The Chicago Cubs have released their 2012 television schedule, according to Carrie Muskat. I count 62 games on WGN, 10 on FOX, and 2 on ESPN (times are Central, and all of this could change):

Thu 4/5 vs. Washington, 1:20 PM, WGN

Sat 4/7 vs. Washington, 12:05 PM, Comcast Sports Net (CSN)

Sun 4/8 vs. Washington, 1:20 PM, WGN

Mon 4/9 vs. Milwaukee, 7:05 PM, WCIU

Tue 4/10 vs. Milwaukee, 7:05 PM, CSN

Wed 4/11 vs. Milwaukee, 1:20 PM, WGN

Thu 4/12 vs. Milwaukee, 1:20 PM, CSN

Fri 4/13 @ St. Louis, 2:15 PM, WGN

Sat 4/14 @ St. Louis, 12:05 PM, FOX

Sun 4/15 @ St. Louis, 1:15 PM, CSN

Tue 4/17 @ Miami, 6:10 PM, CSN

Wed 4/18 @ Miami, 6:10 PM, WGN

Thu 4/19 @ Miami, 11:40 AM, WGN

Fri 4/20 vs. Cincinnati, 1:20 PM, CSN

Sat 4/21 vs. Cincinnati 12:05 PM WGN

Sun 4/22 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 4/23 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM CSN

Tue 4/24 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM CSN

Wed 4/25 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM WGN

Fri 4/27 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM CSN

Sat 4/28 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM WGN

Sun 4/29 @ Philadelphia 12:35 PM WGN

Mon 4/30 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM CSN

Tue 5/1 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN

Wed 5/2 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM WGN

Thur 5/3 @ Cincinnati 11:35 AM CSN

Fri 5/4 vs. LA Dodgers 1:20 PM CSN

Sat 5/5 vs. LA Dodgers 12:05 PM CSN

Sun 5/6 vs. LA Dodgers 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 5/7 vs. Atlanta 7:05 PM WCIU

Tue 5/8 vs. Atlanta 7:05 PM WGN

Wed 5/9 vs. Atlanta 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 5/11 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WGN

Sat 5/12 @ Milwaukee 12:05 PM FOX

Sun 5/13 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM WGN

Mon 5/14 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM WCIU

Tue 5/15 @ St. Louis 12:45 PM CSN

Wed 5/16 vs. Philadelphia 7:05 PM CSN

Thur 5/17 vs. Philadelphia 7:05 PM WGN

Fri 5/18 vs. White Sox 1:20 PM WGN

Sat 5/19 vs. White Sox 6:15 PM FOX

Sun 5/20 vs. White Sox 1:20 PM CSN

Mon 5/21 @ Houston 7:05 PM CSN

Tue 5/22 @ Houston 7:05 PM CSN

Wed 5/23 @ Houston 7:05 PM WGN

Fri 5/25 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN+

Sat 5/26 @ Pittsburgh 6:15 PM FOX

Sun 5/27 @ Pittsburgh 12:35 PM WGN

Mon 5/28 vs. San Diego 1:20 PM WGN

Tue 5/29 vs. San Diego 1:20 PM CSN

Wed 5/30 vs. San Diego 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 6/1 @ SF Giants 9:15 PM WGN

Sat 6/2 @ SF Giants 6:15 PM FOX

Sun 6/3 @ SF Giants 3:05 PM WGN

Mon 6/4 @ SF Giants 2:45 PM CSN

Tue 6/5 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WGN

Wed 6/6 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN

Thur 6/7 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM CSN

Fri 6/8 @ Minnesota 7:10 PM WGN

Sat 6/9 @ Minnesota 1:10 PM CSN

Sun 6/10 @ Minnesota 1:10 PM WGN

Tue 6/12 vs. Detroit 7:05 PM CSN

Wed 6/13 vs. Detroit 7:05 AM WCIU

Thur 6/14 vs. Detroit 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 6/15 vs. Boston 1:20 PM CSN

Sat 6/16 vs. Boston 6:15 PM FOX

Sun 6/17 vs. Boston TBD (WGN or ESPN)

