It was a relatively tight game until Jason Isringhausen made an appearance, and wasn’t particularly interested in getting Cubs out. The bits…

  • Lefty pitching prospect Chris Rusin, who’ll be in Iowa’s rotation to start the year, had a downright good performance today against a lineup of mostly Angels regulars (caveat Albert: there was no Pujols today). He went 5.1 innings, giving up two hits, and striking out three. No walks (which is one of his hallmarks), and no runs. The Angels don’t have much on the way of an advanced scouting report on Rusin, mind you, so I wouldn’t take the start for more than what it was: a really nice day. He’s still no more than a possible back-end starter at some point in the future, and no more than the Cubs’ 10th starter right now.
  • Shawn Camp got 1.2 innings to try and sway opinion back in his favor in the bullpen competition, and he came through with a one-hit, no-run, three-strikeout outing. He’s got to beat only one of Lendy Castillo and Manny Corpas (assuming Rodrigo Lopez is already in the pen) in order to land a spot. In other words, it’s likely that two of that trio will make the pen.
  • David DeJesus finally had a two-hit game. It’s just one game, but it would be nice to see him heating up just in time for the season.
  • Most of the regulars saw action today, and got a hit or two. Blake DeWitt also saw time at first base (hit and a walk), and Jeff Baker hit a ridiculous bomb of a three-run homer.
  • Second base prospect Ronald Torreyes saw some action late, and, given that he’s got the best “hit tool” in the system, you’ll be unsurprised to learn that he got a hit. And, yes, he is as tiny as folks have suggested. Tony Campana could totally beat Torreyes up.
  • On the downside today, all of Ian Stewart, Starlin Castro, and Blake DeWitt had an error.
  • Meanwhile, Matt Garza threw a four-inning tuneup against Minor Leaguers, giving up a hit and striking out six.
  • Cheryl

    Any legs to the rumor of Soriano for Roberts?

    • Boog

      Ummmm, I think I can adequately answer that with a question…

      What rumor?

      • Cheryl

        Phil in the Tribune mentioned it.

        • Brett

          I wouldn’t put much of anything into that particular rumor.

          • Cheryl

            Thanks. Had a feeling it wasn’t going anywhere.

            • Ivy Walls

              Roberts will to show no effects of concussions

  • Brady

    The score did get a little blown out of porportion but I will say that, aside from the errors (which thankfully were made up for by Barney making some superb moves at second), the Cubs had a really good day. The Dejesus bunt started a great momentum inning resulting in the first 3 runs which still would have been the game (ignoring the raging success we had later). Also Barney’s triple afterwards was a nice strong shot, just sayin.

  • Cerambam

    So is Iowa’s rotation looking pretty sweet this year, or is this just the first time I’ve paid enough attention to know most of the starters: wells rusin Coleman T. Wood?

    • dick

      Is there any chance that WGN will televise the Iowa Cubs instead of the Chicago Cubs? Iowa will be considerably more fun to watch than the big league team…and they will actually win a bunch of games, unlike the bigs………

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    I hope all the Barney and Campana bashers were watching today.

    • MaxM1908

      I’m not a Campana basher, I just think he’s better off getting regular starts at Iowa rather than being a low bench option in the majors.

      • JoeSchmoe

        Same here. You saw the effect he had on the bases today. If he got the ability to hit through the infield holes (like he did today) instead of just hitting on the ground and hoping for an error, he’d be a serious weapon. He’s just not going to develop that riding the bench in the majors.

        • MaxM1908

          My hope is he gets a couple of months at Iowa and then gets called up later in the season after we’ve moved some positional pieces through trade. I fear though, we won’t be moving too many players this year.

  • koboldekobold

    I am fairly meh on Campana, but I am hoping Barney can provide enough bat to be useful until someone better comes along and he can be more of a utility guy

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    I have brillant idea. Since our bullpen is weak and we have 10 starters, why don’t we keep all 10 on the 25 man roster. We start guys every 10th game, and they can pitch out the pen during games 3-7 after their starts.

    • MaxM1908

      It would be fascinating to see how that played out. Opponents would have to compile twice as many scouting reports for the Cubs starters. And, if the pitchers could show enough distinction between their starting and relieving styles, it could play havoc on opponents’ preparation. I also wonder if the extra time between starts would be better or worse for starters. Any chance one of those PS3 baseball games out there would allow such a tweak to rotations to simulate it?

      • Cheryl

        It seems to me that I read a long time ago that pitchers felt it was better to pitch more often. I think it was a comment by one of the Dean brothers.

        • Jay Anderson Jr

          It was definitely a joke, but Cubchymyst idea wasn’t bad. I could actually see that working, however unlikely.

  • cubchymyst

    If you where to do something like that would it make more sense to leave everyone on the 5 game rotation, and just use 2 starters a game. Let the first one go 4 to 5 innings and the second 4 to 5 innings. I believe the 3rd time through is when starters start getting roughed up more (no data to back this up just going off of games watched). That would limit the number of times through a line up a pitcher has to go through, and also leave all the pitchers on a standard schedule.

    The problem though is what do you do when the first starter has a good game and looks like he could pitch a complete game. Do you let him do it or not? The best option is probably 5 starters and 6 bullpen guys.

  • Eli

    I went to the game today and there were a few things of interest I noticed. DeWitt is definitely capable of filling in at first if something happens with LaHair before they are ready to bring Rizzo up, but he seemed to struggle with knowing when to let the ball pass to Barney and when to field the ball himself (thus causing his error). Torreyes looked more like a bat boy than a player but his one hit was very solid contact. Lastly, the Baker home run was to dead center and probably around 450 feet for those that didn’t get to see it or won’t get to on highlights.

  • djriz

    Hey Brett, have you heard anything from the minor league camp? I’d love to hear how some of the guys who weren’t in the big league camp look. Guys like Maples, Baez, Vogelbach and the such.

  • NoSense

    All the Cubs minor leaguers spent today formalizing their Visa’s and Green Cards

  • Ced landrum

    Bobby scales was released and signed with mets.. Too bad

    • Cubbie Blues

      His Wiki page has already been updated (that was quick). It is too bad for him but not the organization. At 34 years old he isn’t much more than Minor League depth. He is probably just biding his time now until he turns coach.