Today the Cubs welcome the Milwaukee Brewers to Hohokam Park for Spring Training game 11. The Cubs are 6-4 on the Spring, and the Brewers are 4-6. Hooray for small victories.

The Cubs will face the Brewers sans Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez, who, as veterans, tend not to travel in the Spring (I don’t actually think it’s that big of a deal, but I will say that most Arizona Spring locations are within a reasonable drive from each other).

The game is at 3:05 CT, and will be on the radio on We’ll also do the Game Thread thing over at the Message Board.

Randy Wells gets the start for the Cubs, and we could also see Travis Wood and Casey Coleman, among others. Today’s lineup hints at a top three or four we might actually see when the season rolls around:

1. David DeJesus, RF

2. Marlon Byrd, CF

3. Starlin Castro, SS

4. Ian Stewart, 3B

5. Jeff Baker, 2B

6. Geovany Soto, C

7. Reed Johnson, LF

8. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

9. Randy Wells, P

  • deej34

    25 miles…. Aramis and Captain Steroids can’t travel 25 miles…? Must be rough….

  • Mike Foster

    Yeah and I guess Alex Gonzalez, Ricki Weeks, Corey Hart and Nyjer Morgan won’t be playing either, since they are all older than PED Braun.

  • brittney

    OMG 25 miles, it must take a toll on a defense challenged 3rd baseman. I wonder if the travels hamper the steroid regiment of brauns?
    What a stupid reason not to play. Maybe that’s part of the reason aramis can’t hit the broad side of a barn in the early part of the spring.

  • mark

    Gameday has Soriano starting at C. Way to show flexibility. Do what it takes to win.

    • Edwin

      I always knew he was a team player.

    • Zach

      No need for Welington Castillo when they got Soriano.

  • South Bend Cub Fan

    Braun is already consindered a Veteran??

    • DocWimsey

      He’s played 5 seasons, so, yeah.

      • South Bend Cub Fan

        I hear ya Doc time does fly

  • mark

    nice outing for wells. i wonder who the leadoff guy for the cubs will be? some say dejesus.

  • Kyle

    If there really is some sort of competition going on for spots, Wood has pitched himself deeply out of it. I still hope our front office places no value on what’s happening in these games.

    Ian Stewart *almost* just homered. But he didn’t.

    • Norm

      I always thought he was going to end up in AAA with the rotation being Garza, Dempster, Maholm, Wells, and Volstad….only because he has an option remaining.

      • Brett

        I believe Wells has an option year left, for whatever that’s worth.

  • jim

    Shud shark start, better have a tandem guy ready for fifth inning +

  • mark

    Uh oh, Mather’s starting to play like a Cub.

  • mark

    Butler walks DeJesus on 4 pitches. The next 3 Cubs all swing at the first pitch. Butler’s out of the inning with 7 pitches. Very efficient.

  • die hard

    starting lineup?…could be

  • Bret Epic

    Does ANYONE else out there think Casey Coleman is garbage? He had a promising 2010, but I just don’t see him ever developing into anything more than someone put in the game when we’re already down by 10 runs.

    • TWC

      But he’s the second coming of Jesus Greg Maddux!

    • Brett

      Today was awful, but if that 94 mph fastball out of the pen sticks around, and his slider is as good as he says it is, he could have a decent career as a middle reliever – maybe even a setup guy. That’s probably the high end, though.

  • mark

    I wonder whether other teams have asked to see Vitters at first.