not buy into the rebuild when they don’t have to because they do have the resources to win now”………I could be wrong but I truly believe that Epstien is the problem and that Ricketts is not stopping him and he is making huge mistakes..But like the article says he has 2 yrs before the fans turn on him and he will have to have Security escort him to and from his house…..People have actually said they saw him walking to and from his Town Home he bought for 2.5 Million not to far from wrigley..I would like to see him make that walk after a Night Game in 2014 after the Lies and the Talk has wore’n thin………Wrigley aint exactly in a Good area on a regular day let alone after the lies and 2yrs of losing with all this promise

  21. Whytee

    You want to know what has always been Great about the Cubs is that the Cubs was always loyal to there Players and they have always been run by an In House guy………Ricketts claims to be a Fan First but he let an Outsider come in and Not Hire the Mr.Cub that we all wanted because he let his Ego get in the way……..Then this Ego maniac didn’t show any Loyalty to a Guy who has batted like a Champ for us since he was traded here agianst his Will from Pittsburgh but he became a Cub and It’s dam hard to bat over 300 in a Season and it’s damn hard to hit 1 HR in the Majors but to do over 20 every year and you come in with your Ego and you low ball a man who is a In House Cubbie and he joins are Heated Rivals because you are Greedy……….Sorry I can not in good judgement support on Outsider who come in and Shuns a Loyal Player……..He is low balling Garza now and it’s going to cost the Cubs there ace because why would he stay here when Epstien shows no loyalty………So no I don’t need to see a game to make a judgement on this Loser…….He actions speak louder then words and not showing loyalty to 2 Cubbies,shows me a lack of repsect and you get what you put out and when he shows respect he will get it from this City……We are a City who has had Blow Hards and Big Talkers since are existence(Obama,Jesse jackson)..But we say Prove it to us…….he has shown us shit and ya it’s early but you only get once chance to make a First impression and his First Impression in this City has been shitty

    1. Jeff L

      Whytte I agree with you to an extent. I would have loved to see Sandberg as our manager and would have liked to see the Cubs resign Ramerez. I think Ramerez deserved to be resigned and someday retire as a Cub. I really feel with the way he carried himself and his production he deserved that honor. Sandberg also deserved to be manager even more than Robin Ventura on the South Side. Sandberg paid his dues and deserved his shot. It’s sad that Epstein passed on him. I can’t give Epstein any excuses about Sandburg, but I really have to wonder if Ricketts have him a set salary to work with and tied his hands when it came to spending on free agents.

      1. Whytee

        Yes it is possible that the Problem is Ricketts and Not Epstien..I will admit I could be wrong…….But even If it is Ricketts…………Epstien was never the answer……….Because as I look ahead on Free Agents for the Next 3 to 4 yrs.There is not a Big Time 1st baseman or 3rd basemen that is going to be avialable……..David Wright will be gone before he reaches that and Votto is working on an Extension in Cincy…….So thats means that Epstien is putting the cubs future on wishes and we deserve better…we should have to wish that Rizzo doesn’t bat another 144 and we should have to hope that stewart hits better in Chi-town where it;s harder to hit the Denver……….We deserve better then to have to hope…..

        1. Cincycubsfan

          Whytee I live in Cincinnati and even the reds fans here admit there isn’t much of a chance they re-sign Votto because he will command too much money. There is no way they can pay him 20-25 million for 7+ years and still compete. I can understand that your angry Theo didn’t make a big splash like Fielder or Pujols, but do you really want us to sign a guy who will only be great 4 years out of a 9/10 year contract worth over 200 M? I know that I don’t and I for one am glad Theo decided to pass on them. I do agree that we should of re-signed Aramis though on a 3-4 year deal.

          1. Kansas Cubs Fan

            Careful, he says only real Cub fans are from Chicago.

        2. KCubsfan

          First off there is no problem Theo inherited a bad team because of poor decisions made by Hendry and his group. Theo is just trying to give the team direction besides throw money at it. Because all you saw was the Red Sox payroll right? Here is what I see Ellsbury, Pedroia, Lester, and Bucholz all key pieces to the Red Sox Championship all were Drafted and developed under the Theo, Jed and Jason. They also traded for Beckett through their farm system. You dont spend to spend you spend when you are ready to win.
          As for Rizzo there was a pretty good power guy who hit under .200 his first 401 AB and K 38% during that same time. His name is Mike Schmidt so, dont freak out abou Rizzo just wait and see

          1. Kansas Cubs Fan

            Pretty much sums it up.

            1. KCubsfan

              Thank you.

        3. baldtaxguy

          The future is not David Wright and Ryne Sandberg.  Let’s allow the re-build to build before we scrunch up our face and “no!! no!!! no!!!….”

      2. JulioZuleta

        You know who paid a lot more dues and many people said deserved a shot…Mike Quade.

    2. Doug

      Clearly nothing is going to change your mind. That’s your choice of course. I don’t know where that leaves you though. Are you going to pull for the Cubs to lose so you can say see…I was right. Or will you find some other way to complain.

      I guess you’ll always have the Ryno argument. I think he deserves a shot. I just saw no way it would happen here. First, Theo would have had zero credibility if he came in here and named Ryno Manager just because he would be a popular choice for the fans.

