The Chicago Cubs tied the Angels today, which is a part of the beauty of Spring Training. With no meaningless win or loss to belabor, we go straight to the bits…

  • Paul Maholm went 4.2 innings in his final Spring tuneup, and the only damage he yielded was a two-run homer to Albert Pujols, which, like, who cares. Maholm gave up two other hits, a walk, and struck out six. He also had a throwing error, which I believe makes seven for pitchers this Spring. That’s not so good.
  • Kerry Wood once again faced a batter. Just one. Expected other members of the pen Carlos Marmol, James Russell, and Rafael Dolis each threw a scoreless frame.
  • Darwin Barney, who is the primary backup at shortstop given the expected configuration of the roster, had a rough day. Not only did he have just one hit in five at bats, but he made his third error of the Spring (something that has happened before in his limited time at short this Spring). I’ve never been crazy about having the starting second baseman be the back up at short, but no better option emerged in (or was brought into) Spring Training.
  • Bryan LaHair was a late scratch today, for reasons not yet entirely clear. Blake DeWitt replaced him, and was hitless in four at bats.
  • Happy benchmates Joe Mather and Steve Clevenger had a hit apiece. Neither came with runners in scoring position, though, as the Cubs went 0-7 in that situation on the day.
  • Ryan

    I see where MLBTR seems to ex[pect Rule 5 Castillo to make the Cubs 25 man roster

  • Big Puma

    It sure is awesome to know we traded a guy regarded by many as the best lefty reliever in baseball for a guy who didn’t even make the team. (wood) What a joke.

    Right now I’m going to predict 7 wins for the cubs their first month after seeing the schedule, by then reality should set in.

    I freaking love the Cubs, but they suck and will be almost unwatchable this year, unless you get more joy out of watching prospects than seeing a team that is competitive.

    David De”who”sus?.. What a big signing he was, I totally agree we shouldnt have signed prince and yu, who would want to watch those guys right?

    F theo, I’m out..

    • Van

      I don’t post here often, so I’m gonna assume this is a joke, right?

      • Jed

        He takes after his namesake, Lance Berkman. It’s all fun and games until his teams goes through some rough years, then he bolts. No loyalty.

        • Brady

          Ha ha, I love how he acts like it was a straight marshall for wood trade first off, there were 2 other prospects in the mix so that was a good trade and wood just needs some more fine tuning in AAA, Secondly, Nobody F’s with Da Jesus! Thirdly, Da Jesus has had a bad spring yes and we can hope that he can shape up soon, if not he either gets replaced by the other bench personnel that are coming through above par (Baker and Mather) or fills in til Jackson can come up and push him out. If you are a Cubs fan you have to realize that after 100 years without a championship, losing is kinda our thing and while we are trying to improve all you can do is watch and pray it gets better. If you are going to get overwhelmingly frustrated at the first sign of trouble then being a Cubs fan is going to be the death of you. I suggest you may want to find a band wagon near you and jump on it for your own sake (I hear Miami is nice this time of the decade).

          • Ryan

            Yeah got a Starter who they control for 4 years and and OF and 2b whos a decent prospect for a LHRP that wasnn’t for sure he would resign after the year

            • Brady

              Yup, I’d call that a major win for both sides. The Reds get an elite relief pitcher for a year and we got plenty of prospects for the future. Who knows, maybe Theo and Jed will go sign Marshall again in 3 years when we may want him back.

          • JustSwain

            Miami? If I were bandwagon jumping I’d be jumping onto a bandwagon with better pitching. Try these Angels, everyone else seems to think they are good, and from what I’ve seen its hard to argue with them. I don’t know if they can edge the Rangers, but if they finish behind .500 I’d be suprised.

            • Brady

              The Angels are looking very impressive and personally I think nothing will change in Miami other than their payroll. However they seem to be getting a lot of media support so I figured they would be for someone who just goes where the group goes. The Angels are a good logical choice if you are looking for a good team. I’d also say Detroit has a real good shot, they look fairly sharp.

          • art

            my man Brady, lol. Ditto.

      • NoSense

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        • ferrets_bueller

          my thoughts exactly.

  • Ivy Walls

    late scratch?

