Lukewarm Stove: Nationals Sign Edwin Jackson, and Are Looking to Move a Pitcher

Today the Washington Nationals swooped in and signed pitcher Edwin Jackson to a one-year deal in the $10 million range, according to multiple reports. This is noteworthy for a number of reasons, all of them tenuous:

  • The Nationals were not a player for Matt Garza, so their signing Jackson away from teams who theoretically *would* be interested in Garza is a good thing, as far as the Garza market goes.
  • The Nationals are now “aggressively shopping” pitcher John Lannan (whom they just beat in arbitration (he’ll make $5 million in 2012)). The 27-year-old lefty is under control for two more years, and has been a decent back-end option for a number of years (ERA+ of 110, 109, 87, 104 in the last four years). It seems unlikely that the Cubs would go after Lannan, what with their six to nine-man rotation as it is, but his availability does impact the market for Garza. Whatever is gained by Jackson signing could be lost by Lannan’s presence as a much cheaper trade option.
  • The Nationals are still reportedly looking for a center fielder, so I suppose it’s possible there could be a Byrd-for-Lannan angle here, but the Cubs would have to figure out what they’re going to do with the rest of their rotation before taking on yet another decent-but-not-great mid-20s starter. There is a sabermetrically-supported theory out there that lefties have more success at Wrigley than righties, though, so maybe the Cubs would rather have Lannan than, say, Randy Wells.
  • Jackson started out the Winter looking for about four years and $48 million. He is represented by Scott Boras.

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86 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Nationals Sign Edwin Jackson, and Are Looking to Move a Pitcher”

  1. Toby

    A Bryd for Lannen would make sense, but wouldn’t Nationals want more than just Byrd? Would Byrd and Barney do it? Lannen in the Cubs rotation would give Chicago a more solid rotation than the 11 team.

  2. Idaho Razorback

    Just found this article on Dmitri Young. Very impressive with him loosing 75 pounds and wanting to make a comeback. With us not having a veteran 1st baseman to fall back on incase LaHair or Rizzo falter maybe we should invite him to spring training as a non roster invitee.

    1. Toby

      I’d love to see it. He’s always been a favorite of mine. A non-roster invitee wouldn’t be a bad idea. What would it hurt?

      1. Deer

        Dmitri Young was a favorite of yours?? why? I’m not sure if bringing in a guy who twice has been out of baseball due to obesity and/or cocaine is the type of culture change Theo wants.

        1. Mick

          Whoa, cocaine? I didn’t see anything coke related but I did see a weed charge. I’d like to see Dimitri get a shot but we’ve already got LaHair, Baker, and DeWitt to play 1B. Plus, he’d be better suited to DH for an AL team anyway.

          1. Deer

            my bad, i was wrong about the cocaine. Alcoholism, domestic violence, and obesity is all he’s been busted for.

            1. Mick

              How long did the judge give him for the obesity charge?

              1. loyal100more

                well it was a felony so…

              2. Deer

                still pending, punishment might be a minor league deal with the astros

                1. loyal100more

                  or a major league deal with baltimore

                2. loyal100more

                  both of those deals qualify as community service.

              3. bluekoolaidaholic

                Funny, Fielder got paid extra for it (obesity)

                1. loyal100more

                  a million $ for every pound over weight

                  1. loyal100more

                    you know on a serious note, this does give you a good look into the potential clock on fielders health… man not good

                    1. cubfanincardinalland

                      He would have got off on the obesity charge, but his lawyer was a real lightweight.

  3. oswego chris

    I am a bit disappointed we weren’t players for Jackson….of course there has to be a reason for the lack of demand for him, because his age, velocity and flashes of brilliance would seem to interest many teams….

    1. Chaz

      Why would we be players for him. He wanted a ridiculous long term contract and had to settle for a 1 year contract. We don’t need a 1 year contract for him and he’s not worth 12 mill a year

    2. Mick

      Jackson is a good #3 but his low groundball rate and high walk rate make him a poor fit for Wrigley. He would have been outstanding in Target Field, Citi Field, Petco, or Fenway. Nationals Park was ranked #22 last year in yielding HR’s so, we’ll see how that one works out.

    3. SouthernCub

      Perhaps its also because hes a Boras client, maybe Theo and/or Jed just didn’t wanna deal w/ Boras. Just a guess

  4. BD

    Byrd/R. Wells for Lannan

    1. loyal100more

      they dont have a roster spot for another SP, i believe thats why they are shopping lannan in the first place.

    2. Mick

      If I were Washington, I’d do that deal in a heartbeat. They would get their starting CF and an emergency starter in Wells in case Wang or Strasburg have any setbacks from their injuries. From the Cubs’ standpoint, we don’t need another bottom of the rotation starter that’s reached the end of his arbritration years. I feel the Cubs could flip Byrd for a longer term asset and are also in a pretty good position with what they have to sort out the bottom of their 2013 rotation. Sprinkle in a Cole Hammels and Zach Greinke with that and hey Cardinals, objects in your mirror are close than they appear!!

