Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 3, Cardinals 10 – April 15, 2012

So, I was at a friend’s baby naming ceremony this afternoon and missed most of the Cubs/Cardinals game.

These are things about which I am not sad.

Paul Maholm had his second straight brutal start, and the Cubs never had a chance (particularly with a … weaker lineup than usual). Yadier Molina and today’s voodoo magic special Matt Carpenter (who?) did the bulk of the damage. Lendy Castillo struck out four in two innings, which is nice, but he also gave up a two-run bomb to Carpenter, which is less nice.

And I think it might be time for someone to get a couple days off to collect his thoughts…

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  1. Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    Johnson was the only cub to have a great day at the plate today. 2-4 2B. He did not have a bad AB today. DeWitt got his first hit of the season today, but still did not look too good. 1-4 with 3 bad ABs. Both Castro and DeWitt had bad timing which may have cost them 2 dps in the early innings. Castro 1-4. 2 terrible and 1 bad AB today. Baker surprised me today. He went 1-4 but was a patient hitter. Just one bad AB today. Stewart 0-3 with another tough day at the plate. 1 terrible and 1 bad AB. Mather looked terrible today. I’m guessing it is because of lack of ABs. 0-4. 1 bad AB with 3 terrible ABs. Soto looked better today staying patient and went 1-4, 2b. just 1 bad AB for him today. Byrd was a bit more patient today and it allowed him to hit the ball with more contact. 0-3 with 1 bad AB. DeJesus 0-1 with a terrible AB. Clevenger 0-1 and got robbed of a single. Another poor day for the cubs.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I love this feature keep it up

      1. STUDisME

        Interesting decisions

        So far, you pick the winner

        Matt Caesar(Szczur) hitting .135
        Nelson Perez hitting .161
        Elicier Bonne hitting .179

        These are the Advanced A outfielders chosen by your leader, and for measure,
        your Peoria outfielders are raking:

        Taiwan Easterling .087
        Reggie Golden .192
        Ed Gonzalez at .200

        These wonderful specimens are Theo’s guys because they spent money for
        the skills and talent they bring to the field.

        Then, they pull the wool over a kid who never got a real chance
        and this is from 2007 as a skinny high school player………


        Enjoy the rest of the videos tagged, and remember, when the suits spend money
        they are forced to try and prove they are right more than accepting being wrong.

        Theo and Fleita may be clueless

        1. DocPWimsey

          Hendry signed all of those guys: you’ll note a lack of similar players in the Sox system.

          1. STUDisME

            Hendry did Nada, this is Wilken/Fleita, then Theo stating to cut everyone
            who didn’t get a huge Bonus.

            What this 20th rounder, by choice did before the Cubs ruined his pro baseball career was as solid as anyone, I could be family, friend, teammate, former teammate, or just a fan, but the facts remain the same.

            The Cubs under Theo/Fleita screwed this kid.


            if you dig deep enough enough and use Google, etc. you will find a Nationally ranked high school player by all your experts including Baseball America, a great college career, and lots more info from HS, College, and what the Pro’s said.

            This discarded player was even named to 3 AA teams in college from BA, Rivals, and Louisville Slugger.

            This decision by Epstein and his gang was ignorant.

            Matt Caesar(Szczur) hitting .135
            Nelson Perez hitting .161
            Elicier Bonne hitting .179

            Taiwan Easterling .087
            Reggie Golden .192
            Ed Gonzalez at .200

            There are many in the coaching community, scouting community, and Fan community that hope this young athletic man gets an opportunity with another affiliated Club because from what I know, he has pedigree, is 1st Class, and basically a great kid who got a bum deal from Theo and his computer system.

            The kid is a CCBL champion, and a NECBL al-star and HR Derby champ.

            He is a plus-plus athlete with a power arm from RF, and got screwed.

            Money talks I suppose.

            1. Jimmy James

              sheesh…well if hes everything you say I’m sure he will get a shot somewhere…baseballs a business dude, try not to take things so hard

            2. EvenBetterNews

              Wow, when is Mickey Mantle getting called up? Oh shoot… Just the Cubs prospects that everybody considers not very good with high upside…. Theo really needs to quit batting for these kids. He is killing their average as well as their talent.

            3. ty

              Do not give up–Independent leagues can be another opportunity.

