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Whoa: Cubs Put Ryan Dempster on the Disabled List and Call Up Tony Campana

Chicago Cubs News

Ryan Dempster, who’s got a sore right quad, was tentatively expected to miss his scheduled start tomorrow, and would thus be put on the disabled list in favor of Randy Wells who would be starting for him.


The first part happened. Dempster is now on the 15-day disabled list.

But that second part? Well, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, because for now, the Cubs have called up … Tony Campana.

That’s a surprise, to say the least. It’s possible that the team will go with just 11 pitchers (and when Wells is recalled tomorrow, a reliever will be sent down). But it’s also possible that this is a precursor to another move, maybe in the outfield. Could it be the end of the road for Marlon Byrd?


I tend to doubt it. But someone is going somewhere, and it isn’t going to be a move that we expected. Maybe someone else is hurt, too.

However it plays out, Wells will be back with the big club tomorrow in time for tomorrow’s start. We’ll learn more about the severity of Dempster’s injury soon, I’d expect.

UPDATE: You’ll want to check out the new post on Marlon Byrd and the Boston Red Sox.


Brett Taylor

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