      1. loyal100more

        this trade as well as any potential trade involving soto, are real sketchy. these are premium defensive positions and half way decent guys with the bat. i think before you take huge chances at these positions the pieces that come in return have to be more attractive or at least make better long term sense.

  5. loyal100more

    we would be adding another starter to a roster that has 9 guys under 30 that have never pitched 200 innings,never won 10 games, never posted an era under 3.50 and have never had more than 130 strike outs aside from garza. depth in mediocracy? do we need another guy like this unless the FO is thinking deal at the deadline for a prospect.

  6. Noah

    I’d be a no on Lannan for $5 million on the free agent market, much less having to pay that and give someone up. If the Cubs were a competitor and needed a back end of the rotation starter, that would be one thing. But Lannan strikes no one out (4.71 career K/9) and has a fine but not great walk rate (3.38 BB/9). He survives solely on ground ball rate. He’s a poor man’s Paul Maholm and will actually be making MORE than Paul Maholm over the next two seasons if he’s offered arbitration in 2013.

  7. cubfanincardinalland

    You are way overating Lannan, and he only has two years of team control. For Byrd I would need Lannan and a decent prospect. And the Nationals should make the deal for Byrd.
    Read what you want into it, but the team president for the Marlins today when asked about Cespedes said, “Our offseason is not dependent on signing Cespedes at all.”
    Saving face already because they know they are not going to get him?

  8. Toosh

    Lannan has a lower career ERA than any potential Cub starter other than Garza.

  9. Ur Mom

    You don’t paint a very pretty picture loyal100minsmore.. And here I was starting to get all lathered up over our “prospects”.. My dad deserves to see the cubs win a world series in his lifetime, and as it stands today, we have one maybe all star, who’s accused of sexual wrongdoing, and a team of minor league “prospects” wearing cubs uniforms, masquerading as big leaguers. Here’s hoping my dads health hangs in there until he’s 100. Compare the cubs roster to the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, and Angels, you know, the other big market teams, and we are a joke.. I’d trade our entire roster of players for any of theirs. How can so many of you buy into the moneyball hype, when fans in other cities actually get to be entertained watching “stars” play. I don’t want to watch minor leaguers I want to watch stars, and the cubs havent gone after any. Our payroll is around 40 million less than last year, but prices are up, and you guys are ok with that?? Really??..

    1. loyal100more

      well if we let byrd play out his contract here and another team does sign him we will get a draft pick out of the deal as well as having a great option in CF to bring in jackson. its a premium defense position and one that can cause you lots of problems in close games if you dont at least have a guy that knows what hes doing and can do it. i think byrd will give us a good year in the outfield after all if he wants another contract now is the time to show the league what hes worth on a short or one year deal. now reed johnson is another guy that is under team control for just one year and can play CF. maybe they would consider taking johnson and a prospect for lannan. but then were right back at the big question… what do we want with this guy and how much does he help our club moving forward. very little in prospective but who knows. we know that our front office loves to grab this type of player and has all off season. but when do you say enough is enough were all set?

      1. Pat

        Under the new CBA, in order to get a pick for Byrd they would have to offer a one year deal at around 12 million. Somehow I don’t see that happening.

        1. loyal100more

          a suplemental draft pick. how do you think we got a pick for pena?

          1. Kyle

            Under this year’s rules, we only had to offer arbitration to Pena to get the draft pick.

            Under next year’s rules, you can’t get draft pick compensation unless you offer the player a one-year deal that worth the average of the top 100 salaries, or about $12 million.

            We aren’t going to offer Byrd that, so we won’t get compensation for him.

            1. loyal100more

              gotcha… you know thanks for the well educated clarity my friend.

    2. Frank

      My dad’s 85–I’d like for him to see a Cubs World Series championship before he dies too.

    3. TWC

      No one “deserves” to see the Cubs win the World Series.  Your sense of entitlement is misplaced.

      1. loyal100more

        we all know what the guys talking about! he would love for his pops to see a cub championship. i hope the old timers get there championship, i mean this draught is so long that most of these guys have been loyal fans there whole life, only to never have there moment that all fan “deserve”. maybe to you that word implies that someone is owed something. but in my opinion the old timers deserve something for 80 plus years of loyalty… come on man use your heart not your head.

        1. TWC

          I, too, would love to see the thousands and thousands of life-long, old Cubs fans be able to finally say that their team is the World Champion.  I would love to be able to say that, too.  But the word “deserve” connotes a sense of entitlement.  If your love for the Cubs isn’t freely given, but given with the expectation of a return, I think you have a misplaced sense of ownership.