            4. JustSwain

              Well, money talks, but so do results. Each of the players you named has better career stats than Ben, and almost all of them have an .OPS that is 150 points higher for their careers. Ben’s Avg was .236, His OPS was .589, and he drew 20 walks while striking out 57 times in 229 ABs. I’ll grant that he didn’t get a very long chance to prove himself, but he also didn’t perform particularly well in the chance that he was given, and 253 PAs is more than a glance. Its not too suprising that his dominance of the Cape Cod Baseball League didn’t translate into the minors. You say scouts love him, yet he made it through to the 20th round? That means that at least 580 players where selected before him in the 2011 draft. The Cubs can’t stop other teams from selecting him, so that kinda points to the fact that scouts weren’t crazy about him. I agree with Ty, he should be looking for a job with an independent league. Some have fairly decent fans, and the Saint Paul Saints games are broadcast on local TV here in the Twin Cities, and they often sell out. It can be a great opportunity for guys looking to prove themselves after an all too short A ball look. Some everyday names in the Majors were recruited out of Independent Leagues. If his only problem was he didn’t get a long enough look, he’ll tear it up against Independent League pitchers, and get some more chances to develop his swing with a wooden bat. The coaches are hit or miss. You might get good ones, they might be well below A ball standards, but heck, its a chance to play baseball for money. Did they use wooden bats at the college he went to, or was he aluminum his entire career? Just wondering because A: you can just throw his college stats in the toilet if he did, and B: he might have developed an aluminum swing. The sweet spot on Aluminum bats is bigger, so balls that are squared up with ting bats, are softly hit off the end of a real bat. It can develop bad habits that some players have trouble working out of.

            5. art

              could you repeat that?

              1. JustSwain

                This might be one of the strangest posts that I have ever seen on a forum thread. I keep looking at it, and I still can’t figure out what you are asking. If you would like to see someones post again…just go back and read it. What do you want repeated?

            6. Cedlandrum

              I have heard you say this before. You know if he was cut by the Cubs every other team in baseball has the right to sign Ben right? So I don’t think the Cubs screwed him MLB dream. Also he was drafted in the 20th round so every other team passed on him about 19 times. He was a long shot at best, but the Cubs signed him and put him out on the field and he didn’t perform.

              His slash line for last year in 229 AB’s
              When your slugging is less then your OBP and you are not a real burner you are in trouble. He is a corner outfielder with no real power.

              If he was a legit prospect he would have been signed elsewhere.
              Might be a great kid, don’t know, but your anger is misplaced.

              1. STUDisME

                can’t judge a player on a small sample size, and you can’t make blanket assumptions without knowing any history

                most everyone gets a full season, especially with pedigree regardless of draft position

                what was ingnored was a .320 hitter the last 5 weeks of 2011, and a bigger stronger ST arrival who was taking no prisoners

                the anger is placed just right, amongst fannies

      2. MichiganGoat

        How did my compliment of the “Advanced Box Score” become the launch pad of the discussion of a 20th rounder? The main board is a bizarre place.

  2. Spencer

    What goes on at a baby naming ceremony?

  3. David

    Just to add fuel to the fire… Byrd was caught stealing today too.

    1. Nomar's Left Glove

      …and that was the point that I had to change the channel and throw the remote.
      1 out. He reaches base on an error that Len was calling a hit at first. On the first pitch ( to a light hitting pitcher none the less ) with Molina behind the plate, down 2 runs, he charges for second like a fat camp refugee to a buffet. He was out by a mile. I didn’t mind the fact that we have a 240lb center fielder with less power than Ryan Theriot last year because he played pretty decent defense, but this year he looks lost at the plate and he looks like a dancing bear in the field.

  4. EB

    That was a painful game to watch. The Cubs lineup they threw out there was downright sorry. The only thing more painful than watching the game was having to listen to the cardinals announcers. They didn’t miss a chance to call out Starlin Castro and talk about how “disinterested” he looked. Shut up and worry about your own team. I’m sure gold glover Matt Holliday is always intent and focused in LF.

  5. Ron

    Wow, a 1 for 4 day raised Soto’s BA to his middle school playing weight!

    1. Deer

      Soto seemed to be more upright at the plate today, not as crouched as he usually is. It seemed to work, he hit the ball hard, even a couple of his outs.

  6. Keep Dreaming

    Do not worry Cub fans , Theo will talk and the the dummies will listen and wine will be given to all. cause a good hangover is the only option now.

