Pitching was optional today, as the Cubs took a big lead, lost a big lead, built another lead, lost it, fell behind, came back, lost another lead, and ultimately lost the game. It’s what you expect when a B-squad lineup is facing the Padres. Er, um, right?

The bits…

  • Chris Volstad came down with a bit of Samardzijitis (temporary comfort), after having been named the team’s fourth starter. He went just 4.2 innings, giving up six earned runs on nine hits and a walk. Typical Spring caveats apply. It doesn’t really concern me much.
  • Kerry Wood finally got back into action today … and threw five pitches. He faced one batter, struck him out, and his day was done. Okey dokey.
  • Shawn Camp, who’s trying to make a fast positive impression after having been with the Cubs for just a few days, didn’t have a good day. He went 1.1 innings and was tagged for three earned on four hits and a walk.
  • Darwin Barney had another big day – 4 for 4. He’s as hot as it gets right now.
  • Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson, perhaps sensing their primary bench roles being threatened by Blake DeWitt and Joe Mather, each had a homer and a good day overall (most of the bats did – the Cubs had 17 hits). Naturally, each of Mather and DeWitt had good days, too.
  • Tony Campana and Alfredo Amezaga – who are both still in big league camp, although neither is expected to get a job at this point – each came into the game late, got two at bats, and went hitless. Campana stole a base, at least.
  • HeyaMan

    What a list of pedigree, especially those outfielders


    • ferrets_bueller

      can’t believe Moustakas hit twice as many bombs as Stanton.

      Thats a hell of a list, though. Ive never looked at them before, is every year full of ML’rs like that?

  • TWC

    And the only reason that Campana got on base in the first place is because he was able to beat out a sure double play ground ball.  Now, why didn’t he bunt the runner (DeWitt) over?  With his speed, odds were pretty even that he’d outrun the throw.

    • hansman1982

      That is why he should get sent down, to bunt in literally EVERY at bat until he could place a basketball into a thimble.

  • Joepoe123

    Im not sure if anyone has said this or not but Dempster is 1 Garza is 2 Shark is 3!!!!! Volstad is 4 Maholm is 5 ……..This years confirmed rotation!! what do u think about shark at # 3??????

    • Dustin S

      Sveum said a while back the order was about lining up for the Brewers series (more than Samardzija being the 3rd best starter). As it stands he wouldn’t start that 4 game series with the Brewers. So I’d still think of him numerically as the #5 even if the rotation has him third.

      Cannot wait to enjoy a cold beverage at Wrigley and see the team in a couple weeks.

      • Brady

        Personally I am happy to see someone thinking that far in advance as far as the schedule is concerned rather than just putting your best pitchers 1-5.

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    I suspect this is what we will continue to see from Volstad. Wells will be up by May 1st.

    • Tony S

      Volstadt has been good this spring with this start being his worst by far. I’ll happily take 1 start in 5 being subpar if the other 4 are similar to his results this spring.

      • Brady

        From what I have seen so far is that it looks like Volstad is a groundball pitcher and with an improved defense that we have, I think we are going to see a lot of successful appearances from him and when he does look to be having a bad day, that is what the bullpen will be for.