Today’s news and rumors (and there’s a big rumor to discuss about Wrigley Field later today) figure to be largely overshadowed by last night/this morning’s reports that the Cubs have agreed to terms with (but have not yet signed) Jorge Soler. Think the Wife will notice that her Valentine’s Day card is signed “I Love Jorge Soler You, Dear”?

  • You don’t want to hear it, and I don’t want to write it. But it happened, and it’s news, so I have to mention it. The Cubs and Red Sox have submitted written arguments to the Commissioner’s Office regarding the Theo Epstein compensation dispute (only two organizations run by lawyers would submit briefs … which sounds like I’m making fun, but I’m not: this may be the first time since leaving the law that I feel a twinge of “oh man, I want to write a brief”). I’m actually glad it came to this, because, unless there are a number of meaningful facts of which we’re not aware, the Cubs have the better arguments here. Let’s hope they make them well.
  • Baseball American would place Cuban pitcher Gerardo Concepcion, recently-signed by the Cubs for $7 million, all the way down at number 19 on the team’s top prospect list (a far cry from the top 10 placement by Kevin Goldstein). On Concepcion, BA says, “The 19-year-old stands out more with his advanced feel for pitching than he does for his pure stuff. His fastball ranges from 86-92 mph and his curveball ranges from inconsistent to solid,” and quotes a scout who adds, “If everything works out, maybe he becomes Randy Wolf.” I’d say it’s a fair bet the Cubs think more highly of Concepcion than that.
  • Ozzie Guillen thinks the Marlins’ uniforms “look bad,” and thinks Carlos Zambrano got “out of hand” in Chicago. The Marlins are going to be this season’s team on Showtime’s ‘The Franchise,’ by the way. Yes, that sounds about right.
  • So, anyone want to offer up their Chicago Cubs Valentine’s? I just sent mine to Matt Garza – it has a picture of the cat above, and says (you guessed it) “I think you’re the cat’s pajamas.”
  • The White Sox are hoping this year’s slogan – “Appreciate the Game” – isn’t made the subject of fun like last year’s slogan – “All In.” That pretty much guarantees that we’re going to make fun of it.
  • Scott Kazmir is hoping to come back after falling off the map (his fastball lost many miles per hour, and his stuff vanished), and will throw for scouts tomorrow. Seems like the kind of guy the Cubs of old would have taken a look at as a reclamation project (which is distinct from a bounce-back candidate), but I’m not sure the new guys would take a chance.
  • The Heckler offers up a humorous visual take on how various folks view Cubs fans:

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    I hate randy wolf. Hopefully the cubs don’t think conception is him in any way… Because I hate him 😉

    • Cub Fan Dan

      Randy Wolf’s most similar player on BR is Ted Lilly so maybe we can use that reference from now on.

  • Dougy D

    Just to let you know, Brett: I was sleeping bag shopping on Saturday and found one made by North Face called “the cat’s meow.”

    Nice work by The Heckler with the cleavage shot for a representation for WGN. I always appreciate it, maybe as much as Brenly does.

  • Katie

    Please proceed to the message board to see my Public Service Announcement regarding Valentine’s Day. Cuz I’m a giver that like.

    Also please please please let the Soler rumors be true.

    • Andrewmoore4isu

      I’ve been informed Katie will “weee” all day if cubs sign soler

      • Katie

        Oh yes, lots of “weee-ing” will happen!

        • SirCub


          • Katie

            Not like that, perv.

            • SirCub

              Well, it would be understandable.

  • Daniel Guerra

    I’m surprised Brett that you haven’t written about the great Ramon Ortiz? The Cubs are interested and no other team is publicaly interested in Ramon. Maybe the A’s will come a scoop him up!

  • die hard

    With the Cubs using lots of green to go Soler, will weaning off of fossils like Soriano fuel a savings passed on to energize Cubs fans with lower prices at the pr pump? Hope so, because spending money that the Cubs dont have is not sustainable. This kid, no matter how talented he appears to be, will not see a major league lineup for 5 years. So, until then, the Cubs need shorter term fixes like signing Oswalt to a 2 yr deal.

    • KCubsfan

      Its more like 3 to 4 years. Oswalt really why spend the money on a team that wont finish higher the 4th (and thats the ceiling) in the Division. Not to mention I doubt he would go to the Cubs, he has stated it he want to play for a World Series contender.

  • JB88

    Good god man. You are the definition of a broken record. The Cubs aren’t going to lower prices. It is just not going to happen. They are looking for additional streams of revenue, not looking to reduce the only steady stream they truly have.

  • cubsnivy56

    I think your wife will notice, and I am going to guess she will not be surprised with your sense of humor.  (She has put up with you this long)

    I agree that we have a better argument than the Red Sox.  I don’t think we will be too disappointed.

  • Steve

    I’m certai you’ve mentioned your reason for leaving the law arena, however I’m a relative newbie so I’d like to know! I often ask myself why I subject myself to the brow beating I receive on a weekly basis.
    Also, those pajamas are the BOMB!!!!

    • hansman1982

      Check out the “About” tab on the far top of the page. It’s all the rage these days.

    • Brett

      Yeah, the best explanation (which is long) is in the “About” section. Just wasn’t for me anymore.

  • Toosh

    I would have thought both teams would have presented their arguments when they agreed to let Selig decide the compensation issue, not wait until now.

  • Mick

    Why does everyone look at me funny when I ask how Theo will look in his briefs?

    • Brian Myers

      For the same reason years ago people looked funny at Jerry Jones for stating:

      “Troy Aikman sure looks good in our shower”.

  • Big Joe

    Funny photo…until those two guys. Could have done without that. Ewe.

  • Bren

    WGN really does have the best cameramen in the business

  • gratefulled

    “Appreciate the Crack Game”

  • ferrets_bueller

    LMAO! That picture is priceless.