Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Gamboa

[There was a time in this site's history that I used to love to create a bunch of random crap. Writing about the Cubs is, to me, a great deal of fun - but randomly photoshopping things tangentially-related to the Cubs is even more fun. Doing so is time-consuming, though, and, in the last year, as the site has evolved and the coverage has grown, the time I had available to doodle was reduced. I still do an occasional Blackout Cubbetry, or suggest that few, if any, should mess with DeJesus. And I'll never stop doing the Enhanced Box Scores. 

One thing I did very early on in the site's life was a thing called "Garfield Minus Garfield Plus." If you know what Garfield Minus Garfield is, then you get the gag - if you don't, you are doing yourself a criminal disservice. Check it out: You can read up more on why I started modifying the Garfield modifications in the first place here.

It occurred to me recently that many newer readers had probably never seen one of these things (heck, many of you probably have never seen an Enhanced Box Score, one of my favorite things to do 'round these parts during the season), so I went digging and found a few that I created, but never published.

So, I figured, what the heck - I'll toss one out there, and maybe the ball rolling again on this kind of thing (which, yes, I know, is not everyone's cup of tea).]

Presenting, Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Gamboa:

(For background on “Gamboa,” see here. This season will feature the 10th anniversary of that infamous moment in White Sox history.)

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30 responses to “Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Gamboa”

  1. ferrets_bueller

    Bahaha.  I never knew there were actually other people who found garfield minus garfield hilarious!!

  2. Idaho Razorback

    What Selig should do is get a list of the Cubs 30 top minor league prospects from some top minor league experts and tell the Red Sox you can have any one Cubs minor leaguer NOT on this list. We all know what we gave up for McPhail in 1994 with Hector Trinidad who was our 25th or so rated prospect at the time. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays gave up Randy Wynn who was a nothing for Lou Piniella when Piniella was still under contract with the Mariners and even though Wynn at the time was a current major leaguer. The Mariners were desprite for a center fielder at the time and were very content on taking a .250 hitter with no power and a decent glove.

  3. MichiganGoat

    Ah the EBS I miss you it was your EBS of Ted Lilly’s near-nono and your reference to Juan Piere that made me realize I was home.

  4. MightyBear

    I love the EBS’

  5. TWC

    I miss the ROUSes, too.

    1. Stinky Pete

      ROUSes? I don’t believe they actually exist…

  6. AP

    I have a friend who is related to the guy who beat up Gamboa (I know, I know, a cousin of a relative twice removed kind of thing). It first came up when I was ridiculing her for being a white sox fan and accused her of beating up first base coaches. Now I mock her every chance I get.

  7. Tommy

    Let’s be honest, that umpire had it coming.

  8. Michael R

    Just heard the Cubs signed Bobby Scales to a minor league deal.

  9. NEcubsfan

    I can’t remember, have there been any EBS of spring training games? Seems like they might be ripe for humor.

  10. Katie

    Can’t wait for EBS!

  11. Mark

    why do we need to give them anything? we gave him a promotion.

  12. mysterious4th

    Brett, being fairly new to the site (discovered the site about a month ago and its my most visited site also) I haven’t had the pleasure to read one of your EBS’s….is there a possibility you could re-post one of your favorites from last year?

    1. MichiganGoat

      Patience grasshopper