It was a ho-hum offensive performance for the Cubs, who struck out eight times against Joe Blanton in just about seven innings. Yeah, he came into the game striking out 3.4 per 9. Nicely done, boys.

As for the other side of the ball, well, Randy Wells just didn’t have it. He skated through the first three innings (in thin ice, that is), before disintegrating in the fourth, where he couldn’t even finish the frame.


And it’s official: Bryan LaHair does only three things at the plate: gets a hit, takes a walk, or strikes out. Just try to catch a LaHair fly ball or make a play on a LaHair grounder. You can’t do it.

(Edit: To be clear, the below is not at all a shot at the Bulls (see my sentiments here – I’m feeling for you), but a sharing in the pain. Come on now. You know me better than that.)

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