Mon 6/18 @ White Sox 7:10 PM WCIU

Tue 6/19 @ White Sox 7:10 PM CSN

Wed 6/20 @ White Sox 7:10 PM WGN

Fri 6/22 @ Arizona 8:40 PM WGN

Sat 6/23 @ Arizona 9:10 PM CSN

Sun 6/24 @ Arizona 3:10 PM CSN

Mon 6/25 vs. NY Mets 7:05 PM CSN+

Tue 6/26 vs. NY Mets 7:05 PM WCIU

Wed 6/27 vs. NY Mets 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 6/29 vs. Houston 1:20 PM WGN

Sat 6/30 vs. Houston 3:05 PM WGN

Sun 7/1 vs. Houston 1:20 PM CSN

Mon 7/2 @ Atlanta 6:10 PM CSN

Tue 7/3 @ Atlanta 6:10 PM CSN

Wed 7/4 @ Atlanta 6:10 PM WGN

Thur 7/5 @ Atlanta 6:10 PM CSN

Fri 7/6 @ NY Mets 6:10 PM CSN

Sat 7/7 @ NY Mets 3:10 PM WGN

Sun 7/8 @ NY Mets 12:10 PM CSN

Fri 7/13 vs. Arizona 1:20 PM CSN

Sat 7/14 vs. Arizona 3:05 PM FOX

Sun 7/15 vs. Arizona 1:20 PM WGN

Tue 7/17 vs. Miami 7:05 PM CSN

Wed 7/18 vs. Miami 7:05 PM WGN

Thur 7/19 vs. Miami 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 7/20 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM WGN

Sat 7/21 @ St. Louis 3:05 PM FOX

Sun 7/22 @ St. Louis 1:15 PM WGN

Mon 7/23 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN

Tue 7/24 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN

Wed 7/25 @ Pittsburgh 11:35 AM WGN

Fri 7/27 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM CSN

Sat 7/28 vs. St. Louis 12:05 PM CSN

Sun 7/29 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 7/30 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM CSN

Tue 7/31 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM WGN

Wed 8/1 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN

Fri 8/3 @ LA Dodgers 9:10 PM WGN

Sat 8/4 @ LA Dodgers 8:10 PM CSN

Sun 8/5 @ LA Dodgers TBD (WGN or ESPN)

Mon 8/6 @ San Diego 9:05 PM CSN

Tue 8/7 @ San Diego 9:05 PM CSN+

Wed 8/8 @ San Diego 5:35 PM WGN

Thur 8/9 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN

Fri 8/10 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN

Sat 8/11 vs. Cincinnati 3:05 PM CSN

Sun 8/12 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 8/13 vs. Houston 7:05 PM CSN+

Tue 8/14 vs. Houston 7:05 PM CSN

Wed 8/15 vs. Houston 1:20 PM WGN

Fri 8/17 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM WGN

Sat 8/18 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN

Sun 8/19 @ Cincinnati 12:10 PM WGN

Mon 8/20 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WCIU

Tue 8/21 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN+

Wed 8/22 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM WGN

Fri 8/24 vs. Colorado 1:20 PM WGN

Sat 8/25 vs. Colorado 12:05 PM CSN

Sun 8/26 vs. Colorado 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 8/27 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN

Tues 8/28 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM WGN

Wed 8/29 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN+

Thur 8/30 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 8/31 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM CSN

Sat 9/1 vs. SF Giants 3:05 PM FOX

Sun 9/2 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 9/3 @ Washington 12:05 PM WGN

Tues 9/4 @ Washington 6:05 PM CSN

Wed 9/5 @ Washington 6:05 PM CSN

Thur 9/6 @ Washington 6:05 PM CSN

Fri 9/7 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN

Sat 9/8 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN

Sun 9/9 @ Pittsburgh 12:35 PM WGN

Mon 9/10 @ Houston 7:05 PM CSN

Tues 9/11 @ Houston 7:05 PM WCIU

Wed 9/12 @ Houston 7:05 PM CSN+

Fri 9/14 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN

Sat 9/15 vs. Pittsburgh 12:05 PM CSN

Sun 9/16 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN

Mon 9/17 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM CSN

Tue 9/18 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN

Wed 9/19 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN

Thur 9/20 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN

Fri 9/21 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM CSN

Sat 9/22 vs. St. Louis TBD (WGN or FOX)

