As rumored earlier today, Marlon Byrd has indeed been traded to the Boston Red Sox, though the details of the trade won’t be announced until after the Red Sox game (currently in the 5th) ends.

The Cubs will likely go with a combination of Tony Campana, Reed Johnson and Joe Mather in center field for the time being, and then possibly call up Brett Jackson later this year.

I’ll have thoughts on the Marlon Byrd Era later, but the short of it is: super great guy, solid teammate, decent player for half his time here, and parts of his game will be missed. But he was out the door at some point this year anyway, so, although his value probably has never been lower, now’s as good a time as any other to pull the trigger. A few hot weeks weren’t really going to reclaim any value.

UPDATE: WEEI’s Alex Speier says the Cubs are getting reliever Michael Bowden, as I guessed earlier, plus a player to be named later (insert Theo compensation joke here). The Cubs are reportedly paying most of Byrd’s remaining salary, which could be reasonable, depending on the PTBNL, and the definition of the word “most.”

More analysis of the trade later, as it becomes finalized.

  • cubs4life

    So who is this Michael Bowden. Ive seen his name come up a few times but dont know anything about him.

    • ty

      Sort of like mystery meat at Dennys.

    • Tonycampanathebasethief

      Theo and company drafted Bowden IN THE FIRST ROUND of the 2005 draft but he hasn’t came to his potential first round talent yet but I think theo still sees something in him that he still likes and even though his stats in the MLB aren’t to good I think theo still sees his round 1 potential

      • Leroy Kleimola

        He’s from the Chicago area.

  • Evolution

    Would have been nice to keep him around for the new guys coming up, but those are exactly the guys he’s blocking.

    Nothing wrong with the Marlon Byrd era. He may not have been the savior, but his class and effort were first rate.


  • MichiganGoat

    That would be a good return for a guy that is hitting less than .070, best of luck to him in Red Sox nation. Still wish Hendry traded him last year but hindsight and all.

  • Dustin S

    From the scouting reports it looks like Bowden is kind of a typical middle reliever-type, 5 pitches…low 90’s heavy fastball, average curve, decent circle-change, and he added the slider and cutter in the last couple of years.

    On the deal part of me initially thought “why sell low now”, but really this season Theo will be working deals from a disadvantaged position where teams know we have to be selling. Even if Byrd were hitting better I’m not sure how much more return he would get. He helped the pen a little now and made room for Campana and Mather to play (and Jackson soon), so I have to consider that a good move. He was not going to be on the team past the trade deadline no matter what anyway.

    Byrd was a great guy, it’s sad to see him go and we wish him the best. I am still surprised that they were able to pull off another deal with Boston so soon after all the Theo compensation drama.

  • curt

    so how soon can jackson be called up and not start his arb clock early

    • Spencer

      Late June I believe

  • nkniacc13

    Atleast June

  • nkniacc13

    I guess we can cross A Miller off the PTBN list according to Mlbtr

  • nkniacc13

    the Cubs will pay all but 400k of Byrds salary

  • BleacherBum

    I like Byrd and his hustle as well as everything else Brett said about him, but sadly his time was coming to an end in Chicago. At least they got something for him instead of keeping him all year and losing him for nothing.

  • AP

    Even though Byrd was hitting terribly to start the year I actually feel like this could have been the best time to trade him if only because Boston was desperate for outfield help. Sure there might have been more of a bidding competition at the trade deadline, but I think the ship has probably sailed on teams bidding high on a mid-thirties outfielder especially when they can’t expect to get a compensatory pick out of him. When everyone knows you’re desperate, it helps if the team on the other end is just as desperate.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Classy guy, fare thee well Marlon.
    I wish you well except when we play Boston.

  • JustSwain

    Hey guys, if you liked Marlon Byrd go to his blog at Byrds Nest and post a comment wishing him well. He doesn’t have many on there, and I think this year aside he gave the Cubs great years. It’d be nice to see more people giving him a little appreciation. Lets show the guy a little love.

    • Sandberg

      Great idea. I think I will.

  • JustSwain

    I want the PTBNL to be Chris (ed) Carpenter. That’d make the whole Theo fiasco worth it for comic value alone.

    • Tony

      You mean Chris carpenter?

      • JustSwain

        Yes I do.

  • Jim L

    When did Boston pick up Chris Archer?

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I think it’s a very good trade and Bowden is one of the people you all need to keep an eye on. He may never make it, but could end up being a hell of a starter. And if indeed there is PTBL, all the better. Do I love this season, hell no, I wasn’t one of you who was howling to blow it up, but I think if you look in 2013 late or 2014 this could be one of the moves you look back at. And we all need to grow up some, because there’s a lot more of this coming. Dempster will not be resigned, so it’s not a matter of if but when they move him. And while I wish he could stay, there’s little doubt that Garza will be dealt. Hopefully a few others like Marmol follow some of the better outings lately and they can join the parade out. I wish there were another way, but this is it, and I really think this is a lost year, so hopefully we lose big and get another quality 1, then next offseason, we can more fairly judge the regime.

    I think they got off to a somewhat slow and surprising start this offseason, but clearly to me they have a plan and like it or not, that didn’t place a premium on winning now. Some of these smaller moves have been impressive. I think the Garza one will be the biggest test, it along with the last Cuban and the draft, essentially are our playoffs.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    Well, I know that he’s off to a horrible start, and the lack of any slugging hints that it’s not just bad luck.  Still, I’ll miss Byrd.  He plays like he’s having fun, and although I fully realize that baseball is NOT pickup softball, that’s still nice to see.  Moreover, I think that he really helped the Cubs in the long haul by letting them keep Jackson in the minors for a season plus longer than they otherwise might have done.

    I’m still a Sox fan (boo all you want, it won’t hurt me!), so I’m hoping that Marlon gets some singles to fall in until Els gets back.

  • nkniacc13

    Sounds like Hoyer will make a decison next month on the 2nd pitcher that the Cubs get. When Bowden gets on roster Monday i wonder who gets sent down? BTW have the Cubs and SD delt with the Comp issue there yet?

  • ry34

    Best news I have heard all year!

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