  7. JR

    Zogie – I really like and look forward to your “Advanced Box Score” tally. Thanks for passing that on and please keep them coming!

  8. Incredibad

    Wow. Frustrating to see how a lot of the guys are struggling so far. What was up with the lineup today??

  9. Cardfan

    You can have your chicken nuggets back now…

    1. Nomar's Left Glove

      Are you like most other people in St Louis. Kind of gingerry with a blank look on your face and bad meth habit? The Miller Light fan cam this weekend was like a Carrot top family reunion…

      1. Cardfan

        From out here on the west coast, you all look the same, just stick a blue or red cap on ya…that is with the possible exception of your boy, Smartjizonya… that boy looks like the poster child for a pseudoephedrine/phertilizer cocktail. Just add the double wide and watch ‘er blow!!!

        1. Katie

          Wow. Um just…wow. How very close minded of you.

        2. JustSwain

          You know a guys a redneck when he spells Psuedoephedrine correctly, but gets fertilizer wrong.

          1. CubFan Paul


          2. Rick Vaughn


          3. King Jeff


        3. ty

          Surfer boy–Jeff has 10 million in the bank.

  10. Matt3

    I still think Johnson can play, and maybe should be starting.. (for all the Johnson haters out there)

    1. JustSwain

      I definitely agree that Johnson should be starting right now over Byrd. I had been under the impression that when he got regular playing time Reeds batting average tended to drop, but looking back at his stats he actually tends to do best in years where he stays healthy and gets a good number of ABs. Range could be a factor, and I’m wondering if it would be best to put Reed in right and have Dejesus play Center. Dejesus has been at or above league average Range factor for Center Fielders pretty much throughout his career (aside from injury years), while Johnson has never put up league average RF for a center fielder, but does O.k. in Right. My only concern is that Dejesus may be playing right in Wrigley for a couple more years, and it’d be nice to give him the consistency since Jackson is going to take over CF.

      1. Jimmy James

        I’ve always liked Johnson, seems like they continue to have concerns about the toll full-time play would have on his back

        1. JustSwain

          Yeah his numbers really drop off in injury years. I had forgotten it was a back injury, but that makes sense since guys often try to play through back pain. If I was the Bo-Sox though, I’d be calling the Cubs about Johnson instead of Byrd.

    2. art

      i’m with you, i felt he should have played more the last 2 years. the last 2 years with the Cubs.

  11. Mrp

    Man, today really felt like they just mailed it in from the get go. Such a frustrating game to watch.

  12. Matt3

    Reed Johnson didn’t mail it in

    1. Mrp

      Agreed, I was just generalizing.

  13. Diesel

    So how much longer do we have to wait to get Jackson to replace byrd? I am open to the idea of just releasing byrd. He is dead weight at this point. I would rather see garza bat than byrd which is sad. Byrd is a good guy but it’s time for him to go.

    1. nkniacc13

      Atleast June for jackson to be called up.

  14. TSB

    Before the Cub organization can get rid of Byrd, they must find an appropriate Black replacement player to take his place on the roster. Look at the demographics of the Chicago area. Serious baseball fans don’t care about this, but marketing and business types take it seriously.

    1. BeyondFukudome

      Perhaps they should also find an imbecile player to appeal to the moron segment of the fan base.

    2. Jay Anderson Jr

      Wow, not a fan of name calling, but you are definitely an idiot for that. As a black man, I’m offended. I could care less about race. Yeah Byrd is black, and if there’s white player that’s better, please replace Byrd with him. In fact, do it ASAP.

      1. BeyondFukudome

        My point was that race is irrelevant, same as your point. If you thought I was analogizing a black replacement to an imbecile replacement, you missed my meaning completely. I was suggesting that the Cubs add players who might appeal to idiots who bring irrelevant racial considerations into the discussion. Anyway, to the extent I caused the misunderstanding, I apologize.

    3. Cubs Dude

      TSB, you are just a complete jack ass for even bringing race into the discussion. Byrd sucks bad, regardless of race. He needs to be moved for anything asap.