      He would have ended up being the rock star instead of the players. That dynamic would have never worked. I wouldn’t have minded him as a bench coach though,

      Had they given that to the hometown hero the manager gig, he failed and Theo had to fire him. It would have tainted Ryno’s legacy and Theo would have been run out of town on a rail.

      As far as your take on A-Ram. I totally disagree, Aramis and his agent were pretty vocal that he was not going to accept the arbitration which I believe was over 17million. He should have jumped at it and negotiated a contract during the year or as a free agent in the off season. Sorry, I’m glad about this one. It’a a business. I have no desire to see a player get a long term contract for silly money just because I happen to own his Jersey.

      I’ll be interested to see what Milwaukee gets out of him the next few years.

      1. Ron

        Nicely done Doug.

        1. Doug

          Thanks Ron.

      2. JulioZuleta

        There are 30 other major league manager jobs that Ryno hasn’t been offered too. I was not a fan of his petulence last season after they chose Quade instead of him; that’s not the attitude of a guy you want being the face of your team. The Cubs have been hindered for years by their affinity for familiar faces and names. It has hurt the judgement of ownership, the front office, and the fans. We didn’t need another old Cubbie on the bench.

        Also, David Wright has back problems and probably has 2 or 3 useful seasons left, he won’t be a long term answer. Votto will not extend with Cincy before free agency, and he also won’t sign with the Cubs. Rizzo will be a very good to great first baseman in this league. He had the second highest SLG% in all of the minor leagues, playing at the highest level at age 22. You’re clearly such a Ryno fan that you must know he was 0 for his first 20 and 1 for his first 32. Many great players have struggles upon first being called up. Since you use the hitters’ park idea to bash Stewart, you should use the Petco argument to cut Rizzo some slack.

        Discussion boards are for discussion. I have no problem disagreeing with people, and I have no problem with people who aren’t Theo fans (although I find it hard to understand). BUT, don’t argue just for the sake of arguing, which I think a lot of people on here do, considering the fact that no one can actually believe some of the stuff that is put on here. Just make sure you have somewhat of an idea before you type, try to make your posts readable, and don’t be the guy that just has to take the unpopular point of view for the sake of being different. Unfortunately, we have more than enough of those types and don’t need anymore. Last, and I know everyone knows this, the guys that sit here bitching about everything will deny deny deny when things start to go well, and say that they believe in Theo all the way.

        1. Kansas Cubs Fan

          X2. Haha

          But seriously man, good post.

        2. Doug

          Nice Post JZ

      3. BetterNews

        Milwaukee will get nothing out of Ramirez just like the Cubs got. Inflated numbers when nothing is on the line. Ramirez is the choke master in more ways than one!

    3. Ogyu

      Thanks, Whytee. Stay in school.

    4. ferrets_bueller

      this is just stupid.

    5. bt

      Hmmm. Whaddya know. Out of the multiple politicians who have graced the limelight in Chicago, the guys that someone named “whytee” has a problem with are Obama and Jesse Jackson. What do those 2 have in common, other than the fact that they are know far more for what they do nationally than than what they do in Chicago? I can’t put my finger on it….

      1. MichiganGoat

        It is a difficult solution………. One……… That can only………. Be sloved……. By badd grammer……… Speelling…… Puntutations…… If only we could understannds how this makes cense? Whytee + anger + poor skooling = ?

  22. Kansas Cubs Fan

    looks like Red Sox fans are still upset about Theo leaving Boston.

    1. Ron

      I know, you would think that they could move on.

  23. Cubbie Blues


    From what I am understanding your main problems with the Front Office are

    1) the lack of urgency to sign “big name” free agents such as Fielder and Darvish

    2) lack of loyalty to for past and present Cubs players?

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Just so everyone knows. This a different Cubbies Blues. I don’t know what else he has posted but I don’t want want any confusion (not that there is anything wrong with this post).

  24. BetterNews

    If Lahair pans out, there could be a dilemma at first.

  25. Katie

    I’m curious why we now have multiple posters using ……
    Oh, and if you can’t spell Epstein correctly, you really need to take your bullshit trolling to I’m sure your nonsense will be very popular over there.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Becoose……… It’s………. Kool……. Epstiem……… Is…….. A………. Tool

      1. Katie

        I heart you, goat. You make me laugh.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Damn it woman THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE

          but………. How you doin

          1. Katie

            How many times to I have to tell you it’s my personal dating site! All this silly baseball talk is just a front for finding me a new man.

            And…..I’m good. How you doin?

  26. Cubbie Blues

    Sorry to “Cubbies Blues”! I did not realized I took your name so Im sorry for that, and that post that you read was the only one I had. I just wanted to see what Whytees logic was behind what he was talking about!

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Not a problem. I didn’t know what else you had commented on or what you had said (apparently nothing). I assume you are new to the site, welcome.

      1. Honey Badger

        Well I’ve been an avid reader for a while now, just never posted anything till last night. I just sometimes find it bothersome with what people say or how they come off when they say it….But I guess you will have some people like that every once in a while.

        1. Tommy

          Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit!