Whoa: Cubs Put Ryan Dempster on the Disabled List and Call Up Tony Campana

Ryan Dempster, who’s got a sore right quad, was tentatively expected to miss his scheduled start tomorrow, and would thus be put on the disabled list in favor of Randy Wells who would be starting for him.

The first part happened. Dempster is now on the 15-day disabled list.

But that second part? Well, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, because for now, the Cubs have called up … Tony Campana.

That’s a surprise, to say the least. It’s possible that the team will go with just 11 pitchers (and when Wells is recalled tomorrow, a reliever will be sent down). But it’s also possible that this is a precursor to another move, maybe in the outfield. Could it be the end of the road for Marlon Byrd?

I tend to doubt it. But someone is going somewhere, and it isn’t going to be a move that we expected. Maybe someone else is hurt, too.

However it plays out, Wells will be back with the big club tomorrow in time for tomorrow’s start. We’ll learn more about the severity of Dempster’s injury soon, I’d expect.

UPDATE: You’ll want to check out the new post on Marlon Byrd and the Boston Red Sox.

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57 responses to “Whoa: Cubs Put Ryan Dempster on the Disabled List and Call Up Tony Campana”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Scrappy love fest engage.

    1. ty

      Goat–Scrappy love fest engage? What the hell? I am older than dirt and these statements cause small cerebral infarcts in my little world of struggle and gloom.

      1. MichiganGoat

        it’s a reference to the love little Campy gets, I hope he becomes a .380 OBP guy, steals 100 bases, and can be an outstanding fielder, but he was did not show anything last year to show us he can be that guy. Still people love him- cause he’s really really really fast and is the underdog Cub fans love.

  2. Kyle

    Hoyer loves his fancy roster maneuvers.

    My guess is the same as yours: Some reliever is getting waived. Or Joe Mather.

  3. nkniacc13

    Well with DeWitt and Mather starting today that makes it even more interesting

  4. Ryan

    Marlon Byrd sucks

  5. Matt3


  6. Jay Anderson Jr

    Wow, Hoyers gave us what he should have gave us out of Spring Training. Welcome back Wells and Campana. Now Dump Byrd, and when Dempster come back, dump Volstad, and we’ll be in business.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Seriously dump a 20 yr old starting pitcher, just dump him. Maybe a move to Iowa but to just dump him that’s ridiculous.

      1. CastrotoBarneytoLaHair

        Not to mention “Hoyers”…

      2. Jay Anderson Jr

        Why waste time on a guy who will never be an average, better yet, above average pitcher. I don’t think he’s under-achieving. I think he sucks. Period. Looks like I was right about him. I’m pretty confident I’ll always be right on him.

        1. nkniacc13

          Id like to see Volstad in the bullpen instead of Lopez

          1. Jay Anderson Jr

            I’m from Greensboro, N.C. Home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, a Marlins Affiliate. Also, Jack McKeon is from 10 miles up the road. A lot of Marlins fans around here. I knew about Chris Volstad before we traded for him. Long before.

  7. Cubmig

    Man-o-Man….. Campana? Up? Did the Bonifacio, Hanley, Reyes speed also jar Jed to prompt the move? Not sure if Marlon is going to be sent packing. My guess it’s a reliever. But what if it’s Volstad? Wells could easily step into his slot given the way Volstad has performed. Is that too weird a possibility?

    1. Ryan

      Nope, Volstad is awful. Might have to replace Maholm after he gets shelled today too.

    2. Kyle

      If we’re basing things on early season performance, Wells should be moving from Iowa alright. But down to Tennessee, not up to Chicago.

      1. Jay Anderson Jr

        Wells is a big league pitcher. He should never have been in Iowa. Can you blame him for not getting pumped up to face a bunch of kids.

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          It has nothing to do with being “pumped up” but to Wells’ tendency to give up flyballs.  This is one case where the Starks are wrong: summer is coming, and the Cubs cannot afford flyball pitchers.

        2. Kyle

          He’s a professional pitcher who is being paid $2.7 million to give his best effort.

          If he can’t get “pumped up” to perform, then he’s a massive clubhouse problem and has no place in the Cubs Way.

      2. Cubmig

        Kyle—-you didn’t say it, but are you inferring that Volstad is one not to send down? Would like to know your stance on Volstad.

        1. Kyle

          I’m saying it’s odd to say that Volstad should be sent down for his ERA in the sixes, and then want Wells to be called up. AAA hitters have been crushing Wells to an ERA of almost 10.

          I consider Volstad and Wells to be roughly comparable pitchers, with Volstad having a more upside because of age and stuff.

          If we can only fit two of the four upside guys into the rotation, then my preference would be Wood and Samardzija, which Volstad third and Wells fourth, but they are all pretty close.

