So, I was at a friend’s baby naming ceremony this afternoon and missed most of the Cubs/Cardinals game.

These are things about which I am not sad.

Paul Maholm had his second straight brutal start, and the Cubs never had a chance (particularly with a … weaker lineup than usual). Yadier Molina and today’s voodoo magic special Matt Carpenter (who?) did the bulk of the damage. Lendy Castillo struck out four in two innings, which is nice, but he also gave up a two-run bomb to Carpenter, which is less nice.

And I think it might be time for someone to get a couple days off to collect his thoughts…

  • JustSwain

    Anyone seen Rich Thompson pitch? Sounds like he has some upside with a 3.0 ERA in 50+ innings last year, but might be a reclamation project. Angels just put him on waivers, and our bullpen hasn’t exactly blown me away this year…

  • KWAH-dee

    and you thought I was bad. Thanks for the $$!

  • JulioZuleta

    Tony Campana hit a real HR today, as in over the fence. If your keeping count, that’s #1 for his career, a career consisting of 1507 plate appearances between the minors and the bigs.

    • Spencer


  • ty

    JULIO , I told you that he had power !

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      It’s a good thing that he is not in the American League, he would be a real threat to Albert now that he is a power hitter.

  • Ryan

    Not like we expected a win with that lineup Sveum put together yesterday.

  • RY34

    hells bells pull someone out of the stands to play center, byrd is absolutely pathetic! its about cut time. i think its ironic that volstad and maholm’s last wins were both on july 10, 2011 and we are so fortunate to have both of them. only the cubs man!

  • hardtop

    how many more turds does maholm have to throw before hoyer “gets randy”?  i personally think if he has 2 more poor outings you give someone else a shot (not Ro-Lo).  but becasue they went out and signed him i think he gets way too many chances (i hope the front office isnt so proud that theyd hurt the cubs season even more, but i have a feeling they are)

    • SirCub

      The sad thing is that Randy is pitching just as poorly at AAA.

  • hardtop

    yeah but he’s a true cub!