Sun 9/23 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM WGN

Tue 9/25 @ Colorado 7:40 PM WGN

Wed 9/26 @ Colorado 7:40 PM CSN

Thur 9/27 @ Colorado 2:10 PM WGN

Fri 9/28 @ Arizona 8:40 PM CSN

Sat 9/29 @ Arizona 7:10 PM WGN

Sun 9/30 @ Arizona 3:10 PM WGN

Mon 10/1 vs. Houston 7:05 PM CSN

Tue 10/2 vs. Houston 7:05 PM CSN+

Wed 10/3 vs. Houston 1:20 PM WGN

  • florida Al

    good lord brett, you typed that word for word ?? musta took awhile! How many of those will be on wgn america? I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO WATCH ALL OF THEM ON comcast down here..

    • juice

      invest in TV. It’s a great way to watch online. Probably can even do it on a smart phone

      • Stinky Pete

        I live in Iowa and I am blacked out of both Chicago teams, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City and Minnesota. I can understand Minnesota, but these other cities are 5-7 hours away. Why the F am I blacked out? The game being on TV has 0 bearing on my decision to travel that far to watch.

        • Chibs

          Oh damn I lose my mind when they black my area out. I live on western border of IA, 7 hour drive to Chicago, black out. Logical.

          • Brady

            Don’t feel too bad. I am with the Navy in Hawaii and get blacked out for any Oakland or SF games. Usually doesn’t hurt too bad but that is a few series a year where they don’t show them on local television (the whole point of the blackout) and they are in Chicago. There should be no reason for me to get blacked out of games. (I have complained numerous times to MLB but you can guess how that goes). Also I hear Las Vegas is horrible. They get blacked out of Colorado, Arizona, Both LA teams and SD. That is just crazy if you ask me.

        • gratefulled

          Iowa here too. Drove me f’ing nuts last year. Ended up cancelling my mlbtv account after a month last year. Really, what is the point if I cant watch any Midwest teams? I didn’t sign up to watch Seattle play the Rays. Frustrating to say the least. I imagine it will be the same this year too.

  • JulioZuleta

    Brett, see you in the bleachers on April 10?

    • Brett

      Not sure if I’ll be there on the 10th yet. I know I’ll be there on the 12th.

  • Karen P

    Might have to break down and get the MLBTV subscription this year. Too many games that won’t be on WGN and with 25 new co-workers (compared to the 5 I had last summer), it’s gonna be tough to convince ’em to watch the Cubs if the Tigers are on at the same time at work… :/

  • D17FUZZ

    While it is only a few games a year. I hate WICU!!! Used to get that channel and with comcast still today I can’t get it since moving 14 miles further west. Come on 2020 Cubs network channel. I’m ready to pay now for the channel!!!

    • Dustin S

      In the same boat here since I’m also too far west, and I cringe whenever I see the WCIU dates.

    • Spencer

      WCIU and CSN+ suck

  • Ivy Walls

    Actually by purchasing and also having a ROKU device one can watch the games on tv as well. The only problem is black outs esp on Sat

    that is why having the radio broadcast as well is important, will miss Ronnie

  • So Ill Cub Fan

    When are we going to get rid of these silly WCIU games. We in the deep south get all the rest, but unless they’re carried by ESPN or MLB Network, we’re left out on those and they often are some of the most entertaining games of the year!

  • Cerambam

    Looks like the cubbies are playing October baseball!

    • cjdubbya

      October baseball at Wrigley. And a legit chance to take that October series. Booyah.

  • WiscoCubbie

    Can someone tell me how much MLBtv is going to cost this year? 62 games on WGN isn’t enough….

    • Brady

      Last I checked its $20 a month. I don’t think it changed from last year. I will say I really enjoy aside from the blackouts. I tend to watch 3 baseball games a day (1 of the Cubs and the other 2 being just good matchups or exciting teams. Last year it tended to be mostly 1 cubs, 2 Indians and 3 any other game). My major pet peeve is there isnt a way to hide the scores if you go to watch the game on the replay (living in hawaii I am 5 hours behind central and so morning games are impossible. Being in the military sometimes I work night shifts and like to watch game replays). Nothing kills me more than going into the replay section after shielding my eyes from all the scores and then seeing them listed next to each game. Anyway, me and all my shipmates highly recommend it if you love baseball. Good picture quality and on frustrating blackout days you can watch the pitch by pitch (gameday) display while listening to the radio that comes with Not the most enjoyable way but you will take what you can get.

