For quite some time, folks have thought about superstar Cuban prospect Jorge Soler as a kind of legend. We knew how impressive and rare he was supposed to be, but few had actually seen him. Indeed, just one grainy picture floated around the ‘Net as though Soler was a mere urban myth.

Jorge Soler was Bigfoot.

Well, no more. Thanks to a crack team of scientists, searching deep into the most frightening corners of the Dominican Republic (or YouTube), we can finally confirm that, yes, Jorge Soler is real. And we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

At first, there were reasonable questions. Is that really Jorge Soler? It’s fuzzy, and hard to confirm:

He appears to have been given some kind of name badge, which strongly suggests that this is Jorge Soler. Or at least a relative:

Folks sometimes swarmed to grab Soler, knowing that he would be immensely valuable on the right contract:

Sometimes Soler was hard to get on camera, as he sped around the corner:

And, sometimes, he walked right up in front of everyone. Almost like he wanted to be found:

Yeah, I’d say it’s safe to say Jorge Soler is a legend no more. He exists:

All joking aside, at least now the ‘Net can have some more pictures to use in stories about Soler. And you can see the videos from which those pictures emanate, found by intrepid BN’ers JulioZuleta (not that Julio Zuleta) and Kyle (yes that Kyle). Flashes of Soler are brief, and some of the videos are from a little while ago, but the kid does look huge and impressive.

Here, you can see him at about 0:52:

Here, you can see him at about 1:16:

And here, you can see him peppered throughout the celebration:

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  • Tonycampanathebasethief

    Hey brett was checking MLB stats and Lou montanez with the phillies now is tearing it up he is batting .394 with a homer and 6 RBI And a .417 obligation and then .576 slugging

    • Brett

      Eh. Spring Training, and all that.

      • DocWimsey

        It would be interesting to see whether Spring Training stats are even more poorly correlated with general performance than any given month during the regular season. Because guys face MLB caliber opponents all the time in the regular season (insert Astros joke here), one expects less variation than in ST where guys face a lot of miLB caliber opponents and/or MLB guys “practicing” rather than playing.

        • Brett

          Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

        • MaxM1908

          But here’s what I don’t get about all the skepticism about ST performances. All the best players are facing the same calibre of pitching. Why is it that we don’t expect the supposed superstars to put up insane numbers? They are also facing sub-par pitching so you would expect them to put up numbers similar to, or greater than their regular MLB numbers. For some reason we forgive bad performances in Spring Training and downplay good performances. I still argue there’s a competitive element to it, which should make those competing for spots demonstrate their potential (or lack thereof).

          • King Jeff

            Because some (most) players have already secured their jobs and roster spots. That means that spring for them is about trying to improve, take new approaches, tweak stances and follow through, try out new pitches, etc. Or as some guy once said, it’s practice, we’re talking about practice here.

    • hansman1982

      Sam Fuld. That is all.

    • King Jeff

      I seem to remember a Lou Montanez who played for the Cubs last year. He was all-world at triple A for a few months, then he came up to the majors, and he remembered he was Lou Montanez.

  • Deer

    this whole time I thought he was left handed. buzzkill

  • Steve

    SOLAR (sensory) OVERLOAD!!!!!! If the proud winner of the bounty would send me an email with his / her address, i will gladly send the proceeds !!!
    He exists !!! He exisits!!!!

    • JulioZuleta

      It was $10,000 right, or was it $100,000?

    • hansman1982

      So you are going to send me a check for $3,000 over the amount of the bounty, that I send back to you in cash.

    • Brady

      Careful, Bud Selig may take the same approach Goodell did and you may be banned from baseball forever!

  • Luke

    He is a lot bigger than he looks in that other picture.

    • Brett

      Yeah, I think that one is from a while ago.

      • JulioZuleta

        These are a little old too. The videos are from a tournament he played in Canada in the summer of 2010 I think.

  • JulioZuleta

    Beautifully done, Brett.

  • Sweetjamesjones

    Well done. Great detective work guys!

    • JulioZuleta

      Spent way too much time searching, but I refused to accept that there was only 1 picture of him in today’s day and age. It was pissing me off to see the same pic time and time again. Let’s see if these are the ones people use from now on.

      • Brady

        Now that you mention it, I think it would be funny if people still used the old picture regardless of having new ones.

  • AnnoDomini

    He’s got a great baseball face.

  • Rynorooter

    Wow. I think those reports that a few teams see him as a 1B down the line might hold a little water, at least based on his size. Obviously would have to see him in the OF.

  • Packman711

    So when do I get to see him wearing Cubbie Blue?

    • Brett

      September 2014.

  • Lance Dickson

    Are you sure that the photos are not of Toe Nash is disguise?

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    I thought we would see photos of him wearing cat’s pajamas.

    • Desert Rat

      (like) ↑

  • JulioZuleta

    These already show up in google image searches.

    • Brett

      Wow. That’s quite fast for Google Images.

  • die hard

    Id wager hes not the top prospect in his league either…would be good strategy to set a ceiling on bonus so as to go after the other gems too

  • Bric

    This post was better than any MonsterQuest or Ghosthunters episode ever. Well Done Brett!