          1. loyal100more

            if we used our heads and not our hearts, we probably wouldnt be cubs fans.

            1. TWC

              Well, that’s certainly true.

              1. DocWimsey

                Again, Yankees….


      2. DocWimsey

        Exactly. Only Yankee fans are entitled to see their team win the WS annually: and even then, “it’s been a whole year!!!”

        Seriously, at my father’s funeral, I noted that about the only thing that he didn’t get out of life was a Cubs pennant (he was 6 in 1945), which meant that he got everything out of life that one could reasonably expect.

      3. loyal100more

        sorry twc im really not trying to pick on you. i just felt that your opinion as i applies to a wonderfully heart felt gesture, was better thought then posted. please dont be mad at me were still brothers in cubdum

        1. TWC

          Nah, I understand your point, and I hope that my elaboration above clarified my position.  We cool.

          1. loyal100more

            cool… and i do read you on the value of the word. by the way love the avatar! best one ive seen! love the cubs and the dead at the same time too!

            1. TWC

              Now, we’re BFF!

              Love fest in the comments!!!  Woo-hoo!

              1. loyal100more

                ive been to quite a few more shows then games though

                1. TWC

                  I sincerely believe that the world would be a better place if more people had seen the Dead.  Not necessarily become Deadheads, mind you, but to have experienced a show or two.

                  1. loyal100more

                    i just shaved off my dreads after 11 years, and i agree with you.

                  2. Ol'CharlieBrown

                    Man, I wish I could have been around to have gone to one. I live out here in CO and went to a Cubs/Rockies game. There was a fella in the parking lot and he was selling these Cubs shirts. A white shirt with the Dead skull and the Cub’s ‘C’ worked into the forehead of the skull. All blue and red for Cubs colors. Says ‘Gratefully’ above the skull and ‘Dedicated’ below. Pretty cool. I had to buy one.

                    1. TWC

                      I gotta find a shirt like that.

                    2. loyal100more

                      me too!

      4. Ol'CharlieBrown

        I feel like you’re right and you’re wrong, TWC. In my opinion, if you were born in January of 1922 and are now 90 years old, wouldn’t you feel like after 90 years of loyalty, heartache, and dedication, that at the very least, you deserve to enjoy just one World Series win? I don’t mean to sound out of line, but I truly don’t feel like that’s too much to ask from a professional sports organization. I hate saying it, but aren’t we the only team/fan base in sports where it’s even possible to have a person who’s been a fan of a team for 90 years and still have never gotten to celebrate a championship? I just turned 26 yesterday, so hopefully I will have much more time on this earth to eventually see our beloved Cubs finally win one. It’s us fans who come to the games and watch them on TV and buy the $130 jerseys and show our dedication. I don’t do it just to keep myself busy. I do it because I love the Cubs and want to see them succeed and win the World Series. To be honest, I don’t feel sorry for the Cubs as an organization for their lack of success, but sometimes, I truly do feel sorry for each and every one of us fans across the country/world who have been in this tumultuous relationship for years and years with nothing to show for it except the scars. And still, we march on.

        1. loyal100more

          up in heaven jerry garcia is singing to all the long time cub fans…”what a long strange trip its been”

        2. TWC

          I don’t disagree with a word you wrote, O’CB, but for my quibble with “deserve”.  I just don’t think it’s the right word, as it conveys a sense of entitlement.  Going to the games, buying the jerseys isn’t participating in the contest on the field, it’s showing support and an emotional (and occasional financial) commitment to the team, but no one’s forcing you to do it.  I am not trying to be dismissive of the weight of unfulfilled, life-long fandom.  I just don’t think that emotional investment in a team (or in an any situation, frankly) should be given with an expectation of return.  To me, the word “deserve” implies as such.

          Honestly, I’m probably just being a stickler here, hung up on a single word.  Kinda reminds me of Spencer and Ace’s “savior” discussion a few months back.

          And Happy Birthday, dammit!

          1. loyal100more

            i knew you were in for it right when i saw your post

          2. loyal100more

            TWC is only standing by his original statement, that at its core is the truth. were talking grammer wise here guys

          3. Ol'CharlieBrown

            Thanks for the birthday wishes, TWC. It’s very much appreciated.

            You’re absolutely spot on though. Not a soul is forcing me to be a Cubs fan. I’ve always though in life that if you doing something out of love, you shouldn’t be doing it with the expectation of something in return. You’re doing it because of the love you have. I think it applies, whether it be towards a loved one or a team you love. You’re right.

  10. Bric

    I’ve only seen Lannon pitch a few times but my recollection is his pace is slower than a glacier. With the way the bull pen id looking righting now my inclination would be do everything possible to keep them (and the fans) interested and involved before the 7th inning. If the Cubs are going to lose I’d much rather see them lose in 3 hours, not 4 and a half.