    • Brady

      Yea, Lahair was taken off the lineup at the last minute and Dewitt was added. Nobody knows why yet. Personally today seemed like a day for backups and starters that Theo wants to see more of. This would make sense out of why Barney (playing as backup for Castro today though), Stewart, and Da Jesus started today but so did Mather, Dewitt, Baker, Clevenger, and Johnson got the start today. It gives most of the starters a rest before the long month of a tough schedule. That is my opinion on the matter.

  • LouCub

    Brett, was once again at the game today, was very impressed with Maholom except for the homer he gave up to Pujols..Joyce DeWitt sucks!!!!!! I know he was a last minute sub but I would have preferred Cardenas here..Talked to Steve Clevenger after the game he signed a ball for my son, a class act talked about how people are gonna be surprised by the Cubs saying were gotta hustle and play hard or we won’t be here..I love hearing that…music to my ears

    • Brady

      I am glad he was talking to fans and such, love athletes that dont mind talking to an annoying fan every now and again after a game. (not that you were annoying I just mean in general there are probably a lot of annoying fans that would talk to them)

      • LouCub

        Brady, he was so cool…It’s becoming hard recognizing some of these new guys

        • Brady

          You can paint me Uber Jealous. Yes that is a color.

    • JustSwain

      Speaking of Clevenger, those two put outs were damn impressive. Is he always that good or was that a fluke? The only catcher I can think of with a quicker release is Molina, and the lack of arm strength is made up for with his accuracy.

      • Brady

        The commentators for said that Castillo had a better throwing arm but Clevenger’s looked more than serviceable yesterday. I hope that keeps up through the season.

  • Cubs10

    Was at the game today. Best part was Pujols running toward the dugout with 2 outs. Got a round of applause for that one.

    • Diesel

      Yeah I’m thinking about catching them when the angels go to Oakland and ask him how many outs there are every time he starts for the dug out ha ha.

  • Ivy Walls

    Late scratch means something. Does it mean something regarding LaHair…doubtful very doubtful though possible…who would need a cheap DH/1B? KC? MN? A’s, Sox?

    Okay the real possibility is a late deal for a utility IF/OF, can DeWitt play 1B you ask? Has he played 1B all spring? Last spring?

    Who needs a utility IF/OF at a arb $1.5M? I also think Campana’s 6th inning performance gave Sveum pause, A bunt, steal, 2 fielder’s choice and a run. WOW…and then a walk, single (with a hit and run) and then double steal….2 runs. I suspect DeWitt is changing uniforms.

  • Spencer

    I read somewhere that K. Wood was only supposed to pitch about 8 innings this spring no matter what, so they are probably just being extra cautious with injury concerns. Also, love the six K’s from Maholm in 4.2 innings. If he does that all year I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • JustSwain

    2 of those Ks were against a pitcher who wasn’t swinging because the Manager fears injuries to his pitchers, so really he only got 4.

    • Brady

      That pitcher took a SO with 2 outs and bases loaded. Let the guy swing for gods sake, what is the worst that could happen!

      • JustSwain

        Against Rolo no less. If ever there was a pitcher that another pitcher has a chance of hitting… Seriously, Lopez looked incredibly hittable today. I’ve heard of pitching to contact, but Rolo has refined the technique and has started pitching to hard contact, which makes me wonder if he gets the point of pitching to contact at all. Is Sveum sure he doesn’t want Wells in long relief?

  • art

    read somewhere that Dale just decided to give LaHair a day off.

  • Clark Addison

    Marmol’s clean inning was against minor leaguers. He’s not out of the woods yet.

    • JustSwain

      It was against minor leaguers, but his pitches looked crisp and his command looked the way it does when he is being dominant.

  • Ryan

    I see where MLBTR is saying Cubs may eat some of the $ owed Byrd to make a trade happen before ST is out

  • Bric

    If a trade’s going to happen you’d figure it’s going to be today. A friend of mine used to manage the Astros and I remember him telling me you’d always make a trade or minor league assignment decision before all the player’s stuff gets packed up in trucks to be shipped to wherever that player is heading. You don’t what it shipped off to one destination and then send him to another.