          1. Cubmig

            So it sounds like it comes down to Sveum’s bottom line: production. Disregarding past ML experience— at this point (early as it is) Volstad has failed us at the big league level, but has had a chance. Wells has failed us (getting hit hard) at the minor league level, but has not had his chance this year. Looks like it’s a roll of the dice. Let the gamble claim the way.

  8. nkniacc13

    It could be a starter that gets sent down but Id like to know what’s going on with Baker he hasn’t played or pinch hit hardly at all. I think it either Maine goes back down or Castillo is done but who knows maybe they have another injury to DL someone

  9. ty

    Campy will be so scrutinized that posts might set a record. By, the way, what is the record Brett?

  10. Willis

    God willing they’ve realized the huge mistake they made wasting a roster spot on Castillo. One of the many moved that have proven to all of us that competing and winning are not high on the ol’ agenda for the front office this year. A joy to watch.

  11. nkniacc13

    I doubt it but remember the quote earlier this year that said that after 10 games or so most teams have their roster set unless there is an injury. Well we are after the 10 games so maybe this is when they try to get Castillo thru waivers after Phillies decline to take him back?

  12. cubfanincardinalland

    Somebody out of Byrd, Soriano, Baker or DeWitt is headed to Philly for Lendy, so we can get the young man down to AA where he can develop properly(he could be a heck of a pitcher in 2 years). Something is telling me it’s Sori, and we get to pay another player to play for somebody else. Call me crazy.

  13. ottoCub

    Red Sox close to aquiring Marlon Byrd, according to Nick Cafardo

  14. cjdubbya

    Cafardo’s reporting that the Red Sawx are closing in on a deal for Byrd. Interesting.

  15. nkniacc13

    that would make some people happy

    I wonder how much of his salary the Cubs pay

  16. Mrp

    Please god let this be true.

  17. nkniacc13

    Byrd for Bowden maybe?

    1. Mrp

      I would be thrilled with that at this point. Hell, I’d be happy if they sent over the beer that they aren’t allowed to drink anymore.

  18. ty

    Marlon would be better off in American League. I heard last week at Fitch that Theo and Co. were in full panic mode so this could be a fun week.

  19. Cee-Dee-Vee

    I haaaate the Red Sox…but with this move, I will now like them very much!! My guess was that Camp was gonna be sent down. But this is even better. I feel like this is opening day or something. I cant wait to see Campana actually get a chance, not just pinch hits……if he plays! Lets hope Sveum doesn’t go Quade on us.

    1. ty

      Sveum did go Quade on us but that shit is about over. Quade conversed with Jed and Theo for 6 hrs. and he did not mince words on how the veteran players had failed him. Then they told him to go fishing for a year and apparently forgot most everything he told them that fateful day. Being young cerebral guys that 6 hr. conversation re-surfaced this week and they said in (chorus) Holy Cow—Quade was right on–A new Credence dawn is uh comin!

      1. Cee-Dee-Vee

        Yea I think it is over now too with LaHair moving up in the lineup and sitting Soto yet again. I really see things turning around now for the Cubs.

    2. Jay Anderson Jr

      I agree. I hope he’s the start. I think Campana at leadoff, followed by Dejesus and Castro my produce some runs.

      1. drew

        Jay-I understand youre a huge Campana fan, but how do you justify him batting leadoff? Dejesus is currently getting on base over 40% of the time, and Campana is most definitely not an on-base machine.

  20. Cubmig

    “Byrd is in the final season of his three-year, $15MM contract and will earn $6.5MM this year. He is not in Chicago’s lineup this afternoon.” http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/

  21. Cheryl

    It does look like Byrd is gone. He’s been a classy guy. I wish him well.

  22. Cub Gone Wild

    Get rid of Castillo send him back to the pillows. Send Volstad to the pen. Volstad sucksdog balls. Maholm ain’t worgh a damn neither. Bring up Travis Wood. Get rid of all the scrap pil

  23. ty

    Who agrees that LaHair really seems to be the real deal and can have an effective mlb career?

    1. djriz

      I’m with you. Unfortunately, it may not be with the Cubs, though I wouldn’t mind him being a power lefthanded bat off the bench during their World Series dynasty. Most likely he’ll end up being a solid DH.

  24. Beer Baron

    So I need a rules clarification here: when Tony Campana is called up, do the Cubs also need to make room on the 25 man roster for his ventriloquist? I’m not quite sure how that works. Thanks.

    1. Diesel

      No I think he is like an interpreter for a Japanese player so he doesn’t take up room on the roster.

  25. ty

    Luke–Since Baez told the extended spring training world that “I will do whatever the f*** I want,. we can not count all the errors and wild aggressive strikeouts. This is often the result of the well known Onera Fleita disease which attacks suddenly and makes your ass shrink overnight. Time and a calm demeanor usually heals this traumatic event.