Today the Chicago Cubs made their first cuts of Spring camp, sending minor league pitchers Trey McNutt and Marco Carrillo, as well as infielder Jonathan Mota and outfielder Jae-Hoon Ha to minor league camp.

None is a particularly surprising cut, as none of the four had much of a chance of making the team out of Spring Training. McNutt and Ha are the biggest of the four prospects, with the former considered by some to be the Cubs’ top pitching prospect. McNutt, 22, struggled through injuries and ineffectiveness last year, so he may well return to AA Tennessee to start the year, or to have a total repeat stint there. Ha, 21, could also ultimately wind up back at AA, where he ended the 2011 season.

Carrillo, 25, was excellent at AA last year, but struggled after getting bumped up to AAA Iowa. Mota, 24, is a utility infielder who will, like Carrillo, probably spend most of the year in AAA. Neither is a big-time prospect.

The Spring roster now stands at 59.

  • Patrick

    “Those are the brakes”

    • scorecard paul

      Patrick I like that 1941 scorecard. do you collect them

  • Luke

    It’ll be interesting to see whether Carrillo is a starter or a reliever this season. ┬áHe did a little of both last season.

  • Richard Nose

    Was Sheryl Crow ever younger than 38? Always ‘hot for her age’ cause she’s always been old.

  • Bart

    She was 37 once, but that was when she sang backup for MJax. Apparently, she likes a good beer buzz early in the morning.

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    What, Volstad made the cut over McNutt? How is that? J/K…….. I still think McNutt will see some action this year in the bigs, even if it’s in September.

    S/N Was pleasantly suprised by Volstad’s first start. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

  • die hard

    McNutt could be first call-up if someone goes down and he shows some of his potential in the meantime.