      • KCubsfan

        I am ex navy what is your rate?

        • Brady

          Information Systems Technition (IT), what was yours?

  • curt

    im sure comcast sportsnet out of chicago will carry quite a few

  • die hard

    Only 62 free games on Chicago TV speaks volumes…..

  • cubsin

    Just the Cubs luck – the Royals will almost certainly be better than the White Sox for the first time since interleague play began, and the Cubs aren’t expected to contend. I’m assuming the extra “rivalry” series will end once interleague games are played throughout the season.

    • Brady

      Personally I am against interleague play as a whole. The only time I agree with it is your intercity games. Other games tend to mean just about nothing.

      • Evolution

        Yeah…I agree on interleague play. And, while going to a wild card system in the playoffs has added some level of intensity, it also reduces some of the drama from the “long season”. 162 games…two winners per league (one from each division). Expansion sort of killed that concept…but, I still think the old way was better. Just my opinion.

        My feeling…if you’re going to interleague play, you have to go all the way. Completely realign everything to set up true geographical rivalries. Put the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Orioles, Nationals, and Blue Jays in one division. The Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Brewers, Royals, and Twins in another. (Or something…whatever comes closest.)

        Here in Minneapolis…no one is getting excited for a mid-week series against Pittsburgh. Do it right…or, not at all.

        • Brady

          My main qualms with the wildcard comes in with the 1 game playoff they want to put in. This is for 2 reasons, a.) why play 162 games to just be eliminated by 1 (i am a firm believer in a winning season ending with a championship or it wasn’t a winning season) and b.) If it becomes like basketball where it feels like 9/10ths of the league makes the playoffs what is the real drive through the season to do well.

          • Kyle

            No. 1 is solved by No. 2.

            The split wild card is brilliant because it adequately punishes the WC teams for failing to win their division (making the regular season meaningful) while still giving a chance to a great team with another great team in your division (so you don’t have to deal with 103-win Giants teams sitting at home while 83-win Cardinals teams go to the playoffs).

            No system’s perfect. There will always be positives and negatives, and everyone will choose to place different value on each. Baseball fans especially love to emphasize the negative of anything that changes baseball from the way it was when they were a kid.

            But personally, I love the idea of the split wild card and the one-game playoff to go with it.

      • LWeb23

        I agree. I mean yes, I enjoy watching interleague play. Cubs at Fenway was an awesome experience. But I just think it would be a lot cooler if they just got rid of it, having only one or two interleague series a year per team (Cubs/White Sox, Boston/Atlanta, KC/STL, etc). It would make the All-Star Game much more interesting, and it would make World Series matchups that more interesting and rare.

      • hansman1982

        So a Cubs game against the Washington Nationals or Miami Marlins means a lot just because they are in the NL? Interleague is necessary because having 1 division with 6 teams in it and another with 4 just isn’t right. Why should the Cubs have to fight 5 other teams for a playoff spot when the Rangers only have to fight 3?
        Expansion is as unrealistic as contraction, the only way to do it is have 6 divisions of 5 teams. Even with expanded wild cards you still only have 10 of 30 teams making the playoffs. This isn’t an NBA situation where half the league makes it.
        I can’t wait to see what the reaction is when the NL gets the DH.

  • DocWimsey

    I remember BoB Costas’ line, to the effect of recalling how classic the call would have been: “GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! Dodgers win the Wild Card. GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT!!!! Dodgers win the Wild Card.”

    • Kyle

      The flip side to that being that fans in every single National League city outside New York had nothing interesting to root for in the entire second half of the 1951 season.

      • DocWimsey

        *snort* Try the first half of the 1950’s, not the 2nd half of one season! And in the AL, it was almost the entire 1950’s.

  • rocky8263

    The system I invested in four years ago is Slingbox. I know you need the channels first but I haven’t missed a game. They now have a hookup for my Kindle Fire which is more compact and easier to hide at work. Hate to sound like a commercial but it works. Never tried it on my smartphone. I used to sit in row fifteen in terrace reserved which has the flat screens for replays (poor mans jumbo-tron) I moved down ten rows this off-season so no more T.V’s. I’ll have to fight the urge to bring the Fire to watch the game while at the game. Don’t want to be that guy.