The fact is, ‘The Prestige’ was an excellent movie that unfairly suffered because it was the second “magic” movie that came out that year (‘The Illusionist’). It is such a clever, enjoyable movie. That is all.

  • Buster Olney suggests an interesting strategy for settling the Theo Epstein compensation drama – set a hard deadline, and for each day past it that the parties go without resolving the dispute, each side is fined $100K (which money would ultimately go to a charity). If Selig doesn’t want to get his hands dirty – he’s currently at risk for pissing off both sides – this is a clever solution.
  • A non-update on Cuban lefty Gerardo Concepcion, who was expected to pick a team at some point this week, according to his agent: Phil Rogers says both the Cubs and White Sox remain interested, and Concepcion will pick a team soon. As I said: non-update.
  • The Wrigley Blog takes a crack at rendering the changes to right field at Wrigley in a new way, so that you can see the plan in context with the rest of the ballpark. Makes for interesting viewing, even if it is but a theoretical look.
  • Chicago Cubs Online ranks its top 20 Cubs prospects, and the obligatory wow-that-is-different ranking is Javier Baez, the Cubs’ top pick in 2011, who routinely comes in the top three or four on these lists. The CCO has him all the way down at number nine. You’re thinking it’s because he’s super young and hasn’t played much pro ball in the States, right? Well, that’s what I assumed, until I saw that Baez was behind even Jeimer Candelario, an 18-year-old studly infielder, but who also has yet to play in the States.
  • The Marlins have a team policy against long hair (because it’s the 1950s), so newly-signed shortstop Jose Reyes is going to have to chop his signature locks. And he’s going to do so on MLB Network on Friday. Set your DVRs!
  • A look back at the early part of Ernie Banks’ professional career – which wasn’t with the Cubs.
  • Yesterday I noted Tim Sheridan’s Boys of Spring blog, which chronicles, among other things, Cubs’ Spring Training miscellany. Today, I drop the Boys of Spring mention again, this time because Tim is doing a Cubs blog awards thing. Now, I would never be so desperate as to nominate my own blog for an award or two, but I would absolutely be desperate enough to post the link in a Bullet, and let the chips fall where they may
  • mac

    “The fact is, ‘The Prestige’ was an excellent movie that unfairly suffered because it was the second “magic” movie that came out that year (‘The Illusionist’). It is such a clever, enjoyable movie. That is all.”

    True that!

    • Earl Cunningham

      Prestige is my favorite Nolan movie, great flick. Very underrated.

  • Mike

    The Prestige >>> The Illusionist

    • BD

      Batman/Wolverine >>> Edward Norton

  • Smitty

    Very true. Just wondering why the random mention of the Prestige today?

    • Brett

      Watched it (again) last night. Sometimes the intro to the Bullets is totally random.

      • SirCub

        I absolutely love the story within a story within a story narrative. Do you get the sense that Christopher Nolan uses embedded parentheticals a lot?

        • Brett

          I hadn’t thought about that (but I bet he does (probably)).

          • SirCub

            The Prestige

            A screenplay by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan

            So, like, the movie starts with Michael Caine showing a little girl a magic trick (and explaining how it works (which is the voiceover for another trick (and also the lead-in for a court case (where Christian Bale is on trial for murder and being held in jail (where he is reading Hugh Jackman’s journal (who is writing about reading from Bale’s journal (which is writing about…))))))) then Michael Caine finishes the magic trick, and the little girl claps.

            The End.

            • Brett

              Nailed it. You must have found that on eBay.

              • SirCub

                Apparently all of their scripts are just really long run-on sentences.

                • Lou

                  Thought the Illusionist was better. Nolan screenplays tend to get very convoluted. Kinda of like Steven Zallian’s treatment of the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

                  • Brady

                    Personally I enjoyed “The Illusionist” far more but that is because i really like Paul Giamatti and Edward Norton. Also I didn’t suspect the twist at all in it where as I sorta guessed it in “The Prestige”. Both movies are great and worth owning.

  • hansman1982

    You know, I like it when teams have dress codes and stick to them. Obviously, the Marlins don’t really seem to follow up the theme of having a dress code with their 1980’s Miami Vice feel, but if properly integrated into the rest of the culture it can add to that culture greatly.

    I would love to see a dress code for the Cubs along with some other drastic rule changes so that we can remake the “Cubbie Way”

    • Brady

      I say we outlaw the away jersey. Maybe I am alone in thinking the grey and blue is just really ugly and plain. I prefer the blue jersey plus i like the logo with the cub inside the “C”. SO much so I have one of those uniforms on right now!

