Today the Cubs split in two games, beating the Padres 2-0, but losing to the Diamondbacks 3-2. Pitching was the order of the day, which is frequently the case when you’re facing Ian Kennedy and … Tim Stauffer.

The notable bits…

  • Paul Maholm had an excellent five inning start today, giving up just four hits, two walks, and no runs. He struck out six. Keep it up, Paul.
  • Carlos Marmol returned to action with a scoreless inning, typical of Marmol – you know, the kind where he gives up a hit and a walk, but strikes a guy out. Casey Coleman got two innings of relief thereafter (0 runs, 1 hit, 2 Ks – I’ll say it again: I really wouldn’t mind seeing what he could do as a short-inning reliever), and Rafael Dolis closed it out with another scoreless frame.
  • Jay Jackson pitched admirably, if not well, against a D-Backs lineup stacked with regulars. He went four innings, giving up seven hits and a walk, and, thus, three earned runs.
  • Scott Maine threw another scoreless inning (albeit with two walks), and his day was buoyed by the release of fellow lefty Trever Miller. If a second lefty is going to make the bullpen at this point, it’s going to be Maine.
  • Speaking of the bullpen, Manny Corpas once again asked folks not to forget him by striking out the side in his inning of work.
  • On the back-up catcher front, Steve Clevenger got a start and went 1 for 4 with a double, while Welington Castillo just got a pinch hit appearance (in which he struck out).
  • Edgar Gonzalez and Alfredo Amezaga got, perhaps, a final chance to impress and each went 0-fer in a start.
  • Dave Sappelt and Tony Campana each got a start in left field, and each got a hit (Campana added an outfield assist, and Sappelt added a caught stealing). I think both are ticketed for AAA at this point, with Joe Mather and Blake DeWitt locking down bench spots. We’ll probably see both at some point during the year, though.
  • Bobby Mudd

    Who looks to be the best defensive catcher between Clevenger and Castillo? That person will win the spot.

    • Brady

      They are about equal. I think the main winning factor is Clevenger uses the devils hand (aka left).

      • DocWimsey

        Geez, you make being left-handed sound sinister or something….

        • TWC

          Ha.  Funny.

    • Tonycampanathebasethief

      from most reports I’ve read, Castillo is they better catcher and has more power while Steve has less power but is lh and more contact

      • hogie

        Castillo gets a lot of the credit for good defense because of his cannon. He is not that good defensively. In limited time last year he had 11 passed balls, and his defense and game calling was said to have improved dramatically… how bad was he before?! I have heard nothing but good things about Clevenger’s baseball sense. I have seen Castillo live a few times and have never come away impressed. I don’t know if he just can’t move all that well behind the dish, but he seems to get lazy when a ball leaves the zone.

  • Brady

    Jay Jackson gave up 4 ER when the final score was 3-2? *Sorry for bustin chops, I am really tired just hit the 25hr mark of being awake* I love the 6 SO in 5 Innings of work from Maholm. Also in both games both runs came 1 a piece in back to back innings. If anything I like that it feels like each inning gets fully worked (even if runs are not aquired) rather then trying to get all your runs in 1 inning. It racks up pitch count and also gives your better hitters more AB’s which I like.

    • Brett

      Obviously I should have caught it, but, in my defense, Gameday had his line jacked up initially after the game. Stupid poorly-kept Spring stats…

      • Luke

        As Pat Hughes says, It’s spring training for all of us.

      • Brady

        Completely and utterly forgiven, I was (as i said) really sleep deprived because of work and was bustin’ chops. As a writer myself I tend to butcher the English language enough but more in private and know that mistakes do happen. On gameday stats, it is kinda appalling how bad they are. I was listening to the broadcast today and when a batter would get walked (say worked a full count and then got ball 4) they would list it as 4 balls which made it look like some pitchers couldn’t hit the strike zone to save their ass. Also since I am not always able to listen to the games at work and have to rely on gameday, the delay is kinda atrocious at times. I am kinda ready for ST to be over and start getting into games that matter in addition to regular video coverage that way I can watch the game nearly everyday.

  • Spencer

    I’m now going to start a Tony Campana over Blake DeWitt campaign.

    • ferrets_bueller

      dear god why!!??!?!!?

  • Brad

    The roster isn’t good enough to carry a pinch runner (Campana) on their 25 man roster DeWitt is just more valuable to the club and Mather has earned his spot the way he has played all spring

  • al

    Brad has it exactly correct. Bless his heart, but Tony Campana is at best a pinch runner. Even if he could steal second in the 9th inning there are few who could drive him in. There could be room for him on a very good club but not the 2012 Cubs where even 70 wins looks to be unpossible.

    Since many my favorite players are in the minor league camp, the only real question this year is how Dale Sveum handles a brutal championship season.

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    to say a player can earn a spot on this years team with only speed to offer… come on now! dewitt and mather just have WAY more to offer. a speedy pinch runner, is a luxury item at best. campana in my opinion has only showcased his lone talent this spring, and to go a step further, hes shown he need quite a bit of seasoning. i feel there are actually a few guys who bring more to the table than campana, that will also not get a spot right away… thats one of the many reasons we invite the young guys to ST, to assess they’re skill set and see where there at in there development. not just try and make the big club, campana just doesnt have the skill set for the majors and he may never. great speed is a huge asset but not enough to merit a position on a big league roster. unless as i said before you have the luxury of carrying a guy to pinch run in close situations. the cubs are not that team at least for the next few years.

  • Steve

    It’s a shame this team is in a rebuilding mode, as Maholm looks to be the perfect #5 starter. By the time we compete, he’ll be gone!
    When are we ever going to get the chance again to find one of those?

    • Brian

      Hopefully the Cubs are loaded with ones and two’s by then!!