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Enhanced Box Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 8 – April 12, 2012

Enhanced Box Scores

Man, oh man, I wanted the Cubs to win today.


It’s not just because I was at the game, my first of the year. I’ve been fairly clear that I don’t expect the Cubs to be terribly competitive this season (in terms of, say, a playoff spot), but that doesn’t mean I’m ready – in April – to watch the Cubs lose heartbreaker after heartbreaker. It just felt like we all needed a win today.

Thanks to the Cubs’ bats and Matt Garza’s arm, we got it. The Cubs slapped hit after hit off of Zack Greinke in the third – and Alfonso Soriano stole a base, drawing the biggest cheer from the crowd – making for plenty of offense.

I had a blast before, during, and after the game. A big thanks to (and I apologize if I’m inadvertently missing anyone – I believe I warned you about Old Style squiggles) Steve, Spencer (who hooked a pale author up with some sunscreen), Al (from BCB), John (from Cubs Den), Ramin, Curtis (from As I See It), Jim, Tom, and Phil for helping make it a great day. Oh, and Tom Ricketts. More about that later.

The game was so awesome that we all had a nice laugh about this, rather than fearing an impending bullpen implosion…



Brett Taylor

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