      • DocWimsey

        Sorry, but that uniform is still frozen in my memory for the 1984 playoffs. Really, that was the only post-season series in my lifetime that the Cubs SHOULD have won easily, and it still sticks in my craw.

        And, if memory serves, the last time we saw that as a regular jersey was when Ryno grounded out to Robbie Thompson to end the 1989 playoffs. OK, the Giants were the better team: but, still, that was not the most positive of associations!

        So, give me the gray!

        • Brady

          Completely understood, however I just hate that they look like every other teams away jersey. I am the same way about the newer AZ Cardinals logo. I’ve been a fan through a lot of REALLY bad years and after the new logo was implemented in 07 and then they went to the superbowl in 08, there were a lot of bandwagon fans. Nothin’ I hate more than bandwagoners. Anyway, that and I don’t see a point in trying to make a cardinal look tough, it just isn’t. All the bandwagoners have left though because we suck again, however now we actually have a fan base so that when the Cowboys come knockin at home (like they did the last 3 years) it isnt another home game for them where their fans take over our stadium. Sold out every game in the new stadium too which makes me happy. Back to cubs, can’t wait for baseball.

  • K Rock

    I thought for sure the Prestige intro was going to tie in some sort of bullet about Theo having tricks up his sleeve

    no? not funny?

    Damn, well I tried

  • Dave H

    I enjoyed “The Prestige” more than “The Illusionist”. Only because I am a big Hugh Jackman fan.

    Bullets on the bullets:

    Just get it over with already. This compensation issue is getting as annoying as a canker sore. Enough already!

    Ditto on the Cuban trio. Here’s hoping for 2 out of 3, which ain’t bad.

    Wrigley will always be Wrigley in my book. Love the improvements. Love the revenue possibilities.

    I really think if you are in the top ten of your individual team, you are doing great. Top five, you’re gonna see major leagues real soon through trades or promotions.

    Just cut the hair. Don’t make a circus out of it already.

    You are a shoe-in for a nomination. As Frankie once said ….. Relax

  • die hard

    the better way to resolve Theo and Hoyer compensation would be for the Cubs to pay cash or give up a minor league player after the 2012 season that is tied to the Cubs standings …..the better the Cubs do, the better the player that has to be given up or the Cubs pay cash to keep that player….say, the Cubs finish first in division…then they have to give up Rizzo or pay 5 mil for instance…

    • K Rock

      Did you really just say they should have to give up Rizzo? lol WOW

    • bt

      Exactly. And if they win the World Series they should have to give up Ernie Banks. I love this idea!

      • die hard

        the Banks statue would likely be a good compromise

    • jandersonjr81 father of Caden

      It’s actually a good idea. It’s show Theo’s worth hinesight and makes the compensation more appropriate. Also, if Boston makes the playoffs for instance, it should reduce the compensation. Rizzo is a bit much, but the idea is great.

      • Brady

        Or all the more reason to tank a season on purpose so they have to pay the bear minimum and then win the following years. All joking aside it is fairly a good idea except that it can be tampered with by so many unknown factors and in the end Theo isn’t worth the same to Boston as he is to us and the compensation is really only replacing his value to Boston. Maybe have the outcome be based on how poorly they do without him vs how well we do with.

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    Just set the DVr!!!

  • Matt

    Reyes thing makes me think of the Simpsons episode where Mattingly is kicked off the team by Mr. Burns for refusing to shave his non-existent sideburns.

    “I still like him better than Steinbrenner.”

  • Sweetjamesjones

    The “Prestige” did not suffer at all. It made almost twenty million more dollars than “The Illusionist.”

    • Brett

      Not the money. The reviews and sentiment at the time. It also had far wider distribution and promotion than ‘The Illusionist,’ if I remember correctly.

  • ferrets_bueller

    I think one key thing needs to be added to the “fine ’em” strategy- the fines are counted as part of the team payroll.  Might not make much of a difference at first, but one of these teams is doing everything they can to avoid Luxury Tax penalties…I think Lucchino would cave pretty quickly.

  • Kevin

    Bud, our fearless leader, should get fined for dragging his feet not making a decision. Even if you don’t want to hear it, baseball is very political. Many owners have lined Bud’s pockets so it’s nearly impossible for him to make a decision without their consent. Very true and sad!

  • Still Love the Cubs

    Anyone else think that the pic that goes with this story is hilarious?!?!?! Did you photo shop it Brett or is Theo really looking at his old boss like that?

  • Dougy D

    You got my votes Brett: The Ryno, Harry, and Mr. Cub. Good luck and thanks for all that you put into the site.