Tired of Jorge Soler rumors? Burnt out on Matt Garza trade speculation?

Well, get ready, because now you get to hear about the other endless offseason storyline you’re sick of hearing about.

The Theo Epstein compensation drama is probably coming to an end soon.

According to reports out of both Chicago (Carrie Muskat and Phil Rogers) and Boston (Nick Cafardo and Gordon Edes), Commissioner Bud Selig, who has apparently been devoting an inordinately large amount of time to the decision, will soon render judgment with respect to the compensation fight. The Boston sources say the decision will come “very soon” and/or by the start of Spring Training. The Chicago sources say the decision will come by the end of the week, so I suppose that means tonight, tomorrow, or over the weekend.

We’ll probably never know the finer details of just what happened to turn this into such a mess. We know the two sides were sloppy in how they handled the permission to interview and hire Epstein. We know that the Commissioner’s Office was sloppy in order Epstein to officially join the Cubs, and then telling the sides to “keep working on it.” Everyone probably shares some blame.

Although we’re not going to know just what was said between the sides, we might be able to glean a bit based on the size of the compensation. Considering precedent, fair compensation would be a good (top 15/20) prospect and cash. If that’s the compensation Selig chooses, there’s probably little more to know. If the compensation is more than that (the “significant player” Boston keeps clamoring about, perhaps), then I’m going to suspect there’s a lot more to the story than we know. And we might never know.

But at least we’ll get that compensation piece “soon.”

  • 2much2say

    2 weeks later Ricketts: “Who paid 20 ml for the Mcdonalds?” Kenney: “Was that wrong? I mean you said?” Ricketts: “Is there a big sign on my head that says Screw me?” Kenney: “No”

    • http://campvegetable.com Soyboy

      As the sun rises above Theo, Red Sox fans await their compensation. May it be just. May the day bring us a Hall of Famer!

      • DocWimsey

        That is going to happen only if Bud uses an old Cubs roster and gives the Sox HY Lee. Come to it, that would make everybody really happy!

  • 2much2say

    ) Ricketts whispers to Kenney (stfu) Kenney: “Can I just run the business side? “ Ricketts: “You mean like Mcdonalds?” Kenney: ”Yep” Ricketts: ”OK” ….

  • 2much2say

    Cubs: “We would like to talk to Ebstein” Boston: We need significant comp Kenney: Like? Boston: Garza? Kenney: Sure Ricketts: “He was kidding” (gives Kenney the stink eye)

    • BetterNews


  • BetterNews

    They want a top prospect and money? Like the one poster said(can’t remember his MO) send Theo back to Boston!

    • BFiddy

      Maybe this question has been asked before, but who would you have liked to see as Cubs’ GM, BetterNews?

      • mysterious4th

        I actually had theo as my #1 but I would have been happy with cashman, freidman

      • BetterNews

        BFiddy-Jed Hoyer. I thought he was the GM.

  • mac

    And now for another episode of ‘The Theo Epstein Compensation Decision Expected Soon.’ Today’s episode features random reports referencing random sources saying the compensation may be finished any day now. Or not.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


  • ferrets_bueller

    Next one of these articles needs lamb chop as the picture.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      The next one of these articles better have a picture of the player going to the Red Sox.

      • Richard Nose

        If cash is exchanged, a pic of Randy Moss is all that would be necessary to explain.

  • Steve

    This compensation issue has been a rock in our shoe long enough. None of us know what was said when this circus began back in 2009….(seems like it)
    I am of the opinion that the word “significant” was indeed used, and even though my expertise is in a totlly different area, I do know that there are ramifications to not following through with verbal committments / agreements. They are, to a certain extent, binding and enforceable. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, only a few people know what was said in this regard.
    Selig is a tool, we all know this. Yet he will have to determine what “significant” is for the Cubs and Red Sox.
    The more I think about this, the more I start to worry.

    • Brian Myers

      Well, “significant” is ambiguous and not a legally binding term. It would seem to me that somewhere “significant” should have been put in writing and clearly defined. Unfortunately we (from the outside) don’t know what “significant” was defined as being. If any of that’s true, then I really don’t see what the hold up is unless Boston is just taking its time in picking a player (perhaps out of protest). If it’s not true (and all reports seem to indicate that it isn’t correct) then somebody (perhaps Selig himself) really screwed something up in allowing this transition to occur in the first place. If I had to guess, I’d say Selig is tip toeing around the issue because his office messed this up, his legal team should have been introduced to the situation and/or done a better job, and it never should have been allowed to get this far.