    4. TSB

      In 1969, the first year of the Montral Expos, one of their first moves was to purchase the contract of Claude Raymond, a sometimes good, sometimes bad but aging pitcher. Why? He was French-Canadian , and the suit-side of the organization thought it would be good for attendance. Skip now to 2012; the Angels sign Albert Pujols to a very generous contract. Listen to both the local LA media and sports writers, as well as MLB, ESPN, and even the GM of the Angels. All agree that not only is he one of the top players, but also that as a Hispanic he would attract more interest in the SoCal Hispanic market, and steal fans from the Dodgers. Sorry to break it to you geniuses, but that, unfortunetely, is the way it is.

      1. JustSwain

        I posted a diatribe on this then thought better of it. I found your initial post in bad taste, and when a person of color stated they were offended by it, you responded by defending yourself instead of apologizing, which I also found in bad taste. Stop justifying your comments, accept that whatever your intention they came off as racist, and appologize.

        1. TSB

          OK, I apologize for bringing up such a sensitive subject.

  15. mark

    i’ve been a bit of a johnson basher, but i will say: i’ve never doubted his heart. that counts for something, especially on a bad team. i appreciate what soriano’s been doing so far, too.

    re volstad, maholm, travis, wells. you’d like to see guys have to earn their way onto the team again, not back their way in. i’ll readily admit i liked the maholm pickup, was intrigued with travis and volstad, partly cuz i though samardzija was a fixture in the bullpen. how many times do we have to hear a guy like samardzija with a lot of talent telling us that he needs to concentrate more. please. he’s been telling us that for years, he has one good outing and then can’t concentrate again. doesn’t he pay any attention at all to guys like dempster and garza who are battlers?

  16. morgan

    good job theo for taking the fun out of wanting to watch cub games, its hard to watch this worthless team play, the only games i want to watch are when garza and jeff pitch.

  17. SirCub

    I think Marlon’s problem is just the overwhelming surge of negativity being sent his way by Cubs’ fans. I mean, there are probably a million people people in the country right now who hate him. It’s like the opposite of the power of prayer. Maybe every time somebody says, “I don’t believe in Marlon” somewhere, some Marlon Byrd at bat drops dead.

    So I, for one, will counteract this swarm of negative energy by making Marlon my new favorite Cub. I’ll cheer for him louder than any other player, and send as much positive energy his way as I possibly can. And every time he steps up to the plate, I will clap loudly and proclaim, “I do believe Marlon! I do, I do!”

    1. Dustin S

      I know Byrd really wants to do well, he lost 40 pounds this offseason getting in shape. If he was a slacker it would be easier to not like him. So I don’t think fans hate him. I wouldn’t even fully bench him yet. But to give the team the best chance to win in the short-term, I think we’d all like to see Johnson or Mather in there at least every third day, or maybe 2 or 3 days in a row, while he gets his swing straightened out.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        I’ve never been a fan of the “scrappy!” factor because different people behave so differently: you simply cannot “see it in his eyes.”  However, Byrd wears his emotions on his sleeve, and although I doubt that his personality affects how his teammates play, I do think that he has a “let’s get ‘em tomorrow” spirit that makes playing on a bad team more tolerable than otherwise.  That might sound like a concession to losing, but half the teams finish under 0.500 and something has to make the last 80-100 games bearable.

      2. Jay Anderson Jr

        I think Campana adds more to the team and that Byrd should be optioned, or outright waived off of this team to make a spot for him. I don’t hate Byrd, he just sucks at baseball.

  18. Big Joe

    90 loss season. Easy.

  19. Jay Anderson Jr


    1. ty

      If we can not win, at least let us be entertained.

  20. Mark

    Went to the game. Very lackluster team. Cardinals played their weak lineup too, but they looked motivated. Looks like the Cubs just go through the motions. I thought Theo and Dale would have at least brought in some fire to the team. They play like they did for Pinella, only when they want to.

    1. college_of_coaches

      I’m not doubting your story, but can you give any details? I only ask because few of the starters today played for Pinella (Soto, Castro, Byrd, Baker).

  21. jim

    LET’S face it, the CUBS are NOT going “ANYWHERE”
    this year! IF they are “lucky, they will finish “4th” in
    their division. Honestly, they DON’T even have 1
    number 1 pitcher on their team. Garza is very good
    & Dempster is starting to regress. Samardjia will
    do ok. After that, they have NOthing! Castro will again
    hit over 300 but will still have many Errors! It is a very
    long season but I’m afraid its going to get Longer!

