Semi-Relief: The Cubs and Matt Garza Have Avoided Arbitration

With a hearing looming (today), the Chicago Cubs and Matt Garza have agreed on a one-year deal for 2012. Garza will get $9.5 million, with the possibility of additional performance bonuses.

Garza, 28, in his third of four arbitration years, had requested $12.5 million for 2012, while the Cubs had offered $7.95 million. Given Garza’s lofty request, it’s no surprise the two sides settled below the midpoint. It’s still a win for Garza, whom most thought would get around $8.5 to $9 million for 2012. You have to wonder: who blinked at the last minute?

With the signing out of the way, the Cubs can now theoretically resume trade talks about Garza, presuming his price tag isn’t too lofty for interested teams. Otherwise, the Cubs might instead prefer to continue dialoging with Garza’s camp about a long-term extension.

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174 responses to “Semi-Relief: The Cubs and Matt Garza Have Avoided Arbitration”

  1. North Side Bum

    Teams in this era win by having stars on them. Hey I wish that all these young guys win the cubs a series and play for the league minimum but we both honestly know that’s never going happen

  2. BetterNews

    I really lost a lot of respect for Quade with one particular comment. When Castro was caught wandering around at short(on TV no less) while the game was going on and a pitch being delivered to the plate, Quade responded by saying he was trying to manage a game and couldn’t possibly see everything going on.

    How do you miss your shortstop doing this right in front of your dugout, literally right in front of your face? And you’re managing?

    1. KCubsfan

      Who cares it was dealt with he is gone.

  3. North Side Bum

    Not every big name stars big contract turns into a loser for the team no matter what he does on the field. Sorianos contract has made the cubs money because without the cubs signing someone big fans were not showing up. I live here trut me not every game is packed

  4. North Side Bum

    Im sorry but Rizzo’s swing is not cut out for the majors its going to have to be changed and when he does what if he is not the answer? When we could have had a proven star at 1st

    1. MichiganGoat

      So you think the Cubs should have signed Prince for 225M/10yrs?

    2. KCubsfan

      Its now like it needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be shortened, it will take a few monthes.

  5. North Side Bum

    I never wanted fielder. But Albert will make the angels double his contract so in business sense it is worth it and on the field. Albert is a once in a lifetime player and worth every penny. Fielder is a fatty and heading no where fast like his dad

    1. MichiganGoat

      So what contract would you have given Pujols?

    2. KCubsfan

      Pujol makes no sense. The Cubs need players thats prime is coming not passed.

      1. BetterNews

        That’s right. A Pujols contract would have made no sense, and honestly, Pujols would have not accepted a contract with the Cubs.

  6. North Side Bum

    If Epstein would have signed Albert every cubs fan would have rejoiceing including you but when he didn’t and came up with this plan you chose to let him change your mind because its been so ling that most of you would believe a snake oil salesman but I still say pujols should be wearing chubbier blue and that will be epstiens downfault. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that in 2015-16a the cubs will lose to the angels in the series and albert will be the reason and it will be epstiens fault

    1. KCubsfan

      Not me. I would have thought Hendry was still running the team. It would have been a band aide and would have hurt the club in the long run.

    2. MichiganGoat

      Okay so what contract should he have given, and yes fans would be excited and seats would be sold but there is something that sells more tickets and gets mans truly excited: consistent winning and contending every year.

    3. Doug

      LMFAO…Oh yes. We were charmed by the snake oil salesman. We’re all a bunch of Lemmings. Thanks for breaking Theo’s evil spell with your post of wisdom and making me realize, “We’ve been duped, hood winked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok!!”

      1. Bric

        Nice. Any posting you can work the word bamboozled into is worth a read. Ace, any possibility of working a “comment of the day” segment into your fine web site?

  7. North Side Bum

    275 over 10yrs and 5% ownership when he retires
    Make him part of the cubs family for life. He would have made the cubs double that and that is a smart investment.let’s not forget big name stars bring tv dollars that these rookies dibt

  8. North Side Bum

    Yes pujols would have jumped at the ownership part that’s what got him to anahiem

  9. North Side Bum

    But I do know that’s like crying over spilled milk and has been done so that’s ewhy I say we move on to the future and if cinncy signs bottom to an extension I don’t see a 1basemensmart that can help us win or 3rd for that matter.well I got to go to work.its been great debating with ya have a good weekend cubs fans

    1. KCubsfan

      Again who says he would sign with the Cubs. He is Canadian and believe or not the Jays have a ton of Money. You cant rely on FA to fix the issues the Cubs have. At some point wouldnt it feel good to develop some true Hall of Fame talent in the organization?

  10. North Side Bum

    Damn auto correct wont let me spell joey votto

  11. sportsdanny1979

    hey Bum – when did you join the team? Who are you referring to when you say WE? And How does Puljos make the team 100% of his contract back when they already sell out every game?

  12. KCubsfan

    My point is is there any real difference between 20 or 30 under .500? Not really, you still werent anywhere close to a playoff berth. If the Cubs trade him they will get very good to great prospect 3 to 4 of them and they will also get a better draft pick most likely which would give them another very good to great prospects. So the Cubs could bet anywhere frfom 4 to 5 prospects by Trading Garza if you look at it.

  13. BetterNews

    I wish I was a “righty” like Garza!

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