      I’m all for Theo being a Cub and I agree in concept with the commissioners office, it’s just from a legal/contractual point of view this looks like a total mishandling of the situation. Bud may have stepped in for the “good of baseball” (which is in his power) without properly defining a path to resolution.

  • Brian Myers

    This reminds me of a tabloid story. Tabloids sell papers by putting up big pictures of the “celeb” with an interesting headline. Next, they put up another pretty picture, reword the article, then add a few more quotes from people that are kind of close, but likely have no idea just to keep it fresh.

    So when I say “this”, I really mean that just like with the tabloids, I would have even almost forgotten about the whole darn thing if it wasn’t repeated twice a week and placed in front of me when I walked by for several months.

    I’m glad it’s being covered, I’m also glad to hear updates otherwise I wouldn’t know anything about it. But it’s really a blip on the radar for the Cubs and its getting a bit too much coverage for my tastes. Unless someone really huge is taken, most people will have forgotten about it 2 days after the season starts.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I think that’s part of why it’s covered so much – the (perhaps irrational) fear that it *will* be someone really huge. I very much hope that the decision comes down, and we all go “wow, all of that handwringing over this?”

      • http://www.casualcubsfan.com hansman1982

        another part of the reason is the need for all facets of the mainstream media to stay on top of this so they aren’t scooped by lowely blogs, such as this one and since part of what you do is report and comment on what the mainstream is saying it then trickles into the world of Brett-dom.

  • RoughRiider

    Since the spring training facilities are on opposite ends of the country for Boston and the Cubs. I can’t imagine that the compensation issue would go on past today. Pichers and CATchers report tomorrow. Any possible compensation player that could be moved is probably already in the process of going to Arizona and could possibly be taking family. It really needs to be today.

  • Mike F

    Well it’s all semantics with significant and huge. We end up parsing words. Let’s look at this from all 3 points of view.

    Cubs. Clearly a questionable roster, low on majors ready pitching prospects and hesitant to spend, huge to me would be a top 10 prospects because again lists by people like Law and Goldstein are relatively meaningless.

    Boston. They can and will argue that MLB would be dealing them a bad card as Theo was an integral part of their organization and it left them in a bind. To some extent it’s true and clearly they don’t hold Cherington as valued.

    But it’s also true that Larry the Weasel is shoe bottom scum. The issue with that is Bud is a used car salesman from Milwaukee and a good old boy, a member of the Club who is not a great thinker. Will Bud hold this in the true light.

    Buddy boy and his 30 second commercials, come on down….. He has cross purposes. He brought TR into this, so we can only hope he comes sense of dignity and responsibility. He also privately should, I stress should, have a concern about raping both teams and talent for trying to advance themselves for betterment. Initially that was the word, but unfortunately it’s changed as time has passed.

    Being an owner, Bud seems to be more accommodative lately with the sense teams should be discouraged from raiding other teams. Further he is neither bright or wise. And finally as an owner he knows, that in theory the minors are exceptionally important, but any one even two prospects have huge risks and the odds are stacked that any one or two could ever be great. This is food for thought for Cub fans.

    So as you can see, this sets the mood for what is significant or eve huge. I don’t believe Bud will award Starlin Castro to the Red Sox. Neither do I see Garza in the equation except that is and has been the demand for argument and strategic purposes from Boston. So excluding the Cubs argument, which we should fear Bud will likely do, what is reasonable to expect. Well, to me, I would think Brett Jackson is not on the table but I could be wrong. More likely I would think Bud could and may see reasonable and significant as least one of McNutt, Vitters, and even Baez. They will get money and they could get an additional player.

    The whole point here is that let’s face it, we are probably going to be upset and significant is likely to be something we don’t like. I hope I’m wrong, but question it. One more thing, l like TR, but bluntly it’s to his discredit he kept a worm like Crane K. around. He’s clearly a complete worm and should be dismissed post haste.

  • 2much2say

    You can overpay for Soler and guarantee getting him or you can be competitive and let Oakland sign him.