As I mentioned in the Bullets the other day, I’ll be back in Chicago next week – Tuesday and Wednesday – to take in the Cubs/Cards games those days at Wrigley Field, in the bleachers. I’ve got an extra ticket to each game, and, since I’m hopelessly needy, I’d like to offer up those tickets to anyone who wants to be my friend at the game. You needn’t actually talk to me, or even look at me. But you must sit within five rows of me, and you must act like you know me when I wave (which I will do at least once every three innings).

In all seriousness, I just want to give these tickets away to folks who really wants to go to the game (two different people, one each day, that is). So, if you want one of the tickets, here’s what you do. Go to the Message Board, and find this thread about the contest. There, simply say why I should give you a ticket (yes, you’ll have to join the Message Board to post). Think you would offer great conversation? Would give me the home run ball to throw back in? Are very handsome? Whatever the reason I should choose you, offer it up. Make sure you specify which game(s) you can go to.

I’ll choose the two winners by Friday at 10pm, so get crackin’. I’ll pick one winner at random from all the entries, and one that I really like. I probably won’t say which is which, though, so I don’t piss anyone off. I’m trying to make a couple friends, after all.

  • TonyP

    Are you willing to pick up the travel expenses from Kansas???  HA

  • MichiganGoat

    Someone’s lonely

  • Joe

    Yo. Wish I could come, but I’m LA. Actually, I may have some extra tix for the Cubbies’ visit to Chavez Ravine later this year… I gotta check with my immediate “social network” first, but do we have any other LA-based Cubs fans around the site?

  • ReiCow


    You keep mentioning traveling to Chicago.. where do you live?


    • Brett

      Columbus, OH.

  • Jschroeder

    Joe, I’m in Yuma AZ but plan to travel up for at least 1 game in LA, what dates are you going?

    • Joe

      I’ve got tix for the Aug 4 & 5 games. If none of my usual suspects want to come, you’re welcome to join me! I get the tickets from a season ticket holder, so if you’ve got company, I might be able to snag up to two more in the row.

  • Jfedwards333

    I’m in San Diego–wouldn’t mind catching games in LA or Phoenix sometime, and won’t miss them at Petco.

  • Jschroeder

    Joe, that sounds like a pretty good plan, let me know on here as the date gets closer, I would also have the ole ball and chain with me who’s a Cubs fan herself. look forward to possibly seeing you

    • Joe

      Coolio. My ball n’ chain refuses to attend any more baseball games. More’s the pity for her!

      • Jschroeder

        Sounds like her loss to me!!

  • BleedCbbyBlu

    Wed works for me. I need this hands down. Lost my job in Chicago about 4 yrs ago. Met wife at Cubs/Cards game 8yrs ago in Wrigley. After losing job, moved to St Louis. I have been heckled by Cardinal fans for the past 4 yrs. I was able to go to opening day against Cubbies last Friday and couldn’t even enjoy the game. I think there were 5 Cubs fans in the whole stadium. I could use some Chicago love.

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  • linda

    Missed this opp but really do need someone i can call “friend”. I was born at edgewater hospital and raised in gompers park.