The Chicago Cubs have revealed the details for their single-game ticket sale, which we already knew would go wide on March 9. But there will be a pre-sale again this year, if you’re willing to pay a 20% premium (15% if you use a MasterCard) on March 7.

Here are the details, from the press release:


The Cubs will once again offer the MasterCard Pre-Sale on Wednesday, March 7, at noon. Fans can purchase single game tickets in advance of the general on-sale date at a 20 percent premium, or a 15 percent premium for fans using a MasterCard. MasterCard Pre-Sale tickets may be purchased at


Single game tickets will be available for purchase Friday, March 9, in the following methods. Please note the mandatory wristband process at the Wrigley Field Box Office:

At the Wrigley Field Box Office: Tickets will go on sale at 8 a.m., and a random wristband system will be used to determine who may purchase tickets at the Wrigley Field Box office before online sales begin. Up to 10,000 wristbands will be available at Wrigley Field on a first-come, first-served basis on Saturday, March 3, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, March 4, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The winning numbers will be chosen two days in advance of the on-sale date so fans can plan to be at Wrigley Field for Friday’s general on-sale event. Winning numbers will be announced on WGN Radio (720 AM) and on Wednesday, March 7, at 8 a.m. Winners of the wristband drawing will be able to purchase single game tickets in person at Wrigley Field that Friday starting at 8 a.m., two hours before online and phone purchases begin.

The Cubs and WGN Radio will once again host a Single Game Ticket Wristband Sweepstakes. Prizes include autographed memorabilia and game tickets, including a set of tickets to Opening Day. Participants may enter the sweepstakes when picking up their wristbands at Wrigley Field March 3-4. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. WGN Radio will announce winners of the sweepstakes throughout the day March 7-9 and March 12. All winners will be contacted directly by WGN Radio.

There is a limit of one wristband per person. Fans will be required to show two forms of identification when picking up their wristband, one of which needs to be a valid government-issued photo ID. Wristbands must be unaltered, intact and worn until the buyer has made their ticket purchase. The same form of identification used to obtain a wristband must be presented at the time of purchase. Wristbands will only be used at Wrigley Field on Friday, March 9.

Via the Internet: Visitors to can purchase tickets beginning at 10 a.m. A virtual waiting room will be used for all Internet orders. The virtual waiting room will begin accepting customers Friday, March 9, at 9:30 a.m. At 10 a.m., customers will be selected from the virtual waiting room to begin purchasing tickets. All Internet customers will need a valid account. Customers are recommended to register for an account prior to March 9.

By Telephone: Tickets can be purchased by telephone beginning at 10 a.m. Illinois residents can call by dialing 800-THE-CUBS (800-843-2827). The phone number for out-of-state callers is 866-652-2827.

There you go.

I purchased a 9-game pack earlier this year, so I’ll be heading to a number of games myself this season. I say this not because I’m so vain as to believe it will impact your purchasing decision, but it felt like a natural time to give a head’s up as to what games I plan to be at. (Although it’s worth pointing out that, for some of these games, I’m going to have an extra bleacher ticket, which I’ll be giving away to someone who wants to come to the game with me – it’ll probably be a contest kind of thing. Keep your eyes peeled.)

My currently-planned games (all in the Bleachers):

Thursday, April 12 against the Brewers (hoping to get together with folks the next day at a Wrigley area bar to watch the Cubs/Cards game on Friday the 13th)

Tuesday, April 24 against the Cardinals

Wednesday, April 25 against the Cardinals

Thursday, May 17 against the Phillies (hoping to get together with folks the next day at a Wrigley area bar to watch the Cubs/White Sox game on Friday the 18th)

Friday, June 15 against the Red Sox (definitely will have some kind of get-together)

Tuesday, June 26 against the Mets

Wednesday, June 27 against the Mets

Saturday, July 14 against the Diamonbacks

Wednesday, August 15 against the Astros

  • BN”Legs”

    Hey Brett. I’ll be in the Bleachers on Thursday April 12th with 30-40 of my friends and family. I throw a “Birthday Bash in the Bleachers” each year for myself and the Cubs usually play on my actual birthday (April 15) but this year, the 12th was the closest I could get. Come on by the Left Field Bleachers and say hi…


    • Brett

      Sweet! I will see you then.

  • Jon

    Do you know of any reasoning why there hasn’t been any mention on the 2012 Cubs Club registration etc?

    • Brett

      No idea. Haven’t heard a word.

    • BN”Legs”

      That’s a great question. The Cubs website still doesn’t have any information about the various Cubs Club Memberships. By this time last year I had a Bleacher Crew membership and was able to purchase tickets to a few games before the MasterCard pre-sale began. Opening day and certain marque games however were not available to purchase until the MasterCard pre-sale at the earliest.

      The Cubs homepage has a link to a page to be emailed when information about the Cubs Club becomes available but nothing else so far…


  • Andrew

    Does anyone know if they have decided and posted which games are gold, platinum, cheap etc. yet? Poor college kids gotta know this stuff!

  • chris margetis

    Hey Brett, I don’t want to solicit on the site, I do however have season tickets that I sell all the time as I live in LA. I’d happily offer first dibs to any BN’ers and most likely a discount. Weekday games are usually readily available.