  11. rbreeze

    We need Lannan like we need a hole in the head!!!  Get me the Cubans!!!

  12. baseballet

    I’d make the Byrd-for Lannan trade. Lannan would be a younger upgrade to Randy Wells, who I don’t see in the starting rotation going forward.

  13. rcleven

    With Jackson getting 8 to 10mm how would it affect Garza’s arb claim? Innings and ERA are somewhat comparable.

  14. loyal100more

    do you really think it could? i mean garza is gonna do alot better than 10 a year and sign for more than one year. when hes a free agent

  15. rcleven

    It’s a comp that has to be looked at. Jackson,I believe has 12 years of service. Are you comparing apples to apples?

  16. loyal100more

    im just not so sure the FA market applies to arb. cases.

  17. Kevin

    Free agents tent to get more money than a player in arbritation. Don’t think it impacts Garza at all.

    1. loyal100more

      yea im kinda missing the point on this comparison… ones a free agent and the other is in arb. not to be a smart ass but i would really love to hear how one effects the other.

  18. barroof

    Guys,Guys, You’re getting off the subject. Get back to the Alcoholism, Obesity,and Domestic Violence. This represents a very good portion of our fans in the bleachers. If we put players like that on the field it’ll be hard to tell them apart. If a fan gets charged and sentenced to 3 years does that mean he’s under team control. I know how that means more to most of you than if they are actually any good or not.

    1. loyal100more

      are we all the way back to the demitri young topic? i thought that dead horse had been beaten to a pulp.

  19. ferris

    i agree plus deadline deals….you may wanna keep him an trade wood depending on how things are going three lhp under 30 in the rotation thatd be new…hes a groundball pitcher and thats also good in wrigly…..we must move byrd especially if were not gonna trade sori…..

    wich sori an cash to the yanks for burnett and sanchez catcher prospect then ship burnett and cash for more prospects….cant believe we havent done that yet……and alot of teams aka boston,baltimore,tb,detroit,an other would be interested in burnett at a low price..thats alot better than eating sori whole contract..sorry got off subject….yes byrd for

  20. rcleven

    The question I am asking is do arbitrators look at this signing and use it as a comparable when deciding on the numbers handed in by the Garza camp.

    1. loyal100more

      the under team controle effect has a huge barring in these matters but the two processes(free agent signing-arb. cases) are completly different and really only reflect market value for one another. for instance: if garza was a FA this would effect his market value by comparing the two pitchers performances wise as well as age. but in arb. the player is under team control with nothing garenteed outside of revisiting the amount of money hes making based his performance sense the contract was signed.

  21. pfk

    I’ve never been able to get my arms around the “Matt Garza Must be traded” fervor. Its like its a crusade.

    1. baseballet

      Because it’s one of our best opportunities to turn a short term asset into a long term asset, which is our prime directive right now.

  22. North Side Irish

    According MLB Trade Rumors…
    The Cubs have signed Cuban left-hander Gerardo Concepcion to a contract, reports Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald (via Twitter).

  23. Kyle

    Over on NSBB, reports that Cuban pitcher Concepcion have signed with the Cubs.

  24. loyal100more

    one down two to go! way to go FO!!

  25. MightyBear

    Brett you can squeal. So glad they signed concepcion. If they get one of the other two, it will be a very nice haul and a good start.

    1. Mick

      …and Brett, when you do the write-up can include any info on where Concepcion will rank in our organization?

      1. loyal100more

        i second that motion, there is minimal info on the guy outside of his notable rookie accomplishments. very exciting!

    2. D.G.Lang

      i posted earlier today in the theo to dr thread that I thought they would probably sign him today, all the signs were pointing that direction.

    3. Ryan G

      I’d probably put him somewhere between the 10-15 range. Not enough hype or scouting reports to start him higher than the proven guys.

      1. King Jeff

        That’s in the range that I think he would be in, but what do we know. There is too much conflict in his scouting reports to say he’s a top 10 guy right now. He’s lefty, he’s got good control, he’s 18, and he throws in the low 90′s with an iffy curve, and an even iffier changeup. Some scouts say he’s polished and wont’ improve much, which I find hard to believe for an 18 year old who’s only faced Cuban and amateur international competition. Regardless, I’m excited to have him, and getting either Soler or Cespedes at this point would put a huge exclamation point on the off season.

  26. North Side Irish

    FWIW, Kevin Goldstein says he’d put him #6 in the Cubs system…

  27. loyal100more

    perhaps a look into how things are going with these cuban gentleman. i read this guy had in excess of 10 offers on the table. i would assume that means we out-bid the others but, if nothing more that does show that our FO is indeed gonna be aggressive in regards to signing the other two guys as well.

  28. Anthony

    Cubs sign Concepcion!! Hope it is just the start!!