Sorry for the late Miscellany, but after the game, I tooled around the mountains East of Mesa for a bit this afternoon/evening. Beautiful place.

As for the game, while it’s always a blast to enjoy live Chicago Cubs baseball in nice weather, it was kind of a dud. No offense for the Cubs, blah pitching for the Cubs, and a number of guys whom I would have liked to have seen didn’t get into the game. And, when we trekked down to Fitch to check out any youngsters that might be working out, there were none to be found. Grumble. I did meet BN’er LouCub at the game today, which was cool.

Among the game’s notable bits…

  • Travis Wood had a decent, unspectacular start (though the final line reads crummy (3.2 innings, 5 hits, 2 hit batters, 3 earned runs), two of the runs charged to him were primarily thanks to a two-out double given up by Trever Miller). The hits off of him weren’t cheapies, though. The number of groundouts he got was encouraging, but I saw enough to suspect that AAA Iowa is where he belongs right now.
  • Randy Wells threw 1.2 scoreless innings (though he was bailed out on a beautiful play by Darwin Barney on a rocket shot, which he turned into a double play after making a leaping catch). He came into the game with one out in the fifth, but with no one on base, and he pitched from the stretch. It was a “bullpen” appearance all the way, and I think it’s pretty clear that’s the job he’s being considered for at this point.
  • Scott Maine threw a scoreless inning with a walk and two strikeouts. Dale Sveum is considering going without “another” lefty in the pen (besides James Russell), so it’s possible that Maine could be left out of the bullpen mix despite a very strong Spring.
  • Lendy Castillo also threw a scoreless frame, but it was a dicey one with two walks. He seemed to get really preoccupied with runners on base, and forget about the guy at the plate. Pretty understandable, given his age, but it makes you wonder whether keeping in the pen is the best thing for the 2012 Cubs’ bullpen, or just the best thing for the Cubs’ organizational depth, overall. For what it’s worth, I’m hoping he makes the cut. I see a lot of future value there that the Cubs can essentially nab for free.
  • Tony Zych (fourth round pick in 2011), threw the ninth inning, and although he gave up a couple runs, it was easy to see why the Cubs like him as a fast-tracked future reliever. He throws very hard, and has a really interesting – probably hard to time – delivery.
  • On offense, most of the starters stayed in for the whole game, including catcher Welington Castillo (0-2). It will be interesting to see if Steve Clevenger gets a whole game soon, too.
  • The Cubs had only three hits the entire game – a single each by Marlon Byrd and Blake DeWitt, and a rope double by Alfonso Soriano that missed being a homer by about three feet.
  • LouCub

    Brett, it was nice to meet you guys at the game..It’s unfortunate we kind of had a toothless lineup out there today..Like I told you, i’m so bummed about Rizzo and B Jax getting sent down that I have absolutely no desire watching Byrd and Soriano play, it frustrates me…but Theo and Jed know better…They’re out here twice during the regular season, if you or any other BN’ers are out for that series lets hook up for a beer..It’s great talking Cubs baseball anytime!! Enjoy the game tommorow!!

    • jschroeder

      I plan on being there, I live in Yuma so it’d be foolish to nit hit at least a game

    • Brett

      Ditto, Lou. Good times.

  • Matt3

    Could Castro play 3rd, Barney SS and Stewart 2nd?

  • cubsin

    Maybe, yes and maybe. Castro and Lake alternated between 2B and SS for a full minor league season, Barney was primarily a SS in the minors, and Stewart has been primarily a 3B. Castro just turned 22, and should continue to improve his defense at SS this year and beyond. Barney is solid defensively at 2B, and Stewart seems solid at 3B. The current assignments seem better than what you’re suggesting.

  • art

    Did Soriano run out the double?