    • Brett

      That’s the kind of thing you’re just fine to solicit. Feel free to use the Message Board, too.

    • Tim

      I may be interesting in purchasing some tickets. Please shoot me an email! Where are your seats?

    • Andrew

      I also would love to grab a couple tickets. Shoot me an email if youre still looking to sell

    • Dave H

      I am trying to figure out some games to go to this year. My email is

    • Diesel

      Hey I am trying to score some good tickets for the June 25th game against the Mets. My email is hit me up if you are willing to give those up.

  • Katie

    Not sure if I’ll make it to Wrigley this year, but I’m planning on going to Mpls in June if I can find tickets!

  • Jeff L

    Hey guys I can bet you by mid way during the season the Cubs will be so bad people will be selling their tickets for half price on craigslist. If I plan on going to a game I will definitely not pay full price for tickets this year to see them get crushed.

    • TWC

      Jeffrey, baby, glad you got your ticket price dilemma all figured out!

    • Brett

      I’m not saying you’re right, but I’m also not saying there wasn’t a reason I front-loaded my tickets this year.

  • Caleb

    This will come up later on the message boards, but Kyle N and I are going to all 3 games of the cubs/twins series in MN. Anyone who wants to go should meet up and watch Kyle set the record for Irish carbombs!

    • DocWimsey

      Ah, that is a great park!  There is a great bar named Kieran’s nearby for after-the game Irish bombing with Guinness.

      Too bad the team within has become so lousy, and so quickly…..

  • Patrick

    Wow that August 15th date appears to be a tough one to stomach.

    • Brett

      Ha. Yeah … they couldn’t all be winners, unfortunately.

  • Cubbies4Life

    My homegirls and I are making our annual pilgrimage to Chicago and will attend the Saturday, June 16 game! Please DO keep me posted on any get-togethers on Friday night. Would love to meet you and celebrate the Cubs’ victory over the Sux on Friday night… and drink to more good fortune on the 16th!
    Katie: Hope to see you at an I-Cubs game this year! We should arrange to meet at the High Life sometime. Some friends and I go to almost all weekday afternoon games, much to the chagrin of my employer.

    • Katie

      For sure Cubbies4Life! It’s great meeting other Cubs fans that just so happen to be kick ass ladies!

      Caleb: How did you score Twins tickets? I’m viewing Stub Hub and their BS fees as a last resort.

  • hardtop

    i might be able to do two trips this year becasue im getting tickets to the red sox series for free!  if i am able to get out there a second time this season,   ill try to make it happen on one of the days of potenital BN get-togethers.  looking forward to meeting some of you the weekend of the red sox series, i’ll be there for all 3 games.


  • Lou

    Headed to an I-Cubs game.

  • Cubbies4Life

    Lucky Lou!

  • rocky8263

    Anyone from BN looking for great affordable seats without a fee mine are Outfield terrace section 208 Row Five four seats. I have tickets at face or below for April after opening day weekend.. Other dates available at face. Please don’t buy to resell.

  • Damon

    I follow this blog daily and appreciate all of the news and opinions. I’m also a STH, 4 bleacher seats to every game. Living in Indianapolis makes it hard to get to very many games, so as I lifelong Cubs fan, I want to offer my seats for sale. Essentially any non-premium game, I will give up for face value. If your interested drop me a text. Thanks, I hope this doesn’t violate any blog rules/courtesies. If so, I apologize in advance.


    • CubFan Paul

      Awesome damon. I live in Indy too and I’m always looking for tix as a non STH

      • Damon

        Give me a shout on which games you desire and let’s work something out. I had to wait 9 years to become a STH, now it’s time to share the joy!

  • Damon

    FYI no waiting, until March 9th hoping you get the game you want, get it now… No lines, No virtual wait rooms, just straight tickets!

  • JOEB84

    I just became a season ticket holder after 7 years I’m trying to sell some games most at face value and parking passes give me shout if you are intrested!!!!

  • Katie

    Maybe someone could start a thread on the message board so we can have all the people who have tickets and people who want tickets all in one place. Just a thought.

    • Damon

      Excellent idea Katie!

  • Cubbies4Life

    That IS a great idea, Katie. I usually go to 2 games in Chicago every season (would love to see more), and I get our tickets through Stub Hub. It’s pricey, but a dependable way to get good seats. I reserved our tickets, and the rooms at the Hawthorne Terrace, 5 months ago! I’d love an alternative, though… I’ll connect with you later about some I-Cubs games!

  • Adam

    I have two season tickets in Section 240, row 21 – I will sell tickets to any games I have available for season ticket face value or less depending on the game! A few dollars less than the Cubs website and no service fees at the least!

    Email me at – I have pictures from the seats if interested. NO beams, NO overhang, and seats are angled towards home plate!

  • Katie

    There’s a thread over on the message board that was started for people selling and buying tickets.

    • AP

      Thanks for your help

    • ty

      Katy–why don*t youcome down to spring training? I have a big house one block from HoHoKam Park. The wife won*t even know you are there!

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