Chicago Magazine has released its list of the 100 most powerful Chicagoans, and a few notable names make an appearance. Obviously Mayor Rahm Emanuel heads the list, with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald just behind. Rocky Wirtz, the Chairman of the Blackhawks is at number 5, Jerry Reinsdorf, the Chairman of the Bulls and White Sox is at 14, and Ted Phillips, President and CEO of the Bears is down at 39. Derrick Rose, back spasms and all, is a lofty number 7.

But where do the Cubs’ folks make an appearance?

Owner and Chairman Tom Ricketts is number 30, which makes sense as a relative outsider when compared to guys like Wirtz and Reinsdorf. On Ricketts, Chicago Mag said:

He may have owned the team for only two years, but this U. of C. grad’s swift moves show he’s serious about building a winner. He ponied up a club record $12 million for the draft last summer, brought in game-changing general manager Theo Epstein [sic. – President of Baseball Operations] in October, and began orchestrating an ambitious (and controversial) Wrigleyville facelift by purchasing an adjacent McDonald’s lot. The next measure of his reach: whether he can secure state aid for the ballpark’s renovation.

So how about that “game-changing general manager, er, uh, President of Baseball Operations”? Epstein, who’s been in Chicago just a few months, comes in at number 48:

In only a few months, the former Red Sox GM has improved clubhouse culture (see the Carlos Zambrano trade) and coined a phrase—“the Cubs Way”—that stands for philosophical change on and off the field. Because Epstein has the power to assemble the player roster of tomorrow, the beloved but woebegone franchise will rise or fall on his decisions.

Fair enough.

Maybe I’m cheesy, but I love the pictures Chicago Mag chose for each of the two. The pictures convey, to me, what each guy is about: Tom Ricketts is earnest and hopeful, Theo Epstein is clever and always planning.

Here’s hoping that, by 2015, Ricketts and Epstein come in much higher on the list, thanks to their successes over the next four years.

(For you law dogs out there, Richard Posner came in at a lowly 67, which, like, come on.)

  • Ron

    What no rankings for bloggers who live there in abstention?

    • Brett

      I’m assuming that it is my permanent residence in Columbus that made me ineligible. Otherwise, it’s hard to see me falling outside the top 30.

  • Seth

    Where’s Oprah? 😉

    • MontelleW_IA

      you just lost like 80 man points and got your man card suspended for even the mention of her name! LOL

  • Norm

    The Theo pic looks like something the Feds would take in a sting operation as Theo is getting ready to duck in to the back of a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle.

    • JB88

      LOL Norm. My first thought was that Epstein looks like a mob boss in that photo …. Your comment just nailed it!

  • Katie

    Theo looks sessy.

    Brett, I’m positive it’s the issue of your residency. Otherwise, top 30 for sure.

  • Edgar

    Brett from your profile pic you kinda look like Theo.

    • Brett

      Best. Compliment. Ever.

  • die hard

    Well…there goes the compensation arguments out the window….Selig now has no choice but to let Bosox select whatever it wants….Chi Mag could have waited on article until after Selig decides case….editors obviously not Cub fans…yeeesh!!!

    • Brett

      That was actually rather funny. Well done, die hard.

  • Mike Foster

    I assume the top 30’s are paying you to stay out of town to preserve their places? Or at the very least they should all have banners on website……

    • Brett

      It stings to be left off of lists like this, but, yeah, when those stay-away checks start rolling in, it’ll all be worth it. Reinsdorf could probably keep me away for 10 years with what he find in his couch. His diamond-encrusted couch.

  • rcleven

    Ted Phillips at 39 ha-ha-ha…….

  • spencer

    I got to see oral args. for the 7th Circuit last Thursday. Posner is pretty awesome.

  • Joker

    Why do those pictures remind me of Randy Quaid and Ben Affleck?

    Waitaminute…I think we have our next cast for “Moneyball 2: Rise of the North Side”!

  • AP

    Posner at 67? That is pretty disgraceful.

    • JB88

      5 Restauranteurs/chefs v. 1 judge. That is just shocking. If people only knew the power that the bench wields, there is no way that guys like Easterbrook, Posner, and, hell, even some of the circuit court judges like Maddux, for example shouldn’t be higher. It is almost laughable that two heads of law firms are deemed more powerful than the judges who, more or less, control those law firms’ fates.

  • jr5

    You see “earnest and hopeful”, I see “doofus”.

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