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Anatomy of a Totally Misleading Rumor: Cubs “May Be On Verge” of Signing Jorge Soler (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs Rumors

This evening, The Score reported that the Chicago Cubs “may be on the verge of signing 19-year-old old Cuban prospect Jorge Soler for $27 million.”


Sweet diggity dog, right?

Oh, well, hold on. The Score report references a CBS report. We should probably read that one.

Ok, it checks out! The CBS report says “[p]ower-hitting Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler may be on the verge of signing with the Cubs for $27 million.”

Woo hoo! Party at my place, and everyone’s invited!

Oh, well, hold on. The CBS report references a Peter Gammons report. We should probably read that one, too.

Here’s the entirety of what Gammons said:

“[O]ne international scouting director sees Cuban power bat Jorge Soler getting $27M from the Cubs.”

Oh. That’s it?

Well that’s quite a far cry from being “on the verge” of anything. Heck, it’s not even indicating that the Cubs are sure to sign Soler at all. It merely says one guy thinks the Cubs will eventually get him. Ok. Neat.

That’s why you’ve got to always trace things back to the source, lest you be misled by this kind of game of telephone (purple monkey dishwasher).


So, in the end, what does this new Gammons report mean? Well, it’s a decent sign, but it’s far from a certainty. Another anonymous source thinks Soler ends up with the Cubs. We’ve heard that before, but more sources saying the same thing is always nice. It is interesting that the number cited – $27 million – is about the same amount we’ve heard before. Again, more sources indicating the same thing tends to suggest veracity.

But I wouldn’t start celebrating any time soon. Soler is still not a resident of the Dominican Republic, which means he’s also not a free agent, which means there could still be a long way to go.

UPDATE: To his credit, the author of the CBS report has updated his post to now say “”[p]ower-hitting Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler may eventually sign with the Cubs for $27 million” (emphasis mine). That is an appropriate change.



Brett Taylor

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