  22. Drew

    The Cubs need to call Boston up and trade Byrd to the Red Sox. They’re going to lose Ellsbury for 2 months most likely. At this point just taking Byrd off the Cubs roster would be a fair move.

  23. Richard Nose

    Not blaming the entire loss on this. But it does drastically change a game. Maholm was shitty, Westbrook took advantage…but did anyone else think the strike zone was horse shit all day? I got in trouble a few too many times for screaming curse words in a calm bar.

    1. JustSwain

      This whole series with the Cards the home plate umps have been horrible. Missing Calls on both sides is one thing, but they were giving borderline pitches to Wainwright, and calling balls on Smardz when he would lace one outside middle, and over the plate. Funny thing is, I was watching Marlins Astros on the Houston channel, and the Umps in that series were doing the same thing, squeezing the away team and being generous to the home team. I have two theories: A: Umps are humans and get emotionally caught up in the atmosphere of opening day/opening series, and just make some simple errors. B: There is a mandate to Umps to allow home teams a very slight edge on opening day.

      I’m no conspiracy theorist so I’m leaning towards A, but it wasn’t even subtle. Does anyone know any site that compares umpires against pitch trax to try and detect a team bias? I hate feeling as if my team is getting ripped, its not healthy and it detracts from enjoyment of the game. A site like that could reduce confirmation bias on my part and let me know statistically, that it all evens out.

      If you can’t think of a site that does that, is there interest in one? I have a friend who’s a web designer and he’s always looking for projects.

  24. Mark

    Meant that they played like the Cubs back then, I know it’s not the same guys, just they same feel. Actually not the same, those cubs were a lot more talented then today’s.

  25. Papa Bear

    If Sevum is going to forfiet the thid game of a Cardinal series I am going to have trouble watching the Cubs this year. I know we can not expect much this year but a least give it our all against the Cardinals. Our 4th and 5th starters are probably making Randy Wells feel a lot better.

  26. cubfanincardinalland

    Went to the game today, and very upsetting to see today. One thing I was excited about this year was that we were going to see a change in the way the Cubs approached the game. Change the culture, right. Play a hustling, grind it out, tough minded brand of baseball. Try and overcome a talent difference by outworking your opponent.
    Well what I saw today was the complete opposite. The same old horse manure baseball I have seen for 3 years.
    Guys walking out to their postion between innings(not Reed Johnson). Pretty much the whole team waiting till the last possible second to come out of the dugout between innings, like it was just to much energy. Pitchers not even paying attention to baserunners. Hitters with no clue what the count is or how to work it. Baserunners content with 3 foot leadoffs.
    To fans of the movie Bull Durham, lollygagging would be the term to describe what I saw today. Just a bunch of guys who looked like they would rather be somewhere else.
    That is the problem with guys like Byrd, Soto, Baker, DeWitt. They are just not hungry anymore. Made some money, getting older, not a big deal. Compare that to a guy like Carpenter today for St. Louis. A guy who finally got a chance, and is playing with a do or die attitude. Playing for his career. You can’t tell me the Cubs don’t have some young guys who would like the opportunity. Come on Dale, make them play the right way at least.

    1. DocPWimsey

      You misunderstood what Theo & Jed’s hiring meant. Changing the culture does not mean changing players” attitudes, it means changing the attitude about what makes a good player. Hendry bought into “hunger,” “scrappy,” etc. Theo & Jed are about run differential. The Sox walked out to their positions most innings in 2004 and 2007: and they walked away from the batters box after HR & bases on balls.

      This is the culture change: baseball is not a commando raid, but trench warfare. Unfortunately, it will take a while to develop the army: you cannot turn pawns into queens, after all, and Hendry left an organization full of pawns.

      1. cubfanincardinalland

        The Cardinals are supposed to be the Cubs main competition and rival. Ever see the Red Sox play the Yankees back in the years you mentioned? I never said scrappy. It is about energy, about competing, about fighting for the fine edge that wins the ball games that is the difference in winning or losing 90 games.
        Cubs have way to many guys who are ok with the status quo. Play like a Sunday picnic game.
        And explain this to me. Why is a team like the Cubs playing with a 36 year old of like Soriano, a soon to be 35 yr. old Byrd, 35 yr old Johnson, 31 year old Baker, even DeJesus is going on 32. Just what is the game plan with this club at this point?

