I know there will still be some folks sad to see Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo cut from big league camp, despite the repeated, firm statements from Cubs’ management that the two top prospects would not make the team out of Spring Training. But I’m not one of them.

Today the Cubs sent the duo to Minor League camp (AAA). This was the right move, and it was time. I look forward to watching the two tear it up in AAA for a few months, and the we’ll see what’s what.

Adrian Cardenas, Jay Jackson, James Adduci, and Bobby Scales also got cut today, and none of the three was a surprise.

Cardenas came to camp with a chance to win a bench spot, if not a starting job. He hit adequately, and his defense was reportedly decent, but he was – in Dale Sveum’s mind – outshined by Blake DeWitt. He’ll probably be the primary second baseman at Iowa for now, and he’s a great guy to have down there, waiting his turn.

Jay Jackson turned in a great Spring, and he may have won himself a job in the Iowa rotation, unless the Cubs decide his future will be best as a reliever. After a couple disappointing years, it would be nice to see that spark once again from Jackson.

Adduci is approaching career Minor Leaguer status, and will roam the outfield somewhere in the upper levels of the Minors for the Cubs this year, and then perhaps for another organization next year. Scales is a Minor League vet who earned some green in Japan recently, and might be getting ready to start a coaching career soon.

(The Cubs have sent out guys one-by-one at times, so this might not actually be the “seventh” cut. I’m estimating, slightly.)

  • Spencer

    I didn’t realize how fast Cardenas was until the game yesterday.

  • Ben

    Wonder who they will drop on the 40 man to add Dewitt and Mather? I know we have 1 spot as it stands, but someone else will have to go.

    Personally, I’m hoping it’s Campana. He doesn’t really have a shot to be anything more than a number 5 OF.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Mateo would be my guess.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Might not even have to ditch him if there’s a serious arm issue – they can 60-day DL him.

        • Ben

          I sure hope that’s the case. I don’t want to give up a decent arm just to keep Dewitt around.

          • Joe

            Anybody else feel like Mateo’s injury came on awfully conveniently? I take it back if it turns out to be something real (as if we’d ever find out it wasn’t), but the timing’s pretty handy.

            How does the player’s pay get affected by going on the 60-day instead of being outrighted or whatever?

  • Packman711

    “Adrian Cardenas, Jay Jackson, James Adduci, and Bobby Scales also got cut today, and none of the three was a surprise.”

    Count fail?

    • Chaz

      1,2,4,5,6….see I can count. But let me ask you this, can kick MY ass? [/Chris rock]

    • Joe

      Hah! I saw a version that didn’t include Scales, so “three” was accurate then.

  • gratefulled

    As an I-cub season ticket holder, I couldn’t be more happy.

    • cubchymyst

      As an I-cubs ticket holder how easy do you think it will be to get tickets in April (I want to go to a weekend game)? Are tickets something that are normally available the day of the game or should I be ordering them in advance? Thanks in advance for the information.

      • CubsFanBob

        You should be able to get them on the secondary market that weekend if nothing else. Shoot me an email at bobirby@ymail.com I have two along the first base line all the way down I will sell you at costs any weekend or week day.

      • gratefulled

        There are always GA tickets available which allow you to sit in the right field bleachers. Close your eyes and take a drink of your Old Style; it’s pretty close to the real thing. The club box seats are the only ones that have potential to sell out.

  • SirCub

    Looks like Dempster is the opening day starter.

    • hardtop

      dude, i broke that news an hour ago… try to keep up 😉
      just messing with you. actually i called him the number one, which he clearly isnt, regardless of who pitches the first game. so i guess i broke different and incorrect news. he’s just the opening day starter which matters little after the rotation cycles. im hoping he can pitch similar to how he did after the all star break last year. not great but adequate and, in some cases, slightly more than adequate.