Today the Chicago Cubs cut six prospects from the Spring roster, sending each to minor league camp. Those heading out are infielders Josh Vitters, Junior Lake, outfielder Matt Szczur (Ides of March!), and pitchers Jeff Believeau, John Gaub, and Alberto Cabrera. The Cubs also sent non-roster invitee catcher Jason Jaramillo, who hasn’t been able to play much due to a quad strain, to minor league camp.

The moves today have a number of implications, though none are terribly surprising.

This morning’s guess that, however well he performs, Beliveau would not make the roster out of camp proved prescient. Beliveau’s bounce, together with Gaub’s, means that the “other” lefty job in the pen will likely go to one of Trever Miller or Scott Maine.

Jaramillo’s ouster confirms that the back-up catcher job will definitely go to one of Welington Castillo and Steve Clevenger.

As for the rest, only Cabrera had a legitimate shot of making the roster, though his chances of fitting into a crowded bullpen were slim. Lake, Vitters, and Szczur were always expected to return to the Minors.

The Spring roster now stands at 48.

  • Cub Style

    I believe that unless Trever Miller was totally inept at anything, he was already determined to be one of the finalists there.

    • Brett

      And he’s been totally adept, instead.

      • rocky8263

        adept: a skilled or proficient person; expert. Hmmmm.

  • Mike S

    My friend Elliot Soto was invited to play with the big league club today! It’s awesome to see him starting to get recognized!!!

    • Luke

      I was a Soto skeptic.

      And then I saw him play in Peoria.  Now I’m in the ‘cautiously optimistic’ category.  He is one of the few players that I truly believe is sold short by his numbers.  He is better in person than he appears on paper.  Right now I think he looks like a major league backup, but I’d not be surprised if proves to be better than that.

    • Brett


    • Richard Nose

      Creighton homer?

      • Mike S

        Yea, went to Creighton. He’s a lifetime Cubs fan and it’s really cool to see him play for them. I can definitely see him as a backup SS. His bat has always been his weak point, but he has decent speed and has always been so smooth with the glove. He was ranked as their best defensive infielder in the Cubs system last year!

        If his bat develops he could continue to surprise a lot of people!

  • John

    This is my forst post- I watch Mr Soto when he played in Springfield, IL for the Sliders. He has a lot of on field awareness and flash. He had very good hands and a decent throwing arm. I had coached a traveling team in the area and we use to take in the Sliders and Chiefs games. I am excited to see him with the Cubs….

  • cubchymyst

    Et tu brute?

    (love the ides of march comment)

  • d

    I didn’t hear a thing about vitters this spring, was he underwhelming as usual? I was really hoping he would start to show a little life this year.

    • Luke

      He had a good spring for a guy heading to Triple A for the first time.  It is still too early to expect Vitters to win a major league job in the spring.  He needs some time in Iowa before we can expect to see him in the majors, but I think he’ll get there.

  • Edwin

    I’m hoping Clevanger wins the backup catcher spot. He’s been a better player in the minors than Castillo, and he’s left-handed.

  • A.J.

    Matt asked to stay with the big league club 23 times, but was told no every time…

  • Eric