        1. BT

          Really? So you think DeWitt, who was CUT from the Cubs 40 man roster at one point this winter, doesn’t feel like he has something to play for? You think Byrd, who is in the final year of his contract, and from every account I’ve ever heard is a great clubhouse guy, is just going through the motions? You are looking at results, then attributing reasons to those results. Is Soriano hitting over .300 because he is “hungry”?

        2. DocPeterWimsey

          BT is right: the fundamental flaw is your premise that you can “see” “energy.”  I’m a Sox fan as well as a Cubs fan, and I remember the Sox from 9 years ago.  The Sox were not playing with “energy”: they simply were a damn good team filled with batters with great eyes and great power, and pitchers with good control and good movement.  They acted like a bunch of frat boys off of the field, too.  The Yanks took pride in acting like they didn’t care: what you would call indifference, they called professionalism.  That is, take a win like you were supposed to do that, but don’t give the opponent the pleasure of thinking he got to you in a loss.  They celebrated winning divisions with less gusto than most teams celebrate a generic win: but they did it every year.

          Ultimately, this is the problem with “one size fits all” interpretations of behavior: you can spin it any way that  you want.

          As for why the Cubs are playing old guys, that is obvious.  Theo and Jed need time to put together young players of the sort they did with Peddy, Els, Lowrie, Lester, Bucholz, Paps, etc.  They are holding back Jackson & Rizzo to make sure that the Cubs can keep them an extra year.  Obvioulsy, they’d like to trade the veterans: but that means playing them.  (And Theo & Jed are stats savvy enough to know that early starts, good or bad, mean almost nothing: unless, of course, you think Bobby Abreu is now a better player than Albert Pujols!)

        3. Kyle

          The gameplan is to lose as many games as possible this season in order to improve draft status for 2013. Those old players are placeholders so that we don’t have to waste precious service time on useful players for a season where we aren’t trying.

      2. JustSwain

        Not to pic nits Doc, but in the game of chess, you actually can turn Pawns into Queens. I got what you meant, but bad example:)

      3. Kyle

        “you cannot turn pawns into queens”

        Yes you can :)

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          D’OH!  Hoist upon my own metaphor!  It’s been years since I played chess, and I incorrectly remembered that this was one of those “fake” rules.

          Um, OK: you can’t turn a 1st level dwarf warrior into a 20th level elf mage?

          1. TWC

            Oh, Doc, that makes your metaphor MUCH hipper.

            ::rolls eyes::

            1. DocPeterWimsey

              Think of it as the mental equivalent of an infielder letting a roller go under his glove one play and then getting down on his knee the next time to make absolutely sure….

              We really need a “Homer Simpson” icon for brain lapses….

  27. Rick Vaughn

    Anyone notice how frustrated Soto seemed behind the plate? Especially catching for Castillo. Pounding his glove after getting shaken off. Damn kid kept shaking him off and then served up a two run homer. I got a kick out of that.

    1. Cedlandrum

      yep and above people are accusing him of not caring.

  28. LEO L

    Too early to give up on Byrd but he does look like he is pressing. I think we need ot move him out of hte 8 hole so he can get some better pitches. he is not long term answer for the cubs adn if we area goign to get anything for him in a trade for him he is going to have to hit better. hopefull he makes some adjustments.

  29. Spencer

    I really want Campana on the roster. Still too early for BJax; there’s no reason for this season to “count” toward his year of service since the team isn’t going anywhere. But I’m really tired of watching Byrd and Soto flail about at the plate.

    1. CubFan Paul

      Dave Sappelt is a better call-up option than Campana, especially if Byrd is moved/benched

      1. hogie

        Have you had a chance to see Sappelt play in person? His stats look nearly as bad as Byrd, but I don’t know how his at bats have looked. He seems to be a very similar player to Byrd also, ok at several things, but doesn’t shine at anything. I would rather give Tony a shot to play a significant amount and see if he can hit as well as he has (high average) at every stop of the minors. His defense is ok, doesn’t get good jumps, but makes up for it enough to be average, and he has a couple of assists already, so maybe his arm has improved with the muscle he put on.

  30. Dougy D

    While Mather went 0-4, I think he needs some playing time. The Cubs really need to think about getting Mather and Johnson more involved, and less Blake DeWitt. Why would you sit LaHair and DeJesus, but play DeWitt. I sure hope that he’s had a bunch of hits off of Westbrook in the past in order to get the start today.