Yesterday, together with officially signing Cuban pitcher Gerardo Concepcion and adding him to the 40-man roster, the Chicago Cubs removed pitcher Casey Weathers from the 40-man, which now stands at 39.

The Cubs received Weathers, 26, in a December trade with the Colorado Rockies. You’re more likely to remember that trade for the other guy the Cubs got – Ian Stewart. But Weathers was, at the time, still considered a legitimate prospect (despite his age, Weathers was still working his way through the minors thanks to a mid-career Tommy John surgery).

Weathers hasn’t seen too much game action this Spring (two innings), and, given that most 40-man rosters are full at this point in the year, it’s not terribly surprising that the Cubs were able to take him off the 40-man and assign him to AAA Iowa without losing him (if, that is, he was subject to waivers – which, given his injury history, and MLB service time (none), I’m not sure he would be).

The move, you’ll note, was not necessary for the Cubs to add Concepcion to the 40-man roster – there was already an open spot, courtesy of the Boston Red Sox and Chris Carpenter. So, the 40-man now stands at 39, which could come in handy should the Cubs want to add a non-roster invitee to the team out of Spring Training (for example, Blake DeWitt, whom Dale Sveum already discusses like he’s a member of the bench).

Or, yes, you could speculate about a future addition of, say, a big-time Cuban outfield prospect to the 40-man.

  • Luke

    If Weathers can find his control, he’s got a bright future.

  • BetterNews V2.0

    I personally would prefer the big-time Cuban outfield prospect to be on the 40-man.

  • Norm

    I would hope Soler is NOT given a major league contract like Concepcion was….

    • Brett

      If Concepcion’s market dictated him getting one, seems highly likely the same will be true of Soler, regardless of his actual MLB readiness (which is faaaar off).

  • Steve

    I am offering a bounty of $10.00 to the 1st person who can post a different photo of Solar other than the one we’ve seen for the last 5 months.

  • Gabriel
  • Eric

    I kinda wanna speculate about a future big time outfielder Cuban over speculating about Blake Dewitt. But Dewitt is prolly the more likely reason for THIS roster move. And granted, Blake has been playing really well.

  • mark

    DeWitt IS playing really well this spring, but so is Baker–who’s probably a bit more solid at more positions than DeWitt. And now today Mather is starting at 3B, after apparently satisfying at every outfield position. Mather offers something that the Cubs are very short on right now: power off the bench. The roster is getting very tight.

    Sooner or later David DeJesus is gonna hafta show that he can still put the bat on the ball–so far this Spring his offense is drawing walks, which can’t continue without some base hits. The Cubs signed him to have a comeback year after a career worst year. It’s great that he plays super defense at a power position, but you can win a World Series with RF defense that makes Soriano look like a gold glover. Just ask Tony LaRussa.